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Omnibus of the Week – Captain America: The Return of the Winter Soldier

Hey Omnibus Collectors! Finally, it’s time for me to talk about the long awaited final omnibus volume of Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America. Collecting the entire Captain America and Bucky series, Brubaker’s run on the Winter Soldier ongoing series, and the remaining issues of Captain America (2011), this is a nice book stuffed with awesome material from a host of different creators. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoy making it!

Here is the original solicitation:

Ed Brubaker’s award-winning Captain America run concludes! As Captain America’s staunch ally Bucky, James Buchanan Barnes was one of America’s greatest heroes of WWII – until he was brainwashed into becoming the Soviet spy known as the Winter Soldier. Now, in the aftermath of FEAR ITSELF, James is the Winter Soldier again! When Russian sleeper agents awaken and old enemies resurface with new identities, Winter Soldier and Black Widow clash with Doctor Doom – and James must save the Widow from her own past! But even with help from Wolverine and Hawkeye, must Bucky sacrifice everything to save his love? Meanwhile, Captain America takes on Scourge and the Discordians, while a deadly villain from the past reveals a mystery spanning generations of heroes!
COLLECTING: Captain America and Bucky 620-628, Fear Itself 7.1: Captain America, Winter Soldier 1-5, Captain America (2011) 11-19, Winter Soldier 6-14

Omnibus of the Week: The Trial of Captain America by Ed Brubaker

It’s the penultimate Omnibus collection of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America! Those of us collecting the run across the beautiful Omnibus editions had quite the wait between Cap Lives and this one, but it’s here, it’s awesome, and I’m finally getting around to making a video for it!

In this volume we see Bucky retain the role as Captain America, delivering some of my absolute favorite stories from Brubaker’s run. It’s a great volume, so check out this video and see why I love it so much!

Omnibus of the Week: Captain America Lives by Ed Brubaker

With Marvel finally releasing the fifth and final Omnibus to Ed Brubaker’s amazing run on Captain America I thought it was high time to make a video for the third volume of the series, Captain America Lives! Coming right off the tails of The Death of Captain America Omnibus this book follows the adventures of Bucky Barnes as he’s come to be accepted in his role as the new Captain America… but with Steve Rogers making a return it looks like his tenure with the shield could be cut short!