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6 Collected Editions Worthy Of Your Attention #24

Is there one book that is a “must have” that came out this week? My friends Andy Tom (@AndrewJTom), Chris Campbell (@ChrisCampbell8), Marc Diefenderfer (@Dief88), Shane Hannafey, Adam Besenyodi (@adambesenyodi), Joey Nazzari (@CaptDS9E), and I (@ChrisCCL) are sharing some comic book collected editions, reprints and/or graphic novels released this week that you may be interested in.

Batgirl/Robin Year One TP (DC Comics)
Batgirl/Robin Year One TP (DC Comics)

Picked by @AndrewJTom
Batgirl/Robin Year One TP (DC Comics)
Collects Batgirl Year One #1-9 and Robin Year One #1-4, $24.99
Remember back when you read Batman: Year One and thought, “Dang! That was one of the coolest comics I’ve ever read. They should do this with all of the characters.” ? Fast forward several years and your wish has come true. But mostly to fandom’s dissatisfaction. Yeah, there’ve been some good ones like Green Arrow: Year One, JLA Year One, and Weapon X; but for every one of the good ones, we got a Spider-man: Chapter One, X-men: the Hidden Years, or Wolverine: Origin (something we never wanted to begin with). This week I’m recommending a double-shot of Year One goodness with Batgirl/Robin: Year One. Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon have crafted two tales that harken back to a time when we were kids. This is a time when we thought that kid superheroes were cool (regardless of the notion of child endangerment). We also see some early work of Marcos Martin and Javier Pulido. Their styles and storytelling work perfectly for these types of stories and put you in an era where you actually feel like you were transported to “Year One”. After so many mediocre and below par Year One stories, this collection gives us two of the “good ones”.

Sweet Tooth Vol. 6: Wild Game TP (DC Comics/Vertigo)
Sweet Tooth Vol. 6: Wild Game TP (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Picked by @CaptDS9E
Sweet Tooth Vol. 6: Wild Game TP (DC Comics/Vertigo)
Collects Sweet Tooth #33-40, $16.99
Usually I pick the first Volume of a series or a complete collection, so you can quickly get into it. However this week I am picking the final volume of a great series, thus suggesting you read an entire thing from the beginning, as it is one of my favorites. The series is Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire, which ran 40 issues from 2009-2013. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic world, where most of the population has died from a mysterious virus, and that virus has caused a lot of children to be born with animal features. The main character is a 9 year old boy named Gus who has deer antlers/deer features, and lives in the woods with his father, hidden away from the rest of society. Things change, as his father passes away, and his life is forever changed. Gus is saved from being attacked by a man named Jeppard, which sets up an adventure, and friendship that neither could have dreamed of. Starting in Nebraska, and slowly working their way across the western half of the US, they run into crazy doctors, street gangs, other hybrid children, new allies, old enemies, and eventually figure out what crazy stuff is behind what has happened to the world. The first 5 volumes are a great read, and unlike some writers ending their stories, Lemire sticks the landing in Volume 6. The last issue of this series, is one of the best I have read since I got back into comics five years ago, and makes reading the other 39 worth while. You may even shed a tear.

Edison Rex TP (IDW)
Edison Rex TP (IDW)

Picked by @chriscampbell8
Edison Rex TP (IDW)
Collects the first 6 issues of the Monkeybrain Comics digital series for the first time, $19.99
I had never read a comic from MonkeyBrain comics prior to reading the first issue of Edison Rex. I purchased the first issue digitally on the iPad for 99 cents a few months ago back when it was a “digital exclusive”. Now the story from Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver is being released as a trade paperback through a partnership with IDW. This delivery format intrigued me and I wanted to support it — the digital floppies followed by a print collection. I must confess that I’ve only read the first issue, but based on the strength of the first issue alone, I feel the trade is worthy of your attention. The story itself begins with the classic Superman/Lex Luthor relationship but quickly refocuses after a fun twist ending I won’t reveal here. I found myself wanting to read the next issue, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle. And now with this release from IDW, I’m going to remedy that.

Saga Vol. 2 TP (Image)
Saga Vol. 2 TP (Image)

Picked by @adambesenyodi
Saga Vol. 2 TP (Image)
Collects Saga #7-12, $14.99
Forget the bizarro hoopla about Saga issue #12. This is a comic about (alien) adults for adults. And, frankly, it’s one of the most well-crafted, beautifully drawn comics to come along in years. What writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples are doing with this book is breathtaking. Star Wars meets Romeo & Juliet doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. I have loved BKV’s work since discovering Runaways (followed quickly by consuming Pride of Baghdad, Doctor Strange: The Oath, and Y: The Last Man. If you haven’t checked out those books, you should.) The same goes for Staples’ Mystery Society work – simply gorgeous. And the marriage of these two creative forces provides a spark to this book missing from so many others competing for your dollar on the store shelves: heart. This second arc collection builds on everything the first six issues began. Here, the reader’s introduced to Marko’s parents as they meet their granddaughter for the first time, and his ex-girlfriend Gwendolyn as she joins the bounty hunter The Will in his quest to bring the fugitive couple to ground. All of this takes place amid well-paced flashbacks to Marko and Alana’s first meeting and budding romance. Sex! Violence! Aliens! Robots! The headlines might be what grab your attention, but the substance of the story is what will keep you coming back for more.

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 11: The Future TP (Marvel)
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 11: The Future TP (Marvel)

Picked by Shane
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 11: The Future TP (Marvel)
Collects Invincible Iron Man #521-527, $19.99
I don’t have to tell anyone here about my love for Shellhead. This volume compiles the last run of floppies I bought to complete my collection dating back to Volume #1, Issue #1 from 1968. After this volume, it officially starts the Marvel Now run and that’s when I told myself I’d go the trade route for any future Iron Man. This last run was pretty solid. I won’t lie; it’ll be a bit hard to get into if you haven’t been reading everything that leads up to it thus far. But you should be able to pick up on it well enough. We’ve found out that after bowing down to the demands of the Government and Hammer Industries and giving up the Iron Man armor, Tony Stark has even more problems to deal with as The Mandarin has been in control of his mind. Tony teams up with some of his greatest enemies to try to stop the greater evil that is his arch nemesis. You have another person in an upgraded Iron Man armor, Pepper Potts as Rescue and some great armored action. I don’t want to spoil anything else, just read it!

Complete Flash Gordon Library Volume 3 The Fall Of Ming HC 1941-1944
Complete Flash Gordon Library Volume 3 The Fall Of Ming HC 1941-1944

Picked by @ChrisCCL
Complete Flash Gordon Library Volume 3 The Fall Of Ming HC 1941-1944 (Titan), $39.95
Those of you who listen to my weekly podcast know that I’ve been reading all of the Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four (I’m currently on Volume 9 with Volume 15 due in August), but what I haven’t told you is that I’m also reading Flash Gordon. I own all five volumes of the complete Flash Gordon Dark Horse Archives which reprints every comic book appearance from 1947-1982 and the comic strip reprint series from Titan. I can tell you that the strip reproduction is simply amazing! If you have never read Flash by the hand of the great Alex Raymond now is the time to do so. Sure there have been several attempts to reprint Flash over the years, but it has never been done so well and with so much care.

Now it’s your turn. What books that came out this week do you recommend? Take a look at the sidebar to see this weeks collected edition releases.

CCL Podcast #350 – 8 Year Anniversary – Upcoming Jack Kirby Collected Editions

Comic Book Creator 1 – Jack Kirby (TwoMorrows)
Comic Book Creator 1 – Jack Kirby (TwoMorrows)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #350
34.6Mb; 37m 42s

Welcome to my 8 Year Anniversary Show! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for so long — and in 350 shows, to boot!
Of course I owe the success of this blog and podcast to you the reader and listener. I thank you very much!

As with past milestone shows, I wanted to do something special so for the first time I’m covering Jack Kirby (hard to believe I haven’t done so before). But instead of focusing on a long career retrospective of his work from reprints, I am taking a view into the future by listing upcoming collected editions of some of Jack’s greatest and sometimes very hard to find comics.

Also I comment on the Dark Horse’s $125.00 reprint of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Sunday Comics 1931-1933 HC, TwoMorrows Publishing’s American Comic Book Chronicles and the sudden return of the Marvel Premiere Classic editions with Volume 107 – X-Force: Phalanx Covenant.



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Sunday Review: The James Bond Omnibus Volume 004

Bond is back… Twice!

Skyfall comes to the States this weekend and by all accounts it is considered to be one of the best Bonds ever. Two out of three for Daniel Craig isn’t so bad. I thought Quantum Of Solace was pretty lame.

By the time this review is posted I hope to have seen the movie. I plan on taking my 12-year-old Patrick. It will be his first Bond adventure on the big screen. We’ve sat down and watched a few movies together but there is nothing like watching Bond in the theater. I can still remember my dad taking me to For Your Eyes Only which is considered one of the better movies of the franchise. The ski chase, hockey fight and the mounian climb still gets my blood pumping. And how can you not love Bond kicking Locke’s car over the cliff? Exhilarating!

But as my first sentence suggests Bond is back twice: Skyfall and the The James Bond Omnibus Volume 004 from Titan Books. If you are not familiar, this is the reprint of the comic strip which ran on and off from 1958-1983. A total of 52 story arcs were published and includes all the major works by Bond creator Ian Fleming.

This Volume 004, as it is appropriately, titled collects the following with art by Yaroslav Horak and original scripts by Jim Lawrence that ran in the Daily Express:

Title Writer Date Serial no.
Trouble Spot Jim Lawrence December 28, 1971 – June 10, 1972 1810–1951
Isle Of Condors Jim Lawrence June 12, 1972 – October 21, 1972 1952–2065
The League Of Vampires Jim Lawrence October 25, 1972 – February 28, 1973 2066–2172
Die With My Boots On Jim Lawrence March 1, 1973 – June 18, 1973 2173–2256
The Girl Machine Jim Lawrence June 19, 1973 – December 3, 1973 2257–2407
Beware Of Butterflies Jim Lawrence December 4, 1973 – May 11, 1974 2408–2541
The Nevsky Nude Jim Lawrence May 13, 1974 – September 21, 1974 2542–2655
The Phoenix Project Jim Lawrence September 23, 1974 – February 18, 1975 2656–2780
The Black Ruby Caper Jim Lawrence February 19, 1975 – July 15, 1975 2781–2897

As for the book itself, it is Volume 004 and I fully expect there will be three more rounding out to a Volume 7 or 007. Sadly, there is no introduction, extra features or bios of Horak and Lawrence. There is however, this disclaimer:

Much of his comic strip source material used by Titan Books in this edition is exceedingly rare. As such, we hope that readers can appreciate that the quality of reproduction achievable can vary.

I attest that the reproduction is excellent and and reader will be happy with the outcome.

So if you are going to see James Bond for the 23rd time at the movies or your first, pick up these collections and read him again for the first time.

The James Bond Omnibus Volume 004
Based on the character created by Ian Fleming
Written by Jim Lawrence
Art by Yaroslav Horak
Softcover, Black and White newspaper strip
288 pages, $19.99, October 2012, Titan Books
A copy was supplied to me by Titan Books

Recommended reading:
The James Bond Omnibus Volume 001
The James Bond Omnibus Volume 002
The James Bond Omnibus Volume 003

Titan Publishing to issue The Complete Flash Gordon Library

Here we go again. Looks like Titan will now reprint every, single Flash Gordon Strip in their own unique way. You may recall that, now defunct, Checker BPG offered seven volumes of Flash and instead of continuing with Volume 8, Titan will go back to Volume 1. If I sound synical it’s for a good reason. I have no doubt that Titan will do a much better job, but it won’t be that hard since Checker has received awful reproduction reviews over the years. But I feel for those patrons that have already purchased the Checker books and have been patiently awaiting the series to continue. Granted Kitchen Sink did their own set of reprints before Checker, so the wheels, do, keep on spinning. Time to sell the lot on eBay and re-coop some costs!

Press Release-
Titan Books has announced the publication of The Complete Flash Gordon Library. Compiling every strip and every story, this series of restored full-color hardcover volumes will showcase the action and artistry that thrilled audiences for decades.

Everyone knows Flash Gordon–the most iconic science fiction swashbuckler ever to burst forth from the newspaper pages. His adventures wielded so much energy that they inspired everyone who followed, no matter what the medium. Filmmaker George Lucas famously revealed, “Growing up in California, I was enchanted by two things…race cars and Flash Gordon. The first love I put to use in American Graffiti, the second eventually turned into Star Wars.”

Flash Gordon first hit superstardom in 1934 with his comic strip adventures, which continued unabated for seven decades. His influence spread like wildfire into every medium–films, television, novels, comic books, radio plays, and more. Every generation has had its incarnation of the character, and yet another major motion picture is reported to be in the works.

The mission of The Complete Flash Gordon Library will be to collect every strip and every story, offering them in affordable, full-color hardcover volumes, carefully restored and revealing the action and the artistry that thrilled audiences for decades. Through the painstaking efforts of renowned comic strip historian Pete Maresca, readers will experience the heroics of Flash Gordon, the beauty of Dale Arden, the evil of Ming the Merciless, and the exotic setting of the distant planet Mongo. Each installment will be meticulously reworked so that the intricate artwork, the vivid colors, and the unparalleled action will explode off of the page.

Beginning with the renowned stories written and illustrations by Alex Raymond–the genius behind the hero–The Complete Flash Gordon Library will continue with the other brilliant illustrators who took the helm and ran with his creation: Austin Briggs, Mac Raboy, Dan Barry, and many more. Each page will be 11″ x 10″ — specifically designed to spotlight the action-packed artistry of the creators, and each volume will feature 176 or more pages of full-color action. Volume One, “On the Planet Mongo,” will feature a foreword by renowned illustrator Alex Ross, and future installments will offer other special features revealing the secrets behind the strip and its creators.

The Complete Flash Gordon Library joins Titan’s other long-running newspaper strip collections including the critically acclaimed Simon and Kirby Library, and the Modesty Blaise and James Bond 007 series. Once the library is complete, readers will forever thrill to an epic adventure unparalleled in American popular culture.