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Six Collected Editions Worthy Of Your Attention #2

Is there one book that is a “must have” that came out this week? My friends Andy Tom (@AndrewJTom), Chris Campbell (ChrisCampbell8) and I are sharing six comic book collected editions, reprints and/or graphic novels released this week that you may be interested in.

Adventures of Superman - Gil Kane
Adventures of Superman – Gil Kane

Picked by @AndrewJTom:
Adventures of Superman: Gil Kane HC (DC Comics)
Remember going to the corner drugstore and picking up a Superman comic because you couldn’t resist that awesome cover and just had to know what happened inside? DC brings back that feeling of wonder with the first volume in it’s Adventures of Superman line. Gil Kane was a master story-teller who was sadly taken from us a few years ago while he was still producing quality work. Thankfully, his glorious art will live on in the pages of hardcover collected editions like this. Gil’s kinetic pencils are on full display in this volume with classic stories featuring Superman vs. some of your favorite villains including the Super Powers versions of Luthor & Brainiac. This book is a “must have” for any Superman or Gil Kane fan.
Collects Superman #367, 372, 375, Action Comics #539- 541, 544, 545, 546 and 551-554, Superman Special #1-2 and DC Comics Presents Annual #3, $39.99

Superman - Last Son of Krypton
Superman – Last Son of Krypton

Picked by ChrisCampbell8:
Superman: Last Son Of Krypton TP (DC Comics)
The brightest star often burns the quickest, and that is what you have in this recent Superman collection. The story of Last Son chronicles the introduction of Christopher Kent, a character that has a profound impact on the Superman family and leaves the readers wanting more. With art by Adam Kubert and co-written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, the Action Comics Annual #11 may have been one of 2008’s best single issues. The collection is rounded out by the Brainiac storyline written by Johns and drawn by the amazingly talented Gary Frank. For those that enjoyed the New Krypton event, this story is indispensable.
Collects Action Comics #844-846, 851 and 866-870, Action Comics Annual #11 and Superman: New Krypton Special #1, $16.99

The Death of Captain Marvel
The Death of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: The Death Of Captain Marvel TPB – New Printing (Marvel)
The Marvel purists already know that The Death Of Captain Marvel has been reprinted several times over, but here, in this nice trade, you get the whole story. A few years ago Marvel brought this collection out as part of their Premiere Classic line, and if you didn’t get it then, be sure to get it now. Captain Marvel is one of the most iconic characters Marvel has created and his demise is a heroic tale of service and sacrifice.
Collects Captain Marvel (1968) #34, Marvel Spotlight (1979) #1-2 and Marvel Graphic Novel #1: The Death Of Captain Marvel, $19.99

Guardians of the Galaxy- Tomorrow's Avengers - Volume 1
Guardians of the Galaxy- Tomorrow’s Avengers – Volume 1

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers Vol. 1 TPB
More cosmic goodness from Marvel, this time showcasing the “Avengers of the Future”. A rag-tag teams of heroes come together to stop a powerful common foe named Badoom. The team was created by two greats: Arnold Drake (Doom Patrol) and Gene Colan (Tomb Of Dracula), who certainly know a thing or two about science fiction and fantastic tales. The second, and final volume, is scheduled for March.
Collects Marvel Super Heroes (1967) #18, Marvel Two-In-One (1974) #4-5, Giant-Size Defenders #5, Defenders (1972) #26-29 and Marvel Presents #3-12, $39.99

Kirby Genesis: Silver Star
Kirby Genesis: Silver Star

Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star Vol. 1 TP (Dynamite)
Jack’s Kirby’s character, Silver Star, was initially to be an original movie superhero and not a comic book character. That all changed when the screenplay was rejected. Kirby went on to publish a six issue series for Pacific Comics, which has been collected by Image in 2007. Fast forward to 2011 when Dynamite acquired the rights to Silver Star and other Kirby owned heroes. Dynamite launched the Kirby: Genesis line of comics that included Kirby: Genesis (proper), Silver Star, Captain Victory and Dragonsbane, another character that was developed by Kirby. Sadly, Dynamite will not be publishing anymore Kirby books. I hope they will be able to put all four series  together in a complete Omnibus someday. For now you’ll have to get the trades.
Collects Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star #1-6 along with a complete cover gallery featuring Alex Ross, Jae Lee and Mark Buckingham, $19.99

The Heap Volume 1
The Heap Volume 1

Roy Thomas Presents The Heap Volume 1 HC (PS ArtBooks)
You know Swamp Thing. You probably know Man-Thing. You may even know Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. But do you know The Heap? The original swamp creature first appeared in 1942 in the pages of Air Fighters Comics #3 and continued on in the renamed Airboy Comics until 1953. He was revived in 1971 by Roy Thomas and here, in this the first of three volumes, Thomas reintroduces us to one of his favorite all time characters. Many (if not all) of these comics have never been reprinted. It’s a real treat for the Golden Age fanboy.
Collects The Heap stories from Airboy Comics, December 1942 – May 1948, $47.99

Now it’s your turn. What books that came out this week do you recommend? Take a look at the sidebar to see this weeks collected edition releases.

Sunday Review – Shazam! by Chip Kidd

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when Captain Marvel (Fawcett Publications) was more popular in every way to his famous forerunner – Superman (National/DC), but that was the case. Partially because the young boys of the World War II era had to become men overnight; to become the man of the house while their brothers, uncles and fathers were away; just like Billy Batson had to do in order to fight crime and injustice.

Long before the merchandising boom of Star Wars in the late 1970’s, Captain Marvel coveted the nickels and dimes of young kids. They read Captain Marvel comic books, they went to see his movie serial (the first for any superhero) and they bought the stuff – lots and lots of stuff: figurines, wrist watches, beanbags, decoder rings, beanie hats, neck ties(!) and they signed up for the fan club in droves.

Author and graphic designer extraordinaire, Chip Kidd and photographer, Geoff Spear who first collaborated together on Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan (Pantheon Books, 2008), have teamed up again to document a forgotten era. Culled from the impressive collection of Harry Matetsky, one cannot help but wonder if Kidd and Spear did indeed capture everything that was ever made regarding the Golden Age Captain Marvel. Kidd adds his own commentary to the rich, full color photos that capture every detail whether it be the most cared for item or the lost and forgotten belongings from years of neglect. The aforementioned movie serial is also dissected along with its promotional stills, costumes and other pieces. There are also chapters to other Marvel Family members: Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. There is also a section on the hero Spy Smasher, who was considered to be the Batman of the Fawcett characters and counter to the Captain Marvel, Superman. Unfortunately, the two never met up, save for the covers.

It’s not just statues and cut-out Shazam flying helicopters that are in this book, some of the art contained has never been seen in years including some wonderful work by Mac Rayboy (Flash Gordon). There is also one full comic story collected here, the first feature from Captain Marvel Adventures #1 (1941) by none other then Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (Captain America, et al.). Several other single panels and cover art is strewn about adding to the lore.

Kidd does and excellent job describing everything that we are fortunate enough to see and spares us from the litigation between Captain Marvel/Fawcett and Superman/National (DC) of old. He is wise to treat us with intelligence and respect the fact that we are well aware of the history.

Shazam! The Golden Age of the World’s Mightiest Mortal
Abrams ComicArts, 2010
246 pages, 12 x 9, $35.00 US
A copy of this book was supplied to me by Abrams ComicArts

If you would like to read the comic books of Captain Marvel, DC Comics has four Shazam! Archive volumes and even one for the Marvel Family featuring Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel.  There is also the (not too hard to find, if you look for it) Shazam! From The 40’s to the 70’s HC (Harmony Books), which is worth every penny. I even typed up a new Table of Contents, because the book lacks a sufficient one of its own (available for download). More recently, DC published Showcase Presents: Shazam! which reprints the characters’ return to comics in 1973 and Shazam!: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB, a nice overview of Captain Marvel throughout the years.

CCL Podcast #286 – Marvelman Classic HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #286
29,937Kb; 29m 57s

Last summer at Comic Con 2009 all the buzz was about Marvel obtaining the reprint rights to Marvelman. Immediately everyone seemed to say “Hooray!” Alan Moore and Neil Gaimen and everyone else have put aside their differences and we were going to have the most sought after comic finally in our hands! Then we were reminded that this was Mick Anglo’s Marvelman and not Miracleman. Our hopes were dashed but we seemed OK with it because perhaps it would pave the way to what we actually want. 18 months later (including Marvel December 2010 solicitations) was have a 6-issue Best Of periodical series called Marvelman Family’s Finest and a Marvelman Premiere Hardcover that reprints his adventures in chronological order. No new series and certainly no Miracleman, just a few reprints from a bygone era. Needless to say I’m a bit disappointed in Marvel’s efforts particularly the way Joe Quesada hyped up the announcement. I hoping that all will change come 2011. Today I take a look at the Hardcover and I have some mixed feelings about it. One one hand it is good to see this in print. But on the other hand it seems all that the Marvel did was slap a hardcover on what seems to be the same type of paper that is used in their Essential line of books. This is a pity because it could have easily been reprinted on higher quality paper – and for $39.99 it should have.  I’ll get into that and more on today’s podcast.

Other topics discussed today include:

  • Upcoming newspaper collected editions
  • More Smurfs
  • Usagi Yojimbo Deluxe Fantagraphics in October
  • DC Solicits and DC Comics Presents / Wildstorm is now doing it!
  • Digital Update: Graphic.ly/Marvel and Who owns mobile?

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