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CCL Podcast #350 – 8 Year Anniversary – Upcoming Jack Kirby Collected Editions

Comic Book Creator 1 – Jack Kirby (TwoMorrows)
Comic Book Creator 1 – Jack Kirby (TwoMorrows)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #350
34.6Mb; 37m 42s

Welcome to my 8 Year Anniversary Show! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for so long — and in 350 shows, to boot!
Of course I owe the success of this blog and podcast to you the reader and listener. I thank you very much!

As with past milestone shows, I wanted to do something special so for the first time I’m covering Jack Kirby (hard to believe I haven’t done so before). But instead of focusing on a long career retrospective of his work from reprints, I am taking a view into the future by listing upcoming collected editions of some of Jack’s greatest and sometimes very hard to find comics.

Also I comment on the Dark Horse’s $125.00 reprint of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Sunday Comics 1931-1933 HC, TwoMorrows Publishing’s American Comic Book Chronicles and the sudden return of the Marvel Premiere Classic editions with Volume 107 – X-Force: Phalanx Covenant.



Links Of Note:
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Blake Bell still needs help with Target Comics v1 #8 and Silver Streak Comics #1

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Iron Man By Michelinie Layton JRjr Omnibus HC Vol 1
Daredevil By Mark Waid HC Vol 1
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Classic – 40% off Special until February 27 – But I Really Wanted To Be An Anthropologist
Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol 2 – Beyond Hope HC
Batman and Robin Vol 1: Born to Kill
Orchid Vol 3
The Last Ride of Henry Holden
Cable And X-Force Classic Vol 1

CCL Podcast #333 – Dark Knight 1, John Blake 0

Collected Comics Library Podcast #333
31.3Mb; 34m 04s

Nothing says summer like a good blockbuster super-hero movie and I’ve seen the three big ones: The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. While I can say Avengers was may favorite, I don’t necessarily have a least favorite. Batman is so different in tone from the fun popcorn flicks of the previous two it’s a bit hard to compare. All three had problems, too. From a fan-boy perspective I had the most issues, with Dark Knight Rises. In a name it’s John Blake. I didn’t hate the character, I just hated the ruse we were put under. And now that the secret is coming out I wonder how Batman historians will look at this interpretation. After all, this is the only “character” that had a major change from his original incarnation. We didn’t get that from Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Harvey, Scarecrow, Joker, Selina, Bane or Ra’s. With Spidey it seemed that everything, I mean everything, revolved around Oscorp. I won’t go into spoilers here, I’ll save it for today’s podcast.

I also have some major updates to the CCL website, itself. I added in the full Table Of Contents for Wonder Woman from Bonanza Books (1972) and Jules Feiffer’s The Great Comic Book Heroes. Both can be found in the righthand sidebar near the bottom of the page. Feel free download and share! In the Library section I added the four volume B.P.R.D. Plague Of Frogs Hardcovers. This has been a long time coming. In the next few days, I’ll be adding in the Hellboy Library editions. I also added more information to The Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Library of books from Titan. Look for new entries for The Best Of and Crime books. Simon & Kirby Superheroes and Science Fiction will be added soon. Lastly I do have plans to create an IDW section. This will house entries for the all of the Artist’s Editions, TMNT Ultimate Collections, 30 Days Of Night, Richard Stark’s Parker, IDW Premiere HC’s and a full, complete checklist for their 6×9, softcover Omnibus editions. It’s going to be a fun task and I welcome any help.

For now, let’s get on with the show…


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Batman and Robin HC Vol 1 Born To Kill
Blacksad Silent Hell HC
Demon Knights TP Vol 01 Seven Against The Dark
Fatale TP Vol 1 Death Chases Me (MR)
Scalped TP Vol 09 Knuckle Up (MR)
Marvel – 40% off Special until August 15 – New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Vol 4 Premiere HC
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Manga – 40% off Special until August 15 – Venus Versus Virus Omnibus Vol 2
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The Hive HC
August Moon
Doctor Who: The Child Of Time
DC Universe Presents Vol 1: Deadman/Challengers of Unknown
Uncanny X-Force: Final Execution Book 1 Premiere HC

CCL Podcast #323 – Chris Reads X-Men. Hell Freezes Over.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #323
33.3Mb; 36m 17s

Looking back this was a week to remember in the world of comics. We lost the great Joe Simon, a man that everyone who has read, whether they know it or not. We also lost Ed Barreto, at a young age of 57 and last week Jerry Robinson died. A somber week, indeed.

Comics must go on though and when it comes to DC Comics, there is no sign of stopping. Two major announcements this week with Absolute Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison and Absolute Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War. The latter of which I have a few issues with – or should I say, the lack of issues!

I also talk more recent comic books with X-Men. That’s right, I read X-Men for the first time in several years. I get down to business with the Schism hardcover and just where Wolverine, Cyclops and the rest of the mutants may be heading with Regenesis, X-Sanction and Avengers Vs X-Men.

All this and Bob and Doug McKenzie.
Merry Christmas, hoser.

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In the USA…
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In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
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Dark Horse for March
DC for March
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Batman Noel Deluxe Edition HC
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Green Lantern War Of The Green Lanterns HC
Uncanny X-Force Dark Angel Saga Prem HC Book 1
Batgirl TP Vol 3 The Lesson
Saga Of The Swamp Thing HC Book 6
X-Statix Omnibus HC
Criminal TP Vol 6 Last Of Innocent
Flashpoint HC
Marvel – 40% off Special until December 27th – Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Ultimate Collection
DC Comics – 40% off Special until December 27th – Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls HC
Indie – 40% off Special until December 27th – Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol 1 HC
Manga – 40% off Special until December 27th – FLCL Omnibus
CLassic – 40% off Special until December 27th – Hicksville New Definitive Edition
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis Vol 1 HC
Silver Surfer: Parable Premiere Hard Cover B
Batman Archives Vol 8 HC
Abe Sapien Vol 2 The Devil Does Not Jest & Other Stories
Major Eazy Vol 1 Heart Of Iron HC

CCL Podcast #313 – Trading Captain America II

Collected Comics Library Podcast #313
25.6MbKb; 26m 38s

It’s Christmas in July! Not only is it the week of San Diego Comic Con 2011, but we also have the Captain America movie and a huge announcement from DC Comics i.e. all 52 #1 issues in one giant (Absolute) hardcover.
This is actually the third time that I’ve covered Cap. The first was CCL #76 and the second was CCL #225. Today, I pick up from June 2009 and go over all the collected editions that have been published – and a few that are upcoming.
It’s a long compehensive list, but worth listening to if you havn’t been collecting Captain America in a while or are new to him altogether.
Lastly, I go over some pre Comic Con news on The Walking Dead, Interview With The Vampire, Flashpoint and Legion Of The Super-Heroes Volume 13. Plus I answer an e-mail from a listener who thinks I talk too much Marvel. I guess this is a bad day to counter that.

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In the
Top Sellers this week!
In Stock Trades
In the
UK and Europe…
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Incal Classic Collection HC (Humanoids Ed) (MR)
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Walking Dead TP Vol 14 No Way Out (MR)
Witchblade Vol 10 Witch Hunt TP – 100% off!
Sixth Gun TP Vol 2
Green Lantern Brightest Day HC
Locke & Key HC Vol 04 Keys To The Kingdom
Northlanders TP Vol 05 Metal (MR)
X-Men Second Coming TP
Aquaman Death Of A Prince TP
Marvel – 40% off Special until August 3 – Spider-Man: The Vengeance of Venom
DC Comics – 40% off Special until August 3 – Flashpoint HC
Indie – 40% off Special until August 3 – The Art Of Joe Kubert HC
Manga – 40% off Special until August 3 – Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol 2 HC
Classic – 40% off Special until August 3 – Pinocchio HC
Flash: The Road to Flashpoint HC
Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm Premiere HC
X-Men Origins II
Alan Moore’s Neonomicon
BPRD: Being Human

Collected Edition Blog browsing on Wednesday afternoon

Let’s get caught up on some Collected Edition news:

In Pre 2011 Comic Con Collected Edition News:

  • Titan will be showcasing or debuting several new books including: Zack Snyder’s The Art of Sucker Punch, with New Cover and Signed Book Plates (Comic-Con Exclusive); Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss – Limited Edition; Joe Simon – My Life in Comics, Signed Autobiography by Joe Simon; Drew Struzan – Oeuvre (Limited Edition with print); Tank Girl: Skidmarks TPB, signed by the artist Rufus Dayglo; signed copies of the gorgeous Hagar The Horible 1974/1975, and exclusive signed copies of Beetle Bailey 1965.
  • Image Comics: The Infinite #1, Hardcover comic – exclusive to San Diego Comic Con by Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman
  • IDW: Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: Artist’s Edition, This collection presents Thor 337-340 and 360-362—Simonson’s first story, followed by one of his favorite story arcs, 176 pages, black and white, hardcover, Print run: 500, Price: $100; Dave Stevens Complete Sketches & Studies HC, For several years, Dave Stevens self-published four sketchbooks to sell specifically at the San Diego Comic Con. This volume collects the entire contents of those four sketchbooks, plus approximately 100 additional sketches that have never before been published, 256 pages, 8″ x 12″, Print run: 300 each, Price: $50; Fat Tarino and Popbot Big Beautiful Book Slipcase HC by Ashley Wood, collects the long sold-out Popbot Volumes 1-8. Slipcased hardcover, 360 pages, 12″ x 12″ and slipcased hardcover, 400 pages, 11” X 14”, Print run: 500 each, Price: $100 and $125
  • NBM: The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti HC by Rick Geary, Price: $15.99; Kinky & Cosy HC by Nix, $15.99; Little Nothings: My Shadow In The Distance by Lewis Trondheim, $14.99
  • Archia: Rust: Visitor In The Field HC, by Royden Lepp, Price: $24.95

Thanks to Rich @ Bleeding Cool for the above info

In other Collected Editions news

  • Hermes Press has announced that Due to high orders, they have limited quantities of the remaining stock of The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies—Volume 3. SO if you want one, you better get on it ASAP.
  • Marvel (has announced via the Marvel Masterworks site): Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel Volume 4 (Variant Vol. 173), collects Captain Marvel #34-46, $59.99, January 11, 2012 and Marvel Masterworks Tales to Astonish Volume 4 (Variant Vol. 174), collects Tales to Astonish #31-51 and #54, $59.99, January 18, 2012

Lastly, if you are a fan of Dynamite’s Project Superpowers line of comics, Joe Rybandt assures me that it will return sometime in the next few months.