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CCL Podcast #274 – Dan Nadel, Art In Time (Abrams)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #274
40,116Kb; 42m 41s

As someone who is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of reprint and collected editions it’s a treat to come across a book (or books) that are ideal for your distinguished taste. Both Art Out of Time and the companion follow-up Art in Time (Abrams ComicArts) by Dan Nadel are two such books. Anyone who reads this blog or listens to this podcast must own these great books – not only for historical reasons but for pure enjoyment of a time gone by. Nadel packs in so much and yet he leaves you wanting more. Which is his overall goal. For the real enjoyment is the hunt that you must undertake after your read these books – to seek out, back issue hunt and explore the hidden gems of a classic era in comics. Today on the show Nadel shares with the why’s and how’s of these books and his overall take on the reprint market itself.

Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940 – 1980 By Dan Nadel
Published by Abrams ComicArts
304 pages, 11 x 8, $40.00

My thanks to Abrams ComicArts for supplying me a copy of the book.


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CCL Podcast #253 – Kim Thompson, Vice President of Fantagraphics

So sorry to hear that Kim Thompson has passed. It was an honor to have him on the Collected Comics Library.
-Chris; June 19, 2013

Collected Comics Library Podcast #253
51,445Kb; 54m 48s

I’m excited to move out of 2009 and in to 2010 and what a better way to kick it off then an interview with a true journeyman, Kim Thompson the Vice President and Publisher of Fantagraphics Books. Kim has been in the industry for over 30 years specializing in alternative and independent comics. Kim has also championed the cause of European translations, which we discuss in-depth today. We also talk about Fantagraphics commitment to classic comic strip reprints like Peanuts, Price Valiant, Dennis The Menace and Pogo. For even more on Kim Thompson, be sure to visit his Blog page.

Also on the show I congratutalte Greg S. from Ogden, Utah on winning the 6th Annual NCAA Football Bowl Contest. Greg has chosen Showcase Presents: Warlord Volume 1 as his prize.

All this including thoughts on Human Taget comic books and trade paperbacks and the New Releases of the Week.



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Collected Edition Blog browsing on Tuesday morning

After a great vacation I’m back in full work mode. In honor of Wolverine, I’ll be going over the collected editions of the members of Team X and other mutants that appear in the movie for this week’s podcast. Until then, less writing and more links:

More books from DC Comics this Fall

My friends over at the Collected Ediitons Blog got wind of a few more books coming from DC Comics this Fall.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl Companion HC
Projected to collect Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon, Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat. Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum, and Battle for the Cowl: The Underground, and maybe also the Gotham Gazette issues.
DC Classics Library: Batman: A Death in the Family HC
Gotham Central Vol. 2: Jokers and Madmen HC
Projected to collect #11-20
Outsiders: The Deep HC
Flash Chronicles Vol. 1 TP
Projected to collect early adventures of Barry Allen
Flash vs. The Rogues TP
Supergirl: Who is Superwoman? HC
Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian HC
Blackhawk: Blood and Water HC
A three-part 1988 miniseries by Howard Chaykin
Superman: Adventures of Flamebird & Nightwing TP
Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising TP
Batman: Private Casebook TP
Booster Gold: Blue and Gold TP
Tangent: Superman’s Reign Vol. 2 TP
Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Part II TP
Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite TP
Superman: Kryptonite TP
Wonder Woman: The Circle TP

CCL on Book Cave Podcast

Chris Marshall and Ric Croxton talk about the world of collected comics (episode #10). Chris informs us with some great information on different books, while Ric rambles on.

Next Bruce Rosenberger, KomicsKast, shares his first of I hope many to come segment on Old Time Radio shows. Thanks Bruce, I now have another great radio show to listen to during those long boring hours at work.

Email Ric at ric.croxton@gmail.com with any questions or comment you have on the episode or post on the The Book Cave Forum. This podcast episode originated on the The Book Cave website.