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CCL Podcast #297 – DC Comics for Summer 2011

Collected Comics Library Podcast #297
29,560 Kb; 29m 34s

Sometimes when it rains it pours! Thhis week we’ve had a plethora of news come down from a number of companies. I covered a few items on my post this past Saturday, but since then and even through this morning more and more great collected editions have been announced:

All this and the New Releases of the Week.

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In the USA…
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Absolute All Star Superman HC
Chew TP Vol 03 Just Desserts (MR)
Walking Dead TP Vol 13 Too Far Gone (MR)
Legion Of Super-Heroes Great Darkness Saga Deluxe HC
Ex Machina TP Vol 10 Term Limits (MR)
Red Mass For Mars TP Vol 1
Batman And Robin Deluxe HC Vol 2 Batman Vs Robin
Superman Earth One HC
Ghost Rider By Jason Aaron Omnibus HC
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Marvelman Family’s Finest Premiere HC Cover B
Titans Villains For Hire
Complete Peanuts Vol 15 1979-1980 HC
Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol 4