When Trades Collide: Fantagraphics and IDW

It’s nothing big but it caught my eye nonetheless. Both Fantagraphics and IDW are publishing retrospectives on the work of Alex Toth.

November 2010 (moved from October 2010)
IDW Publishing – Genius, Isolated: The Life And Art Of Alex Toth by Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell, $49.99

January 2011 (moved from October 2010)
Fantagraphics – Setting the Standard: Alex Toth at Standard Comics 1952-1954 by Greg Sadowski, $29.99

Reading the official solicitaions I gather the the IDW book will be more of an art book and the Alex Toth at Standard Comics book looks to be more like the Steve Ditko Archives (Fantagraphics). I’m a big fan of the late, great Toth and any chance to see his work is OK in my book.

But here’s the intestesting part, this is the second time that IDW and Fantagraphics published a retospective on the same person. You may recall that Steve Ditko was chosen to be the subject not too long ago.

July 2008
Fantagraphics – Strange & Stranger World Of Steve Ditko HC by Blake Bell, $33.99

December 2009
IDW Publishing – The Art Of Steve Ditko HC by Craig Yoe, $29.99

Of course it’s not uncommon that companies publish similar books, but both Ditko and Toth are two of my favorites so I thought it’s worth mentioning.

I wonder who will be next? Larry Lieber?

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