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6 Collected Editions Worthy Of Your Attention #29

Is there one book that is a “must have” that came out this week? My friends Andy Tom (@AndrewJTom), Chris Campbell (@ChrisCampbell8), Marc Diefenderfer (@Dief88), Shane Hannafey, Adam Besenyodi (@adambesenyodi), Joey Nazzari (@CaptDS9E), Wallace Ryan (@ReverendLove) and I (@ChrisCCL) are sharing some comic book collected editions, reprints and/or graphic novels released this week that you may be interested in.

Willard Mullin's Golden Age Of Baseball Drawings 1934-1972 HC (Fantagraphics)
Willard Mullin’s Golden Age Of Baseball Drawings 1934-1972 HC (Fantagraphics)

Picked by @AndrewJTom
Willard Mullin’s Golden Age Of Baseball Drawings 1934-1972 HC (Fantagraphics), $29.99
I just want to throw this one out there for you all to see. Otherwise, I can totally see how this book will go unnoticed by the masses. To be perfectly honest, I have little to “no” idea what is in the body of this 200 page book. But what I DO know is this… Fantagraphics publishes REALLY high quality books, Willard Mullins was a FANTASTIC cartoonist who focused on sports (primarily baseball). Charles Shultz respected Mullins so much that Lucy once claimed she was gonna’ sue Willard Mullins in a Peanuts strip. The last thing that I “know” about this book is that if all of you baseball fans out there order this book from my LCS, they’ll probably run out and I’ll have to order one and practice a seldom used skill… patience.


Mark Schultz's Xenozoic Complete TP (New Printing) (Flesk Publications)
Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Complete TP (New Printing) (Flesk Publications)

Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Complete TP (New Printing) (Flesk Publications), $39.95
This is a special week for me. It’s not because I get to write about a book that I am especially excited about. It’s because I have the opportunity to share my love for a book with all of you; and (thanks to a new printing with an all new cover) you now have the chance to experience this book for yourselves. The book I’m talking about is Xenozoic by Mark Schultz. Xenozoic reprints the entirety of Mark Schultz creator owned series Xenozoic Tales (also known as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs). I’m not gonna’ run down the story synopsis for you (you can go over to www.instocktrades.com and read it in the solicit). I will tell you that in this tome you’ll experience something that we rarely see in a cartoonist. You’ll see Mark Schultz grow as a storyteller and as an artist. If you compare the first and last page of this book, you’ll see the strides that Mark has made during his run on the series. And make no mistake, this is some of the most beautiful art you will see on the printed page. The biggest error one could make in the next few months is to let this book go out of print without procuring a copy for yourself. I was fortunate enough to score a first printing of this book a few years ago, but soon afterward, it was out of print and unavailable. I was no longer able to recommend this to any of my friends (until now). In addition, IDW will be releasing a Mark Schultz Xenozoic Tales Artist Edition in the next few months. But if you want to enjoy Mark’s stories and craftsmanship in a more economical format, you should definitely pick this up. Flesk has made a wise decision by making this book available again on the dawn of IDW’s Mark Schultz Artist Edition. Lastly, I’ll leave you with this bit of wisdom… I believe it was Vince Bonavoglia who once said that the measure of an artist is directly in correlation to how well they draw a dinosaur. Mark Schultz draws one heckuva’ nice lookin’ dinosaur.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: The Sunday Comics 1931-1933 HC (Dark Horse)
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Sunday Comics 1931-1933 HC (Dark Horse)

Picked by @ReverendLove
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Sunday Comics 1931-1933 HC (Dark Horse)
Collects every Tarzan Sunday strip from September 1931 – September 1933, $125.00
When it comes to the comic strip, anything with the legendary Hal Foster’s name attached to it, is worth buying! This week, Dark Horse has put together for us a beautiful over-sized collection of Foster’s Sunday strips from 1931 to 1933 and it is one book that I will be, without a doubt, buying this week.
Now, regular fans of Foster may find his early material disappointing when compared to his later work on Prince Valiant but I have always been a fan of the process as much as the product and actually really enjoy seeing the first steps of a future master of the art form. Foster’s figures and faces, even with his early work, are solidly constructed and sizzle with beauty and grace that few in the comic strip business could match.
Hal Foster began illustrating the weekly Tarzan in 1929 and did so for only 7 months before he was replaced by Rex Mason. Almost two years later, Foster returned and took the reins of the Tarzan Sunday colour strip in 1931 and continued on until May of 1937 when he was replaced by Burne Hogarth. Foster had reportedly grew weary of working on other people’s characters and set to creating his own strip, the now classic Prince Valiant which began a few months before he was relieved of his Tarzan duties. If there is any down side to this fabulous tome of Foster’s work, it’s the $125 price tag which may scare away the novice collector…but not myself!
When it comes to comic strips…there are few adventure strip artists as talented and skilled as Hal Foster.


Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958 - 1961 HC (IDW)
Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958 – 1961 HC (IDW)

Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958 – 1961 HC (IDW)
Collects almost 800 strips from December 15, 1958 – July 1, 1961, $49.99
The summer sun was as oppressive as Superman’s heat vision today as I walked into my local comic book shop and found the first volume of Superman: the Silver Age Dailies 1959-1961 from IDW’s Library of American Comics waiting for me. Right from the start, I was smitten.
I loved the brightly coloured Swanesque art that adorned the cover with it’s strong Silver Age design vocabulary. I sat down with the book in hand, began to peruse the opening chapter and found myself lost in a simpler time of heroes and their wild deeds of daring-do! I have always been a huge fan of Curt Swan, considered by most to be the penultimate Superman artist, and this book, in that regard, will not disappoint the seasoned Swan-meister! They have the innocent quality and corniness as the Superman comics that I loved as a kid and it was a sheer joy to experience that feeling all over again! It’s classic Swan!
Swan was replaced on the dailies by the quirky and campy Wayne Boring, who’d become famous with his barrel chested Superman. I myself, don’t mind Boring’s style but there are a lot of Superman fans out there who don’t share my affection for this particular manifestation of the Man of Steel. I think this book is well worth the read and at only $49.99…it’s a steal!!!
All things considered, Superman: the Silver Age Dailies 1959-1961 is yet another fine addition to the award-winning Library of American Comics label and is one book that this very night, will find its own Fortress of Solitude on my shelves.

Kevin Keller Volume 2 Drive Me Crazy TP (Archie Comics Publications)
Kevin Keller Volume 2 Drive Me Crazy TP (Archie Comics Publications)

Picked by @adambesenyodi
Kevin Keller Volume 2 Drive Me Crazy TP (Archie Comics Publications)
Collects Kevin Keller #5-8, $11.99
The gang from Riverdale never appealed to me growing up, and I never read an Archie comic before Kevin Keller came along. I admit I initially checked out the character because my oldest son is gay and when stories like this get buzz I tend to take notice, but the stories Dan Parent has been creating with Kevin Keller are so enjoyable I have continued to read the comic long after that early hype pulled me in. I’m always happy to see characters like Young Avengers’ Wiccan and Hulkling, and Alpha Flight’s Northstar show up on the pages of my Marvel comics, but there is something to be said for a gay character headlining his own book the way Kevin Keller is. And for that character to not be a superhero, for him to be so ordinary (inasmuch as the denizens of Riverdale High School can be considered ordinary), is what makes the book’s success so remarkable. The issues collected here include stories about first cars, first dates, and teenagers being inspired by their heroes (in this case, Kevin by Star Trek’s George Takei). There is as much value in straight kids picking up a mainstream comic and seeing Kevin Keller among the personalities, as there is value in gay teens being able to find a character that reflects who they are on the pages. That Parent has crafted a character that is just so inherently likable simply makes it all the more satisfying.


Capote In Kansas HC (Oni Press)
Capote In Kansas HC (Oni Press)

Capote In Kansas HC (Oni Press), $19.99
What Ande Parks pulls off with his 2005 Capote In Kansas graphic novel (referred to as “a drawn novel” on the cover) is a perfect echo of what Truman Capote did with In Cold Blood forty years earlier: crafting a riveting nonfiction (and in Parks’ case, graphic) novel. Fictionalizing Capote’s trip to Kansas to research the Clutter Murders for what would become In Cold Blood, Parks projects his own version of Capote’s experience. While using the specter of one of the victims in the storytelling ends up diminishing the actual contributions his childhood friend Harper Lee likely made in the journey Capote took researching In Cold Blood, it’s the juxtaposition of Capote’s New York socialite persona trying to insinuate himself into small town Middle America that’s most compelling. Although I prefer artist Chris Samnee’s work elsewhere more so than here (particularly his runs on Queen & Country, Daredevil, and Thor, The Mighty Avenger), his stark black and white approach is a good fit for the story at hand, reprinted here in hardcover format by Oni.

and a bonus collected edition recommendation from last week…

Avengers: Heavy Metal TP (Marvel)
Avengers: Heavy Metal TP (Marvel)

Picked by @Dief88
Avengers: Heavy Metal TP (Marvel)
Collects Avengers (1963) #286-293, $24.99
In a way, Roger Stern is like Marvel’s forgotten son of the 1980s. The writer had long tenures on several prominent series, including Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers, but for the longest time, there were only a few scattered collections of his work. One of those was the classic Avengers: Under Siege, collecting Avengers #270-277. It’s only in the last year or so, though, that we’ve seen collections of the issues that came immediately after that story, and Avengers: Heavy Metal is the final book in that series (following Avengers: Assault on Olympus, published in 2011). In these issues, Stern completes his run and passes the reigns over to writers Ralph Macchio and Walt Simonson (yes, that’s Simonson writing, not drawing!), with the incomparable John Buscema on art. Although the cast of characters may not be comprised of the A-listers we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in current takes on the Avengers, this book is worth a look just to see how other writers attempted to pick up where Stern left off with his still-celebrated creative run.

and now for something completely different…

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Blu-Ray DVD (Warner Home Video and DC Comics)
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Blu-Ray DVD (Warner Home Video and DC Comics)

Picked by @CaptDS9E
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Blu-Ray DVD (Warner Home Video and DC Comics), $24.98
In a first for DC’s animated division, they decided to make a feature based on a very recent event. Flashpoint was the story which transitioned the old DC to the new 52. I really enjoyed the comic series, so I was very interested how they would take a story that spanned a miniseries, and a ton of spin-off books into one feature. Barry Allen AKA The Flash wakes in an alternate timeline where he is no longer the Flash. He has no powers, his mother is alive, and the entire planet is different from how he remembers. Atlantis and Themiscyra are at war, most of Europe lies in ruins, parts of the world are ruled by other super beings, there is no Superman, Batman is not the same man, and no one knows who the Flash is. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as everything is turned upside down. Barry needs to find out what is going on, and who caused this. He joins up with this alternate Batman and Cyborg to create a group of super beings to stop the new worlds destruction, and to get things back to the way they should be. I really enjoyed the film as it holds nothing back that was in the comics. Parts of it are very brutal, and it is one of the more adult of the DC animated features. I enjoyed that they tried to stick as much stuff in there as possible, but it’s also the one small issue with the film. Some of the stuff they could have cut, and it would not have been missed. Some other things would really have been great if more expanded upon, or added from the comics. However I really enjoyed it, and it put my fears to rest on using a work that is very recent. Stay tuned afterwards for a tease for the next animated film JL: War based on the first arc on the New 52 Justice League.

Now it’s your turn. What books that came out this week do you recommend? Take a look at the sidebar to see this weeks collected edition releases.

CCL Podcast #321 – Too Many Green Lantern Origins?

Collected Comics Library Podcast #321
31.5Mb; 34m 19s

Lots to go over on today installment of the CCL.
First up I question the timing of a Press Release from Image regarding The Nightly News Anniversary Edition HC, it’s a conspiracy theory is epic proportions. Next, I talk about the New 52 Trades and Hardcovers that will be coming out all year long in 2012. The Flashpoint trades will also be coming out in Q3, but oddly enough there is no Road To Flashpoint trade paperback in the mix. There’s also a lot of great reprints coming out from IDW’s Library Of American Comics imprint including announcements of Bloom County sequels Outland and Opus! Strange happenings with Marvel’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade HC – not only is there a $5 price hike but it is also moved back on the schedule by 6 weeks! Finally, I go over Hal Jordan’s many origins and wonder if there are too many and just how much tweaking should there be for new readers – and movie goers.

Links Of Note:
Collected Editions Blog: DC’s New 52 Trades and Hardcovers
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Flashpoint TP
Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman TP
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Vol 1 Premiere HC

CCL Podcast #317 – 1000 Flashpoints Of Light

Collected Comics Library Podcast #317
26.0MbKb; 28m 19s

It’s back to talking about DC Comics starring Flashpoint and the New 52. I try my best to straighten out all the Flashpoint titles including the main run, mini-series, tie-ins, crossovers and preludes and just how they will be collected in hardcover and trade paperback form. And I also try to figure out just what the editors are thinking when it comes to combining certain runs with each other as collected editions, because it sure doesn’t look like the way it was originally intended.

I also go over the 2011 comic book summer movies and the trades that may interest you, more news regarding the upcoming EC Archives from CG Press, the Top Shelf 2011 Massive $3 Sale, the Spring 2012 Marvel Comics Collected Editions Spring catalog (download the pdf), Simon and Kirby Romance from TWO publishers and The Fire and Water Podcast.

Lastly I go over the upcoming 2011 Detroit Fanfare and the Comics Podcasting Panel:

Should be a great show, please join us for a great time!

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Madame Xanadu TP Vol 04 Extra Sensory (MR)
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Terry Moores Echo Complete Ed Sc 
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Rocketeer Adventures Vol 1 HC
One Model Nation HC
Madam Samurai Vol 2

DC Comics Collected Editions October 2011 Solicitations

DC Comics has released their October 2011 Solicitations. Without a doubt the biggest surprise was The New 52 Hardcover! I wonder how many people will be pulling their order for all 52 monthlies for this “Absolute”. After all it’ll work out to be a similar price. It’s also good to see Legion Of Superheroes Archives Volume 13.  You may recall that Volume 12 was released back in 2003, so it’s a long time coming. The Annotated Sandman Vol. 1 (of 4) HC by Leslie S. Klinger will be a real treat. Klinger has done several comprehensive books including Sherlock Holmes and Dracula also must have for any fan of mystery and horror (makes great gift, too). Among the many great books are a few notable collected editions:

Written by VARIOUS
Cover by JIM LEE
On sale DECEMBER 7 • 1,216 pg, FC, $150.00 US
In September, DC Comic will launch 52 new #1 issues starring the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! In December, to commemorate this incredible event, DC is collecting every one of these debut issues in a once-in-a-lifetime massive hardcover.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
On sale OCTOBER 19 • 176 pg, FC, $22.99 US
The red-hot, sold-out five-issue miniseries from Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert is back in a new hardcover!
This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It’s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war – but where are Earth’s Greatest Heroes to stop it?
It’s a place where America’s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, S!H!A!Z!A!M!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yet-altered faces! It’s a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can’t find the villain who altered the time line!

On sale NOVEMBER 16 • 544 pg, FC, $29.99 US
For the first time, the classic Batman epic is collected in full, including chapters that were never before collected, starting with these stories from BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #83-86, BATMAN #563-566, DETECTIVE COMICS #730-733, AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #51- 55, BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #116-118, BATMAN CHRONICLES #16.
Months after a cataclysmic earthquake, the last remaining citizens of Gotham City live amid a citywide turf war in which the strong prey on the weak.

Art by IRV NOVICK, NEAL ADAMS and others • Cover by NEAL ADAMS
On sale NOVEMBER 23 • 512 pg, B&W, $19.99 US
Reprinting tales from DETECTIVE COMICS #391-407 and BATMAN #216-228, this value-priced collection includes the introduction of Man-Bat and Batman’s battle with The League of Assassins.

Art by DON NEWTON and others • Cover by DON NEWTON
On sale DECEMBER 7 • 272 pg, FC, $39.99 US
In these tales from BATMAN #305-306, DETECTIVE COMICS #480 and 483- 492 and BRAVE AND BOLD #153-165, Batman revisits “The Curse of Crime Alley,” meets Maxie Zeus and wages war on the League of Assassins.

Written by WILLIAM MOULTON MARSTON • Art and cover by HARRY G. PETER
On sale NOVEMBER 30 • 192 pg, FC, $17.99 US
In this new title collecting WONDER WOMAN #2-3, SENSATION COMICS #10-14 and COMICS CAVALCADE #1, Wonder Woman battles Mars, god of war, and Paula Von Gunther, a treacherous German spy.


Written by STEVE DITKO, LEN WEIN, PAUL LEVITZ, MARK MILLAR and others • Art by STEVE DITKO and others • Cover by STEVE DITKO
On sale DECEMBER 14 • 384 pg, FC, $59.99 US
Collecting tales by artist Steve Ditko from SHOWCASE #75, THE HAWK AND THE DOVE #1-2, MAN-BAT #1, DETECTIVE COMICS #483-485 and 487, ADVENTURE COMICS #467-468, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #267, 268, 274, 276 and 281, OUTSIDERS #13, LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE 80-PAGE GIANT #1 and the TALES OF THE NEW GODS TP.

ADVANCE SOLICITED • On sale MARCH 21 • 240 pg, FC, $59.99 US
In these stories, collected from SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #224-233, the 30th century teens battle Stargrave, The Fatal Five and the intergalactic conspiracy known as The Dark Circle.

On sale DECEMBER 28 • 560 pg, B&W, 11.75” x 11.75”, $49.99 US • MATURE READERS
In-depth, informative and entertaining, THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN is a fascinating look at the New York Times best-selling series by Neil Gaiman.
Edited by and with an introduction and notes by Leslie S. Klinger, the expert researcher and editor behind the Edgar®-winning New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and the critically acclaimed New Annotated Dracula, THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN is a panel-by-panel journey through every issue of THE SANDMAN. Beginning with issues #1-#20, this volume provides commentary, historical and contemporary references, hidden meanings and more, presented side-by-side with the series’ art and text. Using scripts and hours of conversation with Gaiman, Klinger reveals fascinating details of THE SANDMAN’s hundreds of unforgettable characters and its place in literary history.
The first of an incredible four volume series, the ANNOTATED SANDMAN Vol. 1 is a must-have for every Sandman fan!