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iPad coming to Verizon October 28th

I’ve been a big proponnet of Digital Comics for a long time now. I even started up the DGTL Comics Blog (which is now defunct) and Twitter Feed @DGTLComics. I’m also a big fan of Verizon Wirelees, thanks in large part that they help pay the bills around here. Add to this that I have never owned an Apple product outside of my three iPods. So it’s no wonder that I carry an DroidX Android phone in my pocket and use Google¬†religiously. But I think that’s all about to change with the¬†news that Apple’s iPad is coming to Verizon on October 28th.

Ever since the iPad was released, there has been talk, talk and more talk about Android tablets. But nothing has come out and even the specs of things to come do not look like they can complete with Apple’s product of the year. And really, I’m tired of waiting. Sure I could hold out to Christmas, but our family needs a new small computer and it would be nice to use the iPad as a multi media player, which is its true intenstion.

And I want to start reading my digital comics on it. I already have joined up with ComiXology, Graphic.ly, iVerse and a few others and have read comics on my iPod Touch, but it’s just not the same. So I’ll keep you informed and who knows, perhaps the DGTL Comics blog will get a version 2.0.

CCL Podcast #281 – Digital Comics – A Different Kind Of Reprint

Collected Comics Library Podcast #281
32,289Kb; 32m 19s

It was no surprise that Digital Comics was the talk of San Diego last month at Comic Con 2010. The majors like DC, Marvel and IDW and smaller publishing houses like Top Shelf and Boom! Studios all made
announcements. The business of Digital was also discussed on several panels, and booths hosted by distribution companies like ComiXology, Graphic.ly, PanelFly, iVerse (Comics+) and Long Box Digital were all busy showing off the latest apps. Today on the podcast, I talk about this new comic book reprint form and get you caught up with the latest news.

As some of you know I started a Digital Comics blog called DGTL Comics not too long ago. Unfortunately I have not had the time to devote to it. I even wanted to do a weekly podcast, but other activities have hindered me to really do much of anything. However there is some good news to come out of this. First, the DGTL Comics Twitter feed will still be going strong, so be sure to follow that for easy links. Second, I’m going to start guest blogging at Digital Comics Review very soon and perhaps I’ll be posting a podcast with industry leaders and passionate fans. Lastly, I’ll be adding a Digital Comics news feature to the Collected Comics Library Podcast on a regular basis. Three great ways to keep up to date with Digital.

Getting back to what I know best – there is some printed Collected Edition news including an update on the delayed Captain Marvel Monster Society of Evil, historian Rick Marschall and Rosebud Archives have teamed up with Fantagraphics for a new line of books and DC Comics restructures the Earth One GN line before it even gets started, all this and the New Releases of the Week.


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