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CCL Podcast #233 – Interview with Steve Saffel, editor of The Best of Simon and Kirby (Titan Books)


This week on the show, I welcome in Steve Saffel to talk about his book, The Best of Simon and Kirby (Titan). A lot of care went into creating this lavish look back on the dream team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby from the Golden Age of Comics. Steve gets into all the details, from the beginning and the reasons why it was published, to what is included, and what is still yet to come. Steve and I also chat about his time at Marvel, TwoMorrows Publishing, Comic Cons and Mark Evanier’s Kirby: King of Comics, which can be seen as a companion, of sorts, to Steve’s book. I’ll post a full written review of the book, including all of the exact contents, in a few weeks.

For more information on this book, please check out the very nice Best of Simon and Kirby site at Titan Books.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #233
50,774Kb; 53m 53s


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