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CCL Podcast Special – Mainstream vs. Indie Comics

spinner_rackCCL Podcast Special – Mainstream vs. Indie Comics
95.5Mb; 104m 13s

This past week I was invited to a roundtable discussion with Andy and Derek from Comics Alternative Podcast and John Mayo from Comic Book Page podcast. In this special, we discuss the differences between mainstream and indie comics, including the makeup of the comics themselves, the publishers, and even the buyers. It’s an interesting look at just what is an indie comic in this age of all-ages, licensed comics and imprints like Icon and Vertigo.

I would like to thank Andy and Derek for having me on and it’s always fun to hang out with my old friend, John.

This podcast originated on the Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 41: A Roundtable Discussion on the Mainstream – Indie Divide from June 12, 2013



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Sunday Review: Star Wars: The Comics Companion

There are certain universal truths: everyone loves ice cream, cute puppy dogs and Star Wars. Yeah, even if you think the 3 prequels were bad, admit it, the final duel on Mustafar was pretty cool. Chances are that besides the 6 movies and the various animated TV shows, you’ve read a Star Wars paperback or read a comic book. It’s a giant universe and one that’s hard to get a grasp on if you don’t follow it all that closely. Yes, there are many, many websites to help you out, like www.theforce.net or www.wookieepedia.com, but you may be overwhelmed at the size and scope of it all. Thankfully there is such a book to help you in one certain genre: Star Wars: The Comics Companion with text by Ryder Windham and Daniel Wallace.

In June 1991 Timothy Zahn published the first book of what would become the Thrawn Trilogy, Heir To The Empire. It wasn’t the first of the Expanded Universe but it did kick start the gigantic wave that still rolls on to this very day. Just months later in December 1991 came Dark Empire from Dark Horse Comics. Since then they have gone on to publish several series, introduce hundreds of characters, adapt all six movies and several books, including The Thrawn Trilogy and even get the reprint license from Marvel’s original Star Wars run of 110 comics.

In 2005, with the release of the final movie, Revenge Of The Sith, Dark Horse published the Comics Companion as a way of getting the public up to speed. It’s a gorgeous oversized, 12 x 9, softcover and it covers every Dark Horse comic right to ROTS. It’s broken up into the Five Eras, but the Table Of Contents is compressive so you’ll have no trouble flipping to the comics you need info on. Also included are entries for the Star Wars Manga Adaptations (which are wonderful and a must own) and the Marvel Comics, as they were collected in the 6 Trade Paperbacks (and now the soon to be 5 Omnibuses). The only problem I have is that Dark Horse treats the Marvel line as an after thought and doesn’t weave that continuity into their own, even though representatives from Dark Horse has stated to me personally that Lucasfilm oversee all comics, books and etc. to make sure no overlap occurs and everything stays, for lack of a better term, kosher. There is also beautiful full color artwork of all types, some of which I doubt you have ever seen. Windham and Wallace also provide a short introduction and a well deserved dedication to Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson.

And now more then ever, this may become an important book for your Star Wars shelf. Why? Because at Comic Con 2011, Dark Horse announced that Star Wars is going digital. As of this post, there are just over 50 comics available and more coming every week. Yes even the Marvel Comics will be coming to an iPad or Android device near you. So give this book a shot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Star Wars: The Comics Companion
Text by Ryder Windham and Daniel Wallace
144 pages, $19.99, Dark Horse Comics

Recommended reading:
Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope For The Galaxy – From Tatooine To Dark Empire HC

CCL Podcast #281 – Digital Comics – A Different Kind Of Reprint

Collected Comics Library Podcast #281
32,289Kb; 32m 19s

It was no surprise that Digital Comics was the talk of San Diego last month at Comic Con 2010. The majors like DC, Marvel and IDW and smaller publishing houses like Top Shelf and Boom! Studios all made
announcements. The business of Digital was also discussed on several panels, and booths hosted by distribution companies like ComiXology, Graphic.ly, PanelFly, iVerse (Comics+) and Long Box Digital were all busy showing off the latest apps. Today on the podcast, I talk about this new comic book reprint form and get you caught up with the latest news.

As some of you know I started a Digital Comics blog called DGTL Comics not too long ago. Unfortunately I have not had the time to devote to it. I even wanted to do a weekly podcast, but other activities have hindered me to really do much of anything. However there is some good news to come out of this. First, the DGTL Comics Twitter feed will still be going strong, so be sure to follow that for easy links. Second, I’m going to start guest blogging at Digital Comics Review very soon and perhaps I’ll be posting a podcast with industry leaders and passionate fans. Lastly, I’ll be adding a Digital Comics news feature to the Collected Comics Library Podcast on a regular basis. Three great ways to keep up to date with Digital.

Getting back to what I know best – there is some printed Collected Edition news including an update on the delayed Captain Marvel Monster Society of Evil, historian Rick Marschall and Rosebud Archives have teamed up with Fantagraphics for a new line of books and DC Comics restructures the Earth One GN line before it even gets started, all this and the New Releases of the Week.


Links of Note:

Marvel Comics Trade Paperback Timeline
Rosebud Archives
When Words Collide Comics – Don’t Cry: The iPadization Of The Medium by Timothy Callahan, Staff Writer CBR
Val’s Digital Comics Page
The Uncertain Future of the Printed Word
The Quarter Bin

Collected Comics Library iPod App
Digital Comics Review

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CCL Podcast #272 – A Gun At My Son’s School/Violence In Comics

Collected Comics Library Podcast #272
25,504Kb; 27m 06s

On Tuesday a 3rd grader brought a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun to my son’s school. At recess he showed it off on the playground and other kids promptly told the teachers. The boy ran inside and hid the gun in a pencil box in his desk. He was caught very quickly, tragedy was averted and no one got hurt. Incidentally my 10-year-old son, Patrick, was near by on the basketball court when all this went down. Today on the show I talk about this very scary situation, what is being done and what I am doing as a parent. This topic doesn’t really have to do anything with comics, but it in the past 24 hours it has made me realize that perhaps there is too much violence in my household. This includes video games, movies and my comic book collection – specifically my near complete run of everything Punisher. I don’t have the answers nor do I want to come across like I’m preaching. It’s just that it hit very close to home yesterday and I need to get some things off my chest including what positive steps I can do on my part.

All this including the New Releases of the Week.


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DGTL Comics

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Collected Edition Blog browsing on Tuesday afternoon

The last Tuesday of the month is usually one of the busiest days here at the CCL. See, I usually record the podcast either in the afternoon or at night, which means I’m doing show prep, scouring the news sites or double checking the Release Schedule. I’m also putting the finishing touches on the TwoMorrows Tune-In Podcast, which normally goes up the First of the Month, in this case tomorrow (no pun intended). But today also happens to be Rosh Hashanah and even my Catholic kids have no school, so I barely have time to write this post. I’m trying to get them to get all their homework done today so they don’t have to do it Wednesday or Thursday or God forbid, Friday Morning. I’ve been somewhat successful. But I also have to plan dinner which means going to the store with two kids who will want treats and snacks. What’s a Dad to do? Time for some links: