It’s Solicitation time again! Leading the pack this month is DC with a good number of books that we’ve already known about for a little while, but let me run through what is notable in my opinion. Here’s the full solicits (including singles and collectibles) for June 2015. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Vol. 2

I really dug the first volume of this three volume set, so it’s just exciting to get more. Fans of the character, and especially those into manga or anime, owe it to themselves to grab these books. And at $13 a pop they’re not a bad investment.

Aquaman: Sub-Diego

I’m of the persuasion of people who missed out on most Aquaman stories growing up. The New 52 helped to give us an awesome new ongoing title from Geoff Johns (now from Jeff Parker and later from Cullen Bunn), but there’s a severe lack of older collections for the character. DC seems to be rectifying this a bit with collections like this one. I’ve heard a lot of good about this storyline from Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason so I might have to grab it when it releases.

Absolute Batman: The Court of Owls HC

I don’t recall seeing this solicited before, so this could be new… anyway, as it suggests this will be an Absolute collection of the first eleven issues of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series. I’m hoping to see solid collections of Snyder’s run across Absolutes, but I’m pretty sure this is more likely to follow the Johns Green Lantern formula in that we’ll get a few Absolutes and then when the run is finished we’ll get a more complete collection across an Omnibus or two.

Green Arrow: The Archer’s Quest Deluxe Edition HC

Originally the Kevin Smith stuff was to be in a Deluxe HC, but that got bumped up to Absolute and now we’ve got this OHC to join that one which collects the issues by Brad Meltzer (16-21) following that run. So yeah, this is going to be a pretty thin book, but it ought to be a nice companion to that Absolute and I’m hoping we see more OHC’s for the run that followed Meltzer (Scott Beatty and Ben Raab for a few issues before Judd Winick took over for a while).

Superman Vol. 6 The Men of Tomorrow

Now that we know Johns isn’t sticking around after issue #39 it makes this collection a bit more interesting. This has the entire arc by Geoff Johns and John Romita JR which introduces new characters, now powers, and a new (albeit brief) costume. I’ve been enjoying this run thus far so I might have to grab this book when it hits shelves.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: A Celebration of 75 Years

I don’t usually go for these sort of anniversary collections, but this one’s got me interested. I’ve not read a lot of Spirit stuff, but I’m intrigued by the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman stories collected in here.

Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1

I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was first announced, but an interesting thing to note is that they added that “Vol. 1” to the end of it. There was voiced concern that DC wasn’t going to collect the entirety of Perez’ run on the series, but I think this gives us a little more faith that they’re trying to work on that. Maybe they’ll collect the Messner-Loebs run that followed, which would be nice as I haven’t read any of that material.

Fables Vol. 22 TP

If you’re a Fables reader you probably know that all their anniversary issues are increasingly bigger and bigger. Issue #100 was like a thin TPB itself, and now they’re jumping the gun and the final issue, #150, is doubling as the 22nd volume of the series clocking in at over 150 pages. I’m a bit behind, so I’m definitely going to need to do some catching up for this one, but I’m excited to see how Bill Willingham and company bring this modern classic to a close (and I have my fingers crossed for some Omnis in the future).

Scalped Deluxe Edition Book Two HC

The second in what looks to be a five volume set collects issues #12-24 of Jason Aaron and RM Guerra’s amazing series. The first volume came out recently and is a thing of beauty, so I’m really excited to get more of those books and have the complete series in OHC. If you’ve never read Scalped then I really recommend it and there’s no better way to experience it than in these books.

That’s all for these solicits, but keep your eyes peeled for more stuff and let me know what’s enticing you from DC in June!