TwoMorrows Tune-In #30: Danny Fingeroth, Stan Lee Universe and Comic Con 2010

No CCL Podcast this week, but I do have the latest TwoMorrows Tune-In for you, enjoy!

TwoMorrows Tune-In #30: Danny Fingeroth, Stan Lee Universe and Comic Con 2010 (.mp3)

This month on the show, host Chris Marshall sits down with Danny Fingeroth to talk about the upcoming book The Stan Lee Universe. Danny and Roy Thomas (Alter Ego) have put together one of the most complete and personal looks at one of Comicdoms most famous figure. Here is the official solicit:

Face front, true believers! The Stan Lee Universe is the ultimate repository of interviews with and mementos about Marvel Comics’ fearless leader! From his Soapbox to the box office, the Smilin’ One literally changed the face of comic books and pop culture, and this tome presents in his own words – and those of the illustrious folks he’s worked with – the co-creation of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Silver Surfer, and so many other super-characters! Presented are numerous rare and unpublished interviews with Stan, discussing how he made Marvel Comics the household name it is today. Also featured are interviews with top luminaries of the comics industry, including John Romita Sr. & Jr., Tod McFarlane, Dennis O’Neil, Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, Al Jaffee, Larry Lieber, Jerry Robinson, and Michael Uslan discussing his vital importance to the field he helped shape. Plus, this book contains the essential-to-every-writer Stan Lee’s Top Ten Tips for Writers! And as a bonus for this special edition, and direct from Stan’s personal archives (housed at the University of Wyoming), you’ll see rare photos, sample scripts and plots, personal correspondences, and other tidbits from the entire span of his career, some unseen for decades!

The Stan Lee Universe SC
Danny Fingeroth, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee
$26.95, 176 pages, TwoMorrows Publishing, November 2010

Chris also goes over all TwoMorrows Publishing happenings going on in San Diego at Comic Con International 2010, including New Releases, Specials and Panels.

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