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CCL Podcast Special – SCDD and the Eisner Awards

Eisner Awards
Eisner Awards

This week on The Comics Alternative podcast, John Mayo (of the Comic Book Page) and Chris Marshall (Collected Comics Library) return for another roundtable discussion with the Two Guys with PhDs.  This time the topic is the San Diego Comics Con and the Eisner Award ceremony that took place there.  They begin by asking John how his experience was in San Diego — he was the only one of the four to actually attend — and what for him were the highlights of the event. They talk quite a bit about the many happenings at the con, both comic-related and otherwise, and then discuss the coverage of the con in the media. Next, they turn their attention to the 2013 Eisner Award winners, trying to make sense of what the results may reveal (or not reveal) about the current state of comics as well as the attitudes and biases of the selection committee. The four podcasting guys also pick apart the various award categories, noting their histories and how many of them have changed over the years. For example, they point out the weaknesses with the “Best Digital Comic” category (too broad, too ill-defined), suggest ways of reconceptualizing the award for comics-related journalism, and even problematize the idea of the “Best Graphic Album-New.” (Is Building Stories really an “album”? Doesn’t it actually contain a lot of reprinted material?)  It may be a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking, but they don’t care. Chris, John, Andy, and Derek have a great time discussing and sharing ideas, and you can experience the fun by listening to the podcast.

This podcast originated on the Comics Alternative website

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CCL Podcast #365 – Reprint Wrap-Up From Comic Con 2013

Hellboy: Artist's Edition
Hellboy: Artist’s Edition

Another Comic Con has come and gone and as always there were plenty of great announcements and surprises in the collected edition market. I’ll be talking about all these and more in my next CCL podcast due out later this week:

AdHouse Books

  • AdHouse Books Announces, Releases Details On Early 2014 Release: Katie Skelly’s Operation
    • The Richmond, Virginia-based publishing house AdHouse Books has announced Operation Margarine by Katie Skelly as a release for April 2014. The book should debut at that year’s MoCCA Festival, or a similar arts-focused comics show. This is the follow-up to the Nurse Nurse collection published by Sparkplug Comic Books in 2012 to fulfill one of the final publishing contracts negotiated by the late Dylan Williams.


  • Alyssa Milano, Archaia Announce “Hackivist” GN
    • Award-winning publisher Archaia Entertainment and actress/producer Alyssa Milano are proud to announce Hacktivist, a hardcover, original graphic novel that explores the modern world of hacking and global activism.


  • Alice Cooper Launches New Comic Series
    • Let’s hope 1979’s Marvel Premiere #50 and Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli gets reprinted in an “Alice Amnibus”.


Floating World Comics

Henry Holt

Hic & Hoc


  • Darby Pop Publishing Announces Partnership with IDW
  • IDW To Release Reprints of Rouge Trooper
    • Following the success of Judge Dredd, IDW and Rebellion/2000 AD expand their thriving relationship with the addition of Rogue Trooper to their publishing slate! IDW will launch an all-new Rogue Trooper series in 2014, and also offer newly colored re-presentations of past Rogue Trooper comics, too.
  • Dave Sim’s Strange Death Of Alex Raymond arrives at IDW
    • Prolific creator Dave Sim’s meta-adventure through the history of photo-realistic artwork, the career and death of Alex Raymond, and much more, will be published by IDW! Sim’s originally self-published work is being completely remastered, redrawn, and reworked before it sees release as its own 18-issue series.
  • This Christmas, Darwyn Cooke Takes Parker to Slayground
    • The Fourth installment of the series.
  • Hunter S. Thompson’s Novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, To Be Adapted Into A Graphic Novel
  • IDW Announce Artist Editions for Sam Kieth, Mike Mignola, Walt Simonson and more
    • Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell will be reprinted next year, collecting together the five-issue miniseries from this year along with assorted short stories including ‘The Corpse’ and two early comics for Dark Horse. You can read a full interview about this collection on CBR, actually. There’ll be no lettering in this book, as Mignola adds that in at a later date, digitally, when he works.
    • Sam Kieth’s The Maxx will be collected also. This’ll be made up of the first six issues of the popular Image series.
    • Walt Simonson has previously had a Thor Artist Edition released, which will be re-released next year with a second printing. However the panel announced a second Simonson collection will be coming down the line – one which collects together his Starslammers graphic novel.
    • Finally – as appears to have been found out by Joshua Stone from Bleeding Cool – it looks as though next year will also see a collection of Joe Kubert’s Tarzan as an Artist’s Edition.
  • LOAC and IDW issue new collections of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! cartoons
    • Starting in 2014 IDW and the Library of American Comics will begin reprinting Ripley’s famous daily cartoons in hardcover collections, including bonus and background material from Ripley’s impressive archives. The first volume will collect the cartoons from 1929 and 1930, when Ripley’s fame raised him from relative obscurity to international celebrity!

VIZ Media

  • VIZ to publish Bravest Warriors with Perfect Square imprint
    • The Perfect Square imprint was unveiled at the recent 2013 Comic-Con International and will be focused on delivering comics, manga (graphic novels) and other children’s books with an emphasis on strong storytelling, eye-popping graphics, empowering themes, and a dash of irreverence, that captures the imagination of a whole new generation.

The 2013 Eisner Award Winners Are…

  • I’ll be going over these winners in this week’s podcast as well as a special roundtable with The Comics Alternative and Comic Book Page podcasts at the end of July.

NOTE: There will be more news to come as PR’s get issued. Stay tuned!
My Thanks to The Beat, Comics Reporter, ComicsList, CBR, and iFanboy for the news.

SDCC 2012 Trades and Hardcovers Announcements

Lot’s of great Collected Edition news and announcements have come out of the 2012 Comic Con International from sunny San Diego. There’s no doubt that Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, adapted by Ramón K. Pérez (Archaia), was the surprise coming out of the Eisner Awards and the Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Color AND Evil Editions (Boom Studios) were the talk of the Con floor.

I didn’t pick up any news from Marvel, Dark Horse or Image, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t announce anything. All three promoted several comic books or other media projects which should translate into reprint books. For example I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of Ant-Man Omnibus (Marvel), the 6th Hellboy Library Edition (Dark Horse) or new packaging of Invincible (Image). You if know of anything, please pass it along to me. I’d really appreciate it.

Here’s the run down so far, more will be spilling out in the coming days and I’ll be going over everything in my next CCL Podcast later this week.

Cartoon Books

  • Jeff Smith’s Limited Edition (only 200 printed) signed and numbered RASL Book 4. This is the final volume of the RASL saga.

Crusade Fine Arts

  • The Blackwater Chronicles by Billy Tucci, a new series of non-fiction illustrated books set for release during 2013 that detail the real-life adventures of the controversial private security company. The first book in the series is based on Robert Young Pelton’s “Licensed to Kill, Hired Guns in the War on Terror”.

DC Comics

  • To celebrate MAD Magazine’s 60th anniversary: Totally MAD (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; $34.95) goes on sale on October 30, 2012 and will be available at retailers nationwide. Organized by decade, this oversized 256-page book features some of the world’s best comedy writers, cartoonists and humorous illustrators. Totally MAD features a special foreword by long-time MAD fans Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale, plus five exclusive essays about MAD’s cultural impact, the origin of Alfred E. Neuman and the magazine’s history, including its landmark Supreme Court win against Irving Berlin, establishing the right to publish satirical lyrics. As a bonus, the book features a removable set of 12 classic front covers, dubbed “The Soul of MAD” by MAD Founder and Publisher William M. Gaines. Each print was selected for its uniqueness, artistic achievement and classic timelessness, and is suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

Drawn & Quarterly

  • Acquired world rights to Ant Colony by Doug Wright Award-winning cartoonist Michael DeForge. Ant Colony will be distributed in the U.S. by Farrar, Straus & Giroux and in Canada by Raincoast Books. International rights are represented by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency.
  • Acquired North American and UK rights to CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, by legendary, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman. To be released in Spring 2013, this expanded English version of the Flammarion bilingual edition will feature full-page reproductions of Spiegelman’s artwork, comics, and preliminary sketches.

Dynamite Entertainment

  • The Art of Painted Comics hardcover in October, featuring painted comic book work by Alex Ross, Greg Hildebrandt, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Michael William Kaluta, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adams, Julie Bell, Joseph Michael Linsner, Glen Orbik, Simon Bisley, Dave Dorman, Phil Noto, Greg Horn, Brian Bolland, Ashley Wood, Charles Vess, Mark Teixeira, Arthur Suydam, Dave McKean, and more. 300 pages worth, and overseen by Alex Ross.
  • The million-selling Lord of the Rings calendars created during the ’70s by renowned fantasy artists Greg and Tim Hildebrandt are now considered artistic masterpieces. This coffee table art book, “The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hildebrandt”, collects all that fantastic art, while telling the untold story behind the creation of those cherished illustrations, written by Greg Hildebrandt, Jr.

:01 First Second Books

  • The Ren OGN from Joe Illidge, Shawn Martinbrough, is drawn by Grey Williamson.

Hermes Press

  • Famous Monsters of Filmland, is one of the most famous periodicals in the fan world. Hermes Press premier art book publisher, proudly announce their partnership at Comic-Con. Hermes Press will now create, design, market and sell an entire line of art books which highlight the history of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Hachette Book Group graphic novel imprint Yen Press

  • Plans to publish a graphic novel adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ bestselling novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the book is scheduled to be published in 2013.


  • IDW with 2000AD to reprint Al Ewing and Brendan McCarthy’s The Zaucer Of Zilk! #1 of 2 (32 pages, FC, $3.99) will be in stores October 2012.
  • New Artist’s Edition announced: Gil Kane’s The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to be released in November of this year. Collecting issues 96 – 102 and 121 of The Amazing Spider-Man, this volume will be 216 pages and be priced at $125. Mad: Artist’s Edition will follow in December to coincide with Mad‘s 60th anniversary. Specifics concerning the book’s contents, page count, and price aren’t immediately available. Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Tales is due out in June, 2013 and will be 144 pages though a price has yet to be announced. Also announced was a reprint of the Artist’s Edition that started it all, Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer. If you missed out on owning this inaugural volume before, you can keep your eyes peeled for it early next year. Sporting a brand new cover, this is a title worth owning. Here is the cover art:


Legendary Comics

  • Announced today that Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Daredevil), Shane Davis (Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns, Superman: Earth One), and Max Brooks (The Zombie Survival Guide, G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds) will join forces on Shadow Walk, an all-new graphic novel that is set to launch in 2013.


  • Announced the company’s Comic-Con exclusives, including a free 35th Anniversary Sampler and the premieres of Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Party, And Those Revolting Rebels: A History In Comics of the American Revolution and Rick Geary’s Treasury Of XXth Century Murder Lovers’ Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery.

Oni Press

  • Launching in print in April 2013, Double Fine Action Comics, by Scott C., kicks off with a new edition of the previously scarce debut volume as well as the new-to-print VOLUME 2. A third volume, collecting the remainder of the run is scheduled to hit shelves in the third quarter of 2013.
  • A collection of R. Steven’s fan-favorite comic Diesel Sweeties.


  • Designer and author Chip Kidd announced today that he’ll be designing a collection of works featuring Gengoroh Tagame to be published in Spring 2013 called The Passion Of Gengoroh Tagame: Bara Master.
  • The 80-page graphic novel So Long, Silver Screen by the cartoonist Blutch. The cover design will be by the comics artist and cartoonist David Mazzucchelli. The graphic novel, which PictureBox says is the first full-length book to be published in North America from the influential and award-winning Blutch, will appear in Spring 2013.
  • Renée French announced a limited edition book to be released by the publisher and first available in September at Small Press Expo. : To be called Bjornstrand, the book will run 24 pages and be 5 X 7 dimensions-wise. There will be only 300 made, with each one signed and numbered by the artist.

Top Shelf

  • Eddie Campbell announced that From Hell Companion from he and Alan Moore is ready to go and will be released in March 2013. It will include scripts and unreleased artwork.


  • Expect new hardcover collections of classic material but in a slightly different format then the recent collections.

Visionary Comics

  • Announced a Convention and mail-order exclusive limited edition of Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand, the trade collection of the original one-shots from Image Comics. The series is based on the popular roleplaying game from Pinnacle Entertainment. This edition is available ONLY through pre-order.

My thanks goes out to several sources including iFanboyThe Beat, Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources, personal Tweets and official Publisher Blogs and Websites.  

2012 Eisner Awards: What Did Win

A few weeks ago I did my annual post on the Eisner Awards: What Will Win And What Should Win. Well, the winners have been announced at Comic Con 2012 and are highlighted in bold. Let’s see how I did (also in bold):

Best Short Story

  • “A Brief History of the Art Form Known as Hortisculpture,” by Adrian Tomine, inOptic Nerve #12 (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • “Harvest of Fear,” by Jim Woodring, in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #17 (Bongo)
  • “The Seventh,” by Darwyn Cooke, in Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition (IDW)
  • “The Speaker,” by Brandon Graham, in Dark Horse Presents #7 (Dark Horse)

What should win: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
What will win: Speak Now

Best Single Issue (or One-Shot)

  • Daredevil #7, by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel)
  • Ganges #4, by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics)
  • Locke & Key: Guide to the Known Keys, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)
  • Princeless #3, by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin (Action Lab)
  • The Unwritten #24: “Stairway to Heaven” by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, and Al Davison (Vertigo/DC)

What should win: Jesus Wrote A Blank Check
What will win: Lawyers In Love

Best Continuing Series

  • Daredevil, by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel)
  • Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, by Naoki Urasawa (VIZ Media)
  • Rachel Rising, by Terry Moore (Abstract Studio)
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli (Marvel)
  • Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse)

What should win: Rise
What will win: Devil Without A Cause

Best Limited Series

  • Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener (Red 5)
  • Criminal: The Last of the Innocent, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Marvel Icon)
  • Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Vertigo/DC)
  • The New York Five, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly (Vertigo/DC)
  • Who Is Jake Ellis? by Nathan Edmondson & Tonci Zonjic (Image)

What should win: Station To Station
What will win: Vengeance And Victory

Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 7)

  • Beauty and the Squat Bears, by Émile Bravo (Yen Press)
  • Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking, by Philippe Coudray (Candlewick/Toon Books)
  • Dragon Puncher Island, by James Kochalka (Top Shelf)
  • Nursery Rhyme Comics, edited by Chris Duffy (First Second)
  • Patrick in a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, by Geoffrey Hayes (Candlewick/Toon Books)

What should win: Rhyme & Reason
What will win: Islands In The Stream

Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)

  • The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, by Sholly Fisch, Rick Burchett, and Dan Davis (DC)
  • Amelia Rules: The Meaning of Life … And Other Stuff, by Jimmy Gownley (Atheneum)
  • The Ferret’s a Foot, by Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue (Graphic Universe/Lerner)
  • Princeless, by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin (Action Lab)
  • Snarked, by Roger Langridge (kaboom!)
  • Zita the Space Girl, by Ben Hatke (First Second)

What should win: Roger That
What will win: Fight Like A Brave

Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)

  • Anya’s Ghost, by Vera Brosgol (First Second)
  • Around the World, by Matt Phelan (Candlewick)
  • Level Up, by Gene Yang and Thien Pham (First Second)
  • Life with Archie, by Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Norm Breyfogle et al. (Archie)
  • Mystic, by G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez (Marvel)

What should win: Into The Mystic
What will win: Sugar, Sugar

Best Anthology

  • Dark Horse Presents, edited by Mike Richardson (Dark Horse)
  • Nelson, edited by Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix (Blank Slate)
  • Nursery Rhyme Comics, edited by Chris Duffy (First Second)
  • The Someday Funnies, edited by Michel Choquette (Abrams ComicArts)
  • Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular and the New Land, edited by Harvey Pekar and Paul Buhle (Abrams ComicArts)

What should win: Funny Girl
What will win: The Way Of The Rhyme

Best Humor Publication

  • The Art of Doug Sneyd: A Collection of Playboy Cartoons (Dark Horse Books)
  • Chimichanga, by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
  • Coffee: It’s What’s for Dinner, by Dave Kellett (Small Fish)
  • Kinky & Cosy, by Nix (NBM)
  • Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad, by Evan Dorkin (Dark Horse Books)

What should win: Beverly Hills
What will win: Under The Milky Way

Best Digital Comic

What should win: Battle Hymn Of The Republic
What will win: Battle Of Evermore

Best Reality-Based Work

  • Around the World, by Matt Phelan (Candlewick)
  • Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case (Dark Horse Books)
  • Marzi: A Memoir, by Marzena Sowa and Sylvain Savoia (Vertigo/DC)
  • Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Vietnamerica, by GB Tran (Villard)

What should win: Down By The Water
What will win: Iaccoca Polka

Best Graphic Album – New

  • Bubbles & Gondola, by Renaud Dillies (NBM)
  • Freeway, by Mark Kalesniko (Fantagraphics)
  • Habibi, by Craig Thompson (Pantheon)
  • Ivy, by Sarah Olekysk (Oni)
  • Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, adapted by Ramón K. Pérez (Archaia)
  • One Soul, by Ray Fawkes (Oni)

What should win: Life Is A Highway
What will win: Chanukah Song

Best Graphic Album – Reprint

  • Big Questions, by Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • The Death Ray, by Dan Clowes (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition, by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)
  • WE3: The Deluxe Edition, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (Vertigo/DC)
  • Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil (First Second)

What should win: It’s A Shame About Ray
What will win: We Three Kings

Best Archival Collection/Project – Strips

  • Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, by Alex Raymond and Don Moore, edited by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
  • Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900-1915, edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press)
  • Prince Valiant vols. 3-4, by Hal Foster, edited by Kim Thompson (Fantagraphics)
  • Tarpé Mills’s Miss Fury Sensational Sundays, 1944-1949, edited by Trina Robbins (IDW/Library of American Comics)
  • Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse vols. 1-2, by Floyd Gottfredson, edited by David Gerstein and Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)

What should win: M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E
What will win: New Sensation

Best Archival Collection/Project – Comic Books

  • Government Issue: Comics for the People: 1940s-2000s, edited by Richard L. Graham (Abrams ComicArts)
  • The MAD Fold-In Collection, by Al Jaffee (Chronicle)
  • PS Magazine: The Best of Preventive Maintenance Monthly, by Will Eisner (Abrams ComicArts)
  • The Sugar and Spike Archives, vol. 1, by Sheldon Mayer (DC)
  • Walt Simonson’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition (IDW)

What should win: Mad World or Power To The People (too close to call)
What will win: The  Mighty Quinn

Best U.S. Edition of International Material

  • Bubbles & Gondola, by Renaud Dillies (NBM)
  • Isle of 100,000 Graves, by Fabien Vehlmann and Jason (Fantagraphics)
  • Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot, by Jacques Tardi and Jean-Patrick Manchette (Fantagraphics)
  • The Manara Library, vol. 1: Indian Summer and Other Stories, by Milo Manara with Hugo Pratt (Dark Horse Books)
  • Night Animals: A Diptych About What Rushes Through the Bushes, by Brecht Evens (Top Shelf)

What should win: A Shot In The Dark
What will win: Indian Summer Sky

Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Asia

  • A Bride’s Story, by Kaoru Mori (Yen Press)
  • Drops of God, by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto (Vertical)
  • Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Saturn Apartments, vols. 3-4, by Hisae Iwaoka (VIZ Media)
  • Stargazing Dog, by Takashi Murakami (NBM)
  • Wandering Son, vol. 1, by Shimura Takako (Fantagraphics)

What should win: The Wanderer
What will win: Onward, Christian Soldiers

Best Writer

  • Cullen Bunn, The Sixth Gun (Oni)
  • Mike Carey, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)
  • Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer: A True Detective Story (Dark Horse Books)
  • Jeff Lemire, Animal Man, Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (DC); Sweet Tooth (Vertigo/DC)
  • Mark Waid, Irredeemable, Incorruptible (BOOM!); Daredevil (Marvel)

What should win: Tooth And Nail
What will win: Sympathy For The Devil

Best Writer/Artist

  • Rick Geary, The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti (NBM)
  • Terry Moore, Rachel Rising (Abstract Studio)
  • Sarah Oleksyk, Ivy (Oni)
  • Craig Thompson, Habibi (Pantheon)
  • Jim Woodring, Congress of the Animals (Fantagraphics), “Harvest of Fear,” in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #17 (Bongo)

What should win: Rise Above This
What will win: Up In My Treehouse

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

  • Michael Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC); Madman All-New Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special (Image)
  • Ramón K. Pérez, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
  • Chris Samnee, Captain America and Bucky, Ultimate Spider-Man #155 (Marvel)
  • Marcos Martin, Daredevil (Marvel)
  • Paolo Rivera/Joe Rivera, Daredevil (Marvel)

What should win: The Captain And the Kid
What will win: Madman Across The Water

Best Cover Artist

  • Michael Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC)
  • Francesco Francavilla, Black Panther (Marvel); Lone Ranger, Lone Ranger/Zorro, Dark Shadows, Warlord of Mars (Dynamite); Archie Meets Kiss (Archie)
  • Victor Kalvachev, Blue Estate (Image)
  • Marcos Martin, Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel)
  • Sean Phillips, Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (Marvel Icon)
  • Yuko Shimizu, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)

What should win: Zombie Zoo
What will win: Smooth Criminal

Best Coloring

  • Laura Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC); Madman All-New Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special (Image)
  • Bill Crabtree, The Sixth Gun (Oni)
  • Ian Herring and Ramón K. Pérez, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
  • Victor Kalvachev, Blue Estate (Image)
  • Cris Peter, Casanova: Avaritia, Casanova: Gula (Marvel Icon)

What should win: Annie get Your Gun
What will win: Blue Velvet

Best Lettering

  • Deron Bennett, Billy Fog, Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Mr. Murder Is Dead (Archaia); Helldorado, Puss N Boots, Richie Rich (APE Entertainment)
  • Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules! The Meaning of Life … And Other Stuff (Atheneum)
  • Laura Lee Gulledge, Page by Paige (Amulet Books/Abrams)
  • Tom Orzechowski, Manara Library, with L. Lois Buholis (Dark Horse); Manga Man (Houghton Mifflin); Savage Dragon (Image)
  • Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo (Dark Horse)

What should win: Love In The Library
What will win: Sesame Street

Best Comics-Related Journalism

  • The AV Club Comics Panel, by Noel Murray, Oliver Sava et al., www.avclub.com/features/comics-panel/
  • The Beat, produced by Heidi MacDonald et al., www.comicsbeat.com
  • The Comics Journal, edited by Gary Groth, and The Comics Journal website, www.tcj.com, edited by Timothy Hodler and Dan Nadel (Fantagraphics)
  • The Comics Reporter, produced by Tom Spurgeon, www.comicsreporter.com
  • TwoMorrows Publications: Alter Ego edited by Roy Thomas, Back Issue edited by Michael Eury, Draw edited by Mike Manley, and Jack Kirby Collector edited by John Morrow

What should win: Tomorrow Never Comes
What will win: Paperback Writer

Best Educational/Academic Work

  • Alan Moore: Conversations, ed. by Eric Berlatsky (University Press of Mississippi)
  • Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice, by Ivan Brunetti (Yale University Press)
  • Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods, edited by Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan (Routledge)
  • Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby, by Charles Hatfield (University Press of Mississippi)
  • Projections: Comics and the History of 21st Century Storytelling, by Jared Gardner (Stanford University Press)

What should win: Practice What You Preach
What will win: A Little Less Conversation

Best Comics-Related Book

  • Archie: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Teenagers, edited by Craig Yoe (IDW/Yoe Books)
  • Caniff: A Visual Biography, edited by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
  • Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising, edited by Rick Marschall and Warren Bernard (Fantagraphics/Marschall Books)
  • Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
  • MetaMaus, by Art Spiegelman (Pantheon)

What should win: Alex Chilton
What will win: Rat Race

Best Publication Design

  • Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
  • Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, designed by Eric Skillman (Archaia)
  • Kinky & Cosy, designed by Nix (NBM)
  • The MAD Fold-In Collection, designed by Michael Morris (Chronicle)
  • Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition, designed by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)

What should win: Cigarettes And Alcohol
What will win: Mad About You

Hmmm.. not as good as I thought. Oh well, I’ll try again next year.

SDCC 2012 Trades and Hardcovers What We Know Now

Comic Con 2012 is this week and here is a list of hardcovers and trade paperbacks that have already been announced and will be available at the show.

Official announcements of new and upcoming products will be blogged and tweeted about all through the weekend.

And don’t forget you can all the Digital Comics news and announcements via my DGTLComics twitter feed.

Big City Comics
Whore OGN, 104 pages, $9.99.

THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER (VARIANT)- Priced at $60 and available for pre-order from IDW’s Web store.
THE ART OF JOE JUSKO (VARIANT) – Limited to just 100 copies and signed and numbered with a variant cover, this edition will be priced at $100 and only available at the show.
Limited Edition DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN ARTIST’S EDITION – Packaged in a deluxe slipcase, signed, numbered, and featuring a variant cover of David Mazzucchelli’s historic artwork, this edition will be limited to 250 copies and priced at $200. It will be available for pre-order from IDW’s Web store.
DAVE STEVENS: COVERS AND STORIES (VARIANT) – The convention-exclusive edition will have a variant cover, limited to 250 copies, of which only 100 will be available at Comic-Con, priced at $60, only available at the IDW booth!
LOCKE & KEY VOLUME 5: CLOCKWORKS HC – This full-color hardcover will be priced at $30 and limited to 300 copies available only at IDW’s booth.
THE COMPLETE LORE HC – Limited to 500 copies each and priced at $75.
PARKER: THE SCORE (VARIANT) – Featuring a variant dust jacket and numbered signature plate that is signed and numbered by Darwyn! This edition is limited to just 175 copies, priced at $60, and will only be available at IDW’s booth.
SERGIO ARAGONÉS’ GROO THE WANDERER: ARTIST’S EDITION – Signed, numbered, and limited to 250 copies, this edition will feature a variant cover and be priced at $150. This title will be available for pre-order from IDW’s Web store.
TMNT ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS 1-3 Set – The three volumes will come in a deluxe, full-color slipcase. Priced at $200, there will only be 40 of the black-and-white-cover convention-exclusive editions! These sets will be available for preorder through IDW’s Web store.
THE COMPLETE ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS HC – Limited to 500 copies each and priced at $50.

Special Limited Walking Dead Compendium The one hundred copies of the gold-stamped, hardbound edition brought to Seattle sold out in a matter of minutes, leaving 900 copies left to sell at Comic-Con, which takes place in the San Diego Convention Center on July 11-15. The hardcover Compendium collects issues #1-48 of THE WALKING DEAD by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn, and is $100.
SUNSET Limited Edition Comic-Con Exclusive Hardcover A Comic-Con Debut Original Graphic Novel! Sometimes all you can do is go out with guns blazing… CHRISTOS GAGE and JORGE LUCAS debut their hard-hitting old man noir original graphic novel — SUNSET. On the surface, Nick Bellamy looks like any other veteran retiree left behind by a modern world. In reality, Nick is a former enforcer, who stole a fortune and years of freedom from his former mob boss. This limited edition variant will feature a foil stamped logo and an exclusive book-plate; $30; Limited to 250 copies.

NBM Publishing
Comic-Con exclusives, including a free 35th Anniversary Sampler, and the premieres of Stan Mack’s Taxes, The Tea Party, And Those Revolting Rebels: A History In Comics of the American Revolution and Rick Geary’s Treasury Of XX Century Murder Lovers’ Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery.

Oni Press
Two versions of Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life – Evil Edition and Collector’s Edition of the first book.

The first ever Power Rangers graphic novel, Power Rangers Super Samurai #1: Memory Short, written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by Paulo Henrique, 64-page, full color, $6.99 TP; HC $10.99, will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con and will be available everywhere on July 17th.

Visionary Comics
Convention and mail-order exclusive limited edition of Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand, the trade collection of the original one-shots from Image Comics. The series is based on the popular roleplaying game from Pinnacle Entertainment. This edition is available ONLY through pre-order.