Civil War The Underside

Civil War The Underside

Collected Comics Library Podcast #413
28.3Mb; 30m 48s

Chris Marshall / @ChrisCCL

Topics include:
Satellite Sam Omnibus from Image, Alice Cooper Vol. 1: Welcome to My Nightmare from Dynamite to collect Marvel Premiere #50, Alex Raymond’s complete artistic output collected by Hermes Press, Hermes Press collects King Features’ Mandrake The Magician, a rundown of the Batman 75th Anniversary Box Set that includes Hush, Court Of Owls and Dark Knight Returns, Top 10 Sales in May 2015, The Tick by Ben Edlund, Terry and the Pirates by George Wunder Volume 1 and 2 (Hermes Press) extras.

I also go over a very cool list of 50 Comic Collections On Your Bookshelf Worth Over $100 that was put together over on Bleeding Cool. I know my audience well and I’m willing to bet you will have at least one of these Out Of Print aka OOP collected editions on your shelf. The only questions are: which one and how much is it worth?

I’m on Facebook a lot these days and not only am I contributor my own CCL Facebook page and hosting the awesome Comic Book News, Publishers & Podcasts feed, but good friend of the CCL, Ryley Moore has put together the band new The Omnibus Collector’s Comic Swap page and it is a fantastic source for talk and book selling – please join up and tell the group I sent you. And while you’re at, you can also join Wallace Ryan’s Library of Graphic Literature. Wallace is another good friend of mine and hey, more collected editions talk never hurts!

Finally, would you like a FREE COPY of BACK ISSUE #81: spotlighting DC Bronze Age Giants and Reprints? It’s only the greatest Back Issue ever and the one copy that everyone who collects collected editions should have in their library! Listen to the show and find out how it could be yours. Did I mention it’s FREE?

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What ONE book in your collection is priceless?

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