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6 Collected Editions Worthy Of Your Attention #3

Is there one book that is a “must have” that came out this week? My friends Andy Tom (@AndrewJTom), Chris Campbell (ChrisCampbell8), Marc Diefenderfer (@Dief88), Shane Hannafey, Adam Besenyodi (@adambesenyodi), and I (@ChrisCCL) are sharing six comic book collected editions, reprints and/or graphic novels released this week that you may be interested in.

Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology (DC Comics)
Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology (DC Comics)

Picked by @ChrisCampbell8
Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology (DC Comics)
With the New52 over a year old, we have begun getting softcover collections of the volumes originally released in hardcover. With stunning art from J.H. Williams, it was no surprise that Batwoman originally received the hardcover treatment. No longer working with Greg Rucka on the character, Williams has infused Gotham with a dose of the paranormal and the bizarre. Williams continues his alternating artistic styles in this book, and if you can’t tell from my comments, this is one of the prettier books to come out in a while. A strong recommendation for art lovers and those that can’t get their fill of the Bat universe.
Collects Batwoman #0-5, $14.99

Captain America By Ed Brubaker Vol. 4 Premiere HC (Marvel)
Captain America By Ed Brubaker Vol. 4 Premiere HC (Marvel)

Picked by @adambesenyodi
Captain America by Ed Brubaker – Volume 4 (Marvel)
Here’s where the story ends. Ed Brubaker’s career-defining run on Captain America has come to an end. During his time on the title, Brubaker resurrected Bucky, killed Steve Rogers, and returned Captain America to the A-list of Marvel titles in the process. Although the first four issues collected here are co-written by Cullen Bunn, this collection can be recommended on the final issue alone: It’s just Brubaker and artist Steve Epting back together for a final go-round with the Star-Spangled Avenger. The perfect bookend to a historic run.
Collects Captain America (2011) #15-19, $24.99

Fables Vol. 18: Cubs In Toyland TP (DC Comics )
Fables Vol. 18: Cubs In Toyland TP (DC Comics )

Picked by Shane
Fables Vol. 18: Cubs In Toyland TP (DC Comics )
While my weekly pull list dwindles in favor of collected editions, the comic at the top of my read list is what keeps me going back for monthlies. I LOVE Fables. It has been consistently good since the beginning and since I started it monthly, I can’t seem to transition to trades with this one. I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. While there have been dark story line in Fables over the years, this one in particular was very dark and nasty and felt a little like a twisted version of the old Rankin Bass stop motion holiday specials. I highly recommend it and any of the past editions of Fables.
Collects Fables #114-123, $16.99

Generation X Classic Vol. 2 TPB (Marvel)
Generation X Classic Vol. 2 TPB (Marvel)

Picked by @Dief88
Generation X Classic Vol. 2 TPB (Marvel)
Generation X was one of the few really good superhero comics to come out of Marvel in the 1990s, and it’s great to see the company releasing a second volume collecting the early exploits of this team of young mutants. Picking up after the series’ brief hiatus during the “Age of Apocalypse” crossover, these issues pit the team (including new member Mondo) against Omega Red, Emma Frost’s sister Cordelia, and recurring nemesis Emplate. Continuing Scott Lobdell’s nearly three-year run on the title, this volume features artwork by Chris Bachalo, Tom Grummett, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Ashley Wood, among others.
Collects Generation X #5-11 and Annual ’95, and Generation X San Diego Preview, $24.99

The One Trick Rip-Off + Deep-Cuts HC by Paul Pope (Image)
The One Trick Rip-Off + Deep-Cuts HC by Paul Pope (Image)

Picked by @AndrewJTom
The One Trick Rip-Off + Deep-Cuts HC by Paul Pope (Image)
For this week’s recommendation I just have one thing to say about it… “Paul Pope”.
That name alone should be enough to tell you that this is a quality book; but for those that need a little more, know this. One Trick Rip-off is a story that was originally published by Pope back in 1997. This heist story takes place in L.A. revolving around two gang members that need to pull off one last heist to set themselves up for life. Included in this volume along with the title story are what is referred to as “Deep Cuts”. The Deep Cuts are various stories that were never (or rarely) printed during Pope’s adventures traveling abroad in the 1990’s. These stories include a manga that Pope did called “Supertrouble” which is printed here domestically for the first time. As if all of this Paul Pope goodness wasn’t enough, Pope has recruited Jamie Grant (All-Star Superman) to lay down color on One Trick Rip-off for the very first time. At $29.99, this is a book that every Paul Pope fan needs to have in their collection.

Back Issue #62 - Superman in the Bronze Age (Twomorrows Publishing)
Back Issue #62 – Superman in the Bronze Age (Twomorrows Publishing)

Picked by @ChrisCCL
Back Issue #62 – Superman in the Bronze Age (Twomorrows Publishing), $8.95
To be very clear, there is no better place to find insight and commentary on comic book history then the books and magazines coming out of TwoMorrows Publishing. Back Issue focuses on the Bronze Age of comics, which is defined here, by editor Michael Eury as comics printed from 1970-1989. This was an of change for the Man Of Steel. He finally grew out of “boy scout” image to take on more ruthless and evil villains in the comics, TV cartoons and the movies. This particular issue covers very first mini-series in comics, “World Of Krypton” from John Byrne and Mike Mignola and also provides insight to the, now classic, Alan Moore “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”. You can also find a two-page rundown of Bronze Age Superman tales that have been reprinted in trades and hardcovers tabulated by yours truly!

Now it’s your turn. What books that came out this week do you recommend? Take a look at the sidebar to see this weeks collected edition releases.

CCL Podcast #313 – Trading Captain America II

Collected Comics Library Podcast #313
25.6MbKb; 26m 38s

It’s Christmas in July! Not only is it the week of San Diego Comic Con 2011, but we also have the Captain America movie and a huge announcement from DC Comics i.e. all 52 #1 issues in one giant (Absolute) hardcover.
This is actually the third time that I’ve covered Cap. The first was CCL #76 and the second was CCL #225. Today, I pick up from June 2009 and go over all the collected editions that have been published – and a few that are upcoming.
It’s a long compehensive list, but worth listening to if you havn’t been collecting Captain America in a while or are new to him altogether.
Lastly, I go over some pre Comic Con news on The Walking Dead, Interview With The Vampire, Flashpoint and Legion Of The Super-Heroes Volume 13. Plus I answer an e-mail from a listener who thinks I talk too much Marvel. I guess this is a bad day to counter that.

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BPRD: Being Human

CCL Podcast #249 – Criminal Definitive Edition HC (Marvel/Icon)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #249
22,074Kb; 23m 16s


As another year winds down, holiday shopping reeves up. That means that publishing houses want to get their best stuff out just in time so it can be bought for that special someone. One of those books comes from Marvel, or more specifically their Icon creator owned line. I’m speaking of Criminal The Definitive Edition Volume 1 HC by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (with colors by Val Staples). Brubaker has become a favorite of mine in recent years because of his work on Daredevil and Captain America. This is my first go around with Criminal and it was worth the wait. This oversized volume is beautiful and full of extras. I’ll go over it in detail on today’s show.

Additionally covered today are details about the Superman Earth One HC-GN. In short it’ll be $19.99, 128 pages and is expected on September 7, 2010. I also go over Marvel’s Greatest Comics reprint project which is launching in March and pose the question – Who is Marvel’s “Trinity” – Characters wise and Creator wise?

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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Punisher: Dead End Premiere HC
Punisher: Frank Castle MAX – Welcome To The Bayou TPB
Deadpool Vol. 2: Dark Reign TPB
Thor: Ages Of Thunder TPB
The Boys Vol. 3: Good For The Soul Limited Edition HC
The Boys Vol. 4: We Gotta Go Now Limited Edition HC
Rocketeer Complete Collection Vol 1 HC
Rocketeer Complete Collection Vol 1 HC Deluxe Edition
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Original Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Heroes Vol 3 Superman
Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel Volume 2 HC
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol 1 HC
Avengers/Defenders War Premiere HC
EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales Volume 2 HC
Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Vol 1 HC
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness HC
Shazam Monster Society of Evil Deluxe Edition HC
Essential Punisher Volume 2
JSA All Stars Archives Volume 1 HC

Collected Edition Blog browsing on Monday afternoon

Comic Con International is over and that gave us a ton of news to ponder over and celebrate. This weekend we hope to get a few more nuggets out of Wizard World Chicago Chicago Comic Con (let’s cross our fingers, anyway). In between time, and in case you missed it, here are a few gems I dug up:

  • Dean Mullaney’s Library of American Comics imprint is growing, published by IDW, with new series reprinting the comics strips Blondie, Secret Agent X-9 and King Aroo joining a powerhouse lineup that already includes Dick Tracy and Little Orphan Annie.
  • A Criminal Blog reports that Ed Brubaker’s Criminal Deluxe Edition will have 432 pages, not 360 as originally solicited. If it collects the first three trade paperbacks, then that leaves 72 pages for extras. Speculation is that one of the extras may be the Criminal emission from last year’s Liberty Comics #1. Also posted (from A Criminal Blog), as the artwork today, is the Cover for the Incognito TP.
  • GalleyCat has a really bizarre blog post on Collecting Literary Tattoos. To each his own, I guess.
  • Review: Collected Ediitons Blog on Final Crisis HC and TP (DC Comics)

CCL Podcast #223 – Pricing of Collected Editions (Part 2)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #223
23,239Kb; 19m 46s


This week on the show we get back into pricing, including talk about Paper Quality, Shipping Costs, Planning, Promotion and New Revenue Streams. Also we have two e-mails: one is for the Pro Cost-Per-Page Metric and one is Con Cost-Per-Page Metric. Should be a good one.

Also, what’s going to be included in the Criminal by Ed Brubaker Omnibus (November 4) and the Collected Edition (and other) troubles at Rude Dude Productions.

All this and the New Releases of the Week.


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Red TP (New Edition) by Warren Ellis
Sub-Mariner: The Depths Premiere HC
Supreme Power: High Command Premiere HC
X-Men Noir Premiere HC
X-Men: The End Trilogy TPB
Essential Thor Vol. 4 TPB
Dark Reign: Deadpool/Thunderbolts TPB
Captain Britain and MI13 Vol. 2: Hell Comes To Birmingham TPB
Runaways: Dead Wrong TPB
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