SDCC 2011 Day 3: Collected Editions News

Another full day at the Comic Con comes to a close and it was packed with cool, awesome and fantastic collected edition and reprint news!. Let’s recap:

  • Well here’s some news we’ve been waiting for along time. Gary Goth announced that they will begin reprinting the classic EC comics. The first four, history laden, books will start to be released in 2012 and unlike the Gemstone Archives they will be black and white and more creator focused:
    • Corpse On The Imjin And Other Stories. This will reprint all of the Harvey Kurtzman written-and-drawn war stories from Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat, as well as Kurtzman-written war work for EC “non-regulars” such as Gene Colan, Joe Kubert and Russ Heath.
    • Came The Dawn and Other Stories. This is a Wally Wood collection, but of his tightly-wound suspense stories rather than perhaps more traditionally lauded work.
    • Untitled Book Featuring Jack Davis’ Horror Stories. Another great artist and another perhaps unappreciated source of comics stories for that artist, this time all written by the great Al Feldstein.
    • Untitled Book Featuring Al Williamson’s Science Fiction Stories. This is exactly as it sounds, and promises 174 pages of material from Weird Fantasy and Weird Science.

I admit that I’m a little disappointed that the color Gemstone books won’t be finished, but I’m confident that Fantagraphics will to a wonderful job and I’ll be sure to collect them. – Thanks to Tom, Comics Reporter; Complete details can be found on the Fantagraphics Blog

Dark Horse

  • You may have heard that The Strain from Guielmo del Toro with a script by David Lapham and art by Mike Huddleston will be three 8-issue chapters; all three will be collected as trades at a future date.

Image Comics

  • Howard Chaykin has announced a 6-issue prequel to Black Kiss, the 12-issue series originally published by Vortex Coimcs (1988). Look for a reissue of the original in 2012.

Archaia Entertainment

  • Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy announced the upcoming Immortals: Gods and Heroes hardcover anthology. The title is a companion piece to the upcoming film Immortals film and wil be released in September. – Thanks to CBR

Hermes Press

  • Coming in 2012 will be a reprint of the rarely seen Agent 13: The Midnight Avenger (1988), by Flint Dille, David Marconi, and Dan Spiegle, (based on the first two, of three novels, The Invisible Empire and The Serpentine Assassin). No word on if the second graphic novel, Agent 13: Acolytes of Darkness will be published, but if sales are good on the first one I bet it will be. – Thanks to Chris, Hermes Press Blog

Legendary Comics

  • Frank Miller’s Holy Terror isn’t the only project from Legendary Comics, Editor-in-Chief, Bob Schreck announced two more: a career retrospective on Paul Pope with an art book, PulpHope. It will feature more than 200 pages and include many never before seen pieces. It should be out 4Q 2011. Matt Wagner and Legendary’s Chairman and CEO Thomas Tull, have created the action/adventure The Tower Chronicles. – Thanks to CBR


  • Stumptown Trade Review interviews Walt Simonson at Comic Con on his IDW Thor Artist’s Edition

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