Sunday Review: The Walking Dead Magazine #1

Everywhere you go these days you see The Walking Dead. You name it and Robert Kirkman’s comic book masterpiece has been published or created into every form imaginable: monthly comic, trade paperback, hardcover, deluxe hardcover, omnibus, digital, a weekly reprint, board game, video game, even action figures. All the franchise needs is a Ben and Jerry’s flavor!

Just when you though all that Dead was enough Titan Publishing (Star Trek Magazine, Star Wars Insider) gives us The Walking Dead Magazine. When I first heard that Kirkman & Co. were going to do it, I rolled my eyes. I really thought we had become over saturated with it all. But this weekend my copy arrived in the mail and boy was I wrong. This is a great magazine!

Now I’m a guy that likes to get his information in the digital format. I subscribe to several blogs and podcasts and I’m very satisfied with the content that I get. But I’m also a comic book guy. So that means sometimes I like to hold real paper in my hands. I still get the Sunday paper and I pick up other mags like Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair. It’s good to have the words with the visuals to get the whole story. The Walking Dead Magazine is no different.

This inaugural issue is loaded:

  • Interviews with creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, Chris Hardwick (AMC’s Talking Dead), and Glen Mazzara (Executive Producer).
  • Features include a wrap of the first 100 comic books, a Season 3 preview, a report from Comic-Con international, a look at the Walking Dead novels, and all the variant covers of issue #100.
  • Other content includes: a contest of Walking Dead swag, a trivia Q&A and an insider look at the TV show.
  • …and so much more!!!

Now for a revelation: I was late to the Walking Dead party. I didn’t start reading the comic until issue 50, although I spoiled myself with what was going on in the series thanks to blogs and podcasts. I did watch the TV show from the start and I’m excited that tonight is the season 3 premiere. It’s no surprise that season 2 was a bit lackluster, but I’m confident that from now on it’ll be a full on assault from both the dead and the Governor.

You can’t go wrong with this new magazine. It’s a great mix of the Image comic and the TV show, which is what I was hoping for. Too many periodicals just focus on the live action and not the original material. It’ll be a nice addition to all the online sources that cover the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Magazine
Toby Weidmann, Editor
$9.99, November/October 2012
Published quarterly by Titan Magazines
A copy was supplied to me by Titan Magazines

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