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6 Collected Editions Worthy Of Your Attention #6

Is there one book that is a “must have” that came out this week? My friends Andy Tom (@AndrewJTom), Chris Campbell (ChrisCampbell8), Marc Diefenderfer (@Dief88), Shane Hannafey, Adam Besenyodi (@adambesenyodi), and I (@ChrisCCL) are sharing six comic book collected editions, reprints and/or graphic novels released this week that you may be interested in.

Legends Of The Dark Knight Alan Davis HC (DC Comics)
Legends Of The Dark Knight Alan Davis HC (DC Comics)

Picked by @AndrewJTom
Legends Of The Dark Knight Alan Davis HC (DC Comics)
FINALLY! Yeah, I’ve been waiting on this book for awhile. Those of you who are “extra-savy” may remember that we were supposed to get this volume last year. Well… it shipped to your favorite LCS, but when the first few stores opened the book, some sharp Bat-phile noticed a printing error. Much to DC’s credit, they told the retailers to pack these up and ship them back. Now in February of 2013, it’s back in the stores (and this time on the shelves). This book is now corrected and ready to be consumed by millions of Bat-fans. This volume in the Legends of / Tales of series marks the first volume to celebrate a “living” Batman artist, the legendary Alan Davis. Primarily known for his work on Excalibur and Captain Britain, Alan has provided some of the most beautiful Batman pages of yesterday. His line is reminiscent of the great Don Newton, but with a flair all his own. Even if you’re not collecting the Batman “Classic Artists” books, this is a hardcover that will harken back to the good ole days of Batman, but with a style that you’ll recognize as one of comic’s top talents of today.
Collects Detective Comics #569-575, Batman: Full Circle #1 and a story from Batman: Gotham Knights #25, $39.99


Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer Artist's Edition HC (2nd Printing), $75.00 (IDW)
Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition HC (2nd Printing), $75.00 (IDW)

Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition HC (2nd Printing), $75.00 (IDW)
So… A few years back when IDW acquired the license to publish the Rocketeer, I’d imagine that nearly everyone was like myself. I thought, “Cool! I can get the $30 hardcover, the $70 Slipcase Hardcover, or whatever this Black & White Artist’s Edition thing is for (gasp) $100″. I’ll admit, I bought the $30 book and passed on whatever the heck this Artist’s Edition” thing was. Man O’ Man was I ever wrong. I’m now beating my head against the wall because I was too foolish to understand what this new format was (let alone order one of these books). It turned out to be nothing less that the very story I sought, but read as if I was sitting at the artist’s drafting table, reviewing the pages in a dimly lit basement with a single light bulb hanging above my head. Dave Steven’s small body of work is some of the strongest that the medium has ever seen; and we’re all better for experiencing the legacy that he’s left for us. If there’s one thing that the Artist Edition format has taught us is that original art as beautiful as the work produced by the late Dave Stevens deserves to be enjoyed by everyone. Due to the generosity of the folks at IDW, they’ve decided to provide us with a second printing of this monumental book, and given all of us fools who’ve missed out on the first printing… a redo.

Doctor Who Franchise American Influence Fan Culture And The Spinoffs (McFarland) SC, $35.00
Doctor Who Franchise American Influence Fan Culture And The Spinoffs (McFarland) SC, $35.00

Picked by Shane
Doctor Who Franchise American Influence Fan Culture And The Spinoffs (McFarland) SC, $35.00
I remember coming home from school in my Junior high school years and turning on the TV to PBS. The home of Sesame Street and the Electric Company was also home to some great scifi from across the pond. My first vision of Doctor Who was the scarfed Tom Baker playing the fourth Doctor and to this day, he will always be my favorite one. He was the first Doctor who made his way to our airways and it continued until the untimely (I say untimely, but it had actually been on the air in the UK for 26 years) demise of the series in 1989 with actor Sylvester McCoy. In 1996 there was a try to revive the Doctor with a joint UK /American made movie. Paul McGann did a great job playing the Doctor, but alas it was not to be.
In 2005 after a long hiatus of not being on the air, Doctor Who was once again thrust upon the airwaves in the UK. Unfortunately Americans had to find alternative ways to watch it, but that made it all the more popular and sought after in this country. After a while BBC America started airing the episodes. Today they coincide with the UK Premieres and we are on the third Doctor of the new era, Matt Smith. This new era also spawned a series of spin-offs including the very popular Torchwood series, which last season became an American co-production. This new resurgence of Doctor Who has made it more popular than ever before in its home country and in the US. I’m really looking forward to this book to explore more about Doctor Who and find out about its influence on American pop culture and science fiction.

X-Force Omnibus Vol. 1 HC & DM Variant (Marvel)
X-Force Omnibus Vol. 1 HC & DM Variant (Marvel)

Picked by @Dief88
X-Force Omnibus Vol. 1 HC & DM Variant (Marvel)
Although its “Marvel Premiere Classics” line is now officially dead and buried, Marvel has been doing a good job of shifting many of its MPC hardcover series to other formats. And while some may question the suitability of Rob Liefeld’s X-Force for the Omnibus treatment (rather than, say, the deluxe paperbacks that Guardians of the Galaxy got), it’s good to see this material finding a new home nonetheless. While these comics aren’t likely to set your world on fire, you do get more bang for your buck with this volume than Marvel has offered in some of its other Omnibus editions lately. Even for the non-Liefeld fan, there are some things to like here: there’s X-Force’s crossover with Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man series, for example, as well as the John Romita Jr.-drawn Cable: Blood and Metal miniseries that was omitted in previous X-Force collections.
Collects New Mutants (1983) #98-100 and Annual #7, X-Men Annual (1970) #15, X-Factor Annual #6, X-Force (1991) #1-15, Spider-Man (1990) #16, Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2, and material from New Warriors Annual #1 and X-Force Annual (1992) #1, 848 pages, $99.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4 Sins Of The Fathers TP, 7.99 (IDW)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4 Sins Of The Fathers TP, 7.99 (IDW)

Picked by @ChrisCampbell8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4 Sins Of The Fathers TP, 7.99 (IDW)
The first year of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing series is behind us, and it’s apparent that things are only going to get bigger and better heading into the second year. Dan Duncan has left the title, but Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman continue to provide a compelling mix of stories and development. This volume collects two shorter story arcs, culminating in issue number 16, which is the best single issue of TMNT I’ve read in years. This is a volume not to be missed.

Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting The World On Fire TPB (Valiant)
Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting The World On Fire TPB (Valiant)

Picked by @ChrisCCL
Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting The World On Fire TPB (Valiant)
Valiant made a huge return to the comic book market in 2012 ushering in five of their most beloved titles: X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, and Shadowman. But I was most excited for Bloodshot. It was one of the few Valiant comics I read in the 1990’s and I’m proud to say I still own the issues. Now, thanks to the Valiant Universe reboot (think DC Comics New 52), Bloodshot is back and spearheaded by writer Duane Swierczynski. It contains many of the elements of the original hero including being a deadly assassin with a terrible case of memory loss. This past summer when #1 was published I quickly picked it up and enjoyed every panel, but for some reason or another I failed to get the rest from my comic shop. By the time #6 came out I decided to buy them all digitally – and I’m glad I did. Reading each issue back-to-back made the first Bloodshot arc more understandable and it moved at a nice, even pace. And that’s why I recommend this trade for this week. If you haven’t jumped into the new Valiant Universe, now is an excellent time to do so.
Collects Bloodshot #1-4 (2012), $14.99

Now it’s your turn. What books that came out this week do you recommend? Take a look at the sidebar to see this weeks collected edition releases.

CCL Podcast #342 – What The Prose Knows

Collected Comics Library Podcast #342
30.1Mb; 32m 45s

This week on the show I talk about the new comic book history book from Sean Howe, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story and try to compare it to another one due out in April, 2013, The Secret History of Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby and the Moonlighting Artists at Martin Goodman’s Empire. But that’s not all – you may remember Larry Tye’s book Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero that came out earlier this year. I pull all of them in together and talk a bit on why these books are important and how they can be controversial.

Also on the show there are a few loose ends to tie up on a book I touched on last week, Legends of the Dark Knight: Alan Davis. It was recalled and is now expected to be fully restored on on the shelves in February.  Plus I go over the contents of the upcoming Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin.

Lastly I talk about why I’m finally reading Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s run on Fantastic Four and the TV show Arrow – could it tie into Man Of Steel and the upcoming Justice League movie?


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