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Collected Comics Library Podcasts #50 and #51

Collected Comics Library Podcast #51
49,304 Kb; 42m 04s
MUSIC: Walter Reed by Michael Penn
Tonight I comment on the termination of DC Comics Senior Editor of Collected Editions and a friend of the CCL, Bob Greenberger (Lying in the Gutters).
Also I comment on The Shield FX show and a trip to the Detroit Pistons game last week. For the extended feature, I go over Marvel Comics Limited Editions from the early 1990’s.

And in case you missed it….

Collected Comics Library Podcast #50
39,402 Kb; 33m 37s
MUSIC: Stormy Weather by Echo and the Bunnymen
RECAP on Podcast #50
Happy New Year and Thanks to everyone who have supported me over the year! NCAA Football Contest winners; 24 and The Shield; New Releases of the week and the BIG, GIANT-SIZED 2005 Year in Review!
Enjoy it again, for the first time.

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Happy New Year!

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Golden Age Hawkman Archives UPDATE

I received word from Bob Greenberger (Senior Editor of Collected Editions at DC), this morning. It turns out that the separator got the pages out of order, The Editors then missed it because at that point they, and Bob, were concerned with clarity of reconstruction and correctness of color, thus affecting EVERY copy. There are no perfect versions of this book. I know I stated in my show that DCBS had a good copy for me, but now that does not seem to be the case. I have notified DCBS. I was just going by their word. I never had the book in front of me. Again, the pages in question are 131-136 and page sequence is as follows: 1, 3, 2, 5, 4, and 6.
I also received an e-mail from a listener Bob he received the following e-mail from DCBS:
We looked into the problem with the Golden Age Hawkman Archives that you notified us about and our Diamond rep informed us that they were completely unaware of any problems. Which means that DC has not notified them about a misprint. So, we will send you your copy as normal and if you notice a misprint please notify us immediately. We will have you return the book, we will notify Diamond of the problem, and get you an appropriate replacement as soon as possible.
It should be noted that DC Comics has no plans to recall the books or do a 2nd Printing.
As you can see, DCBS and all retailers are in tough situations. There is no real recourse for the consumer at this point. I welcome your e-mails on this subject.

The 8th Annual DC Archives Survey

The 8th Annual DC Archives Survey is now live. Follow the link at:
This is a fantastic survey that DC does take a serious look at for ideas for upcoming Archives and Collected Editions.

I’ll comment on this in my next Podcast.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #28 August 10, 2005


7,204 Kb; 15m 22s

Quick show this time around due to the fact that I have to get prepared for a job interview on Thursday. Good thing I’ve been listening to
The Working Podcast!
In this show I go over the New Releases of the week, all the Batman DVD news from

The Digital Bits
, including a bit of Batman 1943 trivia from

and finally DC’s November and December collected editions release schedule from


Absolute Watchmen print run rumor – denied.

I personally received word from Bob Greenberger, Senior Editor of Collected Editions at DC. Bob said that the rumors of a small and limited print run for Absolute Watchmen are false. DC wants this book to be a big seller.
So after all that, it should be easily available for you to go out and get.