Past Book Release - 2008

JANUARY 3 2008
DC Comics
Superman: Redemption TPB
     Collects Superman #659 and #666 and Action Comics #848-849; $12.99
JLA: Kid Amazo TPB
     Collects JLA Classified #37-41; $12.99
Shadowpact Vol. 2: Cursed TPB
     Collects #4 and #9-13; $14.99
Pride Of Baghdad SC (MR); $12.99
Tears Of A Lamb Vol. 1; $9.99
Presents Vol. 2 (MR); $12.99
Heroes HC (2nd Ptg); $29.99
Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun Premiere HC
     Collects Moon Knight #7-13 $19.99
Avengers West Coast: Darker Than Scarlet TPB
     Collects Avengers West Coast #51-57 and #60-62; $24.99
Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Operation Lightning Storm TPB
     Collects Ms. Marvel #11-17; $16.99
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong TPB
     Collects X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong #1-5; $14.99
Storm TPB
     Collects Storm #1-6; $14.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 8: Forces of Nature Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #29-32; $7.99
Powers Volume 11: Secret Identity TPB
     Collects Powers #19-24
Dark Horse
Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom Volume 4
     $50; Collects issues #23-31
Path Of The Assassin Volume 8: Shinobi with Extending Fists; $9.95
Futura Art Of R Black HC, $19.95
Wanted GN (New Ptg), $19.99
Art Of Peter Max HC $50.00
Archaia Studios Press
Okko Cycle Of Water HC $19.95
Boom! Studios
Cover Girl TP $14.99
Devils Due Publishing
D3 Patrick The Wolf Boy Vol 4 Pkt TP $12.99
30 Days Of Night TP Vol 08 Red Snow $17.99
Scarface Devil In Disguise TP $17.99
Independent Publisher Group
Superman Vs Hollywood SC $16.95
Microcosm Publishing
Applicant SC $4.00
Indestructible SC $6.00
My Brain Hurts TP Vol 01 $6.00
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 4 Fatal Bullet New Printing $9.95
Olympian Publishing
Chamber of Mystery Witchcraft Vol 1 SC (AA) $13.99
Hardy Boys Vol 11 Abracadeath GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Pocket Books
BTVS One Thing or Your Mother MMPB $6.99
Search for the Red Dragon HC $17.99
Spider-Man Drowned in Thunder MMPB $7.99
Star Trek Excelsior Forged in Fire MMPB $7.99
Chiodo Darkworks $24.95
Drukija Contessa of Blood Limited SC $24.95
Valkyrie Golden Age Collection TP Vol 01 $14.95
SeaQuest DSV: Season Two

JANUARY 9 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Robin The Boy Wonder Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Batman #184 192 202 227 229-231 234-236 239-242 244-246 248-250 252 254 Detective Comics #386 390 394-395 398-403 445 447 450-451 Jimmy Olsen #91 and 111 Justice League of America #50 91-92 Teen Titans #14 Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #130 The Brave and The Bold #100 and World's Finest #195 and #200; $16.99
JSA Presents: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects #0 and #9-14; $17.99
Grifter And Midnighter TPB (MR); $17.99
Variante Vol. 2 (MR); $12.99
Canon Vol. 4; $9.99
Essential Captain America Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Captain America #157-186; $16.99
Ghost Rider Vol. 3: Apocalypse Soon TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #12-13 and Annual #1; $10.99
New Warriors Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects New Warriors #1-6; $14.99
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Vol. 2 - I Kick Your Face TPB
     Collects Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7-12; $14.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 17: Sentinels TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #81-88; $17.99
Beyond! TPB
     Collects Beyond! #1-6; $14.99
Civil War Chronicles #7
     Collects Civil War: Front Line (Embedded/Accused) #6-8; $4.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 3
     Collects issues #13-18 of the ongoing comic book series. $18.95
Star Wars: Dark Times Volume 1 - The Path To Nowhere
     $18; Collects Dark Times #1-5 and ties into the events in the novel Star Wars: Dark Lord by James Luceno.
Savage Sword Of Conan Vol 1 TPB; $17.95
     In the mid 1970s following the colossal success of Conan the Barbarian, Roy Thomas helped expand the universe of Conan to showcase further stories and the talents of some of the comics industry's best with the equally popular Savage Sword of Conan magazine.
B.P.R.D.: Garden of Souls; $17.95
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 3
     Collects the Buffy stories "Play with Fire" "Spike and Dru" and issues #1-8 of the original Buffy series. 320 pages $24.95
Conan: The Blood-Stained Crown and Other Stories
     Collects issues #18, 26-28 and 39 of the Dark Horse Conan series. $16.95
Criminal Macabre Complete Cal McDonald Stories TP, $12.95
Walking Dead HC Vol 3 Sgn Ed, $59.99
Captain Stoneheart & The Truth Fairy HC; $19.99
     Featuring characters created for Richard Starkings' Elephantmen series. This special hardcover edition features Chris Bachalo 's pencil artwork and Joe Kelly 's full script and a special Audio CD reading of the story.
Airship Entertainment
Myth Adventure Collection Another Fine Myth SC $39.95; HC $54.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Little Scrowlie TPB Vol 03 Apocalypse Scrowl $12.95
Atomic Pop Art Ent LLC
Phantom Jack Vol 1 Absolute Ed TPB** $19.95
Blue Dream Studios
Dreamland Chronicles Vol 2 TPB $19.95
Borderlands Press
Adversary Cycle The Touch Ltd Ed HC $60.00
Broccoli International USA
Galaxy Angel II GN Vol 3** $9.99
Chronicle Books
Playboy 50 Years HC $50.00
Playboy the Celebrities HC $40.00
Fascinating Madame Tussaud GN $19.95
Classical Comics
Henry V GN Original Text Version $19.99; Quick Text Version $19.99
Client Distribution Services
Playboy Cover To Cover The 50s w/DVD $100.00
Rolling Stone Cover To Cover First 40 Years w/ DVD $125.00
Daydream Graphics
Art Of Gallegos SC $19.95
Dr Master Publications Inc
Iron Wok Jan GN #27 $9.95
Junk Record Of The Last Hero Vol 5 GN $9.95
Purgatory Kabuki GN Vol 1 $9.95
Hill & Wang
Graphic Biography J Edgar Hoover GN $16.95
Students For A Democratic Society GN $22.00
IDW Publishing
Children Of Grave TPB New Printing $19.99
Zombies Vs Robots HC $19.99
Last Gasp
Abject Expressionism Art Of Ron English HC $39.95
Adventures Of Herge Creator Of Tintin HC $29.95
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Vol 1 Wind In The Willows SC $13.95; HC $17.95
Nancy Drew Vol 12 Dress Rehearsal SC $7.95; HC $12.95
Random House
Black Hole Collected SC $17.95
Heroes HC Novel Saving Charlie $24.00
Shiki Tsukai GN Vol 02 $10.95
Wallflower GN Vol 14 $10.95
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 9 TPB $30.99
Red Seas Vol 1 TPB $25.50
Scholastic Inc
Encyclopedia Horrifica HC $14.99
Taschen America LLC
Film Posters Art SC Horror $14.99
Film Posters Art SC Science Fiction $14.99
Playboy Book HC Updated (AA) $39.99
Wildside Press LLC
Black Mask 2 May 1920 TPB $19.95
All-New Super Friends Hour Season 1 Volume 1 (1977)
MI-5: Volume 5
3:10 to Yuma

JANUARY 16 2008
DC Comics
Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes HC
     Collects Harley Quinn #1-7 $24.99
Doom Patrol Vol. 6: Planet Love TPB (MR)
     Collects Doom Patrol #58-63 and Doom Force Special #1 by Grant Morrison $19.99
Fight For Tomorrow TPB (MR); $14.99
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol 03, $9.99
Cipher Vol 10, $9.99
Hulk: The End Premiere Classic HC; Regular Edition and Variant Volume 8 Edition
     Collects Incredible Hulk: The End and Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2; $19.99
X-Factor: Madrox - Multiple Choice Premiere HC
     Collects Madrox #1-5; $19.99
House of M HC
     Collects House of M #1-8, The Pulse Special Edition and the Secrets of the House of M handbook plus all-new extras handpicked by Brian Michael Bendis; $29.99
Essential Marvel Saga Vol.1 TPB
     Collects Marvel Saga #1-12; $16.99
Essential Captain America Vol.1 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Tales Of Suspense #59-99 and Captain America #100-102; $16.99
Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis Vol. 1: Faith In Monsters TPB
     Collects Thunderbolts #110-115 and Desperate Measures and T-Bolts stories from CIVIL War: The Initiative and Choosing Sides; $19.99
Heroes For Hire Vol. 3: World War Hulk TPB
     Collects Heroes For Hire #11-15; $13.99
Fantastic Four and Power Pack: Favorite Son Digest
     Collects Fantastic Four And Power Pack #1-4; $7.99
Avengers Classic #8
     Reprinting the classic Avengers #8 by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby fully restored and recolored plus an all-new Avengers adventure; $2.99
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus
     Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus collects Comics Greatest World and Will to Power the two hit maxiseries created by Dark Horse Comics that turned the concept of the superhero universe on its head bringing together an all-star team of creators. 424 pages $24.95
Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory
     Written and Illustrated by Weta Workshop Conceptual Designer Greg Broadmore this book sumptuously details a science-fiction history that never was. Hearkening back to the classic sci-fi serials of yesteryear it features the Weta Originals line of highly limited Raygun collectibles and reveals their backstories and mythos. 32 pages hardcover $12.95
Bomb Queen III: Bombshell: The Good, Te Bad and The Lovely TPB; $14.99
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Chumble Spuzz GN Vol 01 Kill The Devil $10.95
Aurora Publishing Inc
Walkin Butterfly GN Vol 2 $10.95
Avatar Press
Escape O/T Living Dead Resurrected TPB $29.99
Borderlands Press
Adversary Cycle Rakoshi Ltd Ed HC $60.00
Crimson Orgy SC $12.95
Chronicle Books
DC Action Figure Archive HC $40.00
Last Musketeer SC $12.95
Lust Kinky Online Personal Ads From Seattles Stranger HC $19.95
MOME Vol 10 GN $14.95
Pinup Art Of Dan Decarlo SC Vol 02 $18.95
Girasol Collectables Inc
Girasol Pulp Doubles Spider Vol 6 Master Of Men $14.95
The Hero Initiative
Marvel Then and Now Evening W/ Stan Lee and Joe Quesada DVD $29.95
Lifelike HC; $19.99
Little Eva Ink
Creator Chronicles George Perez Vol 2 S/N DVD $24.95
Classics Illustrated Deluxe HC Vol 1 Wind In The Willows HC $17.95; SC $13.95
Nancy Drew Vol 12 Dress Rehearsal HC $12.95; SC $7.95
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 2 Jack The Ripper SC New Printing $9.95
Platinum Studios
Love Bytes GN $9.95
Prima Publishing
Army Of Two GN $14.99
Random House
Manga Bible SC From Genesis To Revelation $12.95
Star Wars Darth Bane HC Rule Of Two $25.95
SAF Comics
Wednesday Conspiracy Vol 3 Restless People GN $12.95
SCB Distributors
Gris Grimly Little Jordan Rays Muddy Spud HC (AA) $19.95
Scholastic Inc
Bone Color Ed Vol 7 Ghost Circles HC $19.99; SC $9.99
Art of Claudio Aboy TPB Vol 1 $9.95
Art of Claudio Aboy TPB Vol 2 $9.95
Mermaid Song Vol 1 TPB $19.95
St Martins Press
Jumper Griffins Story SC $11.95
Subterranean Press
Neil Gaiman Coraline Ltd Sgn Ed $60.00
Taschen America
Illustration Now Vol 2 SC $39.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue #26 $6.95
Best of Draw Magazine TPB Vol 1 (New Ptg) $24.95
Modern Masters SC Vol 15 Mark Schultz $14.95
W.W. Norton
Frankenstein A Cultural History HC $25.95
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Crime SuspenStories Vol 1 HC
     $50; Collects Crime SuspenStories #1-6 (1950-1951)
Rockford Files: Season Five
Family Guy - Blue Harvest
Dragonlance - Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight

JANUARY 23 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Aquaman #7-23 World’s Finest #130-133 #135 #137 and #139 and THE Brave and the Bold #51; $16.99
Tales Of The New Gods TPB
     Collects Mister Miracle Special Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2-20 and Orion #3-4 #6-8 #10 #12 #15 #18-19! Plus a never-before-published short story by writer Mark Millar with art by Steve Ditko & Mick Gray; $19.99
JLA: The Hypothetical Woman TPB
     Collects JLA Classified #16-21; $12.99
Wetworks Vol.2 TPB (MR)
     Collects #6-12 of the all-new Wetworks series; $14.99
Tangent Comics Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Tangent Comics: Joker Nightwing Batman Secret Six and Doom Patrol; $19.99
Gon Vol. 3 New Printing; $5.99
Zombie Fairy Vol. 1; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Daring Mystery Volume 1 (Variant 89)
     Collects Daring Mystery Comics #1-4; $54.99
Annihilation: Conquest Book 1 HC
     Collects Annihilation: Conquest Prologue; Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #1-4; Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord #1-4; and Annihilation Saga; $29.99
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #364-372 and Annual #16; $19.99
Fantastic Four: The End TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four: The End #1-6; $14.99
Ultimate Vision TPB
     Collects Ultimate Vision #0-5; $14.99
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 21; $13.95
Trigun Maximum Volume 12: The Gunslinger; $9.95
Little Lulu Volume 18: The Expert; $10.95
Casanova TPB Vol 1 Luxuria
     Collects Casanova #1-7; $12.99
Madman TPB Vol 3
     This third volume collecting the complete Madman library catches you up to date with issues second half of the Madman Comics series as well as Mike's work from the Madman King-Size Super Groovy Special. Jam-packed with tasty Madman goodness! Collects Madman Comics #12-20 and Madman King-Size Super Groovy Special. $17.99
Ape Entertainment
Comics Now #1 (Comic Geek Speak), $5.99
Devils Due Publishing
GI Joe Storm Shadow TPB Vol 1 Solo
     Collects #1-5; $18.99
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Gargoyles TPB Vol 1 Clan Building $19.95
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Michael Golden Comic Con S/N Sketchbook $29.95
Blind Bat Press
Comic Eye TPB $12.95
Boom! Studios
Left On Mission TPB $14.99
This Book Contains Graphic Language Comics As Literature SC $19.95
DK Publishing Co.
Marvel Heroes Amazing Powers Young Readers SC $3.99; HC $14.99
Marvel Heroes Greatest Battles Young Readers SC $3.99; HC $14.99
Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis The Menace 1955-1958 Box Set $39.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Warriors Vol 1 Lost Warrior GN (of 3) $6.99
The Complete Terry And The Pirates Volume 2 - A Library Of American Comics Original $50
Therefore Repent TPB $14.99
Transformers Animated Vol 1 TPB $7.99
Transformers Target 2006 TPB $19.99
Ascend Special Edition HC $75; and TPB $35
Complete Metal Gear Solid HC $55.00
Manuel Auad
Bernet HC $24.95
Random House
Guin Saga Manga TPB Vol 2 Seven Magi $12.95
Complete Nemesis the Warlock Vol 3 $29.99
Judge Dredd Mandroid GN $26.99
Strontium Dog Search Destroy Agency Files GN Vol 4 $31.00
Scholastic Inc.
Star Wars Last Of The Jedi #9 MMPB $5.99
Art of Arantza TPB Vol 1 $9.95
Art of Caretta Hard Candy SC $14.95
St. Martins Press
George Rr Martin Inside Straight Wildcards HC Novel $24.95
Avengers Inside Story HC $24.95
Prisoner The Village Files HC $29.95
University Press Of Mississippi
Art Spiegelman TPB Conversations $20.00
Steve Ditko Space Wars HC $34.95; SC $16.95
Vertical Inc
Guin Saga Manga TPB Vol 2 Seven Magi $12.95
Virgin Comics
Nicolas Cages Voodoo Child TPB Vol 1 Shadowplay
     Collects #1-6; $142.99
The Odd Couple: The Third Season
Swamp Thing: Complete First Season
Hawaii Five-O: The Third Season
Saw IV (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
Confessions of a Superhero
Torchwood - The Complete First Season
Barney Miller: The Complete Second Season
Thunderbirds - 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Megaset

JANUARY 30 2008
DC Comics
Batman: The Man Who Laughs HC
     Collects the graphic novel Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke! This collection also includes Detective Comics #784-786 a murder-mystery tale guest-starring Green Lantern Alan Scott $19.99
Outsiders/Checkmate: Checkout TPB
     Collects Checkmate #13-15 and Outsiders #47-49; $14.99
Manhunter Vol. 4: Unleashed TPB
     Collects #24-30; $17.99
El Diablo TPB (MR); $12.99
Penguin Revolution Vol. 5; $9.99
New Avengers: Illuminati Premiere HC
     Collects New Avengers: Illuminati #1-5; $19.99
X-Men: Endangered Species HC
     Collects X-Men: Endangered Species one-shot and Chapters 1-17; $19.99
Young Avengers HC
     Collects Young Avengers #1-12 and Young Avengers Special; $29.99
New Avengers/Transformers TPB
     Collects New Avengers/Transformers #1-4; $10.99
Uncanny X-Men: Rise and Fall of the The Shi'ar Empire TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #475-486; $29.99
Marvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Volume 1 (Volume 15) (2nd Printing)
     Collects Silver Surfer #1-6 and Fantastic Four Annual #5. $54.99
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness HC 2nd Ptg Direct Market Variant, $19.99
Dark Horse
Predator Omnibus Volume 2; 360 pages $24.95
Oh My Goddess! Volume 29; $10.95
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25 - Vector part 1
Casanova Vol 1 Luxuria TP
Abbane Ink
Kids Of Lower Utopia GN Vol 1 $21.00
About Comics
Captain Billys Whiz Bang $5.99
Adventure House
Alex Raymond His Life And Art HC (resolicited) $49.95
Ape Entertainment
Sullengrey Vol 1 Cemetery Things TPB $19.95
Blu Sky Media Group
Art Of TV Guide HC $24.95
TV Guide Celebrating An Icon Off Coll Guide TPB $29.95
Boom! Studios
What Were They Thinking TPB Vol 1 (resolicited) $14.99
Devils Due Publishing
Xombie TPB Vol 1 Reanimated $18.99
Dk Publishing
Marvel Heroes Amazing Powers Young Readers HC $14.99; SC $3.99
Marvel Heroes Greatest Battles Young Readers HC $14.99; SC $3.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Albert & The Others GN $9.95
Baghdad Journal an Artist in Occupied Iraq HC $34.95
Dynamic Forces
DF Death Of Captain America Vol 1 Premiere HC Sgn $69.99
Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis The Menace 1955-1956 HC $24.95
Graphitti Designs
Southland Tales The Prelude Saga Ltd HC Bk $79.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Floods Yr Novel Vol 1 Good Neighbors $15.99
Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys TPB $14.95
Hermes Press
Good Girl Art HC $49.99; SC $29.99
Iron Circus Comics
Templar Arizona GN Vol 1 Great Outdoors $15.00
Kenzer and Company
Great Space Race (resolicited) $49.99
McFarland & Company Inc
Critical History Of Doctor Who On Television SC
Film Fatales Women In Espionage Films & TV 1962-1973 HC $29.95
Superheroes And Gods SC
No Greater Joy
Good And Evil TPB $12.95
Pocket Books
Hellgate London Book 1 Exodus MMPB $7.99
Star Trek Klingon Empire Burning House MMPB $7.99
Stephen King Duma Key HC $28.00
Pure Imagination Publishing
Complete Jack Kirby Vol 4 1947C TPB (resolicited) $25.00
Putnam Publishing Group
Speed Racer HC Vol 1 Great Plan $6.99
Speed Racer HC Vol 2 Challenge Of Masked Racer $6.99
Random House UK
Doctor Who Peacemaker HC $11.99
Doctor Who Pirate Loop HC $11.99
Doctor Who Wishing Well HC $11.99
Rooster Teeth Productions LLC
RT Comics TPB Vol 1 Year One $16.95
Rude Dude Productions
Nexus Origin S/N Ed
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 13 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 14 $12.95
Scholastic Inc
Amulet Vol 1 Stonekeeper HC $21.99; SC $9.99
Art of Pelaez TPB $9.95
Stargate Atlantis Official Companion Season 3 TPB $14.95
Tomart Publications
Walt Disney The American Dreamer HC (resolicited) $22.95
Bisleys Verotik World SC $24.95
Satanika Halloween Special $4.95
Simon Bisleys Paradise Lost SC $24.95
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 5
Monty Python's Life Of Brian - The Immaculate Edition
Damages: The Complete First Season

DC Comics
Batman: False Faces HC
     Collects Batman #588-590 Detective Comics #787 Wonder Woman #160-161 and Batman Gotham City Secret Files; $19.99
Superman Chronicles Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Action Comics #26-31 and Superman #6-7; $14.99
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #178-184 and Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #93; $19.99
Countdown Special: OMAC
     Witness the origins of OMAC in this spectacular 80-page giant collecting O.M.A.C. #1 (1974) Warlord #37-39 (1980) and DC Comics Presents #61 (1983); Written by Jack Kirby Jim Starlin and Len Wein; $4.99
Scalped Vol. 2: Casino Boogie TPB (MR)
     Collects #6-11; $14.99
Dokkoida?! Vol. 1; $10
Incognegro HC (MR); $19.99
King Of Cards Vol. 3; $10
Swan Vol. 12; $10
Essential Avengers Vol. 6 TPB
     Collects Avengers #120-140 Giant-Size Avengers #1-4 Captain Marvel #33 and Fantastic Four #150; $16.99
Thor Visionaries: Waler Simonson Vol.5 TPB
     Collects Thor #375-382; 24.99
Super-Villain Team-Up/Modok's 11 TPB
     Collects Super-Villain Team-Up/M.O.D.O.K.'S 11 #1-5; $13.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 19: Death Of A Goblin TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #112-117; $14.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol. 2: Iron Armory Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Iron Man #5-8; $7.99
Dark Horse
Blood+ Volume 1; $10.95
Hanami: International Love Story Volume 3; $10
Red String Volume 2; $9.95
Chunchu: Genocide Fiend Volume 3; $10.95
Bride Of The Water God Vol 2 TPB
Little Lulu Vol 18 The Expert TPB
Aliens: Criminal Enterprise MMPB; $6.99
Image Comics
Bakers Babies & Kittens HC $18.99
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Contraband GN $12.95
Bluewater Productions
Lost Raven GN $11.99
Bud Plant
All Things Oz HC
Comix the Underground Revolution TPB
Checker Book Publishing Group
Negation Hounded, Vol. 3
Sigil V. 6 Planetary Union
Sojourn Volume 6 - The Berzerker's Tale
Devil's Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms Volume 6: The Halfling's Gem TPB
     Collects Forgotten Realms: The Halfling's Gem #1-3 into one complete volume $18.99
Forgotten Realms HC Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus $49.99
GI Joe Vs Transformers HC Omnibus $49.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Albert & The Others GN $9.95
Fire Away GN $9.95
I Never Liked You SC New Printing $16.95
Its A Good Life If You Dont Weaken TPB New Printing $24.95
Hotwire Comics GN Vol 1 $19.95; Vol 2 $22.99
Krazy & Ignatz 1941-1942 Ragout Of Raspberries TPB $19.95
Amulet Vol 1 Stonekeeper GN $9.99; HC $21.99
Happy Medium
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 8 $26.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Neil Gaimans Smoke And Mirrors TPB $14.95
IDW Publishing
Fallen Angel Vol. 4: Heroine Addiction TPB
     Collects issues #17-21 of the IDW series; $19.99
One Small Voice TPB $16.99
King Tractor Press
Innocent GN Vol 1 $14.99
McFarland & Company
Amazing Transforming Superhero SC
Oni Press
Jumper: Jumpscars GN
     A prequel to the upcoming Hayden Christiansen and Samuel L. Jackson feature film $14.95
Phaidon Press
Comics Comix & Graphic Novels TPB $29.95
ABC Warriors GN Hellbringer $23.50
Slaine GN Warriors Dawn $28.50
Invention Of Hugo Cabret GN $22.99
Art of Dave Nestler TPB Wicked Intentions $14.95
Dave Nestler Sketchbook TPB Vol 2 $9.95
St. Martins Press
Pinocchio HC $15.95
V Second Generation SC $14.95; HC $24.95
Sterling Publishing
Lost Worlds Vikings $19.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
All Star Companion Vol 3 TPB, $26.95
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
The Beatles: Up Close & Personal
Blade: The Series - The Complete Series
Legion of Superheroes: Volume 2

FEBRUARY 13 2008
DC Comics
Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 4 HC
     $50; Collects The Doom Patrol #106-113
Justice League Of America Vol. 2: The Lightning Saga HC
     Collects Justice League Of America #0 and #8-12 and Justice Society of America #5-6; $24.99
Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Our Army at War #151 153 155 Showcase #57-58 Star-Spangled War Stories #138-152 158 181-183 and 200 Detective Comics #404 Men at War #1-3 8-10 12-14 19-20 The Unknown Soldier #252-253 260-261 265-267 and DC Special #26; $16.99
Connor Hawke: Dragon’s Blood TPB
     In this volume collecting the 6-issue miniseries; $19.99
Time Masters TPB
     Collects Time Masters #1-8 and material from Secret Origins #43; $19.99
Crossing Midnight Vol. 2: A Map Of Midnight TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #6-12; $14.99
Venus In Love Vol. 2; $10
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 4 - Our War Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #16-20 and Annual #1; $19.99
Onslaught Reborn HC
     Collects Onslaught Reborn #1-5; $19.99
ClanDestine Classic Premiere HC
     Collects ClanDestine #1-8 Marvel Comics Presents #158 and X-Men & ClanDestine #1-2; $29.99
Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The First Death HC and Variant
     Collects Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The First Death #1-2 Plus The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Handbook; $19.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 9 HC
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #97-111; $39.99
Spider-Man: Back In Black TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #539-543 and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17-23 and Annual #1; $24.99
Sub-Mariner: Revolution TPB
     Collects Sub-Mariner #1-6; $14.99
Wolverine: Evolution TPB
     Collects Wolverine #50-55; $14.99
Exiles Vol. 16: Starting Over TPB
     Collects Exiles #95-100 & Exiles: Days of Then and Now; $14.99
Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure
     Stan Lee and Jack Kirby produced 102 consecutive issues of FANTASTIC FOUR. But there was a 103rd story they’d begun in 1970 but never finished - until now! Working from copies of Jack’s penciled pages Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott have reunited to complete the work they started almost four decades ago! Plus this super-sized issue includes reproductions of Kirby’s unlinked penciled pages with border notes and analysis by John Morrow and a complete reprint of Fantastic Four #108 by Stan Lee and John Buscema which incorporated some of the material from the lost story as a flashback; $4.99
Civil War Chronicles #8
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #535-536 and Civil War #5; $4.99
Marvel Illustrated HC Promo Postcards, AR
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Photo Comic; 96 pages $9.95
Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1
     Collects Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Thunder in the Orient and Arms of Gold 352 pages $24.95
The Terminator Omnibus Volume 1; $24.95
Hellboy: Emerald Hell; $12.95
Blade Of The Immortal Volume 18: The Sparrow Net; $19.95
City Of Others; $14.95
Dominion Conflict 1 No More Noise TPB (New Ptg); $14.95
Path Of The Assassin Volume 9: Battle For Power; $10
Translucent Vol 3 TPB; $9.95
Leonard Maltins Movie Crazy SC; $19.95
Witchblade TPB Vol. 1: Witch Hunt ($9.99 Bk. Mkt. Ed.; $4.99 Dir. Mkt. Ed.)
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid HC Vol 2 Rodrick Rules $12.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Dead Eyes Open $12.95
Antarctic Press
Beowulf Color Volume 1 TPB
     Previously presented in a black-and-white manga format this cyberpunk adaptation of the Old English epic is now available at full-size and in full-color $14.95
Ape Entertainment
Horrorwood Vol 1 TPB $16.95
Basheer Graphic Books
Imagine Prime Art of Imaginary Friends SC $45.00
Boom! Studios
Fall Of Cthulhu TPB; $14.99
Evil Twin Comics
Awesome Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Vol 1 TPB $14.95
Hyperion Books
Jellaby Vol 1 GN $9.99; HC $18.99
IDW Publishing
Transformers Animated Vol 2 TPB $7.99
Transformers Beast Wars Ascending TPB $17.99
Little Nothings GN Vol 1 Curse Of The Umbrella $14.95
Putnam Publishing Group
Mechwarrior Dark Age To Ride The Chimera MMPB $6.99
Nestler Girls HC Vol 1 $24.95; SC Vol 1 $14.95
Noda TPB Portraits of Pleasure $24.95
Sticker Chick
Whoops Sketches & Drawings Armando Huerta SC $19.99
Smallville Official Companion TPB Vol 6 Season 6 $14.95
Uppercase Gallery
Shatner Show HC $35.00
W.W. Norton
Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front by Todd DePastino; $37.95
Be My Valentine Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)
Charlie Chan Collection, Vol. 4 (Charlie Chan in Honolulu / Charlie Chan in Reno / Charlie Chan at Treasure Island / City in Darkness)

FEBRUARY 20 2008
DC Comics
Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Green Lantern 21-22 Green Lantern Corps 14-15 Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1; $24.99
Catwoman: Catwoman’s Dead aka Catwoman: Catwoman Dies TPB
     Collects Catwoman #66-72; $14.99
The Flash: Blood Will Run TPB - New Edition
     Collects The Flash #170-176 plus stories from The Flash Secret Files and Iron Heights; $17.99
Gen13 Vol. 2: Road Trip TPB
     Collects issues #7-13; $14.99
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 4; $10
The Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol. 2; $10
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Volume 6 (Variant 90)
     Collects X-Men #141 and Uncanny X-Men #142-150; $54.99
Marvel Masterworks: Ant-Man/Giant-Man Vol. 2 HC (Variant Vol. 91)
     Collects Tales To Astonish #53-69; $54.99
Iron Man: The Many Armors Of Iron Man TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Iron Man #47 #142-144 #152-153 #200 and #218; $24.99
The Order: The Next Right Thing Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Order #1-5; $14.99
The Loners: The Secret Lives Of Super Heroes TPB
     Collects The Loners #1-6; $14.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2 (Variant Vol. 12) (New Printing)
     Collects X-Men #101-110; $54.99
Avengers Classic #9
     Avengers #9! Plus an All-New Wonder Man adventure with art by up-and-coming sensation Juan Doe; $2.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Volume 12 - Legacy; $24.95
Aliens Omnibus Volume 3
     Collects Rogue Labyrinth and Salvation; $24.95
Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye; $13.95
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 6; $10.95
Path Of The Assassin Vol 9 TP, $9.95
Vicious Intent HC, $19.95
Hunter-Killer TPB Vol. 1
Lions Tigers & Bears Vol. 2 TPB; $14.99
AC Comics
Crypt of Horror Presents DVD Vol 3 M Is For Madmen $19.95
Ape Entertainment
Fablewood GN Vol 1 $19.95
Horrorwood Vol 1 Directors Cut Ed $24.95
Barrons Educational Series Inc
50 Manga Babes To Draw and Paint SC $21.99
Drawing And Painting The Undead SC $21.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Negation Vol 3 Hounded TPB $17.95
Sigil Vol 6 Planetary Union TPB $17.95
Sojourn Vol 6 A Berserkers Tale TPB $17.95
Digital Manga
Everlasting Love GN $12.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Paul Goes Fishing SC by Michel Rabagliati; $19.95
Dynamite Entertainment
The Boys Volume 2: Get Some TPB
     Collects issues #7-14 $19.99
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse TPB $14.99
Battlestar Galactica TPB Vol 3 Photo Cover and Segovia Cover $14.99
Dark Xena TPB $14.99
Raise The Dead HC $19.99
Comics Journal #288 $11.95
Maakies With Wrinkled Knees HC $19.95
More Old Jewish Comedians HC $16.99
Shag A To Z Blab Storybook HC $14.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Illustrators Annual Of American Illustration TPB Vol 49 $45.00
Transformers Spotlight TPB Vol. 2
     Soundwave, Kup, Galvatron, Optimus Prime and Ramjet; $19.99
Classic Transformers Vol 1 TPB $19.99
Boneyard Color Ed TPB Vol 3 $12.95
Classics Illustrated HC Vol 01 Great Expectations $9.95
Hardy Boys Vol 12 Dude Ranch O Death GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Pocket Books
Chip Kidd The Learners HC $26.00
Random House
Garfield Large & In Charge TPB Vol 45 $12.00
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 14 Bama Variant $12.95; Std Cover $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 15 $12.95
Sam & Max Surfin Highway TPB $19.99
Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers
Tom and Jerry: Tales - Volume 1
The IT Crowd Version 1.0: The Complete 1st Season
The Invasion
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume 1
It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown: Remastered Deluxe Edition

FEBRUARY 27 2008
DC Comics
Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 2 HC
     $20; Collects: Superman #662-664 and 667-668
Showcase Presents: Superman Family Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #23-34 Showcase #10 and Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #1-7; $16.99
Infinite Crisis TPB
     Collects The 7-issue miniseries event that rocked the entire DC Universe in 2005-2006; $14.99
Birds Of Prey: Dead Of Winter TPB
     Collects Birds Of Prey #104-108; $17.99
Blue Beetle Vol. 3: Reach For The Stars TPB
     Collects Blue Bettle #13-18; $14.99
Hellblazer: Joy Ride TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #230-237; $14.99
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 1 (MR); $8
Key To The Kingdom Vol. 3; $10
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Heroes Vol. 2 - Featuring Human Torch Captain America and Sub-Mariner (Variant Volume 92)
     Collects Men’s Adventures #27-28 Captain America #76-78 Human Torch #36-38 and Marvel Super-Heroes #16; $59.99
The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     From 1602 to Blackwulf; $24.99
Punisher MAX Vol. 4 HC
     Collects Punisher #37-49; $29.99
Franklin Richards: Collected Chaos Digest
     Collects Franklin Richards: March Madness World Be Warned Monster Mash and Fall Football Fiasco; $8.99
Shanna The She-Devil: Survival Of The Fittest TPB
     Collects Shanna The She Devil: Survival Of The Fittest #1-4; $10.99
X-Men: Supernovas TPB
     Collects X-Men #188-199 and Annual #1; $29.99
Orson Scott Card's Wyrms TPB
     Collects Wyrms 1-6; $14.99
Dark Horse
The Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 2; 544 pages $17.95
Shaman Warrior Volume 6; $12.95
Witchblade Volume 2 TPB
     Collects Witchblade #86-92; $14.99
Mixtape Vol. 1 Jim Mahfood Art HC; $24.99 Signed and numbered HC $39.99
Krash Bastards OGN; $9.99
A.D. Vision
Azumanga Daioh Omnibus GN Vol 01 $24.99
Maburaho Manga TPB Vol 1 $9.99
Just Cant Get Enough Toys Games From 80s SC $18.95
AC Comics
Crypt of Horror Presents Mad Magician DVD $19.95
Blue Line Art
Mitch Byrd Scribbles & Sketches SC Vol 1 $24.99
Blu Sky Media Group
Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Value Gd 2nd Ed 1973-2006 $24.95
Boom! Studios
Talent TPB Vol 1 (resolicited) $14.99
Borderlands Press
Lost Prince SC $16.95
C'est Bon Kultur
Piracy Is Liberation GN Vol 3 Wires $13.95
Digital Manga
All Nippon Airline Paradise 3000 Feet GN $12.95
Body Language GN $8.95
DK Publishing Co
Star Wars Epic Battles DK Reader SC $3.99
Story Of Darth Vader DK Reader SC $3.99
You Can Draw Star Wars Characters $19.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Infinite Ryvius TPB Vol 1 Collected Edition $9.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Zarek TPB Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Edition (resolicited) $14.99
Highlander TPB Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Cover (resolicited) $19.99
Highlander TPB Vol 1 Regular Cover (resolicited) $19.99
Highlander Way Of The Sword #3 $3.50
Galactic Books
2001 Beyond The Infinite SC $8.95
Gemstone Publishing
Barks Rosa Coll TPB Vol 2 Donalds Atom Bomb $8.99
Graphitti Designs
Mallrats TPB $14.95
IDW Publishing
Speed Racer Volume 1 TPB
     The classic Now Comics Speed Racer series from twenty years ago gets the full deluxe reprint treatment from IDW including reproductions of Ken Steacy's painted covers too. Collecting the first five issues of the series; $19.99
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Romulans $3.99
Independent Publisher Group
Batman Unauthorized Vigilantes Jokers & Heroes SC $17.95
Psychology Of Superheroes SC $17.95
Jippi Comics
Angst Best Of Norwegian Comics TPB $12.00
Krause Publications
Dreamscapes SC $24.99
Liquidbrush Productions
Memories Lost Art Of Hoang Nguyen HC Vol 1 Sgn Ed $24.95
Mirage Studios
Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Collected Books Volume 5 TPB
     Collects Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issues #2 #9 #15 #17 and #25; $13
Pocket Books
Hellgate London Book 2 Goetia MMPB $7.99
Star Trek TOS Vulcans Soul III Epiphany MMPB $7.99
Random House
Adv Of Indiana Jones Omnibus TPB $18.00
Elric TPB Novel Vol 1 Stealer Of Souls $14.95
One Thousand Years Of Manga HC $49.95
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force MMPB Revelation $7.99
Stone Island GN $23.50
Scholastic Inc
Amulet HC Vol 1 Stonekeeper $21.99
Art of Jack Henslee SC $14.95
New Works and Visions Dorian Cleavenger Vol 2 TPB $24.95
Skin Tight Art of Marcus Gray TPB $14.95
Sterling Publishing
All Action Classics Tom Sawyer GN (resolicited) $6.95
Nemi Vol 1 GN (resolicited) $14.95
Smallville Official Companion TPB Vol 5 Season 5 $14.95
Tank Girl GN Apocalypse $16.95
Tank Girl Vol 3 GN $16.95
Top Shelf Productions
Hieronymus B GN $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #1 $8.95
Draw #15 $6.95
Virgin Comics
John Woos Seven Brothers TPB Vol 2 $14.99
Watson Guptill Publications
Cartoonists Big Book Of Drawing Animals SC $21.95
Wildside Press
House Of Whispers Book One MMPB $6.99
The Fugitive - Season One, Volume Two
Highlander: The Source
The Invisible Man - The Complete Collection (1950)
The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss 3-Pack: Back to Back 1, 2 and 3. Slipstream and Goya's Ghosts
Justice League: The New Frontier - Special Edition
Beowolf: Director's Cut
30 Days of Night

MARCH 5 2008
DC Comics
Wonder Woman: Who Is Wonder Woman? HC
     Collects Wonder Woman #1-4 plus Wonder Woman Annual #1; $19.99
Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 6 TPB
     Collects Superman #12 Superman Annual #1 Action Comics #594-595 Action Comics Annual #1 Adventures Of Superman Annual #1 And Booster Gold #23; $19.99
Hawkgirl: Hath-Set TPB
     Collects Hawkgirl #61-66; $17.99
The Highwaymen TPB
     Collects the high-octane 5-issue miniseries; $17.99
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall SC (MR)
     Don’t miss a new softcover edition of the acclaimed hardcover graphic novel; $14.99
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 5 (TEEN); $9.99
Teru Teru X Shonen Vol. 1 (TEEN+); $9.99
Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 9)
     Collects Iron Man #120-128; $24.99
Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Monster Smash Premiere HC
     Collects Ms. Marvel #18-24; $19.99
Ultimate Power HC
     Collects Ultimate Power #1-9. Plus handbook bios and other extras; $34.99
Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Back In Black TPB
     Collects Sensational Spider-Man #35-40 and Annual #1, Spider-Man Family #1-2, Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man, and Spider-Man: Back In Black Handbook; $24.99
X-Men Vs. Apocalypse Vol. 1: The Twelve TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men 376-377, Cable 73-76, X-Men 96-97, Wolverine 145-147, X-Man #59; $29.99
Cable Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects New Mutants #87, Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 and Cable #1-4; $29.99
Red Prophet: The Tales Of Alvin Maker Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Red Prophet: The Tales Of Alvin Maker #7-12; $19.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Rebellion Volume 2 -- The Ahakista Gambit; 128 pages $17.95
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 -- Shards; 296 pages $17.95
Chronicles Of Conan Volume 14
     Conan the Barbarian Issues #108-115; $16.95
The Goon: Fancy Pants Volume 2 -- The Rise and Fall of the Diabolical Dr. Alloy; $24.95
Image Comics
Unhuman Elephantmen Art Of Ladronn HC $29.99
Abrams Books
Kirby: King of Comics HC by Mark Evanier; $40
Bandai Entertainment
Witchblade TPB Vol 5 $9.99
Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
Mike Hoffman Secrets Of Drawing SC $24.95
Chronicle Books
Modern Dog 20 Years Of Poster Art HC $27.50
Lucky Luke TPB Vol 9 Wagon Train TPB #9 $11.95
Thorgal GN Vol 3 Beyond The Shadows $19.95
Devils Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms TPB Vol 6 Halflings Gem $18.99
Elephant Eater Comics
Collected And Then One Day GN Vol 1 $10.00
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 15 Fantasy Classics $11.95
Girl Twirl Comics
Janes World TPB Vol 8 $15.00
Harper Collins Publishers
Spy Goddess GN Vol 1 Chase For The Chalice $9.99
IDW Publishing
Speed Racer, Vol. 2 TPB
     This volume collects issues 6-13 of the Now series; $19.99
Star Trek: Year Four TPB
     This first collection of the continuing adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and crew collects six stand-alone tales, a five-page introductory tale, and a full cover gallery as well; $19.99
CSI: Serial -- New Printing
     In modern Las Vegas, a Jack the Ripper copycat terrorizes the city, and a Ripper convention in town doesn't make tracking him down any easier! History, legend and crime-solving science take the CSI team through this made-for-comics tale; $11.99
Swallow: Book Four (MR)
Putnam Publishing Group
Speed Racer HC Vol 3 Secret Engine $6.99
Speed Racer HC Vol 4 Race Against Mammoth Car $6.99
Random House
Out of the Forests Art of Paul Bonner HC $29.95
Nikolai Dante Hell & Highwater GN $31.50
Running Press
Be My Valentine Charlie Brown Minibook $4.95
Pink Panther Yoga Purrfect Mind Purrfect Body $8.95
Stonehenge Build Your Own Ancient Wonder $12.95
Yankee Stadium Scrapbook $24.95
SCB Distributors
Blood & Dishonour SC $37.95
Sirius Entertainment
Poison Elves Vol 11 Dark Wars Pt 2 Alliances TPB $16.95
Sterling Publishing
All Action Classics Dracula GN (resolicited) $6.95
Robots HC Draw Your Own Androids Cyborgs $12.95
24 Official Companion SC Season 6 $16.95
Modesty Blaise Vol 4 Black Pearl TPB New Printing $19.95
Star Wars Insider #100 Newsstand Edition and Previews Exclusive Edition $7.99
Tank Girl GN Odyssey $16.95
Tank Girl Vol 1 GN $16.95
Tank Girl Vol 2 GN $16.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego Best Of Legendary Comics Fanzine SC $21.95
Jesse James SC $14.95
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Weird Science Volume 1 Limited Leather Bound HC, $150.00
Archie's Fun House - The Complete Series
the Pink Panther Show Volume 6: Inspector
12 Angry Men (50th Anniversary Edition)
Magnum P.I.: The Complete Eighth Season

MARCH 12 2008
DC Comics
Justice League International HC
     Collects Justice League #1-6 and Justice League International #7; $24.99
Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects stories from Phantom Stranger #22-41 Justice League of America #103 House of Secrets #150 Brave and the Bold #8 and #98; $16.99
Lobo: Portrait Of A Bastich TPB
     Collects both the 4-issue Lobo and Lobo’S Back miniseries; $19.99
Robin: The Big Leagues TPB
     Collects Robin #163-167; $12.99
DMZ Vol. 4: Friendly Fire TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #18-22; $12.99
Emma Vol. 7 (TEEN+); $9.99
From Eroica With Love Vol. 12 (TEEN); $9.99
Orfina Vol. 2 (MR); $13
Spider-Man/Red Sonja Premiere HC
     Collects Spider-Man/Red Sonja #1-5 and Marvel Team-Up #79; $19.99
Avengers: The Initiative Vol. 1 - Basic Training TPB
     Collects Avengers: The Initiative #1-6; $14.99
Ghost Rider Vol. 4: Revelations TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #14-19; $14.99
X-Men: Die By The Sword TPB
     Collects X-Men: Die By The Sword #1-5; $13.99
Spider-Man Family: Untold Team-Ups Digest
     Collects Spider-Man Family #4-6; $9.99
Civil War Chronicles #9
     Collects Civil War: Front Line #9, Amazing Spider-Man #537 and Civil War #6; $4.99
Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans #1-6; $19.99
Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask #1-6; $19.99
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island #1-6; $19.99
Magician Apprentice Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Magician Apprentice #7-12; $19.99
Dark Horse
Conan Volume 5: Rogues In The House
     This volume collects Conan #37, 38, 41-44; $24.95
Harvey Classics Library Vol. 3: Hot Stuff
     A new collection of over 100 of the funniest (and hottest!) classic Harvey Comics cartoons featuring Hot Stuff and his pals; 400 pages $19.95
The Terminator Omnibus Volume 2
     Featuring work by fan-favorite creators James Robinson, Jackson Guice, Alan Grant, Steve Pugh, Guy Davis and more. $24.95
Empowered Volume 3; $14.95
Hanami International Love Story Volume 4; $9.95
Orion 4th Ed TPB $17.95
Image Comics
Witchblade Volume 3 TPB
Collects Witchblade #93-100 and Witchblade: Bearers of the Blade Special; Also featured in this volume are Stephen Sadowski and Adriana Melo as well as the the star-studded, landmark Witchblade #100. Plus a brand new painted cover by Stjepan Sejic; $14.99
How To Make Webcomics TPB $12.99
IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night: Beyond Barrow TPB; $17.99
Michael Recycle HC $15.99
Speed Racer TPB Vol 03 $19.99
Wormwood TPB Vol 2 $19.99
CSI Bad Rap TPB New Printing $11.99
Antarctic Press
Twilight X TPB Vol 2 Before Peace $49.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Lone Ranger Previews Exclusive Signed HC (resolicited) $89.99
McFarland & Company Inc
V For Vendetta As Cultural Pastiche SC AR
Kolchak Papers Original Novels Ltd Ed S/N HC $99.00
Pocket Books
Stephen King On Writing MMPB $7.99
Putnam Publishing Group
Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy GN Vol 1 $5.99
Speed Racer HC Vol 5 Most Dangerous Race $6.99
Speed Racer HC Vol 6 Race for Revenge $6.99
Scholastic Inc
Goosebumps Horrorland SC Vol 1 Revenge Of Living Dummy $5.99
Heroes Magazine #3 Newsstand Edition and Previews Exclusive Edition $6.99
Top Shelf Productions
Discovered TPB Scad Sequential Art Anthology $9.95
Watson Guptill Publications
Draw Comics Like A Pro SC $19.95
Wildcard Ink
Gumby TPB Vol 1 (resolicited) $12.95
Eight Men Out: Collector's Edition
The Pride of the Yankees: Collector's Edition
Bull Durham: Collector's Edition
Appleseed Ex Machina (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Tin Man
Dogma (Blu-ray)
Gattaca: Special Edition
Stargate - The Ark of Truth
Bee Movie
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes - Volume 3

MARCH 19 2008
DC Comics
Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition HC
     This edition - celebrating the 20th anniversary of the landmark work - features all-new coloring by Bolland and includes the story "An Innocent Guy" previously featured in Batman: Black And White; $17.99
Outsiders: Five Of A Kind TPB
     Collects Outsiders: Five Of A Kind #1-5 and Outsiders #50; $14.99
The Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century Vol. 1: Tomorrow’s Heroes TPB
     Collects the first six issues of the explosive new comics series based on the hit Kids WB! cartoon; $14.99
Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 6: The Hourman and The Python TPB (MR)
     This volume follows Wesley Dodds on two chilling new cases. In "The Hourman" the Sandman meets an unusual private detective who leaves felons hospitalized. "The Python" features The Sandman’s hunt for a mysterious strangler. Written by Matt Wagner $19.99
Moon Child Vol. 10 (TEEN); $9.99
Musashi #9 Vol. 14 (TEEN); $9.99
The Young Magician Vol. 11 (MR); $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Volume 4 (Variant Volume 93)
     Collects Captain America #114-124; $55
Mighty Avengers Vol. 1: The Ultron Initiative Premiere HC
     Collects Mighty Avengers #1-6; $19.99
New Avengers Vol. 7: The Trust Premiere HC
     Collects New Avengers #32-37 and Annual #2; $24.99
Punisher War Journal Vol. 2: Goin' Out West TPB
     Collects Punisher War Journal #5-11; $17.99
Spider-Man: Reign TPB
     Collects Spider-Man: Reign #1-4; $14.99
Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun TPB
     Collects Moon Knight #7-13 and Annual #1; $14.99
X-Factor Vol. 4: Heart Of Ice TPB
     Collects X-Factor #18-24; $17.99
Earth X Trilogy Companion TPB
     Collects sketches, background material and incredible insights; plus: the rare Earth X #1/2; and the never-before-printed X-51 Earth X prequel, originally serialized as an online comic; $29.99
Avengers Classic #10; $2.99
Dark Horse
Al Capp's Complete Shmoo: The Comic Books (Dark Horse Archives)
     Collects Shmoo #1-5 (1949-1950); Also reprinted are the Golden Age issues' original covers and rare bonus stories and Shmoo-centric advertisements from yesteryear; $49.95
Blood+ Volume 1: First Kiss; $8.95
The Dirty Pair Strikes Again novel; $8.95
Lankhmar Book 5: The Swords Of Lankhmar; $12.95
Predator Novel Vol 1 Turnabout; $6.99
Leroy Neiman Femlin HC Slipcase; $100.00
Image Comics
Liberty Meadows 10th Anniversary Edition HC
     Collects Liberty Meadows #1-9; $24.99
Repo TPB; $15.99
Princess at Midnight GN; $5.99
Devil's Due Publishing
Hack/Slash Omnibus TPB
     Collects Volumes 1 and 2 of the Hack/Slash trade paperbacks Hack/Slash: Euthanized, Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead, Hack/Slash: Comic Book Carnage, Land of Lost Toys 1-3, Trailers, Slice Hard as well as the crossover with Chucky!; $34.99
Voltron: Defender Of The Universe HC
     Collects every issue of both volumes of the spectacular series into one incredible volume! The long-awaited 12th issue of the series printed here for the first time!; $50
Drawn And Quarterly
All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood GN; $9.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Highlander HC Vol 1 (Previews Exclusive Kurgan Cover Cover)(Limited Signed Edition)(resolicited) and (Regular Connor MacLeod Cover)(Limited Signed Edition)(resolicited); $29.99
Highlander TPB Vol 2 Dark Quickening; $14.99
Painkiller Jane TPB Vol 2 Things Explode; $11.99
Harper Collins Publishers (and/or) Subterranean Press
Crooked Little Vein Limited Edition HC; $75.00
Independent Publisher Group
Jack Bauer for President TPB $17.95
Dungeon Monstres TPB Vol 1; $12.95
Oni Press
North World, Vol. 1: The Epic of Conrad; $11.95
Maintenance TPB Vol 2; $9.95
Platinum Studios
Drunk Duck Anthology GN Vol 1; $9.95
Random House
Pirelli Calendar Complete Works 1964-2007 HC (resolicited); $85.00
Smallville Official Companion TPB Vol 05 Season 5; $14.95
Titan Books UK
Tank Girl SC Armadillo & A Bushel Of Other Stories; $9.95
Winston Effect HC Previews Exclusive Signed Limited Variant Cover; $49.95
Transfuzion Publishing
Jack The Ripper GN; $8.99
Of Scenes & Stories TPB $24.99
The Easter Bunny is Comin’ to Town as a new Deluxe Edition (Rankin and Bass)
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show The Complete Series
Steve Canyon - Special Edition
     4 full half-hour television episodes featuring the famed comic strip hero created by Milton Caniff, complete with original commercials, network promos and more! Not seen in the U.S. in more than 45 years - episodes ofSteve Canyon are so rare they have been highly sought after and prized by film collectors the world over! In glorious black and white, remastered from the original 35mm broadcast materials! $14.99
The Bionic Woman (2007): Volume One
I Am Legend: Special Edition

MARCH 26 2008
DC Comics
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 4 HC
Showcase Presents: Booster Gold Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Booster Gold #1-25 and Action Comics #594; $16.99
Nightwing: The Lost Year TPB
     Collects Nightwing #133-137 and Nightwing Annual #2; $14.99
Countdown Special: Eclipso 80-Page Giant
     Collects Eclipso #10 and Spectre #17-18; $4.99
The Empty Empire Vol. 7 (TEEN); $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era - Tales to Astonish Volume 2 (Variant Volume 94)
     Collects Tales to Astonish #11-20; $60
Spider-Man: One More Day Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #544-545, Sensational Spider-Man #41, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24, Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook and Marvel Spotlight: One More Day/Brand New Day; $24.99
Iron Man Vs. Doctor Doom: Doomquest Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 10)
     Collects Iron Man #149-150 and #249-250; $19.99
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects material from the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition #1-36; $16.99
Punisher MAX Vol. 9: Long Cold Dark TPB (MR)
     Collects Punisher MAX #50-54; $15.99
Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears #1-6; $14.99
Marvel Fanfare/Strange Tales TPB aka Marvel Fanfare Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Marvel Fanfare #1-7; $24.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Spanish Collection TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1-13; $29.99
Ultimate X-Men Spanish Collection TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #1/2; $29.99
newuniversal: Everything Went White TPB
     Collects newuniversal #1-6; $14.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Silver Surfer Volume 2 (Variant Volume 19) - 2nd Printing
     Collects Silver Surfer #7-18
Dark Horse
Vampire Hunter D Volume 10: Dark Nocturne; $8.95
Berserk Volume 22; $13.95
Apocalypse Nerd; $13.95
MPD-Psycho Volume 4; $10.95
Image Comics
Wanted HC Directors Cut Edition $29.99
First Born TP Vol 01, $14.99
The Last Winter OGN
     Based on director Larry Fessenden's chilling eco-horror film starring Ron Perlman, James Le Gros and Connie Britton; black and white, $12.99
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Best Of Vampirella Lost Tales TPB $24.95
Vampi Vol 2 Dlx HC Underworld Tainted Love $24.95
Vampirella Nowheresville Dlx HC $19.95
Archie Comics
Adventures Of Little Archie TPB Vol 2 $9.95
     Another entry in the Archie Classics reprint series; 96 pages, $8.95
Aspen Entertainment
Soulfire SC Vol 1 $14.99
Barrons Educational Series
Barrons Graphic Classics Frankenstein SC $8.99
Barrons Graphic Classics Macbeth SC $8.99
Blue Line Art
Mitch Byrd Scribbles & Sketches HC Vol 1 $39.99
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 Dragons Of Spring Dawning TPB $18.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Haunted HC $24.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica HC Vol 3 $19.99
Red Sonja HC Vol 4 Animals & More $24.99
Clouds Above GN $16.99
Daddys Girl HC $14.95
Education Of Hopey Glass HC $19.99
Funeral Of The Heart TPB $14.95
IDW Publishing
Complete Badger TPB Vol 2 $19.99
Racer X TPB Vol 1 $19.99
Tales From The Crypt GN Vol 3 Zombielicious $7.95
Platinum Studios
Drunk Duck Anthology GN Vol 1 $9.95
Running Press
Mammoth Book Of Best Horror Comics TPB $17.95
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Triple Novel Vol 15 Anniversary Special $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 16 $12.95
St. Martins Press
Ten Cent Plague HC $26.00
Sterling Publishing
Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 1 $27.95; SC $19.95
Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 2 $27.95; SC $19.95
Supernatural Official Companion Season 2 TPB $14.95
Top Shelf Productions
That Salty Air GN $10.00
Villard Books
Flight Explorer TPB Vol 1 $10.00
Mouse Guard TPB Fall 1152 $17.95
Battlestar Galactica: Season Three
The Invisible Man - The Complete 1st Season (USA)
Wings The Complete 6th Season
The Mist: 2-Disc Collector's Edition
Walk the Line (SE)
Painkiller Jane: The Complete TV Series (ORIGINAL Painkiller Jane Sci-Fi Channel film is MIA)
Jack Ryan Collection
The Shield Seasons 1-5 Box Set

APRIL 2 2008
DC Comics
Countdown Special: Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth 80-Page Giant
     Collects Kamandi: Last Boy On Earth #1, #10 and #29; $4.99
Shazam: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
     Collects Whiz Comics #2, Captain Marvel Adventures #1, #137, #148 Marvel Family #21, #85, Shazam! #1, #14, DC Comics Presents Annual #3, Superman #276, L.E.G.I.O.N. '91 #31, Power of Shazam! #33 and Adventures in the DC Universe #5; $24.99
Superman: 3-2-1 Action TPB
     Collects Superman #665 Action Comics #852-854 and Legends of the DC Universe #14; $14.99
Stormwatch: PhD Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects issues #5 and #8-12 of the acclaimed series; $17.99
Leader’s High Vol. 1 (TEEN); $7.99
Tower Of The Future Vol. 10 (TEEN); $9.99
New Avengers Vol. 2 HC & DM Only
     Collects New Avengers #11-20 and Annual #1, and the lead story from Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1; $29.99
Essential Iron Man Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Iron Man #12-38 and Daredevil #73; $16.99
Hulk: Planet Hulk TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #92-105, Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook, and material from Amazing Fantasy #15 and Giant-Size Hulk #1; $34.99
Secret Invasion: The Infiltration TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #2, New Avengers: Illuminati #1 and #5, New Avengers #31-32 and #38-39, Mighty Avengers #7, and Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1; $19.99
X-Men: First Class - Mutant Mayhem TPB
     Collects X-Men: First Class (2007) #1-5 and X-Men: First Class Special; $16.99
Dark Horse
     Limited to only 300 copies, each one autographed by the artist and numbered; With a handsome cloth binding with inset cover art, and a signing plate featuring an exclusive new painting by Wagner; With the same bonus material as in the trade paperback--including never-before-seen sketches and production notes. Full color, 216 pgs HC $99.95; TPB $19.99
Oh My Goddess! Volume 8; $10.95
Path of the Assassin Volume 10: Battle for Power Part 2; $9.95
Antarctic Press
Sky Sharks Volume 1 TPB; $14.95
Ape Entertainment
Teddy Scares GN Vol 3 $6.95
Arcana Studio
Gearhead TPB; $14.95
Boom! Studios
Stardust Kid Limited Edition HC; $29.99
Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah HC; $29.99
Chronicle Books
How To Be An Illustrator SC; $24.95
Graphic Audio
DC Comics 52 Audio CD Vol 1; $19.99
DC Comics 52 Audio CD Vol 2; $19.99
Hachette Book Group USA
Mighty Twelve Superheroes Of Greek Myth HC; $16.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Iron Man Teen Novelization MMPB; $6.99
IDW Publishing
Zombies Vs Robots Vs Amazons HC $19.99
Sparrow Ashley Wood HC Vol 2; $11.99
Speed Racer TPB Vol 4; $19.99
Last Gasp
Art & Design Of Gama Go Ltd Ed HC; $24.95
Pop Surrealism HC (New Ptg); $39.95
McFarland and Company Inc
Marvel Graphic Novels & Related Publications 1965-2005 HC; $49.95
Random House/Titan
Modesty Blaise Vol 6 Hell Makers TPB (New Printing); $19.95
Judge Dredd Complete America GN; $26.99
Mega City Undercover Vol 1; $28.00
Rizzoli International Publications
Unfiltered Complete Ralph Bakshi HC; $40.00
TwoMorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #1; $8.95
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The Return of Swamp Thing
Unbreakable (Blu-ray)

APRIL 9 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Superman Family Vol. 2 TPB (Replacement Copies)
Batman: Lovers and Madmen HC
     Collects Batman Confidential #6-12; $24.99
Captain Carrot and The Final Ark TPB
     Collects the 3-issue miniseries; Plus, adventures from The New Teen Titans #16 and Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #1 and #14-15; $19.99
Justice League Unlimited: Ties That Bind TPB
     Collects Justice League Unlimited #16-22; $12.99
Supergirl and The Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Quest For Cosmic Boy TPB
     Collects #31-36; $14.99
God Save The Queen SC (MR); $12.99
Presents Vol. 3
Tears Of A Lamb Vol. 2 (MR); $9.99
Wolverine: The Death Of Wolverine Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine #56-61; $19.99
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days HC
     Collects Marvel Zombies: Dead Days; Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23 and #30-32, and Black Panther #28-30; $29.99
Fallen Son: The Death Of Captain America TPB
     Collects Fallen Son: Wolverine, Fallen Son: Avengers, Fallen Son: Captain America, Fallen Son: Spider-Man and Fallen Son: Iron Man; $14.99
What If?: Civil War TPB
     Collects What If? Annihilation, Civil War, Planet Hulk, X-Men and Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine; $16.99
New Mutants Classic Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects New Mutants #18-25 and Annual #1; $24.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 2: Defenders Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Hulk #5-8; $7.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 9: Fiercest Foes Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #33-36; $7.99
Civil War Chronicles #10
     Collects Civil War #7 and Civil War: Front Line (Embedded/Accused) #10; $4.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Episode V -- Empire Strikes Back Photo Comic; $9.95
Star Wars: Episode VI -- Return Of The Jedi Photo Comic; $9.95
Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi Omnibus Volume 2
     This gargantuan omnibus completes the epic Tales of the Jedi saga with "The Freedon Nadd Uprising" "Dark Lords of the Sith" "The Sith War" and "Redemption"; 464 pages $24.95
Conan HC Vol 5 Rogues In The House, $24.95
Chickenhare Volume 2: Fire In The Hole; $10.95
Harlan Ellison's Watching TPB Novel, $12.95
Aqua Leung, Vol. 1 GN; $17.99
:01 First Second
Kaput and Zosky by Lewis Trondheim; $13.95
Three Shadows GN $15.95
Alterna Comics Inc
Jesus Hates Zombies GN $14.95
Alternative Comics
Whatever GN $9.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Little Gloomy Super Scary Monster Show TPB Vol 1 $9.95
Ape Entertainment
Teddy Scares Vol 3 Killer Combo $16.95
Archie Comics
Adventures of Little Archie TPB Vol 1 (New Printing) $9.95
Bandai Entertainment
Eureka Seven GN Vol 2 Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl $9.99
Barrons Educational Series
50 Manga Babes To Draw And Paint SC $21.99
Barrons Graphic Classics Frankenstein SC $8.99
Barrons Graphic Classics Macbeth SC $8.99
Drawing And Painting The Undead SC $21.99
Boom! Studios
Tag Cursed TPB $14.99
Chronicle Books
Show & Tell Fine Art Of Children Book Illustrations HC $24.99
Conundrum Press
Howie Action Comics GN $15.00
Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions
Another Dirt Sandwich GN $12.95
Drawn And Quarterly
Haunted HC $24.95
Dunamis Heroes
Dunamis Heroes HC Vol 1 Lost Kingdom $12.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Jim Starlins Cosmic Guard TPB (resolicited) $19.99
Complete Peanuts HC Vol 9 1967-1968 $28.95
Hall Of Best Knowledge HC $19.99
Jessica Farm GN $14.95
Most Outrageous SC $19.99
Willie & Joe WW II Years Slipcase $65.00
IDW Publishing
CVO African Blood TPB $17.99
Gene Simmons Dominatrix TPB Vol 01 $19.99
Gene Simmons House Of Horrors TPB $27.99
Boneyard Color Ed TPB Vol 2 (AA) $11.95
Oni Press
Blue Monday GN Vol 2 Absolute Beginners (New Printing) $11.95
Pantheon Books
Rabbis Cat GN Vol 2 $22.95
Peter Lang Publishing
Comic Books HC How The Industry Works $99.95
Complete History Of American Comic Books HC $119.95
Pocket Books
Spider Robot Titans Of Gotham MMPB $7.99
Star Trek Terok Nor Day Of The Vipers MMPB $7.99
Random House
Indiana Jones MMPB Dinosaur Eggs $6.99
Indiana Jones MMPB Hollow Earth $6.99
Indiana Jones MMPB Sky Pirates $6.99
Indiana Jones MMPB White Witch $6.99
James Bond TPB Casino Royale New Printing $19.95
James Bond TPB Dr No New Printing $19.95
James Bond TPB Goldfinger New Printing $19.95
James Bond TPB Man With The Golden Gun New Printing $19.95
James Bond TPB Octopussy New Printing $19.95
Unfiltered Complete Ralph Bakshi HC $40.00
Sirius Entertainment
Akiko Flights Of Fancy High Flying (Expanded Signed Plate Limited Edition) $34.95
St. Martins Press
Peoples History Of American Empire GN HC Ed $30.00; SC Ed $17.00
Transfuzion Publishing
Ghost Sonata TPB $14.99
Saint Germaine TPB Vol 2 Tales Of An Immortal $19.99
Valiant Entertainment
Harbinger The Beginning HC (resolicited) $24.95
Wildside Press
Weird Works Of Robert E Howard HC Vol 3 People Of Dark $35.00
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: 20th Anniversary Edition

APRIL 16 2008
DC Comics
Green Arrow: Year One HC
     Collects the acclaimed 6-issue miniseries by Andy Diggle and Jock; $24.99
Showcase Presents: Legion of Super Heroes Volume 2
     Collects Adventure Comics #316, #322-348, #365, Superboy #117 and #125, and Superman Annual #4; $16.99
Wildstorm: Armageddon TPB
     Collects the 6-issue Armageddon event that rocked the WildStorm Universe; $17.99
Faker TPB (MR)
     Collects the 6-issue miniseries; $9.99
Un-Men Vol. 1: Get Your Freak On TPB (MR); $9.99
Variante Vol. 3 (MR); $12.99
Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol.1 HC (original Jack Kirby) and two Variants (Adi Granov and Movie)
     Collects Tales Of Suspense #39-83 and Tales To Astonish #82; 720 Pgs. $99.99
Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel Volome 3 (Variant Volume 95)
     Collects Captain Marvel #22-33 and Iron Man #55; $54.99
Punisher War Journal Vol. 3: Hunter Hunted Premiere HC
     Collects Punisher War Journal #12-17; $19.99
Howard The Duck: Media Duckling TPB
     Collects Howard The Duck #1-4, Howard The Duck #1 (1976) and material from Civil War: Choosing Sides; $11.99
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 5: Some Assembling Required Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #16-19; $7.99
Avengers Classic #11; $2.99
Dark Horse
Hellboy Library Edition Volume 1: Seed Of Destruction and Wake The Devil
     Written by Mike Mignola and John Byrne art by Mignola; Hellboy Volume 1 collects the first two story-arcs -- Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil -- with the original introductions by Robert Bloch and Alan Moore. Include expanded Mignola sketchbook sections; 288 pages $49.95
Noble Causes Archives TPB Vol. 1
     Noble Causes First Impressions, Noble Causes #1-4, Noble Causes: Family Secrets #1-4, Noble Causes: Distant Relatives #1-4, and the Noble Causes ongoing series #1-12; $19.99
The Amory Wars, Vol. 1: The Second Stage Turbine Blade TPB
     Collects The Amory Wars #1-5; $16.99
Strange Girl TPB Vol. 4: Golden Lights (MR)
Nixon's Pals OGN; $12.99
Stupid Comics: Phoenix Edition GN; $9.99
Wordless Books Original Graphic Novels HC; $35.00
Antarctic Press
Ap How To Draw Manga Pocket Manga Volume 2 TPB; $12.95
Baby Tattoo Books
Guts Ltd HC; $45.00
Boom! Studios
Hunters Moon TPB; $14.99
Warhammer TPB Forge Of War; $14.99
Buenaventura Press
Comic Book Holocaust GN (AA); $9.95
Checker Book Publishing Group
Supreme Set Return & Story Of The Year (Previews Exclusive Leather Edition); $150.00
Iznogoud GN Vol 1 Wicked Wiles Of Iznogoud; $11.95
Largo Winch GN Vol 1 The Heir; $19.95
Scared To Death GN Vol 1 Vampire From The Marshes; $11.95
Path GN Comx Edition; $12.95
DH Publishing
Anime Figurines Tokyos Top 100 Anime Figurines SC; $15.00
Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook SC Vol 1; $15.00
Naruto Forever Saga Continues SC; $11.95
We Love Cosplay Girls More Live Animation Heroines SC; $19.95
Digital Manga Distribution
Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go Box Set
     DMP celebrates Speed Racer's 40th anniversary with a 2-volume hardcover collector's set. Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go Box Set is the complete, unabridged version and contains episodes available in the United States for the first time; $39.95
Do Gooder Press
PS238 TPB Vol 5 Extraterrestrial Credit; $15.99
Dr Masters Publications
King Of Fighters 2003 Vol 4 TPB; $13.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica TPB Vol 2 (Photo Cover) and (Sejic Previews Exclusive Cover); $14.99
Red Sonja Travels TPB (Adriano Batista/Fabiano Neves/Nat Jones covers)(resolicited); $19.99
Games Workshop Publishing
Warhammer 40k Blood Ravens Dawn of War Omnibus TPB; $11.99
Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy Legion MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer 40k Wolfs Honour MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer Ancient Blood MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer Blackhearts Omnibus TPB; $11.99
Gestalt Publishing Pty
Waldos Hawaiian Holiday GN; $19.95
Graphitti Designs
American Flagg Limited Edition HC Book Set; $79.00
Hachette Book Group USA
In The Small HC; $19.99 SC; $12.99
Heavy Metal Magazine
Lorna Black Towers SC; $14.95
John Wiley & Sons
Manga Studio For Dummies SC w/ CD-ROM; $24.99
Paizo Publishing
Michael Moorcocks Lord Of The Spiders SC; $12.99
Robert E Howards Almuric SC; $12.99
Random House
Iron Man Beneath The Armor SC; $19.95
Iron Man MMPB Movie Novelization; $7.99
Heavenly Bodies Art Of Bruce Colero SC (AA); $14.95
Udon Entertainment
Magical JXR GN Vol 02; $11.95
Street Fighter III Manga TPB Vol 02 Ryu Final; $12.95
Virgin Comics
Ramayan 3392 AD TPB Vol 02 Reloaded (resolicited); $14.99
Sadhu TPB Vol 2 Silent Ones (resolicited); $14.99
The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection: Volume 2

APRIL 23 2008
DC Comics
Justice Society Of America Vol. 2: Thy Kingdom Come Part 1 HC
     Collects Justice Society Of America #7-12; $19.99
Batman Chronicles Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Batman #8-9, Detective Comics #57-61, and stories from World’s Finest Comics #4 (1941-1942); $14.99
Jonah Hex Vol. 4: Only The Good Die Young TPB
     Collects #19-24; $12.99
Team Zero TPB
     Collects the 6-issue miniseries; $17.99
Dorothea Vol. 1 (MR); $12.99
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 4; $9.99
Daredevil: Hell To Pay Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Daredevil #100-105; $15.99
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan TPB
     Collects X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-5; $13.99
Avengers: Kree/Skrull War TPB (New Printing)
     Back-to-press and fully restored by popular demand; Collects Avengers #93-97 (1971-1972); $24.99
Deadpool Vs. The Marvel Universe TPB
     Collects Cable & Deadpool #43-50; $24.99
Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects New Mutants #98, Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1-4, Deadpool (1994) #1-4 and Deadpool (1997) #1; $29.99
Dark Horse
Living With The Dead
     Collecting the three-issue mini-series
Johnny Delgado Is Dead TP Vol 1; $14.99
Witchblade Takeru Manga 1-6 Set; $15.99
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vengeance Of Vampirella TPB; $15.95
Ape Entertainment
Bizarre New World Population Explosion GN; $6.95
White Picket Fences Double Feature GN; $6.95
Arcana Studio
Rama TPB; $14.95
BDG Entertainment
Ayre Force HC Vol 1; $19.95
Big Bang Inc
Ragmop TPB (AA); $29.95
Blue Line Art
Beau Smiths No Guts No Glory TPB (resolicited); $19.99
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics: Dollars To Donuts TPB; $14.95
Boom! Studios
Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder TP, $16.99; HC (Limited Edition), $49.99
Warhammer Forge Of War HC (Limited Edition), $49.99
Buenaventura Press
Klassic Komics Klub HC; $14.95
Dimensional Manga Ltd
Demon Prince Children Of Gaia GN Vol 2; $11.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Simpsons Library Of Wisdom Book Of Moe HC; $9.95
Simpsons Library Of Wisdom Flanders Book Of Faith HC; $9.95
IDW Publishing
Complete Terry & the Pirates HC Vol. 3 1939-1940; $49.99
Speed Racer: Chronicles Of The Racer TPB
     Kicking off a new era of Speed, Kaplan and Musso expand the mythos in a story that spans generations of Racers; $17.99
McFarland and Company
. Love On The Racks HC History Amer Romance Comics
Microcosm Publishing
Invincible Summer An Anthology TPB #2; $14.00
Making Stuff And Doing Things; $12.00
Welcome To The Dahl House TPB; $7.00
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Vol 2 Tales of the Brothers Grimm; $17.95 HC; $13.95 TPB
Metronome HC; $13.95
Oni Press
Queen & Country: Definitive Edition Volume 02 TPB
     Collects issues #13-24; $19.95
Love The Way You Love Side A TPB; $11.95
SCB Distributors
Beyond Ultraman SC; $25.00
Super 7 Media Inc
Super 7 Magazine The Book HC #16 (resolicited); $39.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Best Of Write Now TPB Vol 1; $19.95
Modern Masters SC Vol 16 Mike Allred; $14.95
Rough Stuff #8; $6.95
Valiant Entertainment
X-O Manowar: Birth HC; $24.95
Thrilling Comic Book Cover Art of Alex Schomburg SC; $24.95
Viper Comics
Dead@17 TPB Compendium Edition; $24.95
Watson Guptill Publications
Beasts SC How To Draw Fantastic Predators; $19.95
Yaoi Press
Cain GN Vol 2 (of 3); $12.95
Gumby: The Movie (1995)
British Horror Quadruple Feature (Frightmare / House of Whipcord / The Flesh & Blood Show / Die Screaming Marianne)
Cartoon Commercials!

APRIL 30 2008
DC Comics
Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Mystery In Space #81-91 Hawkman #18 and Strange Adventures #157 (1963-1967); $49.99
Superman/Batman Vol. 6: Torment HC
     Collects Superman/Batman #37-42; $19.99
Showcase Presents: Challengers of the Unknown 2
     Collects Challengers Of The Unknown #18-37; $16.99
Mystery In Space Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Mystery In Space #6-8 and The Weird #1-4 (1988)
Supernatural: Origins TPB
     Collects This new collection featuring the six issues of WildStorm’s Supernatural: Origins comic acts as a prequel to the hit CW television show. $14.99
Gon Vol. 4; $5.99
X-Men: Messiah Complex HC
     Collects X-Men Messiah Complex one-shot, Uncanny X-Men #492-494, X-Men #205-207, New X-Men #44-46 and X-Factor #25-27; $39.99
Thor By J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects Thor #1-6; $19.99
Punisher: Circle Of Blood Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 11)
     Collects Punisher #1-5, Extra content will include original pencils by Mike Zeck, a Punisher Portfolio, an original ad for the limited series, and more; $19.99
All-New Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Vol. 2 Premiere HC
     This issue: from Blade to the Crooked World; $24.99
Fantastic Four: The Beginning Of The End TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #525-526 and #551-553; $12.99
Black Panther: Little Green Men TPB
     Collects Black Panther #31-34; $10.99
Giant-Size Avengers/Invaders #1
     Collects Avengers #71 (1969), Invaders Annual #1 (1977). Giant-Size Invaders #2 (2005). Also featuring in-depth dossiers on both teams and Avengers/Invaders preview pages; $3.99
Dark Horse
The Complete Green Lama Featuring The Art of Mac Raboy
     Dark Horse Archives presents the entire Green Lama run in two high-quality hardcovers starting with these first four issues. In addition to Raboy's classic covers and stories these issues contain entertaining and adventurous bonus stories following the adventures of Lieutenant Hercules Rick Masters Angus McErc and others! 208 pages $49.95
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 4
     This volume collects Buffy issues #9-11, 13-15, 17-20, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Bad Dog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike and Dru, Who Made Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: The Hollower, $24.95
BPRD TPB Vol. 8 Killing Ground; $17.95
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch HC; $14
Dayan Books 1-4
     This series is four individual volumes: Book 1 Dayan's Birthday, Book 2 Thursday Rainy Party, Book 3 White Eurocka, and Book 4 Chibikuro Party; $9.95
Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, Vol. 1 Deluxe HC; $49.99
Kyle Baker Nat Turner HC; $24.95
Angry Little Girls Book On Friendship Miniature Edition; $4.95
Fritz Lang's M HC; $27.50
Alterna Comics Inc
Morbid Myths TPB; $11.95
Arcana Studio
Grunts TPB; $14.95
Kade HC Sun Of Perdition; $19.95
Archie Comics
Sonic Select Volume #1
     Archie follows up the speedily selling "Sonic Archives" series with a brand-new reprint collection: "Sonic Select", which will reprint many of the much-loved stories from the Sonic Super Specials! Plus: Original pin-ups; $11.95
Critical Mass
Age Of Insects Vol 2 Not Human; $5.99
Amor Y Cohetes SC; $16.99
Bottomless Belly Button SC; $29.99
Comic Arf SC; $19.99
MOME Vol 11 GN; $14.99
Girasol Collectables Inc
Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 7; $14.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Vampire Kisses GN Vol 1 Blood Relatives (of 3); $7.99
Warriors GN Vol 03 Warriors Return (Of 3); $6.99
Hyperion Books
Thoreau At Walden HC; $16.99
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 4
     This volume contains over 500 comic strips from the series' early years, covering material that ran from July 1936 through January 1938. This special volume features a new introduction by consulting editor Max Allan Collins, as well as a look at Republic Pictures' first Tracy film from 1937, and its relationship to (and departures from) the source material, written by Mike Price; $29.99
Speed Racer/Racer X: The Origins Collection TPB
     Reprinting the twin Wildstorm miniseries recounting the origins of Speed and his enigmatic brother Racer X, collected together in one volume; $19.99
Independent Publisher Group
Kustom Graphics Hot Rods Burlesque Rock N Roll HC; $39.95
Ordinary Victories GN; $15.95
Remembrance Things Past Pt 2 Vol 1 Budding Grove; $10.95
Remembrance Things Past Pt 3 TPB Vol 1 Swann In Love; $10.95
Nightlight Press
Starslip Crisis Vol 1; $14.99
Nonstop Press
Paint Or Pixel SC; $29.95
Platinum Studios
Gunplay GN; $14.99
Hot Shot & Mighty Girl GN; $14.99
Super Larry GN; $14.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek Terok Nor Night Of Wolves MMPB; $7.99
Wolverine Nature Of The Beast MMPB; $7.99
Publishers Group West
Legacy TPB Paintings & Drawings Of Frank Frazetta; $29.95
Testament TPB Life & Art Of Frank Frazetta; $29.95
Random House
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force MMPB Sacrifice; $7.99
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 16; $12.95
Indiana Jones & Last Crusade Novelization MMPB; $6.99
Indiana Jones & Temple Of Doom Novelization MMPB; $6.99
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Novelization MMPB; $6.99
Shadow Double Novel Vol 17; $12.95
Sterling Publishing
Cartooning Ultimate Character Design Book SC; $19.95
Drawing The New Adventure Cartoons SC; $19.95
Subterranean Press
His Majestys Dragon Limited Edition HC; $125.00
     Our signed limited edition of Naomi Novik’s debut novel, His Majesty’s Dragon, is in stock and shipping. It’s a fine production, with a full color dust jacket by Dominick Harman and multiple color interior illustrations by Anke Eissmann. The book itself is printed in two colors on 80# Finch paper to give it the classy treatment Naomi’s novel so richly deserves.
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #77; $6.95
Back Issue #28; $6.95
Kirby Five-Oh 50 Years Of King Of Comics TPB (resolicited); $19.95
Top Cow
Art Of The Witchblade Softcover Art Book; $19.99
Witchblade Takeru Manga TPB
     The 12-issue manga series is collected in its entirety in a single volume for the first time; 416 pages, $19.99
Spies Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu Art of Paul Gulacy SC; $24.95
Wildcard Ink
Gumby TPB Vol 1; $12.95
The Golden Compass: 2-Disc Platinum Edition
Complete Toxic Avenger 7-disc box set
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Three - Years of Change

MAY 7, 2008
DC Comics
JLA Presents: Aztek The Ultimate Man TPB
     Collects Aztek: The Ultimate Man #1-10, $19.99
The Question Vol. 2: Poisoned Ground TPB
     Collects The Question #7-12; $19.99
DC Universe Special - Justice League of America 80-Page Giant
     The first appearence of Libra from Justice League of America #111 (1974) and #166-168 (1979); $4.99
The Exterminators Vol. 4: Crossfire and Collateral TPB (MR)
     Collects #17-23; $14.99
Kiichi And The Magic Books Vol. 1; $9.99
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 2 (MR); $7.99
Captain America: The Death of Captain America Vol. 2 Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Captain America #31-36; $19.99
She-Hulk: Jaded Premiere HC
     Collects She-Hulk #22-27; $19.99
Essential X-Men Vol. 1 TPB (All-New Edition)
     Collects Giant-Size X-Men #1 and X-Men #94-119; $16.99
Hulk: World War Hulk - World War Hulk TPB
     Collects World War Hulk #1-5; $24.99
Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin TPB
     Collects Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin #1-6; $14.99
Iron Man: War Machine TPB
     Collects Iron Man #280-291; $29.99
New Avengers: Illuminati TPB
     Collects New Avengers: Illuminati #1-5; $14.99
Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #544-550; $15.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Clone Wars Photo Comic
     This manga-sized volume adapts the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series to comics using images taken directly from the Emmy Award-winning show! $9.95
Batman Grendel Limited Edition HC; $99.95
X Omnibus Volume 1
     Collects X #1-11; X: One Shot to the Head; "Welcome to the Jungle" from Dark Horse Comics #19, 20; X: Hero Illustrated Special #1, 2; $24.95
Black Magic 2nd Edition TPB; $14.95
Color Of Rage; $14.95
Eden: It's An Endless World! Volume 10; $12.95
Oh My Goddess! Volume 29; $10.95
Bomb Queen, Vol. 4: Suicide Bomber TPB; $14.99
Suburban Glamour Vol. 1 TPB; $9.99
Looker Photographs By Richard Kern HC; $40.00
Airship Entertainment
Buck Godot PSmith HC, $28.95; SC, $18.95
Antarctic Press
Gold Digger Ultimate Collection Two Disc DVD Rom Vol 1
Oz the Manga Pocket Manga TPB Vol 1; $14.95
Pirates Vs Ninjas TPB Vol 2 Up The Ante; $15.95
Arcana Studio
Gearhead TPB; $14.95
Black Library
Warhammer Hist Legends Of The High Seas; $38.00
Warhammer 40K Relentless MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer Time Of Legends Heldenhammer MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer Vampire Wars Omnibus; $11.99
Chronicle Books
Yoshitomo Nara Lonesome Puppy HC; $17.99
Desperado Publishing
Deadworld TPB Requiem For The World; $16.99
DH Publishing
Case Closed Casebook Essential Guide SC; $11.95
Japans Bar Girls Bare All HC; $15.00
Nana Essentials Ultimate Fanbook SC; $11.95
Tsubasa Chronicle Factbook SC; $11.95
DK Publishing Co.
Indiana Jones Ultimate Guide HC; $24.99
Indiana Jones Golden Treasure Sticker Book SC; $6.99
Indiana Jones Heroes & Villains Sticker Book SC; $6.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Dark Edge TPB Vol 7; $9.95
King Of Fighters Art Book SC; $21.95
Puri Puri GN Vol 5; $9.95
Amor Y Cohetes SC; $16.99
Comics Journal Library Vol 1 Jack Kirby TPB; $18.95
Why Are You Doing This GN; $12.95
:01 First Second
Little Vampire by Joann Sfar; $13.95
Life Sucks by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece; $19.95
Hampton Roads Publishing
Indiana Jones Off The Beaten Path SC; $15.95
Harper Collins
Neil Gaiman Dangerous Alphabet HC; $17.99
Neil Gaiman Interworld MMPB; $6.99
Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic MMPB; $6.99
Tinyrannosaurus HC
The Transformers: Best Of The U.K. -- Dinobots TPB
     This special collection presents a beloved U.K. Transformers tale from years past; $19.99
Mc Farland & Company Inc.
Faith And Choice In Works Of Joss Whedon SC
Science Fiction Serials SC
Tales From The Crypt Collected Edition Vol 3 Zombielicious; HC $12.95; GN $7.95
Great Catsby GN Vol 6; $19.99
June GN Vol 2 (of 10)(resolicited); $9.99
Nightlight Press
Starslip Crisis Vol 1; $14.99
Oni Press
Salt Water Taffy Volume 1: The Legend Of Old Salty GN by Matthew Loux; $5.95
Gary Panter HC Slip Case; $95.00
Powr Mastrs GN Vol 1 (of 6); $18.00
Platinum Studios
Alien At Large GN; $14.99
Pocket Books
Lost Journal Of Indiana Jones SC; $25.00
Potential GN Touchstone Edition; $15.00
Putnam Publishing Group
Anita Blake The Harlequin MMPB; $7.99
Random House
Hammer Story Revised HC Edition; $35.00
Raw Junior LLC
Ottos Orange Day HC; $12.95
Renaissance Press
Amelia Rules Vol 4 When the Past Is a Present; HC $24.95; SC $11.99
SCB Distributors
My Favorite Model HC; $49.95
Where Madness Reigns Art Of Gris Grimly SC (resolicited); $24.95
Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
Aoi House Omnibus TPB; $10.99
Dragontails Vol 3 TPB; $9.95
Treasured Chests Vol 3 TPB; $9.95
Treasured Chests Vol 4 TPB; $9.95
St. Martins Press
Kaput & Zosky GN; $13.95
Three Shadows GN; $15.95
Taschen America LLC
Gil Elvren HC; $14.99
M C Escher Graphic Work HC; $14.99
Star Wars Insider #101 Newsstand and Previews Exclusive Editions; $5.99
Titan Books UK
Modesty Blaise TPB Vol 13 Yellowstone Booty; $19.95
Top Shelf
24x2 by David Chelsea; $5.00
Transfuzion Publishing
Deadworld TPB Vol 1 Bits & Pieces; $18.99
Orlak TPB Redux; $11.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Best Of Draw Magazine TPB Vol 3; $29.95
Wizards Of The Coast
Forgotten Realms Blade O/T Moonsea Vol 01 Swordmage HC; $24.95
Forgotten Realms Citadels Shield Of Weeping Ghosts MMPB; $6.99
Forgotten Realms Legend Of Drizzt Vol 08 Starless Night MMPB; $7.99
Stargate Infinity: The Complete Series
Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 3: Fire, Volume 3
Speed Racer: The Next Generation - The Beginning
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
The Invaders: The First Season
The 4400: The Fourth Season

MAY 14, 2008
DC Comics
Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul HC
     Collects Batman Annual #26, Batman #670-671, Robin #168-169, ROBIN ANNUAL #7, Nightwing #138-139, and Detective Comics #838-839; $29.99
Batman: The Joker’s Last Laugh TPB
     Collects The Joker’s Last Laugh #1-6; $19.99
52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen TPB
     Collects 52 Afterman: The Four Horsemen #1-6; $19.99
Booster Gold TPB Vol. 1 52 Pick Up HC
     Collects Booster Gold #1-6 and the origin story from 52 #24; $24.99
Green Lantern: No Fear TPB
     Collects Green Lantern #1-6; $12.99
Checkmate Vol. 3: The Fall Of The Wall TPB
     Collects Checkmate #16-22; $14.99
Vertigo First Cut TPB
     Collects DMX #1, Army@Love #1, The Exterminators #1, Jack Of Fables #1, Crossing Midnight #1, Loveless #1 and Scalped #1; $4.99
Welcome To Tranquility Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Welcome To Tranquility #7-12; $19.99
King Of Cards Vol. 4; $9.99
Ultimate Hulk Vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human Premiere HC
     Collects Ultimate Human #1-4; $19.99
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects material from Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition #1-36, with the characters/profiles in alphabetical order; $16.99
Hulk: World War Hulk - Gamma Corps TPB
     Collects World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1-4; $10.99
Hulk: World War Hulk - X-Men TPB
     Collects World War Hulk: X-Men #1-3, Avengers: The Initiative #4-5, Irredeemable Ant-Man #10, Iron Man #19-20 and Ghost Rider #12-13; $24.99
New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 1 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #114-126 and Annual 2001; 376 Pgs. $34.99
Amazing Spider-Girl Vol. 3: Mind Games TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Girl #13-18; $13.99
Psi-Force Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Psi-Force #1-9; $24.99
Iron Man and Power Pack: Armored and Dangerous Digest
     Collects Iron Man and Power Pack #1-4; $7.99
Civil War Chronicles #11
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #538, Civil War: Front Line #11; $4.99
Dark Horse
Nexus Archives Volume 7 HC
     Collects issues #40-46 (Vol. 2) from First Comics; 208 pages $49.95
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Volume 2: No Future For You
     Collects issue #6-10 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight series; 120 pages, $15.95
Tales Of The Fear Agent
     Series creator Rick Remender is joined by a select handful of today's finest writers and artists in this compilation, expanding on the legend of the last Fear Agent; $14.95
Blood+ Volume 2; $10.95
Red String Volume 3; $9.95
Spawn, Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Spawn #76-96; $29.99
Erotic Comics Graphic History Tijuana Bibles To Zap Comix HC; $29.95
Manga Shakespeare Midsummers Night Dream GN; $9.95
Manga Shakespeare Tempest GN; $9.95
Wacky Packages HC; $19.95
Antarctic Press
How To Draw Pirates Supersize GN Vol 1; $19.95
Black Library
Warhammer Art Of Clint Langley TPB; $29.99
Blatant Comics
Last Blood TPB Vol 1; $12.99
Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson TPB; $14.95
Boom! Studios
2 Guns TPB; $14.99
Broccoli International
Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion Realm Of Light Illustration Book; $19.99
Lucky Luke TPB Vol 10 Tortillas For The Daltons; $11.95
Papyrus GN Vol 2 Imhoteps Transformation; $11.95
Classical Comics
MacBeth GN Original Text; $19.95
MacBeth GN Quick Text; $19.95
Classics Illustrated/Jrs
Classics Illustrated Black Beauty; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Swiss Family Robinson; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Treasure Island; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea; $9.99
Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis the Menace Vol. 1. TPB
:01 First Second
Life Sucks GN; $19.95
Little Vampire GN; $13.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Shoulder A Coffin Kuro GN Vol 1; $10.99
Zombie Loan TPB Vol 1 $10.99
Happy Medium
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 9; $26.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Big Book Of Illustration Ideas HC Vol 2; $49.95
Erotic Fantasy Art HC; $29.95
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight TPB
     This collection includes stories of the Gorn, Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Borg, and Romulans, and features guest-stars such as Captains Pike, Janeway and Terrell, along with familiar faces like Picard, Spock, and many others; $19.99
The Transformers: Devastation TPB; $19.99
Knockabout Comics
Rime Ancient Mariner HC; $19.99
Fantastic Art Best Of Luis Royo HC; $59.95
Hardy Boys Vol 13 The Deadliest Stunt; $7.95 GN
Nancy Drew Vol 13 Doggone Town; $12.95 HC, $7.95 SC
Putnam Publishing Group
Strip For Murder SC; $14.00
Random House
Federico Fellini Book Of Dreams HC; $125.00
Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion #10; $9.99
Pixar Touch Making Of A Company HC; $27.95
Primeval HC Shadow Of The Jaguar; $11.95
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Invincible HC; $27.00
Running Press
Apocalyse How Making The End Times Best Of Times SC; $12.95
Bound To Please SC; $9.95
St. Martins Press
For Your Eyes Only HC Ian Fleming & James Bond; $34.99
Titan Publishing
James Bond TPB On Her Majestys Secret Service New Printing; $19.95
Guin Saga TPB Vol 4 Prisoner of the Lagon**; $12.95
Virgin Comics LLC
John Woos Seven Brothers Vol 2 Limited Edition HC; $29.99
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Blu-ray)
Incredible Hulk Double Feature: The Incredible Hulk Returns and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk
Indiana Jones - The Adventure Collection: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: Temple of Doom: and The Last Crusade: Special Editions
The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection: Volumes 1 & 2 (10 films on 6 discs, including Tarantula, The Mole People, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Monolith Monsters, Monster on the Campus, Dr. Cyclops, Cult of the Cobra, The Land Unknown, The Deadly Mantis and The Leech Woman; $60)
The Rat Pack: Ultimate Collector's Edition (Ocean's 11, Robin and the 7 Hoods, 4 for Texas and Sergeants 3

MAY 21, 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Green Lantern #39-59; $16.99
Superman: Escape from Bizarro World HC
     Collects Superman #140, DC Comics Presents #71 and Man Of Steel #5; $24.99
Batman vs. Two-Face TPB
     Collects Batman #313 and 314, Batman Annual #14 and stories from Detective Comics #66, 68 and 80, Batman #81 and 234, DC Super Stars #14, Countdown #29 and Batman: Black and White #1; 19.99
Two Flowers For The Dragon Vol. 1; $9.99
Swan Vol. 13; $9.99
Venus In Love Vol. 3; $9.99
Dokkoida?! Vol. 2; $9.99
Incredible Hulk Omnibus - Jack Kirby and Alex Ross versions
     Collects Incredible Hulk #1-6 Tales To Astonish #59-101 and Incredible Hulk #102; $99.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Volume 7 (Variant 96)
     Collects Thor #153-162; $54.99
Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #546-551 and Spider-Man: Swing Shift - plus Dan Slott’s never-before-reprinted first Spider-Man story from 1995’s Venom Super-Special; $24.99
Hulk: World War Hulk - Incredible Herc TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #106-111; $14.99
Hulk Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #314-319 and Annual #14, and Marvel Fanfare #29; $24.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 8: Monsters, Moles, Cowboys & Coupons Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #29-32; $7.99
Avengers Classic #12
     Double-sized final issue; $3.99
Dark Horse
Grendel: Devil Quest HC; $14.95
Grendel: Devil Child HC
     Written by Diana Schutz art by Tim Sale covers by Sale and Matt Wagner; $14.95
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
     The most anticipated movie event of the summer comes to comics in this adaptation of the fourth Indiana Jones film! $12.95
Hellboy: The Companion TPB
     Dark Horse presents the definitive guide to Hellboy including a timeline mapping out the events in over a decade's worth of comics and novels! $14.95
Hellboy Volume 8: Darkness Calls
     Collects the entire six-issue miniseries, along with two new epilogues -- one drawn by Mignola, and one by Fegredo -- and an extensive sketchbook section from both artists! $19.95
Tim Sale Black & White HC, $39.99
     REVISED AND EXPANDED! HEROES artist TIM SALE discusses his life and work in this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume. This is a new, revised and expanded edition of the original sold out and out-of-print TIM SALE: BLACK AND WHITE previously published by Active Images. Includes 16-page color signature.
Black Library
Warhammer 40K Storm Of Iron MMPB (New Printing); $7.99
Warhammer Knight Errant MMPB; $7.99
IRS TPB Vol 1 Taxing Trails; $19.95
Devils Due Publishing Inc
Drafted TPB Vol 1; $18.99
Golden Age Sheena Best Of Queen Of The Jungle TPB; $18.99
Sheena Queen Of The Jungle TPB Vol 1; $18.99
DK Publishing Co.
Batmobile Owners Manual HC; $19.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Dark Edge Vol 1-6 Set; $44.95
Drawn & Quarterly
What It Is HC; $24.95
Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution 1963-1975 SC by Patrick Rosenkranz
The Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw
Comic Arf, edited by Craig Yoe
Explainers by Jules Feiffer
Necronomicon Weird Tales Of HP Lovecraft SC; $27.95
Groundwood Books
Skim GN; $18.95
CSI: Demon House TPB -- New Format; $11.99
. CSI: Dominoes TPB -- New Format; $11.99
Finding Peace GN; $14.99
Prisoner Of The Stars TP, $14.99
King Hell Press
Heartburst & Other Pleasures TPB; $16.95
Breathe HC; $19.95
Dark Mists Collected Edition TPB (AA); $14.95
Starship Troopers TPB Vol 3 Damaged Justice; $14.95
Kolchak Papers Jeff Rice HC (Signed Direct Market Edition); $59.00
No Pasaran TPB Vol 3; $11.95
Pantheon Books
La Perdida TPB; $14.00
Hardy Boys HC Vol 13 The Deadliest Stunt; $12.95
Pocket Books
Hulk Rules SC; $3.99
Incredible Hulk Movie Novelization SC; $5.99
Incredible Hulk Sticker Book; $6.99
Marvel Heroes HC Hidden Enemy; $12.99
Marvel Heroes HC To The Rescue; $9.99
Pendragon GN Merchant Of Death; $9.99
Sozins Comet GN The Last Battle (Avatar); $5.99
Star Trek Terok Nor Dawn Of The Eagles MMPB; $7.99
Publishers Group West
Mcsweeneys HC Vol 27; $24.00
Moribito HC Guardian Of The Spirit; $17.99
St. Martins Press
Up Till Now HC Shatner The Autobiography; $25.95
Indiana Jones Magazine #1; $9.99
Udon Entertainment Corp
Daring Students Association GN Vol 1; $11.95
Star Project Chiro GN Vol 3; $11.95
Neal Adams Monsters SC (AA); $12.95
Zenescope Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales TPB Vol 3; $15.99
Diary of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition
Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Hour The Complete Series - Volume 1
National Treasure 2 - Book of Secrets (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
V for Vendetta (Blu-ray)
Square Pegs: The Complete Series
The Muppet Show: Season Three
James Stewart: The Western Collection Destry Rides Again, Winchester '73, Bend of the River, The Far Country, The Night Passage and The Rare Breed

MAY 29, 2008
DC Comics
Jack Kirby’s OMAC: One Man Army Corps HC
     Collects O.M.A.C. #1-8 (1974-1975) plus artwork from Who's Who!; $24.99
Starman Omnibus HC Vol. 1
     Collects Starman #0, #1-16; $49.99
Superman: World Of Krypton TPB
     Collects The World Of Krypton #1-4, Material From Man Of Steel #1, and Stories From Superman #233, 236, 238, 240, 248, 257, 265, 367 and 375 and Superman Family #182; $14.99
Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Lead-In stories from Countdown To Final Crisis #51-39; $19.99
The All-New Atom: The Hunt For Ray Palmer TPB
     Collects The All-New Atom #12-16; $14.99
Black Adam: The Dark Age TPB
     Collects Black Adam: The Dark Age #1-6; $17.99
Justice Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Justice #1-4; $14.99
Heroes SC; $19.99
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 5; $9.99
The Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol. 3; $9.99
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven Premiere HC
     Collects Immortal Iron Fist #8-14 and Annual #1; $24.99
Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Rampaging Hulk #1-9, The Hulk! #10-15 and Incredible Hulk #269; $16.99
Hulk: World War Hulk - Front Line TPB
     Collects World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker and World War Hulk: Front Line #1-5; $16.99
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 4 - Our War TPB
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #16-20 and Annual #1; $14.99
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic Book 2 TPB
     Collects Excalibur #100, Wolverine #104, X-Factor #125-126, Amazing Spider-Man #415, Green Goblin #12, Spider-Man #72, Punisher #11, X-Man #18 and X-Force #57; 248 Pgs. $29.99
Excalibur Classic Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Excalibur #29-34 and Excalibur: Weird War III; $24.99
Dark Horse
The Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 3
     This collection includes Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian issues 25-31; $17.95
Appleseed Volume 2: Prometheus Unbound 3rd Ed; 192 pages, $14.95
Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus; $24.99
Studio Space; $29.99 TPB, $49.99 HC
True Story Swear To God Archives TPB Vol. 1; $19.99
Sorrow TPB; $12.99
Adhouse Books
Skyscrapers Of The Midwest HC; $19.95
Bighead Press
Roswell Texas GN Vol 1; $12.95
Broccoli International USA
World Of Disgaea HC; $19.99
DK Publishing Co
Indiana Jones Ultimate Guide Limited Collectors HC; $75.00
Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 HC; $28.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Neil Gaiman Dangerous Alphabet HC; $17.99
Neil Gaiman Interworld MMPB; $6.99
Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic MMPB; $6.99
IDW Publishing
Compleat Next Men TPB Vol 1; $19.99
My Dad HC; $15.99
Speed Racer TPB Vol 5; $19.99
King Hell
Heartburst & Other Pleasures TPB; $16.95
Media Blasters
Gorgeous Life Of Strawberry Chan GN Vol 1; $11.99
Michael O'Mara
Anything Goes John Barrowman Autobiography HC; $29.95
Boneyard TPB Vol 4 (Color Edition); $13.95
No Pasaran GN Vol 3; $14.95
Paizo Publishing LLC
Downer TPB Vol 1 Wandering Monster; $14.99
Zogonia TPB Vol 1 Slice Of Death; $14.99
Pantheon Books
La Perdida TPB; $14.00
Bionicle Vol 1 GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Random House
Complete Making Of Indiana Jones SC; $35.00
Incredible Hulk MMPB Movie Tie In; $7.99
Indiana Jones And Kingdom Of Crystal Skull HC; $26.00
James Bond HC Devil May Care; $24.95
Scholastic Inc
Star Wars Last Of The Jedi MMPB #10; $5.99
Sterling Publishing
Peanuts Classics Ultimate Box Set; $39.95
Top Shelf Productions
Johnny Boo (Book 1): The Best Little Ghost In The World HC; $9.95
Udon Entertainment Corp
Street Fighter II Manga GN Vol 2; $12.95
Zenescope Entertainment
Return To Wonderland HC; $24.99
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Volume 2 (episodes 14-26 from the 2002 revival)
The Three Stooges Collection: 1937-1939

JUNE 4 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: The Haunted Tank Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Stories From G.I. Combat #120-157; $16.99
The Legion Of Super-Heroes: 1,050 Years Of The Future TPB
     Collects Adventure Comics #247, 304, 312, 354 and 355, Superboy and The Legion Of Super-Heroes #212, The Legion Of Super-Heroes #300 and #0, Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1 and The Legion #3; $19.99
Infinity Inc. Vol. 1: Luthor’s Monsters TPB
     Collects Infinity Inc. #1-5; $14.99
Tom Strong Book 6 TPB
     Collects Tom Strong #31-36; $17.99
Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince TPB
     Collects Fables #60-69; $17.99
The Key To The Kingdom Vol. 4; $9.99
Orfina Vol. 3; $12.99
Essential Captain Marvel Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13 and Captain Marvel #1-21; $16.99
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 1 TPB (All-New Edition)
     Collects Fantastic Four #1-20 and Annual #1; $16.99
X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects X-Factor #84-89 and Annual #8; $15.99
Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #25-26, Journey Into Mystery #112, Tales To Astonish #92-93, Daredevil #163, Incredible Hulk #300, #340, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14 and Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom #1; 200 pgs. $24.99
Penance: Relentless TPB
     Collects Penance: Relentless #1-5; $13.99
The Zombie: Simon Garth TPB
     Collects The Zombie: Simon Garth #1-4; $13.99
Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword Premiere HC
     Collects Hedge Knight Ii: Sworn Sword #1-6; $19.99
Ultimate Spider-Man TP Vol 10 Hollywood (New Printing), $12.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars Omnibus: Droids
     Collects The Kalarba Adventures, Rebellion, the never-before-collected Seasons of Revolt, and featuring The Protocol Offensive plotted by C-3PO himself, actor Anthony Daniels; 440 pages, $24.95
Predator Omnibus Volume 3; 344 pages, $24.95
Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 2
     Collects Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece #1-2, Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil, Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix #1-4, Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny #1-4, Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates #1-4; 384 pages, $24.95
Lobster Johnson: Iron Prometheus Vol 1
     Collects Lobster Johnson: Iron Prometheus #1-5, sketchbook section, plus The Secret History of Lobster Johnson; $17.95
Conan: Born On The Battlefield
     Collects Conan #8, 15, 23, 32, 45, 46; The story of Conan's early life, from his birth on a Cimmerian battlefield to his coming-of-age as a warrior in the pivotal Battle of Venarium; $17.95 TPB, $25.95 HC
MPD Psycho: Vol 5 ; $10.95
Path Of The Assassin Volume 11: Battle For Power Part 3; $9.95
Berserk Volume 23; $13.95
Invincible TPB Vol 9 Out Of This World, $14.99
Crawl Space, Vol. 1: Xxxombies TPB
     Collects Crawl Space #1-4; $12.99
Dogwitch, Vol.3: Mood Swings TPB
     Collets Dogwitch #13-18; $14.99
Monster Zoo GN
Proof TPB Vol 1 Goatsucker, $9.99
     Collects Proof #1-5; $9.99
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Muzz GN; $14.95
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives #7
     Collects #25-#28; $7.49
Arcana Studio
Dragon's Lair HC; $19.95
Aspen Entertainment
Fathom TPB Vol 2 Into The Depths (resolicited); $29.99
Chronicle Books
Art Of Wall E HC; $40.00
Harper Collins Publishers
Comic Art Now HC; $29.95
Comickers Art SC Tools & Techniques Drawing Manga; $24.95
Warriors GN Vol 3 Warriors Return (of 3); $6.99
Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales Of The Here And Now HC
     This special hardcover edition includes a Doctorow-signed and numbered tip-in plate; 144 pages; $24.99
Nicest Naughty Fairy HC
Wormwood: Calamari Rising TPB; $19.99
Peter Lang Publishing
Comic Books SC How The Industry Works; $32.95
Complete History Of American Comic Books SC; $39.95
Pure Imagination Publishing
Sex Drugs And Violence In The Comics TPB Vol 1; $25.00
Putnam Publishing Group
Anita Blake Blood Noir HC; $25.95
Batman Gotham Knight MMPB; $7.99
Batman Story Of Dark Knight Young Readers HC; $15.99
Scholastic Inc.
Indiana Jones & Kingdom Of Crystal Skull Novelization; $6.99
Seven Seas Entertainment
Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus TPB Vol 1; $11.99
Dance In The Vampire Bund GN Vol 1 (resolicited); $9.99
Hollow Fields GN Vol 2; $9.99
Simon & Schuster
Spider City Of Doom SC; $13.00
Top Cow
Pilot Season 2007 TPB
     Collects Pilot Season #1 issues of The Angelus, Cyblade, The Necromancer, Ripclaw and Velocity; $14.99
Viper Comics
Lost Books Of Eve TPB Vol 1; $11.95
Viz Media
Dragon Ball Z Viz Big Ed. GN Vol. 1
The Dead Zone: The Final Season
Meet the Spartans
Get Smart: The Complete 1995 Series (7-episode revival series)
Rescue Me: The Complete Fourth Season
Casino Royale: 3-disc Collector's Edition
Mannix: The First Season
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Third Season
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Fourth Season
Dirty Harry: Ultimate Collector's Edition

JUNE 11 2008
DC Comics
Absolute Sandman Volume 3
     The Sandman #40-56, The Sandman Special #1, The Endless Gallery #1, and Stories From Vertigo Preview #1 and Vertigo: Winter's Edge #3; $100
The Spirit Archives Vol. 24 HC
     Collects Spirit strips from January 6 1952 through October 2 1952 including the lushly illustrated series that took The Spirit from Central City to the surface of the moon with art by Wally Wood; 294 pgs $59.99
DC Universe Special - Superman: Mongul 80-Page Giant
     Collecting stories from The Flash #102, Superman #32 and Showcase ‘95 #7-8; $4.99
The Justice League Of America: The Injustice League HC
     Collects The Justice League Of America Wedding Special #1 and Justice League Of America #13-16; $19.99
The Question: The Five Lessons Of Blood HC
     Collects The Crime Bible: The Five Lessons Of Blood; $19.99
Burnout; $9.99
The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
     Collects Batman #321 and 613, Batman: The Long Halloween #4, Detective Comics #826 and Stories From Batman #1, 66, 73, 110, Detective Comics #332, 475 and 476, Batman: Black and White Vol. 2, and Batman Adventures Annual #4; $19.99
Metamorpho: Year One TPB
     Collects Metamorpho: Year One #1-6; $14.99
The Programme Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Programme #1-6; $17.99
The Vinyl Underground Vol. 1: Snogging For England TPB
     Collects The Vinyl Underground #1-5; $9.99
Teru Teru X Shonen Vol. 2; $9.99
Incredible Hercules Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects Incredible Hercules #112-115 and Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide; $19.99
Marvel Zombies 2 HC
     Collects Marvel Zombies 2 #1-5; $19.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 8 HC
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #75-88; $39.99
Captain America: The Death of Captain America Vol. 1 - The Death of the Dream TPB
     Collects Captain America #25-30; $14.99
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Ultimate Collection TPB
     Collects Wolverine #20-32; $29.99
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name TPB
     Collects Silver Surfer: In Thy Name #1-4; $10.99
Eternals by Jack Kirby Book 1 TPB
     Collects Eternals #1-11; $24.99
Civil War Chronicles #12; $4.99
Dark Horse
Blade Of The Immortal: Badger Hole Volume 19; $19.95
Fluffy; $19.95
Penny Arcade Volume 5: The Case of the Mummy's Gold; $12.95
Amazing Joy Buzzards GN Vol 1 Here Come The Spiders, $19.99
Ride TPB Vol 2, $15.99
Witchblade Origins TPB Vol 01 Genesis, $14.99
Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol. 1 HC
     The Complete Little Orphan Annie is the second series to be released under IDW's The Library of American Comics imprint. Volume One will contain more than 1000 daily comics in nine complete stories from the very first strip in August 1924 through October 1927. This volume also includes an index and a biographical essay by Jeet Heer; 368 pages $39.99
Accent UK
Robots GN; $15.99
Alterna Comics Inc
American Terror GN Vol 1 Confession Of A Human Smart Bomb; $9.95
Novo GN Vol 1 Birth Of Novo; $9.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Vaistron TPB Vol 1; $12.95
Boom! Studios
Hero Squared TPB Vol 2 Another Fine Mess; $14.99
DK Publishing
Hulk The Incredible Guide HC (Revised Edition); $24.99
Harper Collins
Dark Knight Batman Saves The Day Young Reader; $3.99
Dark Knight Batman Vs The Joker Young Reader; $3.99
Dark Knight Batmans Friends & Foes Young Reader; $3.99
Dark Knight I Am Batman Young Reader; $3.99
9MM Books
Son Of Pop HC Ron English Paints His Progeny; $24.95
Open Court Publishing
Battlestar Galactica And Philosophy SC; $18.95
Classics Illustrated The Invisible Man; $9.95
Penguin Group
Complete Idiots Guide Drawing Manga Shoujo SC; $19.95
Random House
Essential Batman Encyclopedia TPB edited by Bob Greenberger; $28.00
Soon I Will Be Invincible SC; $14.95
Judge Dredd Henry Flint Collection TPB; $19.00
St. Martins Press
Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus TPB Vol 1; $11.99
Dance In Vampire Bund Vol 1 GN (resolicited); $9.99
Hollow Fields GN Vol 2; $9.99
Titan Books UK
James Bond TPB Paradise Plot; $19.95
TotalMojo Productions Inc
Full Color Guide To Marvel Silver Age Collectibles SC; $29.95
Transfuzion Publishing
Helsing Legacy Born TPB; $15.99
Raven Chronicles TPB Vol 1 Curious Case Of Raven Inc; $21.99
Twomorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #78; $6.95
The Boondocks Complete 2nd Season
The Dukes of Hazzard Two Movie Collection: Reunion! and Hazzard in Hollywood
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
Hawaii Five-0: The Fourth Season
WarGames: 25th Anniversary Edition
WarGames 2: The Dead Code

JUNE 18 2008
DC Comics
World's Finest Deluxe Edition HC
     Collects World's Finest #1-3; $29.99
Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Green Lantern #24-25 and Green Lantern Corps #16-19; $24.99
Showcase Presents: The Flash Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects The Flash #120-140; $16.99
Shadowpact Vol. 3: Darkness and Light TPB
     Collects Shadowpact #14-19; $14.99
Y: The Last Man Vol. 10: Whys and Wherefores TPB
     Collects Y: The Last Man #55-60; $14.99
From Eroica With Love Vol. 13; $9.99
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 6; $9.99
Musashi #9 Vol. 15; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Sgt. Fury Vol. 2 HC (Variant Volume 97)
     Collects Sgt. Fury #14-23 and Annual #1; $54.99
Eternals by Neil Gaiman TPB
     Collects Eternals #1-7; $24.99
New Avengers Vol. 7: The Trust TPB
     Collects New Avengers #32-37 and New Avengers Annual #2; $19.99
Hulk: WWH - Damage Control TPB
     Collects World War Hulk: Aftersmash and Wwh Aftersmash: Damage Control #1-3; $12.99
Iron Man: Haunted TPB
     Collects Iron Man #21-28 and Iron Man: Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Annual #1; $26.99
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4: Unstoppable TPB
     Collects Astonishing X-Men #19-24 and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1; $19.99; $11.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 10: Ghosts TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #47-53; $15.99
Terror, Inc. TPB
     Collects Terror, Inc. #1-5; $16.99
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Jack Kirby’S Galactic Bounty Hunters #1-6; $19.99
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 6: Mighty Marvels Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #20-23; $7.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Legacy Vol 3
     Collects Star Wars Legacy #14-19; $17.95
Aliens Omnibus Volume 4; $24.95
Hellboy II: Art Of The Movie
     Complete screenplay including a deleted scene -- is featured in this book and is illustrated with the original storyboards; $24.95
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Novel
     Written by Robert Greenberger; $6.99
Postage Stamp Funnies
     Written and art by Shannon Wheeler; This boxed set of three tiny hardcover books revisits the first year of Wheeler's run in the legendary college humor newspaper, The Onion.; $9.95
The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite TPB
     Collects the first six-issue series, as well as out-of-print short stories, and an expanded sketchbook section; $17.95
Lobster Johnson Volume 1: The Iron Prometheus TPB
     $17.95; Collects Lobster Johnson: Iron Prometheus #1-5, with a sketchbook section featuring Mignola, Armstrong and Guy David, plus The Secret History of Lobster Johnson.
Dust, Vol. 1 TPB; $9.99
Dynamo 5, Vol. 2: Moments Of Truth TPB
     Collects Dynamo 5 #8-13; $14.99
Killing Girl, Vol. 1: A Sisterís Love TPB
     Collects Killing Girl #1-5 The Collection Includes An "Art Of Killing Girl" Section With Unseen Art From Both Of The Book's Illustrators; $14.99
PvP TP Vol 05 PvP Treks On, $14.99
The Safest Place GN; $12.99
AC Comics
Men Of Mystery Spotlight Special Vol 3 Fox Features; $24.95
BBC Books
Doctor Who Many Hands HC; $11.99
Doctor Who Martha In The Mirror HC; $11.99
Doctor Who Snowglobe 7 HC; $11.99
DK Publishing
DK Graphic Readers Spy Catcher Gang SC; $3.99
DK Graphic Readers Wagon Train Adventure SC; $3.99
El MacFearsome Comic Squares
Adventures Of Dexter Breakfast Season Two GN Vol 2; $12.99
Pocket Full Of Rain SC; $19.99
:01 First Second
Drawing Words & Writing Pictures SC; $29.95
Sardine In Outer Space SC Vol 5; $14.95
Graphitti Designs
Tales From The Clerks HC (Limited Edition); $79.95
The Transformers Animated, Volume 3; $7.99
Transformers: Beast Wars Sourcebook TPB
Mr Peppers Perfect Pet Shop HC, $15.99
Bluesman HC; $24.95
Ordinary Victories What Is Precious GN; $15.95
Remembrance Things Past Part 3 TPB Vol 1 Swann In Love; $10.95
Rebel Sidekick Studios
Motor City Vol 1 The Point GN; $12.99
Red 5 Comics
Atomic Robo TPB Vol 1; $18.95
Simon & Schuster
100 Girls GN; $9.99
Chiggers HC; $17.99; SC; $9.99
Star Trek Deep Space Nine SC These Haunted Seas; $18.00
Turning Points Sons Of Liberty GN; $7.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Titans Companion SC Vol 2; $26.95
Dan Dare Oversized UK TPB and HC Vol. 2; $13.99
John Woos Seven Brothers TPB Vol. 1 (Jonathan Hickman Cover); $14.99
Jericho: The Second Season
Get Smart: The Nude Bomb
Burn Notice: Season One
The Sword in the Stone: 45th Anniversary Special Edition
The Jungle Book 2: Special Edition
Transformers: Animated Transform And Roll Out
Popeye & Friends: Volume One
Popeye Volume Two: 1938-1940

JUNE 25 2008
DC Comics
Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Ex Machina #1-11; $29.99
All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder Vol. 1 HC
     Collects All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #1-9; $29.99
Green Lantern: Tales Of The Sinestro Corps HC
     Collects Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Ion #1, Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Parallax #1, Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman #1, Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime #1, Green Lantern Corps Secret Files, and Backup Stories From Green Lantern #18-20 and Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1; $29.99
Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Superman #654-658; $12.99
Batman: Jekyll and Hyde TPB
     Collects Batman: Jekyll and Hyde #1-6; $14.99
DC Universe Special: Reign In Hell 80-Page Giant
     Collects Superman #71, Superman: The Man Of Steel #15, And Action Comics #680; $4.99
Tangent Comics Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Tangent Comics: Superman, Tangent Comics: Wonder Woman, Tangent Comics: Joker's Wild, Tangent Comics: Jla, Tangent Comics: Tales Of The Green Lantern, Tangent Comics: Power Girl, Tangent Comics: Nightwing, Tangent Comics: Nightforce, Tangent Comics: Trials Of The Flash; $19.99
Jack Of Fables Vol. 3: The bad Prince TPB
     Collects Jack Of Fables #12-16; $14.99
Demo TPB
     Collects Demo #1-12; $19.99
Moon Child Vol. 11; $9.99
Tower Of The Future Vol. 11; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense Vol. 2 HC (Variant Volume 98)
     Collects Tales Of Suspense #11-20; $59.99
Captain America: The Chosen Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Captain America: The Chosen #1-6, Plus The Script To Issue #1 and An Introduction by David Morrell; $24.99
Marvels Premiere Classic HC (Variant Volume 13)
     Collects Marvels #0-4; 248 pgs. $24.99
All New Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Vol. 3 Premiere HC
     From Crimson Dynamo To Earth X and More; $24.99
House Of M: Avengers TPB
     Collects House Of M: Avengers #1-5; $13.99
Marvel Atlas TPB
     Collects Marvel Atlas #1-2; $14.99
Dark Horse
Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 1
     Kid-friendly and brimming with the very best parts of Indiana Jones, this is a story for anyone looking for stunning visuals, thrill-a-minute storytelling, and one unmistakable archaeologist; 80 pages, $6.95
Chronicles of Conan Volume 15: The Corridor of Mullah-Kajar and Other Stories; $16.95
Oh My Goddess! Volume 9; $10.95
Gantz Volume 1; $12.95
Walking Dead TPB Vol 8 Made To Suffer
     Collects The Walking Dead #43-48; $14.99
Loaded Bible: Book One TPB
     Collects Loaded Bible Books 1-3; $16.99
Freshmen TPB Ltd Sgn Ed; $39.99
Gimoles Secrets Of The Seasons TPB; $14.99
Spawn The Undead TPB; $24.99
Archie Comics
Archie Americana Series: Best Of The Sixties Book 2; $10.95
DMF Comics Inc
Silent Leaves The Last Bondsman GN Vol 1; $9.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Stellvia TPB Vol 1-2 Set; $9.95
Drawn And Quarterly
Good Bye HC; $19.95
Flesk Publications
Prince Valiant Page HC; $29.95 (Deluxe Signed Slipcased Edition); $39.95
Gingko Press
Toygiants HC Silver Edition; $49.95
Hermes Press
Andru And Espositos Get Lost TPB (resolicited); $29.99
Hero Initiative
What If Fantastic Four Tribute To Mike Wieringo; $4.99
McFarland & Company Inc.
Native Americans In Comic Books Critical Study HC
Bluesman HC; $24.95
Ordinary Victories What Is Precious GN; $15.95
Pocket Books
Spider City Of Doom SC; $13.00
World Of Warcraft Beyond The Dark Portal MMPB; $7.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #2; $8.95
Write Now #18; $6.95
Virgin Comics LLC
Devi TPB Vol 4; $14.99
Wildside Press LLC
Realms HC First Year Of Clarkesworld Magazine; $29.95 HC; SC $13.95
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

JULY 2 2008
DC Comics
Superman: Last Son HC
     Collects Action Comics #844-846 and Action Comics Annual #11; $19.99
Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Detective Comics #359-375, Batman #189-192, 194-197 and 199-202; $16.99
Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer TPB
     Collects Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Red Son #1, Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Red Rain #1, Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Gotham By Gaslight #1, Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Wildstorm #1 and Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Superwoman/Batwoman #1; $17.99
Teen Titans: Titans Of Tomorrow TPB
     Collects Teen Titans #50-54; $14.99
John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Fear Machine TPB
     Collects Hellblazer #14-22; $14.99
Wildstorm: Revelations TPB
     Collects Wildstorm: Revelations #1-6; $17.99
The Flat Earth Exchange Vol. 1; $9.99
Steel Fist Riku Vol. 1; $9.99
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 3; $7.99
Shirley Vol. 1; $9.99
Water Baby; $9.99
The Young Magician Vol. 12; $9.99
Avengers: The Initiative Vol. 2: Killed In Action Premiere HC
     Collects Avengers: The Initiative #7-13 and Annual #1; $24.99
Mighty Avengers Vol. 2: Venom Bomb Premiere HC
     Collects Mighty Avengers #7-11; $19.99
Fantastic Four: Lost Adventures by Stan Lee Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure and The Last Fantastic Four Story, Plus Rare Stan Stories From Fantastic Four #296 and #543; $24.99
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter In Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #7-12; $19.99
Essential Defenders Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Defenders #61-91; $16.99
Invaders Classic Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Invaders #10-21 and Annual #1; $29.99
Counter X Vol. 1: X-Force TPB
     Collects X-Force #102-109; $19.99
Captain America: Operation Rebirth (New Printing) TPB
     Collects Captain America #444-448 and #450-454; $29.99
Dark Horse
The Complete K Chronicles; $24.95
Path Of The Assassin Volume 12: Three Foot Battle; $9.95
Wondermark: Beards Of Our Forefathers HC; $14.95
Usagi Yojimbo Volume 22: Tomoe's Story
     Collects Usagi Yojimbo Color Special #1-3 (originally published by Fantagraphics) and Usagi Yojimbo #90-93. Features the newly redrawn "Tomoe's Story" introductory tale! 184 pages, black and white, $15.95 (Limited Hardcover, $59.95)
After The Cape II: All Falls Down TPB
     Collects After The Cape II #1-3; $12.99
Freshmen HC Vol 1; $29.99
Horror Book, Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Í68, Creature From The Depths, Frankenstein and Full Moon; $14.99
The Sword, Vol. 1: Fire TPB
     Collects The Sword #1-6; $14.99
After-Shock Comics
Sire TPB; $14.99
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Cemeterians TPB Vol 1; $9.95
Fat Chunk GN Vol 1 Robot; $12.95
Atlas Books
Election Daze SC; $9.95
Book Palace
Frank Bellamys Robin Hood GN Complete Adventures; $24.99
Cellar Door Publishing
Minister Jade GN; $14.99
C'est Bon Kultur
Cest Bon Anthology GN Vol 5; $17.95
Queen Margot GN Vol 3 Endangered Love; $13.95
Strange & Stranger World Of Steve Ditko HC; $33.99
Games Workshop Publishing
Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Omnibus; $11.99
Warhammer 40K Killing Ground HC; $19.99
Warhammer Runefang MMPB; $7.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Neil Gaiman Coraline GN; $18.99
IDW Publishing
Lore Premiere Edition HC; $75.00
Mummy Movie Prequel Rise & Fall Of Xangos Ax TPB; $17.99
King Tractor Press
Family Bones TPB Vol 1 ; $14.95
McFarland & Company Inc.
Great Monster Magazines Critical Study Of 50s 60s & 70s
Midnight Marquee
Youre Next Loss Of Identity In Horror Films SC; $25.00
Millipede Press
Lovecraft Retrospective Artists Inspired by HP Lovecract HC; $395.00
Overlook Press
Book Of Leviathan TPB; $19.95
Pocket Books
Turning Points Little Rock Nine GN; $7.99
Panini Publishing LTD
Doctor Who TPB World Shapers; $31.50
Cola Madnes TPB; $24.95
Praxis Comics
Sollitaria GN; $17.99
Quirk Books
Batman Murder At Wayne Manor HC; $24.95
Random House
In Odd We Trust GN; $10.95
Star Wars Coruscant Nights MMPB Vol 1 Jedi Twilight; $7.99
Judge Death Young Death Boyhood Of A Superfiend GN; $22.50
Strontium Dog Final Solution TPB; $20.50
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol. 17 Bama Cover and Regular Walter Baumhofer Cover; $12.95
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol. 18; $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol. 19; $12.95
Sterling Publishing
500 Fairy Motifs HC; $14.95
Art Of Faery HC; $29.95
Hamlet GN No Fear Shakespeare; $9.95
Macbeth GN No Fear Shakespeare; $9.95
Nevermore GN; $14.95
Romeo & Juliet GN No Fear Shakespeare; $9.95
Trial GN; $14.95
Titan Books UK
Greatest Sci Fi Movies Never Made SC; $14.95
Trafalgar Square
Dalek I Love You MMPB; $14.95
X-Files Revelations
The Outer Limits Complete Original Series
Batman: The Movie - Special Edition

JULY 10 2008
DC Comics
Batman and Son TPB
     Collects Batman #655-658 and 663-666; $14.99
Teen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl TPB
     Collects Wonder Girl #1-6; $17.99
American Virgin Vol. 4: Around The World TPB
     Collects American Virgin #15-23; $17.99
The New York Four GN written by Brian Wood; $9.99
Kikaider Code 02 Vol. 7; $9.99
Variante Vol. 4; $12.99
Annihilation: Conquest Book 2 HC
     Collects Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith #1-4, Nova #4-7 and Annihilation: Conquest #1-6; $39.99
Runaways: Dead End Kids Premiere HC & DM Variant
     Collects Runaways #25-30; $19.99
Power Pack Vol. 1 HC (resolicited)
     Collects Power Pack #1-4, X-Men and Power Pack #1-4, and Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #1-4; $24.99
Wolverine: The Death Of Wolverine TPB
     Collects Wolverine #56-61; $14.99
Ms. Marvel Vol. 4: Monster Smash TPB
     Collects Ms. Marvel #18-24; $14.99
Nova Vol. 2: Knowhere TPB
     Collects Nova #8-12 and Nova Annual #1; $16.99
Silver Surfer: Requiem TPB
     Collects Silver Surfer: Requiem #1-4; $14.99
Criminal Vol. 3: The Dead and The Dying TPB (ICON); $11.99
Hulk Chronicles: WWH #1
     Collects Incredible Hulk #106 and World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker #l; $4.99
Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 1 TPB (All-New Edition)
     Collects Strange Tales #110, #111 and #114-168; $16.99
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #1-6; $14.99
Dark Horse
Hellboy: Oddest Jobs; $14.95
Blood + Volume 2: Chevalier; $8.95
Image Comics
Captain Stoneheart & The Truth Fairy HC; $19.99
The Unearthed Cemetery Blues, Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects the sold-out ShadowLine series "The Haunting of Hernesburg", as well as the never-before-seen series "The Curse of Wallace Manor"! Plus, it includes two unpublished tales of Ridley and Falstaff: "The Inconvenience Store" and "Let's All Die in the Lobby!"; $16.99
Badger Saves The World TPB
     This special trade paperback also adds in a bonus 27-page Badger story, Badger: Bull! from the same creative team; $19.99
CSI: Secret Identity -- New Format; $11.99
CSI: Dying In The Gutters -- New Format; $11.99
Classic Transformers, Volume 2
     In this second collection, including issues #17-30; 340 pages, $19.99
The Transformers: The Ark, Volume 2
     This volume covers all of the classic Japanese series material: Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Battlestars and Operation Combination. Transformers, humans, aliens, ships and weapon models decorate this 208-page volume; $19.99
Doctor Who Classics, Volume 1
     Adventures featuring the Fourth Doctor courtesy of Pat Mills, John Wagner, and Dave Gibbons. Originally published in black and white, each page features all-new, state-of-the-art coloring by Charlie Kirchoff and an art gallery by cover artist Joe Corroney, too; $24.99
Gene Simmons Zipper, Vol. 1; $19.99
     Written by Clifford Meth, art by Rufus Dayglo, cover by Ashley Wood; also includes a new foreword by Gene Colan and the original short stories the series was based on, as well as original illustrations by Dave Cockrum; $18.99
Kyle Baker Nat Turner HC; $24.95, SC; $12.95
AiT/Planet Lar
Aces Curse Of The Red Baron GN; $12.95
Alternative Comics
Magic Whistle TPB Vol 11 Body Armor For Your Dignity; $11.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Chumble Spuzz GN Vol 2 Pigeon Man & Death Sings The Blues; $12.95
Halo & Sprocket TPB Vol 2 Natural Creatures; $8.95
Boom! Studios
North Wind TPB Vol 1; $15.99
Capstone Press
Graphic Library GN Boston Tea Party; $7.95
Graphic Library GN Creation Of US Constitution; $7.95
Graphic Library GN Paul Reveres Ride; $7.95
Graphic Library GN Star Spangled Banner; $7.95
Graphic Library GN Story Of The Statue Of Liberty; $7.95
Graphic Library GN Winter At Valley Forge; $7.95
Cartoon Books
Bone Color Edition Vol 8 Treasure Hunters HC $19.99, SC $9.99
Desperado Publishing
Growing Up With Comics GN; $16.99
Necessary Evil TPB Vol 1; $17.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Gentleman Jim HC; $14.95
Red Colored Elegy HC; $24.95
Fab Press
Blaxploitation Cinema Essential Reference Guide SC (resolicited); $27.95
FTL Publications
Thunderbirds TPB Vol 1 Countdown To Action; $15.95
Harper Collins Publishers
500 Manga Creatures SC (with CD); $19.95
Avalon High Coronation GN Vol 2 (of 3) Homecoming; $9.99
Bad Kitty GN Vol 1 Catnipped; $9.99
Comickers Coloring Book SC; $18.95
Magic Trixie GN Vol 1; $7.99
Neil Gaiman Coraline GN; $18.99
X Files Book Of Unexplained TPB Complete Vol 1 & 2; $29.95
Heavy Metal Magazine
Body Count SC; $16.95
Collection Of Sha TPB; $19.95
Favole HC Vol 3 Frozen Light; $14.95
Kolchak The Night Stalker The Lovecraftian Horror SC (New Printing); $13.95
Phantom Jungle Action TPB; $19.99
Noir Publishing
Flowers From Hell SC; $34.99
Cola Madnes TPB; $24.95
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 17** (Variant James Bama Cover); $12.95
Udon Entertainment Corp
Chronicles Of The Grim Peddler GN Vol 1; $11.95
Superhero Movie: Extended Edition
Roy Orbison: A Black and White Night
Stargate: Atlantis The Complete 4th Season
Batman: Gotham Knight 2-disc Special Edition
Batman Begins: Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set

JULY 16 2008
DC Comics
Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes HC
     Collects Action Comics #858-863; $24.99
Astro City: The Dark Age Book 1 HC
     Collects Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #1-4, Book Two #1-4 and A Special 8-Page Introductory Story; $29.99
Showcase Presents: Hawkman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Hawkman #12-27, The Atom #31, The Atom and Hawkman #39-45 and The Brave and The Bold #70; $16.99
Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Countdown To Final Crisis #38-26; $19.99
The Trials of Shazam Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Trials of Shazam #7-12; $14.99
Batman: Faces TPB by Matt Wagner - New Edition
     Collects Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30; $12.99
Dorothea Vol. 2; $12.99
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 5; $9.99
Tears Of A Lamb Vol. 3; $9.99
Howard The Duck Omnibus HC (Frank Brunner) and Variant (Marko Djurdjevic)
     Collects stories from Adventure Into Fear #19 Man-Thing #1 Giant-Size Man-Thing #4-5 Howard The Duck #1-33 Marvel Treasury Edition #12 and Marvel Team-Up #96; $99.99
Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 2 Premiere HC
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #552-558; $24.99
Hulk: WWH - Warbound TPB
     Collects World War Hulk: Warbound #1-5; $12.99
Punisher War Journal Vol. 3: Hunter Hunted TPB
     Collects Punisher War Journal #12-17; $14.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 18: Apocalypse TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #89-93; $11.99
Dark Horse
Ghost Talkers Daydream TPB Vol. 1
Elephantmen: War Toys TPB
     Collects Elephantmen: War Toys #1-3; $9.99
Unearthed Cemetery Blues TPB Vol 1, $16.99
Angel: After the Fall HC Vol. 1
Fallen Angel, Vol. 5: Red Horse Riding
     Written by Peter David; $19.99
Sparrow: Glenn Barr
     The Sparrow hardcover art book series continues with the eighth volume of this mini-showcase, this time featuring the stunning visual work of celebrated Detroit underground artist Glenn Barr; $11.99
Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Weird Science Vol 3 HC $50
     Collects Weird Science issues #13-18, originally published in 1952 and 1953
Aspen Comics
Soulfire: Chaos Reign TPB
     Collects #0 and #1-3 and also contains a complete cover gallery and features a brand new cover by series artist Marcus To and colorist Peter Steigerwald; $9.99
Cartoon Books
Jeff Smith Bone and Beyond HC; $24.95
Devils Due Publishing Inc
GI Joe Americas Elite TPB Vol 5 WWIII Omnibus; $34.99
Hack Slash TPB Vol 4 Revenge Of The Return; $18.99
Nye Incidents TPB; $14.99
Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons TPB Vol 1; $18.99
Grand Central Publishing
Method Man GN; $13.99
Gresham's Seasonal Services
Children Of The Night HC Comprehensive Guide To Horror Posters; $99.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Zot TPB Vol 1 Complete Black & White Stories 1987 To 1991; $24.95
Hyperion Books
Houdini Handcuff King SC; $9.99
Novaris Entertainment
Roadkill Zoo GN; $15.00
Paizo Publishing LLC
Ginger Star SC; $12.99
Random House UK
Doctor Who Starships And Spacestations SC; $12.99
Sticker Chick
Digital Divas Sketches Drawings & Color Digital Art SC; $19.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #79; $6.95
Back Issue #29; $6.95
Rough Stuff #9; $6.95
Watson Guptill Publications
How To Draw Stupid SC by Kyle Baker; $16.95
Birds of Prey: The Complete Series

JULY 23 2008
DC Comics
Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives Volume 3
     Collects Leading Comics #9-14; $59.99
Countdown To Adventure TPB
     Collects Countdown To Adventure #1-8; $17.99
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road To The Altar TPB
     Collects Birds Of Prey #109, Black Canary #1-4, and The Black Canary Wedding Planner; $19.99
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #185-189, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #93 and The Brave and The Bold #87; $19.99
The Authority: Prime TPB
     Collects The Authority: Prime #1-6; $17.99
Army@Love Vol. 2: Generation Pwned TPB
     Collects Army@Love #6-12; $12.99
Gon Vol. 5; $5.99
Kiichi And The Magic Books Vol. 2; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 2 HC (Variant 99)
     Collects Captain America Comics #5-8; $59.99
X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 12)
     Collects Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1-6; $19.99
X-Men: Endangered Species TPB
     Collects the story originally serialized in the X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot X-Men #200-204, Uncanny X-Men #488-491, X-Factor #21-23 and New X-Men #40-42; $19.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 9: New York's Finest Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #33-36; $7.99
Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors Digest
     This digest will have a limited print run; $9.99
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter In Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 HC (Book Market Edition)
     Collects Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #7-12; $19.99
Dark Horse
Lankhmar Book 6: Swords and Ice Magic; $12.95
Scrambled Ink; $19.99
Berserk Volume 24; $13.95
American Flagg! Vol. 1 HC
     By Howard Chaykin; Available for the first time as a deluxe hardcover collecting the series' first groundbreaking story arc! Plus: Additional cover paintings and promotional pieces by Chaykin, a Michael Chabon introduction, an afterword by Jim Lee, and as a special bonus -- a brand-new American Flagg! story written and illustrated by Chaykin exclusively for this edition! Collects American Flagg! #1-14; 440 pages, $49.99 (Limited signed and numbered, $69.99)
Scud The Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang!
     Collects Scud #1-24, Plus The Super-Sweet One-Shot Drywall: Unzipped; TPB $29.99; $99.99 HC
Comic Book Tattoo GN
     Over 80 of the best creators from every style and genre, have contributed over 50 stories to this anthology featuring stories inspired by the songs of multi-platinum recording artist, Tori Amos. 480 pages, $29.99 softcover (Limited signed and numbered hardcover, $149.99)
Madman Atomic Comics, Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Madman Atomic Comics #1-7; $17.99
Art of Witchblade
Complete Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty TPB/HC
     Written by Alex Garner, art by Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo, cover by Wood; This deluxe edition collects the entire 12-part Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty in one all-inclusive volume. $35 (Hardcover, $55)
Complete Badger TPB Vol 3 $19.99
Complete Popbot TPB
Device, Vol. 1
     An international group of contemporary artists whose work embodies the genius of invention and creativity have been bought together by Device Gallery to exhibit their most Fantastic Contraptions, creating a remarkable collection of curious things. Artists include Greg Brotherton, H.R. Giger, Ashley Wood, Stephane Halleux, Viktor Koen, Christopher Conte, Gregory Brotherton, Mike Libby, Nemo Gould and many others; $19.99
World War Robot
     Written, art and cover by Ashley Wood; 48 pages, $11.99
Airship Entertainment
Girl Genius TPB Vol 7 Agatha & Voice Of The Castle; $21.95
Big Finish
Doctor Who Short Trips Defining Patterns HC; $25.00
Doctor Who Short Trips Snapshots HC; $25.00
Boom! Studios
Schmobots TPB; $14.99
Aldebaran TPB Vol 1 Catastrophe; $19.95
Lucky Luke TPB Vol 11 Western Circus; $11.95
Desperado Publishing
Thirteen Steps Volume 1 TPB by Phil Hester, Chuck Satterlee and Kevin Mellon; $15.99
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance TPB Vol 4 Dragons Spring Dawning 2; $18.99
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy TPB Vol 1 Homeland (New Printing); $18.99
Spooks TPB Vol 1; $18.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Mercenaries TPB Vol 1; $12.99
Red Sonja TPB Vol 4 Animals and More; $19.99
Scout TPB Vol 2; $19.99
Terminator Infinity TPB Vol 1; $19.99
Our Gang SC Vol 3; $14.99
Harper Collins
Warren Ellis Crooked Little Vein MMPB; $13.95
Last Gasp
Dying Of Thirst HC; $24.95
Microcosm Publishing
Brainfag Forever GN; $9.00
Snakepit TPB Vol 3 2007; $6.00
Treasury Victorian Murder SC Vol. 7: The Murder of Abraham Lincoln; $9.95
Nerdcore LP
Meathaus SOS TPB; $30.00
Oni Press
Apocalipstix Vol 1 GN (resolicited); $11.95
Maintenance TPB Vol 3; $9.95
Mike Carey's Felix Castor Book 2 Vicious Circle; $24.99
Hardy Boys GN #14 SC $7.95; HC $12.95
Nancy Drew GN #14 SC $7.95; HC $12.95
Bionicle GN #2 SC $7.95, HC $12.95
Pocket Books
Who Can Save Us Now SC; $15.00
Praxis Comics
Scarletts Curse TPB; $18.99
Putnam Publishing Group
Dark Knight Novelization MMPB; $7.99
Random House
Boys Of Steel The Creators Of Superman HC by Marc Tyler Nobleman; Ross MacDonald; $16.99
Indiana Jones MMPB Dance Of The Giants; $6.99
Indiana Jones MMPB Peril At Delphi; $6.99
Indiana Jones MMPB Philosophers Stone; $6.99
Zaregoto Novel Book 1 Kubikiri Cycle**; $9.95
Simon & Schuster
Star Trek Myriad Universes SC Infinitys Prism; $16.00
Top Cow
The Art of Marc Silvestri Deluxe HC
     This oversized art book showcases some of Silvestri's favorite, most popular and most iconic images from his illustrious career; $29.99
Witchblade Volume 5 TPB
     Collects Witchblade #110-115 and First Born #1-3, features a brand-new painted cover by Sejic; $17.99
Top Shelf
How To Love HC, $29.95
Korgi GN Vol 2 Cosmic Collector, $10.00
Too Cool To Be Forgotten HC, $14.95
Yam by Corey Barba; $10.00
Transfuzion Publishing
Worlds Of HP Lovecraft TPB Vol 1; $15.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Flash Companion SC; $26.95
Jack Kirby Checklist (Gold Edition); $14.95
Modern Masters SC Vol 18 John Romita Jr; $14.95
Undercover Fish Books
Tragic Tale Of Turkey Boy An American Love Story GN; $14.95
Art Of The Dark Knight With Complete Script HC; $35.00
Vanguard Productions
Excess Art Of Michael Golden And How He Does It SC (New Printing); $24.95
Villard Books
Flight GN Vol 5; $25.00
Virgin Comics LLC
Stranded TPB Vol 01; $14.99
The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King (Blu-Ray)
Spaced: The Complete Series
Robin Hood: Season One (Blu-ray, BBC)
Robin Hood: Season Two (BBC)
The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season
Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season
Robot Chicken Star Wars

JULY 30 2008
DC Comics
The Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 5 HC
     Collects The Doom Patrol #114-121; $49.99
Batman: Going Sane TPB
     Collects Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight #65-68 and 100; $14.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 1 HC (Variant 100)
     Collects Sub-Mariner #34-35, Marvel Feature #1-3 and The Defenders #1-6; $54.99
Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion Premiere HC
     Collects Captain Marvel #1-5 and Civil War: The Return; $19.99
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 7 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #138-159, Giant-Size Super-Stars #1, Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2-4 and Avengers #12; $16.99
Thor by J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Thor #1-6; $14.99
Nova Vol. 2 Knowhere TPB
     Collects Nova #8-12 and Annual #1; $16.99
The Order Vol. 2: California Dreaming TPB
     Collects The Order #6-10; $12.99
Dark Horse
Robots and Donuts TPB; $24.95
Style School Volume 2 TPB; $16.95
The Workshop of Filthy Creation: The Art of Johnny Ace and Kali Verra HC; $19.99
Popgun, Vol. 2 GN; $29.99
Elephantmen Vol. 1 Wounded Animals TPB; $16.99
Journey, Vol. 1
     Written and art by William Messner-Loebs; IDW is re-presenting this work in two comprehensive volumes, the first of which collects issues 1-13. Sam Kieth, Messner-Loebs' partner on The Maxx, provides an intro; 424 pages, black and white, $19.99
Airship Entertainment
Girl Genius HC Vol 7 Agatha and The Voice Of The Castle; $39.95
Alterna Comics
Chair GN; $13.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Babysitter GN; $29.95
Dream Maiden Megan GN; $8.95
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives #8
     Collects #29-32
Bodega Distribution
Neverland GN; $7.00
Boom! Studios
Fall Of Cthulhu Vol. 2 Gathering TPB: $14.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Vol 2 (Limited Edition); $49.95
Path TPB Vol 3 Death & Dishonor (resolicited); $17.95
Chronicle Books
Obsessed With Star Wars HC; $29.95
Devils Due Publishing Inc
Chopper Zombie GN; $18.99
Forgotten Realms TPB Vol 7 The Legacy; $18.99
Halloween Nightdance TPB Vol 1; $18.99
Sabbath All Your Sins Reborn TPB Vol 1 The Collected Pogrom; $18.99
Serpo GN; $14.99
DMF Comics
Bear Stories GN Vol 1; $9.99
Drawn and Quarterly
White Rapids GN; $27.95
Girasol Collectables
Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 8; $14.95
Graphic Audio
DC Comics Batman The Stone King Audio CD; $19.99
DC Comics JLA Exterminators Audio CD; $19.99
Harper Collins
Colorscape Around The World Guide To Color SC; $19.95
Warren Ellis Crooked Little Vein MMPB; $13.95
Iron Circus Comics
Templar Arizona GN Vol 2 Mob Goes Wild; $17.00
Krause Publications
Bold Visions Digital Painting Bible SC; $19.99
Last Gasp
Art Of Herge Inventor Of Tintin HC Vol 1 (of 3); $39.95
Tokyo Zombie SC; $9.95
Little Rocket Publications
Wild Stars TPB Vol 1 Book of Circles; $17.95
Wild Stars Vol 3 #1-7 Set; $14.95
Clash TPB; $16.95
Kolchak The Night Stalker Sound Of Fear TPB; $13.95
Paizo Publishing
Michael Moorcocks Masters Of Pit SC; $12.99
Pocket Books
30 Days Of Night Eternal Damnation MMPB; $7.99
Star Trek Myriad Universes SC Infinitys Prism; $16.00
Star Trek The Next Generation Greater Than The Sum MMPB; $7.99
Random House
Elric TPB Vol 2 To Rescue Tanelorn; $15.00
Zaregoto Novel Book 1 Kubikiri Cycle; $9.95
Running Press
Completely Mad Don Martin HC; $150.00 (2nd Printing?)
Sunday Press Books
Little Nemo in Slumberland Many More Splendid Sundays (Volume 2); $125.00
W.W. Norton
Will Eisners Comics & Sequential Art SC (Revised Edition); $22.95
Will Eisners Graphic Storytelling SC (Revised Edition); $22.95
Zenescope Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales Oversized HC; $39.99
Lost Boys: The Tribe - Uncut
Beowulf: Director's Cut
Witchblade: The Complete Series
Stargate: Continuum
Dark City: Director's Cut

AUGUST 6 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects House of Secrets #81-98; $16.99
The Flash: The Wild Wests HC
     Collects The Flash #231-236; $24.99
Countdown: Arena TPB
     Collects Countdown: Arena #1-4; $17.99
DMZ Vol. 5: The Hidden War TPB
     Collects DMZ #23-28; $12.99
World of Warcraft Vol. 1 HC
     Collects World of Warcraft #1-6; $19.99
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 17; $9.99
Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Premiere HC (Diect and Book Market Editions)
     Collects Punisher (2000) #1-12; $24.99
Essential Man-Thing Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Man-Thing (1974) #15-22 and (1979) #1-11, Giant-Size Man-Thing #3-5, Marvel Team-Up #68, Marvel Two-In-One #43, and Doctor Strange #41; 536 Pgs. $16.99
Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing TPB
     Collects Dead Of Night Featuring Man-Thing #1-4; 96 Pgs. $14.99
Foolkiller: Fool's Paradise TPB
     Collects Foolkiller #1-5; $17.99
Spider-Man J Vol. 1: Turning Japanese Digest
     Collects Spider-Man Family #1-6; $9.99
Dark Horse
Creepy Archives Volume 1
     Brilliant, classic Creepy stories from 1964-1966 raised from the dead after 25 years. Featuring work by such comics luminaries as Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, Alex Toth, and Frank Frazetta. Volume One reprints the first five terrifying issues of the magazine's original run, reprinted in the original magazine size; 232 pages, black and white, $49.95
Star Wars: Dark Times Volume 2 TPB
     $17.95; Collects Star Wars Dark Times #6-10
The Mask Omnibus Volume 1 TPB
     $24.95; Collects The Mask, The Mask Returns, The Mask Strikes Back (long out-of- print) for the first time in one volume
Grendel: God And The Devil TPB; 320 pages, $29.95
Usagi Yojimbo HC Vol 22 Tomoes Story (Limited Edition); $59.95
Image Comics
Runes Of Ragnan TPB
     Collects Runes of Ragnan #1-4; $14.99
Arcana Studio
Dead Men Tell No Tales TPB; $14.95
Blurred Books
Blurred Vision GN Vol 4; $14.95
Boom! Studios
Cthulhu Tales TPB Vol 1; $15.99
Gemstone Publishing
Big Big Overstreet Price Guide Vol 38; $37.00
Harper Collins
X Files 2008 Movie Novelization MMPB; $7.99
IDW Publishing
Complete Zombies Vs Robots TPB; $19.99
Star Trek The Next Generation Intelligence Gathering TPB; $19.99
Neck Bolt Publishing
Trap Door Maker Phantom Of The Opera Prequel TPB; $19.99
Penny Farthing Press
Victorian TPB Act 4 Self Overcoming; $19.95
Prestel Publishing
Velvet Hammer Burlesque HC; $60.00
Random House
Star Wars the Clone Wars HC Book 1; $20.00
Renaissance Press
Amelia Rules Funny Stories TPB Vol 1; $4.99
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 19; $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 20; $12.95
Sterling Publishing
Eagle Annual HC Best Of 1950s; $19.95
Titan Books UK
Jeff Hawke HC Vol 2 Ambassadors; $19.95
Twomorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #2; $8.95
Viper Comics
Kid Houdini And The Silver Dollar Misfits GN Vol 1; $9.95
Vendor GN; $11.95
Get Smart: Season One
Transformers: Animated Season One
South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season
Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered - Season Two

AUGUST 13 2008
DC Comics
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier - The Absolute Edition HC
     This amazing new Absolute Edition is sure to thrill fans, and includes a 3-D section complete with custom 3-D glasses, plus text pieces, maps, and a stunning cutaway double-page spread of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine by Kevin O'Neill. As if this wasn't enough, also included is a NEW rarity: a 45-rpm vinyl recording of the song "Immortal Love," sung by Alan Moore himself!; $99.00
Justice League International Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Justice League International #8-13, Justice League Annual #1 and Suicide Squad #13; $24.99
Robin: Year One TPB (New Printing); $14.99
Supergirl: Beyond Good and Evil TPB
     Collects Supergirl #23-29; $17.99
Millennium TPB
     The 1988 8-issue miniseries Millennium is collected for the first time; $19.99
Simon Dark Vol. 1: What Simon Does TPB
     Collects Simon Dark #1-6; $14.99
Deathblow ...And Then You Live TPB
     Collects Deathblow #1-9; $19.99
Testament Vol. 4: Exodus TPB
     Collects Testament #17-22; $14.99
Two Flowers For The Dragon Vol. 2; $9.99
Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis Vol. 2: Caged Angels Premiere HC
     Collects Thunderbolts #116-121; $19.99
Moon Knight Vol. 3: God and Country Premiere HC
     Collects Moon Knight #14-19; $19.99
Spider-Man: One More Day TPB and Variant
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #544-545, Sensational Spider-Man #41, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 and Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man - One More Day/Brand New Day; $19.99
New X-Men by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 2 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #127-141; 360 Pgs. $34.99
Wolverine: Get Mystique TPB
     Collects Wolverine #62-65; $10.99
New Exiles Vol. 1: New Life, New Gambit TPB
     Collects New Exiles #1-6; $15.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 3: Strongest One There Is Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Hulk #9-12; $7.99
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: Picture Of Dorian Gray #1-6; $19.99
Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe GN (New Printing); $4.99
Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Web Of Spider-Man #32-33, Amazing Spider-Man #393-394 and Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132; $14.99
Hulk Chronicles: WWH #2
     Collects World War Hulk #1 and Incredible Hulk #107; $4.99
Dark Horse
X Omnibus Volume 2 TPB
     $24.95; Collects X #12-25; Someone to Watch Over Me” from Dark Horse Extra #28-31, all never before collected
Oh My Goddess! Volume 30; $10.95
Blood+ Manga Volume 3 TPB; $10.95
AiT/Planet Lar
Black Diamond Get In The Car And Go TPB; $19.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Nightmares & Fairy Tales TPB Vol 4; $14.95
Arcana Studio
Clockwork Girl HC; $14.95
Big Finish
Doctor Who Short Trips Destination Prague HC; $25.00
Cartoon Books
Bone Boxed Set #1 Books 1-3; $26.96
DK Publishing Co
Hulk The Incredible Guide HC (Revised Edition); $24.99
Eye Witness
Eye Witness GN Vol 3 Rise Of The Apostle; $13.99
Complete Guide To Special Effects Makeup; $22.99
Happy Medium
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 10; $26.95
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Presents Modelling 21st Century; $26.95
Harper Collins
500 Essential Graphic Novels SC; $24.95
IDW Publishing
Igor Movie Adaptation TPB; $17.99
Igor Movie Prequel TPB; $17.99
Jack Lake Productions
Classics Illustrated Call Of The Wild; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Journey To The Center Of The Earth; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Romeo & Juliet; $9.99
Classics Illustrated Roughrider; $14.99
Classics Illustrated Time Machine; $9.99
Treasury Of 20th Century Vol 1 Murder Of Lindbergh Child; $15.95
Nancy Drew Vol 14 Sleight Of Dan; HC $12.95; GN $7.95
Pearl Press
John Buscema Life In Sketches SC; $24.95
Random House
Boys Of Steel The Creators Of Superman Yr HC; $16.99
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files TPB Vol 10; $31.00
Running Press
Mammoth Book Of Best Crime Comics TPB; $17.95
Whack A Zombie Kit; $6.95
Simon & Schuster
Star Trek Myriad Universes SC Echoes; $16.00
Top Shelf Productions
From Shadow Of Northern Lights TPB; $19.95
Tundra Publishing
Kidnapped GN; $11.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters SC Vol 17 Lee Weeks; $14.95
Vanguard Productions
Paintings Of J Allen St John HC (Deluxe Edition) $59.95; (Regular Edition) $34.95
Viper Comics
Middleman Collected Series Indispensability Compendium SC; $19.95
DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures - 2-disc
South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season

AUGUST 20 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: The Atom Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects The Atom #18-38; $16.99
The Superman Chronicles Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Superman #8-9 and Stories From Action Comics #32-36 and World's Best Comics #1; $14.99
Midnighter Vol. 2: Anthem TPB
     Collects Midnighter #7 and 10-15; $14.99
The Sandman Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives TPB
     Collects The Sandman Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #1-4; $12.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10 HC (Variant Volume 101)
     Collects The Amazing Spider-Man #88-99; $54.99
Wolverine: Logan Premiere HC and Wolverine: Logan Black and White Premiere HC
     Collects Logan #1-3, plus extras; $19.99
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #6-20; 368 Pgs. $39.99
Mighty Avengers Vol. 1: The Ultron Initiative TPB
     Collects Mighty Avengers #1-6; $14.99
X-Men: Divided We Stand TPB
     Collects X-Men: Divided We Stand #1-2 and X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files; $12.99
Punisher War Journal Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Punisher War Journal #1-8; $24.99
Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin Of Danny Rand
     Collects a re-presentation of Marvel Premiere #15-16; $3.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
     Scripted by the game's author Haden Blackman this graphic novel can be enjoyed alone or as a companion to the game; 104 pages $17.95
Herbie Archives Volume 1 HC
     $49.95; Herbie Archives Volume 1 collects the earliest appearances of Herbie, as he battles monsters, bends time and space, and gets the better of Fidel Castro! Herbie is a delightfully weird, all-ages barrel of laughs!
MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 1
     The first six issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents includes Joss Whedon's complete rock'n'roll saga Sugarshock!; $19.95
The Art Of Marc Silvestri SC; $19.99; HC $29.99
Youngblood TPB Vol 1 Focus Tested, $9.99
Archie Comics
Katy Keene Special #1 TPB
     Collects Andrew Pepoy's work on the character from Archie & Friends #101-110 and will also include a new story by Pepoy that charts Katy's whirlwind career; 112 pages, $10.95
A-Okay Comics
Myth Of 8-Opus Prologue GN (Expanded Edition); $14.99
Andrews and McMeel
Lio TPB Vol 2 Silent But Deadly; $12.99
Anime Works Publications
Eiken GN Vol 11; $10.99
Strawberry Chan GN Vol 2 Super Cool Life; $11.99
Avatar Press
Gravel Never A Dull Day HC (Signed); $76.49
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance The Legend Of Huma HC Vol 1; $34.99
Dr. Master Publications
Four Constables TPB Vol 1 (New Printing); $13.95
Puri Puri GN Vol 6; $9.95
Abandoned Cars HC; $22.99
So Thats Where The Demented Wented Rory Hayes SC; $22.99
IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Agent Provacateur TPB; $19.99
Scorchy Smith And The Art Of Noel Sickles HC; $49.99
Lerner Publishing Group
Graphic Universe Beowulf Monster Slayer SC; $8.95
Graphic Universe King Arthur Fight For Camelot SC; $8.95
Graphic Universe Sinbad Sailing Into Peril SC; $8.95
Graphic Universe Theseus Battling The Minotaur SC; $8.95
Bionicle Vol 2; GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Tales From The Crypt Vol 04 Crypt Keeping It Real (Collectors Edition); HC $12.95 GN $7.95
New Press
Will Eisners Expressive Anatomy For Comics SC; $22.95
Random House
Alfred Hitchcock Story HC (New Edition); $35.00
Star Wars The Force Unleashed HC Novel; $25.95
Slaine Horned God GN; $29.50
St. Martins Press
Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard SC; $16.95
Titan Books UK
Best Of Roy Of The Rovers TPB The 1980s; $14.95
Tundra Publishing
Good-Bye Marianne GN; $12.95
Virgin Comics
Stranded HC Vol 1 (Limited Edition); $29.99
W.W. Norton & Company
Jews & American Comics Illustrated History Of American Art Form; $29.95
Welcome Books
Force Unleashed Art Of The Game HC; $29.95
The Fletch Collection
Heroes: Season One and Heroes: Season Two (both Blu-ray)

AUGUST 27 2008
DC Comics
JLA Vol. 1: The Deluxe Edition HC
     Collects JLA #1-9 and JLA Secret Files #1; $29.99
The Brave and The Bold Vol. 2: The Book of Destiny HC
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #7-12; $24.99
Metal Men HC
     Collects Metal Men #1-8; $24.99
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and The Extremists TPB
     Collects Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and The Extremists #1-6; $17.99
Suicide Squad: TPB
     Collects Suicide Squad #1-6; $19.99
All Star Superman Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects All Star Superman #1-6; $12.99
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 6; $9.99
Dokkoida?! Vol. 3; $9.99
Venus In Love Vol. 4; $9.99
Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev Omnibus Volume 1 HC
     Collects Daredevil #16-19 and #26-60; $100
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 3 HC (Variant Volume 102)
     Collects Marvel Mystery Comics #9-12; $59.99
X-Men: Legacy - Divided He Stands Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects X-Men: Legacy #208-212; $19.99
Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe A To Z Vol. 4 Premiere HC
     From the Elf with a Gun to Guardians of the Galaxy; $24.99
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven TPB
     Collects Immortal Iron Fist #8-14 and Annual #1; $17.99
Young Inhumans TPB
     Collects Inhumans #1-12; $24.99
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic Book 3 TPB
     Collects X-Men #55, Uncanny X-Men #336, Cable #35, X-Force #58, and Thor #502, in addition to the originally solicited X-Man #19, Incredible Hulk #445, Iron Man #332, Avengers #402, and Wolverine #105; 248 Pgs. $29.99
She-Hulk Vol. 6: Jaded TPB
     Collects She-Hulk #22-27; $14.99
New Warriors Vol. 2: Thrashed TPB
     Collects New Warriors #7-13; $19.99
Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #342-346; $14.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol. 3: Hero by Design Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Iron Man #9-12; $7.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Volume 4--Daze Of Hate, Knights Of Suffering; $18.95
Barb Wire Omnibus
     Barb Wire Omnibus collects all the original Dark Horse Barb Wire tales, including the never-before-collected Ace of Spades series; 320 pages, $24.95
Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight
     Written and art by Chris Onstad; 96 pages, black and white, $14.95
Appleseed Book 3: The Scales Of Prometheus (3rd Edition) TPB; $14.95
Fear Agent: Hatchet Job Vol 4; $14.95
Hawaiian Dick, Vol. 3: Screaming Black Thunder TPB; $14.99
The Surreal Adventures Of Edgar Allan Poo, Book 2 GN; $12.99
Ultra: Seven Days TPG by Joshua Luna (new printing); $17.99
Tellos Colossal, Vol. 2 HC
     Collecting all the rest! This massive, oversized volume collects all other Tellos material beyond Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo's original 10 issues. This book contains "Maiden Voyage", "The Last Heist", "Sons and Moons" and the three issue, "Tales of Tellos!"; 240 pages, $39.99
Devoid Of Life GN by Raffaele Inco; $14.99
New World Order: Dawn Of A New Day TPB by Gus Higuera; $16.99
PX! Book 1: A Girl And Her Panda (new printing); $16.99
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Tales from the Crypt Vol. 3
     Collects Tales from the Crypt #13-18; $49.99
EC Archives Weird Science HC Vol 3 (Limited Leather Bound Edition); $150.00
Al Jaffe Tall Tales HC; $14.95
Manga Shakespeare Julius Caesar GN,$9.95
Manga Shakespeare Macbeth GN,$9.95
Abstract Studio
Terry Moores Echo TPB Vol 1 Moon Lake,$15.95
Avatar Press
Warren Ellis Scars TPB (New Printing),$17.99
Boom! Studios
Foundation TPB; $15.99
Chronicle Books
Indiana Jones Handbook Complete Adventurers Guide HC; $18.95
Dr. Master Publications
Chinese Hero SC Vol 1-4 Set; $59.95
IDW Publishing
Templesmith Art Of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse SC; $19.99
Transformers Animated TPB Vol 04; $7.99
Williams Dinosaurs HC; $15.99
Image Comics
Astounding Wolf Man TPB (resolicited); $14.99
New World Order Dawn Of A New Day TPB; $16.99
Strange Embrace HC Vol 1; $34.99
Surreal Adventures Of Edgar Allan Poo GN Vol 2; $12.99
Witchblade TPB Vol 5; $17.99
Nemo Publishing
Undersea Adventures Of Captain Eli GN Vol 1; $9.99
Osprey Publishing
Complete History Of Piracy; $24.95
Paizo Publishing
Infernal Sorceress SC; $12.99
Hardy Boys GN Vol 14; $7.95
Pocket Books
Wolverine MMPB Election Day; $7.99
Scholastic Press
Sipping Spiders Through A Straw HC; $15.99
St. Martins Press
Boogiepop At Dawn Novel Vol 1; $7.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #80; $6.95
Udon Entertainment
Evyione Ocean Fantasy GN Vol 1; $11.95
Vanguard Productions
Paintings Of J Allen St John SC; $24.95
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector's Edition and Ultimate Collector's DVD Gift Set (SRP $179.99) that will include the 3-disc DVD
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
The Shield: The Complete Sixth Season

DC Comics
The Death of The New Gods HC
     Collects The Death of The New Gods #1-8; $29.99
Showcase Presents: Superman Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Stories From Action Comics #293-310 and Superman #157-167; $16.99
Dr. Fate: Countdown To Mystery TPB
     Collects Stories From Countdown To Mystery #1-8; $17.99
Invasion TPB
     The massive 3-issue miniseries from 1988 is collected for the first time; $24.99
John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician TPB
     Collects Hellblazer #238-242; $14.99
America's Best Comics Primer TPB
     Collects Tom Strong #1, Promethea #1, Top 10 #1 and Tomorrow Stories #1; $4.99
King Of Cards Vol. 5; $9.99
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 4; $7.99
Teru Teru X Shonen Vol. 3; $9.99
Clandestine: Blood Relative Premiere HC
     Collects Clandestine #1-5; $19.99
The Twelve Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects The Twelve #1-6; $24.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 5 HC
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #42-53; $34.99
Essential Thor Vol. 2 TPB (All-New Edition)
     Collects Thor #113-136 and Annual #1-2; $16.99
Counter X Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Generation X #63-70; $19.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 20: And His Amazing Friends TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #118-122; $12.99
Iron Manual TPB
     Collects The Iron Manual, The All-New Iron Manual and Material From The Iron Man/Force Works Collector's Preview; $19.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 10: Identity Crisis Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #37-40; $7.99
The Twelve #1/2
     Collects Material From Daring Mystery Comics #1-2 (January-February 1940), Human Torch Comics #2 (Fall 1940) and Usa Comics #2 (November 1941); $3.99
Dark Horse
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 5 TPB
     $24.95; Collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Haunted, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blood of Carthage, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Autumnal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz Into the Wild, DHP 2000: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Take Back the Night, DHP #150: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Killing Time
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 7; $10.95
MPD-Psycho Volume 6; $10.95
Image Comics
Mixtape, Vol. 2 HC; $24.99 (Limited signed and numbered edition, $49.99)
IDW Publishing
The Complete Badger, Vol. 4; $19.99
Rogue Angel: Teller Of Tall Tales; $19.99
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Best Of Vampirella Lost Tales TPB (Arthur Suydam Signed & Numbered Edition); $39.95
Andrews and McMeel
Dilbert TPB Pretend To Add Value; $12.99
Rapunzels Revenge SC; $14.99
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror TPB Vol 5 Dead Mans Jest; $15.95
Checker Book Publishing Group
Beetle Bailey By Mort Walker HC Vol 1; $24.95
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Bone Print Signed By Jeff Smith; $25.00
DK Publishing
Vertigo Encyclopedia HC; $30.00
Elder Signs Press
Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia; $17.95
Comics Journal #292; $11.99
Complete Crumb Comics SC #11 (New Printing); $19.99
Deitchs Pictorama SC; $18.99
Krazy & Ignatz TPB 1925-1926 A Happy Lend Fur Away (New Printing); $19.99
Portable Frank SC; $16.99
:01 First Second
Life Sucks HC (Collectors Edition); $29.95
Prince Of Persia GN (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $16.95
Slow Storm GN; $17.95
Girl Twirl Comics
Martian Confederacy GN Vol 1 Rednecks Red Planet; $15.00
Grand Central Publishing
Shooting War TPB; $13.99
Kodansha America
Yokai Attack Japanese Monster Survival Guide SC; $14.95
Impossible Territories Unofficial Companion To The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen; $15.95
Tales Of Zorro SC; $16.95
Oog & Blik
Waiting For Food Crumb Placemat Drawings HC Vol 2 (New Printing); $25.99
Waiting For Food Crumb Placemat Drawings HC Vol 4; $25.99
Random House
Heroes MMPB Saving Charlie; $7.99
Star Wars Coruscant Nights MMPB Vol 2 Street Of Shadows; $7.99
Trick R Treat HC (Slipcased); $45.00
Button Man TPB Confession Of Harry Exton; $30.99
Judge Anderson TPB Shamballa; $34.00
Judge Dredd Megazine #275; $7.50
Nikolai Dante Sword Of The Tsar TPB; $30.50
Stickleback GN; $21.00
Running Press
You Must Remember This Warner Bros Story HC; $50.00
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 20; $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 21; $12.95
Seven Seas Entertainment
Dance In The Vampire Bund GN Vol 2; $9.99
Sterling Publishing
Book Of The Vampire HC; $24.95
Taschen America
Sex to Sexty; $39.99
WWW Hr Giger Com HC; $14.99
Titan Books UK
Modesty Blaise TPB Vol 14 Green Cobra; $19.95
Top Shelf Productions
Pinky & Stinky GN (New Printing); $15.00
Tyndale House Publishers
Dopple Ganger Chronicles HC Vol 1 First Escape; $19.99
Underwood Books
Telling Stories Classic Comic Art Of Frank Frazetta HC (Deluxe); $49.95
Zenescope Entertainment
Return To Wonderland Complete Signed Set; $25.00
The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
The Big Bang Theory - The Complete First Season
Transformers (Blu-ray)
The Invincible Iron Man [Blu-ray]
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Deluxe Edition

DC Comics
Batman: The Black Glove HC
     Batman #667-669 and 672-675; $24.99
Gotham Central Vol. 1: In The Line Of Fire HC
     The first ten issues of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning series is collected in hardcover for the first time; $29.99
Watchmen TPB (International Edition); $19.99
Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash TPB (MR)
     Collects #1-6; $17.99
The Key To The Kingdom Vol. 5; $9.99
The Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol. 4; $9.99
Daredevil: Guardian Devil 10th Anniversary Edition Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Daredevil #1-8; $24.99
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 5 - Deadpool Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #21-25; $19.99
Omega: The Unknown Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Omega: The Unknown #1-10; $29.99
X-Men Vs. Apocalypse Vol. 2: Ages Of Apocalypse TPB
     Collects X-51 #8, Uncanny X-Men #378 and Annual 1999, Cable #77, Wolverine #148, X-Men Unlimited #26, X-Men #98 and X-Men: The Search Of Cyclops #1-4; $29.99
Eternals By Jack Kirby Book 2 TPB
     Collects Eternals #12-19 and Annual 1; $24.99
Ultimate Power TPB
     Collects Ultimate Power #1-9; $29.99
Spider-Man/Red Sonja TPB
     Collects Spider-Man/Red Sonja #1-5 — Plus Marvel Team-Up #79, The Never-Before Reprinted Tale By Legends Chris Claremont and John Byrne That Started It All; $14.99
Lords Of Avalon: Sword Of Darkness HC and Variant
     Collects Lords Of Avalon: Sword Of Darkness #1-6; $19.99
Red Prophet: The Tales Of Alvin Maker Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Red Prophet: The Tales Of Alvin Maker #7-12; $15.99
Hulk Chronicles: WWH #3
     Reprinting Incredible Hulk #108 and World War Hulk #2; $4.99
Image Comics
The Art of Marc Silvestri Deluxe SC; $19.99
Bizarre The Best of: Volumes 1-10 Uncensored
Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 3
Smallville The Complete 7th Season
Spectacular Spider-Man Attack Of The Lizard
Superman Returns (Blu-ray)
The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard
Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2 (Blu-ray Disc)
The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Edition
Cool Hand Luke (Deluxe Edition)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season Three

DC Comics
Superman: Kryptonite HC
     Collects Superman Confidential #1-6; $25
Justice League Of America: The Tornado’s Path TPB
     Collects #1-7; $17.99
JSA Presents: Green Lantern TPB
     Collects Green Lantern: Brightest Day/Blackest Night and JSA Classified #25 and #32-33; $14.99
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters: Brave New World TPB
     Collects #1-8; $14.99
Loveless Vol. 3: Blackwater Falls TPB
     Collects Loveless #13-21; $14.99
Janes In Love GN; $9.99
Orfina Vol. 4; $12.99
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume 11 (Variant Vol. 103)
     Collects Fantastic Four #105-116; $55.00
Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 3 Premiere HC
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #559-563; $19.99
Essential Iron Man Vol. 1 TPB (All-New Edition)
     Collects Tales Of Suspense #39-72; $16.99
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Material From Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe — Master Edition; $16.99
Captain America: The Death Of Captain America Vol. 2 - The Burden Of Dreams TPB
     Collects Captain America #31-36; $14.99
Power Pack: Day One Digest
     Collects Power Pack: Year One #1-4; $7.99
Incredible Hercules: Against The World TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk 112-115 and Hulk Vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide; $14.99
Dark Horse
Path Of The Assassin Volume 13: Hateful Burden; $9.95
Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby
     Written by Steve Niles art by Nick Stakal cover by Tim Bradstreet; Collecting the four-issue miniseries; $12.95
Astro Boy 1 and 2; 424 pages, black and white, $14.95
Turok: Son Of Stone; $14.95
Image Comics
Devoid Of Life GN; $14.99
Ultra TPB Vol 1 Seven Days (New Printing), $17.99
Drawn & Quarterly
Burma Chronicles HC; $19.95
Transformers Spotlight, Vol. 3
     This volume focuses on Blaster (art by Emiliano Santalucia), Arcee (art by Alex Milne), Grimlock (art by Marcelo Matere), Mirage (art by Guido Guidi), and Wheelie (art by Klaus Scherwinski); $19.99
Last Gasp
Tolerance HC; $40.00
Oni Press
Local HC; $29.99
Red 5 Comics
Abyss Volume 1 TPB; $9.95
Rough Guides
Rough Guide To Graphic Novels HC (Limited Edition), $35.00; SC, $18.99
Harry Potter & Sorcerers Stone (10th Anniversary Edition); $30.00
Into The Volcano HC; $18.99
Seven Seas Entertainment
Afro Samurai SC Vol 1 (of 2); $10.99
Subterranean Press
Kull Exile Of Atlantis HC (Signed); $150.00
Taschen America
Illustration Now HC (25th Anniversary Edition); $14.99
Duckman Seasons 1 & 2
Speed Racer (Widescreen Edition)
The Hulk (2003) (Blu-ray)
The Mist: Two-Disc Collector's Edition
Star Trek: Alternate Realities - Fan Collective
Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season
Torchwood: The Complete Second Season
Risky Business: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

DC Comics
Absolute Ronin HC
     Ronin, the acclaimed epic by Frank Miller. This breathtaking Absolute Edition includes rarely seen promotional art, fold-out pages and more special features; $99.00
Wonder Woman: The Circle HC
     Collects issues #14-19; $24.99
Showcase Presents: Metal Men Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Metal Men #16-36 and The Brave and The Bold #66; $16.99
Batman Black & White Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Batman: Gotham Knights #17-49, standard trim size; $19.99
JLA: Salvation Run TPB
     Collects #1-7; $19.99
Kingdom Come TPB (New Printing); $17.99
     Collects the stunning 8-issue miniseries; $19.99
100 Bullets Vol. 12: Dirty TPB (MR)
     Collects #84-88; $12.99
The Girl Who Runs Through Time Vol. 1; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol. 3 - Featuring Sub-Mariner and Human Torch (Variant Vol. 104)
     Collects Sub-Mariner #33-42; $60.00
Cable Vol. 1: Messiah War Premiere HC
     Collects Cable #1-5; $19.99
Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom Premiere HC
     Collects Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom #1-4; $19.99
Marvel Boy Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Marvel Boy #1-6; $24.99
Black Panther: Back To Africa TPB
     Collects Black Panther #35-38 and Annual #1; $16.99
Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #495-499; $14.99
Wolverine: First Class - The Rookie TPB
     Collects Wolverine: First Class #1-4, Plus Wolverine’S First Appearance From Incredible Hulk #181; $12.99
X-Factor: The Only Game In Town Premiere HC
     Collects X-Factor #28-32 and X-Factor: The Quick and The Dead; $19.99
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick #1-6; $19.99
Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles Digest
     Collects Spider-Man Family #7-9; $9.99
Punisher Kills Marvel Universe (2nd Printing Steve Dillon Variant Cover), $4.99
Mini Marvels TPB Vol 1 Rock Paper Scissors Digest (New Printing), $9.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope For The Galaxy: From Tatooine To Dark Empire HC
     800 pages; $99.95; Luke Skywalker’s greatest adventures from over thirty years of comics are compiled in a single slipcased hardcover!
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume 1 - Shipyards Of Doom; $6.95
Nemesis Archives Volume One
     Collects stories from Adventures into the Unknown #154-171 (1965-1967) originally published by American Comics Group. The book touts that this will be a complete run of the character, although there is no mention if it will contain the two Nemesis crossovers from Forbidden World’s #136, where he meets the Magicman or Herbie #8 where Nemesis and Magicman meet The Fat Fury. 264 pages, $59.95
Abe Sapien Volume 1: The Drowning
     Collects Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1-5; $17.95
Berserk Volume 25; $13.95
Conan Volume 6: The Hand Of Nergal HC; $24.95, TPB $17.88
Help Is On The Way A Collection Of Basic Instructions TPB, $10.95
Nothing Nice To Say; $9.95
Turok Son of Stone TP, $14.95
Image Comics
Red Rocket 7 HC (Limited Edition), $49.99 and TPB, $16.99
Spawn Collection TPB Vol 6, $29.99
Top Cow (Image)
Madame Mirage Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Season 1 of this amazing story, a cover gallery, and insightful behind-the-scenes material, plus an all-new cover by Kenneth Rocafort; $14.99
Andrews and McMeel
Potpourrific Great Big Grab Bag Of Get Fuzzy, $16.99
Avatar Press
Black Summer TPB, $24.99
Del Rey
Star Wars Republic Commando Novel Order 66, $27.00
Complete Peanuts HC Vol 10 1969-1970, $28.99
Ghost World HC (Special Edition), $39.99
Sublife Gn, $8.99
Gemstone Publishing
Barks Rosa Collection TPB Vol 3 Golden Helmet Charts Columbus, $8.99
Locke & Key HC; $24.99
     Collects #1-6, a complete cover gallery, conceptual sketches by Gabriel Rodriguez, and an all-new introduction from best-selling mystery novelist Robert Crais
Star Trek Archives Vol. 1: Best Of Peter David
     The stories in this volume focus on the first crew of the U.S.S. EnterpriseóCaptain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Mr. Chekov; $19.99
Spaghetti Bros, Vol. 1 HC; $24.99
Templesmiths Art Of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse HC (With Sketch), $100; (Signed & Numbered), $49.99
Houghton Mifflin Company
Best American Comics HC 2008, $22.00
Krause Publications
Magic Of Drawing SC, $22.99
Oni Press
Love The Way You Love TPB Side B, $11.95
Classics Illustrated HC Vol 3 Through The Looking Glass, $9.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue #30, $6.95
Brickjournal Compendium SC Vol 1, $39.95
Draw #16, $6.95
X-Men The Characters and Their Universe HC, $75.00
University Press Of Mississippi
Garry Trudeau Doonesbury & Aesthetics Of Satire SC, $22.00
Stepping Into The Picture SC, $20.00
Working With Walt SC, $22.00
Viper Comics
Dead At 17 TPB Vol 4 13th Brother (Resolicited), $11.95
Friday the 13th: The Series - The First Season
The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration Giftset DVD

OCTOBER 1 2008
DC Comics
Green Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Album HC
     Collects the GA/BC Wedding Special and the first five issues of the happy couple’s hot new series, and guest-stars the Justice League of America; $19.99
The Spirit Vol. 2 HC
     Collects issues #7-13; $24.99
Blue Beetle Vol. 4: Endgame TPB
     Featuring a story that ties into “The Sinestro Corps War,” this volume collects Blue Beetle #20-26. This title also includes the special Spanish language story, along with the script translated into English; $14.99
Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects #25-13; $19.99
Green Lantern: Revenge Of The Green Lanterns TPB
     Collects Green Lantern #7-13; $12.99
Justice Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects #5-8; $14.99
Superman: The Third Kryptonian TPB
     Collects Superman #668-670 and Action Comics #847 and the backup story from Superman Annual #13; $14.99
Number Of The Beast TPB
The Alcoholic HC by Jonathan Ames (MR); $19.99
Cairo SC (MR) by G. Willow Wilson; $17.99
Steel Fist Riku Vol. 2; $9.99
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Premiere HC
     Collects Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1-5; $24.99
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Ultimate Iron Man II #1-5; $19.99
Iron Man: The Art Of Iron Man The Movie HC
     Note: This Title Will Have A Limited Print Run; $49.99
Marvel Zombies TPB & DM Only Covers
     Collects Marvel Zombies #1-5; $15.99
Punisher MAX: From First To Last TPB
     Collects Punisher: The Tyger, Punisher: The Cell and Punisher: The End; $15.99
American Dream: Beyond Courage TPB
     Collects American Dream #1-5; $14.99
March On Ultimatum Saga
     This handy primer reaches all the way back to Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and Ultimate X-Men #1; with stops along the way for Ultimate Fantastic Four; The Ultimates 1, 2 and 3; Ultimate Origins; the Ultimate Annuals; and more - recapping all the key beats leading up to the Ultimatum event!
Dark Horse
Roy Rogers Archives Volume 1
     Collects Dell Four-Color Comic #38, 63, 86, 95, and 109; $49.95
Predator Omnibus Volume 4
     This volume collects Predator : Primal #1-2, Predator: Nemesis #1-2, Predator: Homeworld #1-4, Predator: Xenogenesis #1-4, Predator: Hell Come a Walkin' #1-2, Predator: Captive one-shot, and "Predator: Demon's Gold" (from DHP #137); $24.95
Harvey Classics Library Vol 4: Baby Huey; $19.95
The Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 4
     Collects Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian #37-48; 500 pages, black and white, $19.95
The Night Of Your Life HC; $15.95
Gantz Volume 2; $12.95
Shadowline (Image)
Vignettes: The Director's Cut TPB
     Collected for the first time in chronological order are the critically acclaimed, award winning stories from Valentino #1-3 and Drawing From Life #1-2, plus a few new surprises; $14.99.
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives #9
     Collects Collects #33-36; $7.49
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TPB; $17.95
Ancient Squid Media
Broken Girls GN Vol 1; $10.00
Andrews and McMeel
Bizarro Buccaneers Nuthin But Pirate Cartoons SC; $9.99
Barrons Educational Series
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die HC; $35.00
Fantasy Artists Figure Drawing Bible HC; $21.99
How To Draw & Paint Fairyland SC; $21.99
Lucky Luke TPB Vol 12 Rivals Of Painful Gulch; $11.95
Scorpion GN Vol 1 Devils Mark; $19.95
Devils Due Publishing
Covers Of Dungeons & Dragons HC; $49.99
Forgotten Realms TPB Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus Vol 1; $34.99
DK Publishing
DC Comics Encyclopedia HC (Updated And Expanded Edition)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $40.00
DMF Comics
Silent Leaves GN Vol 2 Exceptions To Life; $19.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Against Pain HC; $24.95
Aya Of Yop City HC; $19.95
Moomin Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip HC Vol 3; $19.95
Dynamite Entertainment
The Boys Vol. 3: Good For The Soul TPB
     Colects Good For The Soul (issues 15-18) and I Tell You No Lie, G.I. (issues 19-22);$19.99
Exhibit A Press
Soddyssey & Other Tales Of Supernatural Law TPB; $17.95
Complete Peanuts HC 1967-1970 Box Set (contains Vol 9 and Vol 10); $49.99
:01 First Second
Gus & His Gang TPB; $16.95
Lost Colony SC Book 3 Last Rights; $18.95
Fluid Friction
Devashard SC Vol 1 At First Light; $5.95
Gemstone Publishing
Hopalong Cassidy American Legend HC; $75.00
Graphic Audio
DC Comics Superman Never Ending Battle Audio CD
Harper Collins
Neil Gaiman Graveyard Book HC; $17.99
Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Vol. 5
     January 1938 through July 1939; $29.99
Star Trek: New Frontier TPB; $19.99
The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, Vol. 1
     The official guidebook to the Transformers universe is finally back in print; $24.99
Black Heart Billy TPB; $19.99
Vigfus The Viking HC, $16.99
Eds Terrestrials IDW SC, $11.99
Everybodys Dead TP, $19.99
Ghost Whisperer Haunted TP, $11.99
Silent Hill Omnibus
     This collection includes Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales, and Silent Hill: Dead/Alive; 432 pages, $24.95
Pantheon Books
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down HC; $24.95
Pocket Essentials
Pocket Essential Series SC Vampire Films; $9.95
Prima Publishing
Lego Batman Official Players Guide; $19.99
Raw Junior
Silly Lilly And The Four Seasons SC; $4.99
Running Press
Harry Potter Wizards Wand & Sticker Book; $8.95
Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 19; $13.95
Simon & Schuster
Star Trek 101 SC; $16.00
Th3Rd World Studios
Space Doubles Collection TPB Vol 1; $19.95
Top Shelf
Essex County (Vol 3): The Country Nurse; $9.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego 81; $6.95
Collected Jack Kirby TP Vol 6, $29.95
W.W. Norton
Blek Le Rat SC; $22.95
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Collection 6: Air Team (Vehicle Force)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Three-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)
Iron Man
Daredevil: Director's Cut (Blu-ray)
Popeye & Friends: Volume Two
Popeye The Sailor: 1941-1943 - Volume Three
     Include four previously banned wartime Popeye cartoons: You're A Sap, Mister Jap (1942), Scrap The Japs (1942), Spinach fer Britain (1943) and Seein' Red, White, and Blue (1943)
The Mindscape of Alan Moore
U2: Live at Red Rocks - Under a Blood Red Sky

OCTOBER 8 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Blackhawk Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Blackhawk #108-127; $16.99
Batman and The Outsiders Vol. 1: The Chrysalis TPB
     Collects the first five issues of the new action; $14.99
Batman Black & White Vol. 2 TPB - New Edition
     Collects Batman: Gotham Knights #1-16 and four stories created for this title, now offered at DC’s standard trim size; $19.99
Birds Of Prey: Metropolis Or Dust TPB
     Collects #113-117; $17.99
DC Comics Goes Ape TPB
     Collects simian stories from Superboy #76, Superman #138, The Flash (Vol. 1) #127, Detective Comics #339 and 482, Hawkman #16, Wonder Woman #170, Strange Adventures #201, Shazam #9, Super Friends #30 and The Flash (Vol. 2) #151; $19.99
Astral Project Vol. 1; $12.99
Flat Earth Exchange Vol. 2; $9.99
Emiko Superstar by Mariko Tamaki; $9.99
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 3: The Book Of The Iron Fist Premiere HC
     Collects Immortal Iron Fist #7 And #15-16, Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and The Green Mist Of Death, and Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand One-Shot. $24.99
Ms. Marvel Vol. 5: Secret Invasion Premiere HC
     Collects Ms. Marvel #25-30; $19.99
Annihilation Classic HC
     Collects Bug #1, Tales To Astonish #13, Nova #1, Quasar #1, Rocket Raccoon #1-4, Marvel Spotlight #6, Logan's Run #6 and Marvel Premiere #1; $29.99
Iron Man: The Dragon Seed Saga TPB
     Collects Iron Man #270-275; $16.99
Daredevil: Cruel And Unusual TPB
     Collects Daredevil #106-110; $14.99
Punisher MAX Vol. 10: Valley Forge, Valley Forge TPB
     Collects Punisher #55-60; $16.99
Young Avengers Presents TPB
     Collects Young Avengers Presents #1-6; $16.99
Spider-Man: Brand New Day #1
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #546-547.; 56 pgs $4.99
Dark Horse
Hellboy Library Edition Volume 2: The Chained Coffin, The Right Hand Of Doom, and Others
     Hellboy Volume 2 collects fifteen stories, presented for the first time in chronological order, with the original Chained Coffin introduction by P. Craig Russell, and a new, expanded sketchbook. Over thirty pages of new sketchbook material; 278 pages, $49.95
Star Wars Omnibus - Early Victories
     This latest Star Wars Omnibus reprints many of the early tales of the rebellion. First, we have Shadow Stalker, Tales from Mos Eisley, and River of Chaos, all of which are long out of print and have never before been collected! Then, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, a story created by George Lucas and Alan Dean Foster before there were plans for any films past Star Wars: A New Hope. And last is Vader's Quest, in which Vader learns the secret kept from him by Yoda and Obi-Wan: that he has a son! $24.95
Serenity: Better Days
     Collects Serenity: Better Days #1-3; $9.95
Oni Press
Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 3
     Collects Queen & Country #25-32; $19.95
Labor Days Volume 1 GN; $11.95
Avatar Press
Black Summer HC; $32.99
Twilight Zone SC After Hours; $9.99
Twilight Zone SC Walking Distance; $9.99
Chronicle Books
Art Of Video Game HC; $40.00
Christopher Walken A To Z SC; $16.95
Hell Bound New Gothic Art SC; $24.95
Drawn And Quarterly
Pohadky GN; $16.95
:01 First Second
Gus & His Gang GN; $16.95
Lost Colony SC Book 3 Last Rights; $18.95
Theres A Wolf At The Door HC; $19.95
Harper Collins
Schulz And Peanuts SC; $19.95
Hill And Wang
After 9/11 Americas War On Terror HC; $30.00; SC; $16.95
IDW Publishing
Art Of IDWs Transformers SC; $24.99
Chiaroscuro (IDW Edition); $19.99
Presidential Material Barack Obama; $3.99
Presidential Material John Mccain; $3.99
Presidential Material Flipbook; $7.99
Racer X Vol 2; $19.99
Richard Mathesons Hell House ; $19.99
Sparrow Ashley Wood HC Vol 0 Sketches And Ideas; $16.99
Speed Racer The Next Generation Vol 1; $7.99
Transformers Best Of UK Space Pirates ; $19.99
Penny Farthing Press
Victorian Act 5 Self Exsoulment (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $19.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek Destiny Gods Of Night MMPB; $7.99
Running Press
DC Vault Museum In A Book Spiral HC; $49.95
Marble Elvis The King Lives; $14.95
Spark Unlimited
Legendary GN; $14.99
Sterling Publishing
20000 Leagues Under The Sea Pop-Up GN; $26.95
The Comic.Com
Merchant Of Venice SC; $11.99
Titan Books UK
Charleys War HC Vol 5 Return To The Front; $19.95
Marshall Law Origins SC; $12.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #3; $8.95
UDon Entertainment
Street Fighter Tribute; $39.99
University Of California Press
Animated Man SC Life Of Walt Disney; $18.95
Krazy SC Delirious World Of Anime Comics; $34.95
W.W. Norton
New Annotated Dracula HC; $39.95
Welcome Books
Shadowline Art Of Iain McCaig HC (resolicited); $65.00
Wildside Press
Here Be Dragons SC Tales From Dragoncon; $14.95
Speed Racer The Complete Classic Series Collection
Speed Racer: The Next Generation Vol 2: The Fast Track
Mutant X Complete Collection
Carrie (Blu-ray)
The Omen: The Complete Collection
The Amityville Horror (Blu-ray)
Watership Down: Deluxe Edition
Young Frankenstein (Blu-ray)
Interview with the Vampire (Blu-ray)
The Simpsons: The Eleventh Season

OCTOBER 15 2008
DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 25 HC
     Collects The Spirit Daily Black and White Comic Strip, October 13, 1941-March 11, 1944; $59.99
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 6 TPB
     Collects Batman #10-11 and stories from Detective Comics #62-66 and World's Finest Comics #5-6; $14.99
JLA: That Was Now, This Is Then TPB
     Collects JLA Classified #50-54; $14.99
Jonah Hex: Luck Runs Out TPB
     Collects Jonah Hex #25-30; $12.99
Ex Machina Vol. 7: Ex Cathedra TPB
     Collects #30-35; $12.99
Crossing Midnight Vol. 3: The Sword In The Soul TPB
     Collects issues #13-19; $14.99
Scalped Vol. 3: Dead Mothers TPB (MR)
     Collects #12-18; $17.99
Sentences: The Life Of MF Grimm TPB
Dorothea Vol. 3; $12.99
Marvel Masterworks: X-Men Vol. 7 HC (Variant 105)
     Collects Beast stories from Amazing Adventures #11-17, Amazing Spider-Man #92, Marvel Team-Up #4, Incredible Hulk #150 and 161; $54.99
War Is Hell: The First Flight Of The Phantom Eagle Premiere HC
     Collects War Is Hell: The First Flight Of The Phantom Eagle #1-5; $24.99
Annihilation: Conquest Book 1 TPB
     Collects Annihilation: Conquest Prologue, Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #1-4, Annihilation: Conquest — Star-Lord #1-4 and Annihilation Saga; $24.99
Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #546-551, Spider-Man: Swing Shift and material from Venom Super Special #1; $19.99
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 7: Weirder And Wilder Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #24-27; $8.99
Dark Horse
Vampire Hunter D Vol. 11: Pale Fallen Angels Parts One And Two; $14.95
Shadowline (Image)
Dear Dracula HC; $7.99
Antarctic Press
How To Draw & Fight Zombies Supersize TPB; $19.95
Avatar Press
Doktor Sleepless Volume 1: Engines Of Desire
     The revolutionary first eight issues of Warren Ellis' satirical-political science fiction novel are collected in this deluxe trade paperback. Also available as a Hardcover edition with an all-new cover by master painter Felipe Massafera that is limited to just 2;000 copies; 216 pages; $26.99 (Hardcover; $34.99)
Boom! Studios
Warhammer 40k TPB Vol 2 Blood & Thunder; $16.99
DK Publishing
Star Wars Clone Wars Visual Guide HC; $19.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Drawn & Quarterly Showcase TPB Vol 5 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $19.95
Jamilti & Other Stories HC; $19.95
:01 First Second
Theres A Wolf At The Door HC; $19.95
Gemstone Publishing
EC Crime Suspenstories Comic Pack (contains all 27 issues of EC Comics' Crime SuspenStories); $67.50
IDW Publishing
Dreamland Chronicles TPB Book 1 (IDW Edition); $19.99
Speed Racer TPB Vol 6; $19.99
Pocket Books
Houdini Box HC; $17.99
Raw Books and Graphics
Breakdowns Portrait Of Artist As Young HC; $27.50
Sequart Research and Literary Organization
Grant Morrison SC Early Years; $22.95
Thomas Nelson Inc
Bumstead The Bumstead Family History HC; $29.99
Titan Books UK
Smallville Official Companion TPB Vol 7 (Season 7); $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Rough Stuff 10; $6.95
Chaplin: 15th Anniversary Edition
Ultraman The Complete Series
Silverhawks Season 1, Vol. 1
Quark: The Complete Series
Constantine (Blu-ray)
Poltergeist: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
The Indiana Jones Quadrilogy
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Ultimate Matrix Collection

OCTOBER 22 2008
DC Comics
Y: The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book 1 HC (MR)
     Collects #1-10; $29.99
Showcase Presents: World's Finest Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Stories From World's Finest Comics #112-150; $16.99
The Legion Of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising HC
     Collects Legion Of Super-Heroes #37-44; $19.99
Catwoman: Crime Pays TPB
     Collects Catwoman #73-78; $14.99
The Spirit: Femmes Fatale TPB
     With Frank Miller's movie version of Will Eisner's The Spirit set to hit theatres in December, DC Comics collects some of the most memorable stories pitting The Spirit against his most sultry opponents! Featuring 23 selected tales of mystery originally published between 1940 and 1949, these stories star P'Gell, Sand Saref, Saree, Silk Satin, Thorne Strand, Autumn Mews and many others; Collects Spirit stories from September 10, 1940, March 16, 1941, September 28, 1941, October 5, 1941, February 15, 1942, March 1, 1942, January 20, 1946, March 17, 1946, July 7, 1946, October 6, 1946, November 10, 1946, December 1, 1946, January 12, 1947, January 19, 1947, March 9, 1947, March 20, 1947, November 23, 1947, January 4, 1948, April 4, 1948, May 23, 1948, November 14, 1948, January 23, 1949 and October 9, 1949; $19.99
Heavy Liquid HC by Paul Pope (MR); $39.99
Friday The 13th Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Pamela's Tale #1-2, Abuser and the Abused #1, Summer Vacation #1-2 and Bad Land #1-2; $17.99
Northlanders Vol. 1: Sven The Returned TPB
     Collects Northlanders #1-8; $9.99
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 5; $7.99
Classical Medley Vol. 1; $9.99
Gon Vol. 6; $5.99
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 1 HC (Parental Advisory)
     Collects Tomb Of Dracula #1-31, Werewolf By Night #15, Giant-Size Chillers #1 and Giant-Size Dracula #2-4; 768 Pgs $99.99
Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus HC
     Collects Elektra: Assassin #1-8, Elektra Lives Again, Bizarre Adventures #28 and What If? #35; 384 Pgs, $74.99
Hulk: Heart of The Atom Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 15)
     Collects Incredible Hulk #140, #148, #156, #202-203, #205-207 and #246-248; and What If? #23; $29.99
X-Force Vol. 1: Angels And Demons Premiere HC & Bloody Variant
     Collects X-Force #1-6; $19.99
Soleil: Sky Doll Vol. 1 Premiere HC
     Collects Sky Doll #1-3; $24.99
Haunt Of Horror: Lovecraft Premiere HC
     Collects Haunt Of Horror: Lovecraft #1-3; $19.99
Mighty Avengers Vol. 2: Venom Bomb TPB
     Collects Mighty Avengers #7-11; $14.99
Weapon Omega TPB
     Collects Marvel Comics Presents #1-12 ("Weapon Omega"). Plus the Omega Flight prequel from the Civil War: The Initiative One-Shot; $12.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 19: Absolute Power TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #94-97; $12.99
Dark Horse
Hellboy: The All-Seeing Eye; $12.95
The Evil Dead
     Collects the four-issue miniseries; $12.95
The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright 2nd Edition; $18.95
Hellsing Volume 9; $13.95
Illustration Visual History HC; $40.00
Barrons Educational Series
Barrons Graphic Classics Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde SC; $8.99
Barrons Graphic Classics Three Musketeers SC; $8.99
Black Library
Warhammer 40K Gaunts Ghosts Only In Death MMPB; $7.99
Warhammer 40K Titanicus HC; $24.99
Warhammer Gotrek & Felix Elfslayer MMPB; $7.99
Dabel Brothers Productions
Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files Volume 1: Welcome To The Jungle Previews Exclusive TPB
     This Previews Exclusive trade paperback is limited to a print run of 2,500; $19.95
Del Rey
HP Lovecraft Watchers Out Of Time SC; $14.00
Star Wars Millennium Falcon HC; $26.00
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles HC Vol 3 Dragons Spring Dawning 1; $34.99
Dragonlance Chronicles HC Vol 4 Dragons Spring Dawning 2; $34.99
Forgotten Realms HC Vol 6 Halflings Gem; $29.99
Dewi Lewis Publishing
Dinky Toys Much Loved Toys Of The 50s HC; $29.95
DK Publishing
Bond On Set Filming Quantum Of Solace HC; $20.00
James Bond Secret World Of 007 HC (New Edition); $24.99
Poes Children New Horror Anthology HC; $26.95
Dr Master Publications
King Of Fighters 2003 Vol 1-5 Set; $55.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Drawn & Quarterly Showcase TPB Vol 5; $19.95
Gemstone Publishing
Official Price Guide To Mickey Mouse Collectibles SC; $12.95
Official Price Guide To Pop Culture Memorabilia SC; $34.95
Hill and Wang
United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation SC; $16.95
Houghton Mifflin
JRR Tolkein Children Of Hurin SC; $14.95
IDW Publishing
Steve Niles Omnibus TPB; $24.99
Town Of Zack HC; $16.99
Transformers Animated TPB Vol 5; $7.99
Insight Editions
MAD About Politics Outrageous Pop Up Political Parody HC;$34.95
Dungeon Monstres TPB Vol 2; $12.95
I Live Here HC; $29.95
Bionicle Vol 3 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $12.95 HC, $7.95 GN
Hardy Boys HC Vol 14 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $12.95
Pie Books
Illustration Book Pro 01 SC; $34.95
ABC Warriors Third Element Robot War TPB; $18.99
Complete Ace Trucking TPB Vol 1; $30.50
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files TPB Vol 11; $31.99
Strontium Dog Kreeler Conspiracy TPB; $29.50
Running Press
Encyclopedia Of Writing & Illustrating Childrens Books; $27.95
Conan Red Nails (Dutch Limited Edition); $69.99
Shubrook Bros Publications
Special Effects Superman HC; $49.99
Taschen America
HR Giger Icons SC; $9.99
MC Escher Icons SC; $9.99
Titan Books
Cream Of Tank Girl HC; $29.95
Stargate Atlantis Official Companion Season 4 TPB; $14.95
Tundra Publishing
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde GN (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $11.95
Incredible Hulk - 3 Disc Special Edition
Family Guy: Volume Six
The Outer Limits: The Original Series Complete Box Set
Rob Zombie's Halloween: Collector's Edition
James Bond Blu-ray: Volume One and Two
Casino Royale: Collector's Edition

OCTOBER 29 2008
DC Comics
Superman/Batman: The Search For Kryptonite HC
     Collects Superman/Batman #44-49; $19.99
Joker HC; $19.99
Batman: Death Mask TPB (CMX)
     Collects Batman: Death Mask #1-4; $9.99
Green Lantern: In Brightest Day TPB
     Acclaimed Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns selects and provides commentary on his favorite tales of the Emerald Guardian, originally printed in Green Lantern#7, 40, 59, 162, 173, 177, 182, 183 and 188, Green Lantern (Second Series) #51, Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #6 and Green Lantern Corps Annual #2; $19.99
Justice Society Of America: The Next Age TPB
     Collects Justice Society Of America #1-4; $14.99
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier TPB; $19.99
Kill Your Boyfriend (New Printing)
Hellblazer: The Family Man TPB
     Collects Hellblazer #23-24 and #28-33; $14.99
Token GN; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era - Journey Into Mystery Vol. 1 HC (Variant 106)
     Collects Journey Into Mystery #1-10; $59.99
X-Men Longshot Premiere HC (Variant 14)
     Collects Longshot #1-6; $24.99
Spider-Man: With Great Power...Premiere HC
     Collects Spider-Man: With Great Power... #1-5; $19.99
Incredible Hercules: Secret Invasion Premiere HC
     Collects Incredible Hercules #116-120; $19.99
Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Vol. 5 Premiere HC
Essential Marvel Horror Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Supernatural Thrillers #5 and #7-15 (Living Mummy); Strange Tales #169-173, Tales Of The Zombie #6 and #10 and Marvel Team-Up #24 (Brother Voodoo); Haunt Of Horror #2-5 and Monsters Unleashed #11 (Gabriel the Devil Hunter); Strange Tales #174 and #176-177, and Marvel Two-In-One #11 (Golem); Marvel Chillers #1-2 and Marvel Two-In-One #33 (Modred the Mystic); and Dead Of Night #11, Marvel Spotlight #26 and Marvel Two-In-One #18 (Scarecrow); $16.99
X-Men: Messiah Complex TPB
     Collects the X-Men: Messiah Complex one-shot, Uncanny X-Men #492-494, X-Men #205-207, New X-Men #44-46 and X-Factor #25-27; $29.99
Spider-Man: A New Goblin TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #176-180; $12.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 11: Salem's Seven TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #54-57; $12.99
Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #1-8 $24.99
Dark Horse
Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein HC; $29.95
     Collects #1-14 (Series 1; June 1984-August 1988); 384 pages, $79.95
Ghost Omnibus Volume 1
     Collects Ghost Special #1, Ghost #1-12 (first series), and "Sweet Things" from Decade of Dark Horse #2. $24.95
Speak Of The Devil
     Collects the six-issue miniseries; $19.95
Empowered Volume 4; $14.95
Robots and Donuts (limited edition) HC; $99.95
Ghost Talker's Daydream Volume 2; $10.95
Image Comics
Screamland TPB
     Collects Screamland #1-5; $16.99
DNAgents: Industrial Strength Edition TPB By Mark Evanier; 452 Pages; $24.99
Active Images
Tim Sale Heroes Villains Babes Sketchbook; $25.00
Adventure House
Phantom Detective June 1937 Replica Edition; $14.95
Alyson Books
Q Guide To Wonder Woman SC; $12.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Lulu & Mitzi Best Laid Plans TPB Vol 1; $10.95
Archie Comics
Archie Americana Series: Best Of The Nineties
     The 9th edition in the line of classic Archie graphic novel collections! Carrying on the tradition of the other Americana entries, this edition features a fully-painted cover by fan-favorite Rex Lindsey, and each story is meticulously restored and re-colored to match its original brilliance; $11.95
Avatar Press
Doktor Sleepless HC Vol 1 Engines Of Desire; $34.99
Ballantine Books
Garfield 30 Years Of Laughs & Lasagna HC; $35.00
Black Coat Press
Strangers Homicron TPB; $24.95
Bluewater Productions
Ray Harryhausen Flying Saucers Vs Earth TPB Vol 1; $14.99
Ray Harryhausen Presents 20 Million Miles More GN; $11.99
Ray Harryhausen Presents Wrath Of The Titans TPB; $11.99
Boom! Studios
Cthulhu Tales Volume 2: Whisper Of Madness TPB
     Collects #1-4; $15.99
Dabel Brothers Productions
Jim Butchers Dresden Files HC Vol 1 Welcome To The Jungle; $19.95
Desperado Publishing
Atomik Mike TPB Vol 2; $14.99
Deadworld Chronicles GN Vol 1; $15.99
No Formula Stories From The Chemistry Set GN Vol 1; $16.99
Revenant GN; $14.99
Devils Due Publishing
Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons TPB Vol 2; $18.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Acme Novelty Library HC Vol 19; $15.95
Ojingogo GN; $14.95
American Presidents SC; $19.99
Man Of Rock Biography Of Joe Kubert SC; $19.99
Sshhhh GN (New Printing); $16.99
:01 First Second
Adventures Of Polo HC; $16.95
Bourbon Island 1730 GN; $17.95
Polo Runaway Book HC; $16.95
Harper Collins
Album Cover Album HC; $29.95
Dragons Dreams HC; $29.95
Hollywood Pinups; $39.95
Neil Gaiman Coraline (Movie Collectors Edition); $19.99
Heavy Metal Magazine
Heavy Metal Fall 2008; $6.95
Poison Apples Art Of Lorenzo Sperlonga HC (Limited Edition); $29.99, SC; $19.95
IDW Publishing
Cryptics TPB; $17.99
Shock Festival HC; $39.99
Transformers Armada TPB Vol 1; $19.99
Violent Messiahs TPB Vol 1 The Book Of Job; $24.99
Insight Editions
Indiana Jones & Kingdom Of Crystal Skull Photograph Journal; $29.95
Insight Mini Classics Scooby Doo HC; $9.95
Will Eisner Spirit Pop Up Graphic Novel; $34.95
Jewish Publication Society
Jews In America Cartoon History (Updated Edition); $28.00
Korero Books
Wildsville Art Of Derek Yaniger HC; $27.95
Krause Publications
100 Ways To Create Fantasy Figures SC; $19.99
Fantasy Artists Pocket Reference Phantastic Faeries HC; $19.99
John Howe Forging Dragons SC; $24.99
New England Comics
Tick The Complete Edlund; $35.00
Bat Manga Secret History Of Batman In Japan HC $60.00; SC; $29.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek Academy Collision Course MMPB; $7.99
Star Trek Destiny Mere Mortals MMPB; $7.99
SpiderMan Requiem MMPB; $7.99
Running Press
Mammoth Book Of Zombie Comics TPB; $17.95
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel #21; $12.95
Shadow Double Novel #22; $12.95
Here Come The Beatles Stories Of A Generation; $60.00
Sterling Publishing
Mythic Bestiary HC; $29.95
Taschen America
100 All Time Favorite Movies HC (25th Anniversary Special Edition); $59.99
Circus HC; $200.00
Detective Magazines HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $39.99
Stanley Kubrick Archives HC; $70.00
Titan Books
As I See HC Fantastic World Of Boris Artzybasheef (resolicited); $19.95
Ghost Whisperer Spirit Guide SC; $16.95
James Bond Polestar TPB; $19.95
Nemi HC Vol 2; $14.95
Watching The Watchmen HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $39.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Jack Kirby Collector #51; $9.95
Millennium The Complete Series
4400 The Complete Series
Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Rivalry
Tinker Bell (Disney)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition
The Flintstones: The Complete Series
The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection - 1929-1938. This collections contains all 80 of the original Little Rascals theatrical talkies in their entirety; fully Remastered, Restored and Uncut
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad: 50th Anniversary Edition

DC Comics
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 4 HC
     Collects The Sandman #57-75 and a story from Vertigo Jam #1; $99.00 U.S., 600 pages
The New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 4 HC
     Collects New Teen Titans #21-27 and New Teen Titans Annual #1; $49.99
Booster Gold: Blue and Gold HC
     Collects Booster Gold #0 and 6-11; $24.99
Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #118-137; $16.99
Superman Vs. Brainiac TPB
     Collects Action Comics #242, 489-491, 544, 649 And 763, Superman #167, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #17, Adventures Of Superman #438 And Superman: Metropolis Secret Files #1; $19.99
Diana Prince: Woman Woman Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #190-198 and World's Finest Comics #204; $19.99
Nightwing: Freefall TPB
     Collects Nightwing #140-146; $17.99
Teen Titans: Year One TPB
     Collects Teen Titans: Year One #1-6; $14.99
The Question Vol. 3: Epitaph for a Hero TPB
     Collects The Question #13-18; $19.99
Un-men TPB Vol. 02 Children Of Paradox
     Final collection featuring issues #6-13; $19.99
Watchmen HC
     Collects Watchmen #1-12; $39.99
Watchmen: The Absolute Edition HC (Fourth Printing)
Gen13 Vol. 3: 15 Minutes
     Collects issues #14-20; $14.99
Penguin Revolution Vol. 6; $9.99
Suihelibe! Vol. 1; $9.99
Essential Hulk Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #171-200 and Annual #5; $16.99
Avengers: The Initiative Vol.2 TPB
     Collects Avengers: The Initiative #7-13 and Annual #1; $19.99
Daredevil by Frank Miller Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27-28, and Daredevil #158-161 and #163-172; $29.99
Moon Knight Vol. 3: God and Country TPB
     Collects Moon Knight #14-20; $19.99
Counter X Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects X-Man #63-70; $19.99
The Last Defenders TPB
     Collects The Last Defenders #1-6; $15.99
Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans TPB
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: Last Of The Mohicans #1-6; $14.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Rebellion Volume 3--Small Victories; $12.95
Aliens Omnibus Volume 5
     Collects Aliens: Alchemy #1-3, Aliens: Kidnapped TPB, Aliens: Cargo one-shot, Aliens: Survival #1-3, "Aliens: Alien" (DHC #17-19), Aliens: Earth Angel one-shot, "Aliens: Incubation" (DHP #101-102), Aliens: Havoc #1-2, Aliens: Lovesick one-shot, "Aliens: Lucky" (Decade of Dark Horse TPB); $24.95
B.P.R.D. Volume 9: 1946; $17.95
Rex Mundi Volume 5: The Valley At The End Of The World; $17.95
Mister X Archives; $79.95
Image Comics
Liquid City GN; $29.99
Drain Vol. 1; $16.99
Top Cow
Impaler Volume 1 TPB
     This reimagining of the vampire myth is collected for the first time and includes the final three parts of the initial storyline not available anywhere else; $14.99
A-Okay Comics
Myth Of 8-Opus Wrecks TPB; $24.99
Aardwolf Publishing
Meth Colan & Other Theologians SC; $14.99
Adhouse Books
Notes Over Yonder HC; $12.95
Aspen Comics
Michael Turner: The Tribute GN; $8.99
Avatar Press
Freakangels Volume 1 TPB
     This first collection is also available as a Hardcover edition with an all-new cover by series artist Duffield that is limited to just 2,000 copies, and a ultra-special Dual Signed Hardcover with a different cover, and each copy is signed by both Ellis and Duffield, which is limited to 1,000 copies; 19.99 (Hardcover, $27.99; Signed hardcover, $39.99)
Ballantine Books
Laurell K Hamiltons Swallowing Darkness HC; $26.00
Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion GN Vol 2; $9.99
Boom! Studios
Warhammer Condemned By Fire HC (Limited Edition); $49.99 TPB; $16.99
Del Rey
Horror Stories Of Robert E Howard SC; $18.00
Mr Twilight MMPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $7.99
Star Wars Darth Bane Rule Of Two MMPB; $7.99
Desperado Publishing
Black Mist TPB; $15.99
DK Publishing
Marvel Chronicle HC; $50.00
Dr Master Publications
Dark Edge TPB Vol 9; $9.95
Goths Cage HC Vol 1; $12.95
High School Girls GN Vol 4 (New Printing)(Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $9.95
Puri Puri GN Vol 7; $9.95
Popeye HC Vol 3 Lets You And Him Fight (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $29.99
:01 First Second
Alans War GN; $18.95
Sardine In Outer Space SC Vol 6; $14.95
Gemstone Publishing
Disneys Ducktales Gold Odyssey TPB; $15.99
Happy Medium
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol 11; $26.95
Houghton Mifflin Company
Best American Comics HC 2008 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $22.00
IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment TPB; $19.99
Angel Omnibus
     Collects the IDW Angel series: Angel: The Curse, Angel: Old Friends, Angel: Spotlight, and Angel: Auld Lang Syne; $24.99
Tank Girl: Visions Of Booga TPB; $17.99
Fishtown HC; $19.99
Mack Bolan: The Devil's Tools TPB; $19.99
Octonauts & Frown Fish HC; $15.95
Krause Publications
Cartoonimals SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $19.99
Little Brown And Company
Tintin Hardcover Boxed Set (resolicited); $100.00
Sports Illustrated The Complete Swimsuit Portfolio HC; $29.95
Little Eva Ink
Michael Golden Heroes & Villains Sketchbook HC (Signed & Numbered Edition); $39.95
Manuel Auad
Art Of Alex Nino HC (Limited Signed Edition); $34.95, SC; $24.95
Microcosm Publishing
Make A Zine When Words And Graphics Collide SC; $7.00
Zine Yearbook #9; $12.00
Avenger Chronicles SC (Book and Direct Market Edition); $18.95
Forever Nuts Presents Happy Hooligan HC; $24.95
Nancy Drew Vol 15 Tiger Counter (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); HC $12.95, SC $7.95
Pie Books
Music Graphics SC; $39.95
Pocket Books
Marvel Heroes 3D SC Race Against Time; $12.99
Random House UK
Doctor Who Time Travellers Almanac HC; $27.99
Sterling Publishing
Asterix And The Vikings Book Of The Film SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $9.95
Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 10; $27.95
Asterix Omnibus SC Vol 10; $19.95
Asterix Omnibus SC Vol 2; $19.95
Drawing Wizards Witches And Warlocks TPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $19.95
Manga Mania Shonen SC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $19.95
St. Martins Press
Prince Of Stories HC; $29.95
Taschen America
Detective Magazines HC; $39.99
Thomas Dunne Books
Michael Palin Diaries 1969-1979 Python Years HC; $29.95
Monty Pythons Tunisian Holiday HC; $25.95
Titan Books
Watching The Watchmen HC (Previews Exclusive); $50.00
Tor Books
V Original Miniseries SC (Revised Edition); $14.95
UDON Entertainment
Magical JXR GN Vol 3; $11.95
Star Project Chiro GN Vol 4; $11.95
Underwood Books
And Their Memory Was A Bitter Tree HC (Limited Slipcased Edition); $100.00
Spectrum TPB Vol 15; $29.95
Vanguard Productions
Frazetta Definitive Reference HC (Previews Exclusive Deluxe Limited Edition); $59.95, Reg $39.95
VIZ Media
Dragon Ball Z , Vol. 1 Collector’s Edition; $19.99
Wizards Of The Coast
Forgotten Realms Knights Myth Drannor Book 3 Sword Never Sleeps HC; $25.95
Forgotten Realms Transitions Book 1 Orc King TPB; $14.95
W.W. Norton
Dreamer GN; $16.95
Name Of The Game GN; $17.95
To The Heart Of The Storm GN; $17.95
Will Eisner Reader GN; $16.95
Waterworld: Extended Edition
The Bourne Trilogy
Batman - The Complete Animated Series
Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
Planet of the Apes: 40 Year Evolution Blu-ray Collection

NOVEMBER 12 2008
DC Comics
Justice League International Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Justice League International #14-22; $24.99
Batman: Ego and Other Tails TPB
     Collects Batman: Ego, Catwoman: Selina's Big Score and Stories From Batman: Gotham Knights #23 and 33 and Solo #1 and 5; $17.99
JLA/Avengers TPB
     Collects JLA/Avengers #1-4; $19.99
The Exterminators Vol. 5: Bug Brothers Forever TPB
     Collectis issues #24-30; $14.99
Fables: Covers By James Jean HC (MR)
     Perfect for any art-book library or Fables completist, this volume includes never-before-seen sketch material, along with insightful commentary and remarkable insights into Jean’s creative process. Also included is a afterword by celebrated Fables writer/creator Bill Willingham. Designed and annotated by the artist, this deluxe, oversized hardcover includes ten vellum sleeve inserts, an embossed case and other fine art details; $39.99
Girl Who Runs Through Time Vol. 2; $9.99
Kiichi And The Magic Books Vol. 3; $9.99
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 6; $9.99
Tears Of A Lamb Vol. 4; $9.99
Civil War HC & DM Only
     Collects Civil War #1-7, Marvel Spotlight: Civil War and Civil War Script Book 512 pages; $39.99
Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk Premiere HC
     Collects Hulk #1-6 and the backup story from Wolverine #50. $24.99
Mythos HC
     Collects Mythos: Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Captain America and X-Men; $24.99
Punisher: Barbarian With A Gun TPB
     Collects The Punisher: War Zone #26-30; $15.99
New X-Men by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 3 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #142-154; $34.99
Ghost Rider: Hell Bent and Heaven Bound TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #20-25; $16.99
Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis Vol. 2: Caged Angels TPB
     Collects Thunderbolts #116-121; $14.99
Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask TPB
     Collects Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask #1-6; $14.99
Dark Horse
Chronicles Of Conan Volume 16: The Eternity War And Other Stories; $16.95
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Volume 3: Wolves At The Gate; $15.95
Oh My Goddess! Volume 10; $10.95
Blood+ Volume 3: Boy Meets Girl (Novel); $8.95
Image Comics
The Ted McKeever Library Book One: Transit HC; $24.99
Stray Toasters TPB (New Ptg.); $24.99
Youngblood HC Vol 1 (Signed/Numbered Limited Edition) (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $75.00
Ape Entertainment
Teddy Scares GN Vol 4; $6.95
Beckett Ultimate Guide To World Of Warcraft; $9.99
Book Palace
Frank Bellamy King Arthur & His Knights TPB; $24.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Checker Books Horror Comics Set; $67.85
Lucky Luke TPB Vol 13 Tenderfoot; $11.95
Melusine TPB Vampires Ball; $11.95
Classical Comics
Frankenstein GN Original Text; $19.99
Dr Master Publications
Chinese Hero SC Vol 8 Tales Of The Blood Sword; $17.95
Junk GN Vol 1-7 Set; $55.95
Feral House
Dope Menace Sensational World Of Drug Paperbacks SC; $24.95
Gemstone Publishing
Life and Times of Scrooge Mcduck TPB Vol 1 (2nd Printing); $17.99
Harper Collins
Zot! HC Vol 1 The Complete Black and White Collection 1987-1991 (Signed & Numbered Special Edition); $49.95
Hill And Wang
United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $35.00
IDW Publishing
FX TPB; $19.99
Pet Robots TPB; $12.99
Ignite Entertainment
Jayson Goes To Hollywood GN; $12.95
Little Simon
Peter Pan Pop Up HC; $29.99
Wild West Triple Feature TPB; $23.95
Wyatt Earp Vs The Cisco Kid HC (Signed & Numbered Flipbook); $39.99
Oni Press
Salt Water Taffy Volume 2: Climb Up Mount Barnabus GN; $5.95
Wet Moon Volume 4 GN; $14.95
Nancy Drew SC Vol 15 Sleight Of Dan; $7.95
Powr Mastrs GN Vol 2 (of 6); $18.00
Pocket Books
Star Trek Corps Of Engineers Wounds SC; $16.00
Quirk Books
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button GN; $15.95
Running Press
Mammoth Book Of Best Crime Comics TPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $17.95
Mammoth Book Of Zombie Comics TPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $17.95
Search Press
Fairies In Watercolor SC; $15.95
Simon & Schuster
Just After Sunset HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution); $28.00
Tor Books
Ender In Exile HC; $25.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Write Now 19; $6.95
Underwood Books
Spectrum HC Vol 15; $39.95
Firefly: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
The Police: Certifiable
Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse Club Presents Annette: 1957-1958 Season
Walt Disney Treasures: Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh - 1964
Walt Disney Treasures: Chronological Donald, Vol. Four 1951-1961
Futurama: Bender's Game (Blu-ray)
Kung Fu Panda
Chuck: The Complete First Season
The Sopranos: The Complete Series
The Lone Ranger 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition

NOVEMBER 26 2008
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Stories From Our Army At War #118-148; $16.99
Batman: Rules Of Engagement TPB
     Collects Batman: Classified #1-6; $19.99
Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest TPB
     Collects Green Lantern Corps #19-26; $14.99
Bat Lash: Guns and Roses TPB
     Collects Bat Lash #1-6; $17.99
Sloth TPB; $14.99
Go West! Vol. 1; $9.99
Punisher By Garth Ennis Omnibus HC
     Collects The Punisher (2000) #1-12, The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe, Marvel Knights Double Shot #1, and The Punisher (2001) #1-7 and #13-37; 1192 Pgs $99.99
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age All-Winners Vol. 3 HC (Variant 108)
     Collects All-Winners Comics #9-14; $59.99
Captain America: The Death of Captain America Vol. 3 - The Man Who Bought America Premiere HC
     Collects Captain America #37-42; $19.99
New Avengers Vol. 8: Secret Invasion - Book 1 Premiere HC
     Collects New Avengers #38-42; $19.99
Avengers The Initiative TP Vol 2 Killed In Action
     Collects Avengers: The Initiative #7-13 and Annual #1; $19.99
X-Men: Legacy - Divided He Stands TPB
     Collects X-Men: Legacy #208-212; $15.99
X-Men: Legacy - Sins of The Father Premiere HC
     Collects X-Men: Legacy #213-216, plus two special bonus stories: the rare X-Men: The Unlikely Saga Of Xavier, Magneto and Stan one-shot, written by Stan “The Man” Lee himself; and the X-Men: Odd Men Out one-shot, featuring artwork by the late, legendary Dave Cockrum; $24.99
X-Men: First Class - Band of Brothers TPB
     Collects X-Men: First Class #6-10; $14.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man: Armored Avenger Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Iron Man #13, Iron Man: Golden Avenger #1, Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk — Free Comic Book Day 2007 Edition, Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk & Spider-Man - Free Comic Book Day 2008 Edition; $8.99
Dark Horse
The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite HC
     This oversized limited-edition hardcover features an expanded sketchbook with concept designs and original artwork; commentary from the artists; and the short story from the hit 2007 Free Comic Book Day issue; $79.95
Berserk Volume 26; $13.95
Image Comics
Comic Book Tattoo Special Edition HC
     Comic Book Tattoo, the critically-acclaimed, bestselling anthology that has taken the worlds of comics, music, and art by storm. This hardcover special edition, more than 80 creators from every style and genre of comics have contributed stories to this stunning book inspired by the music and songs of multi-platinum recording artist Tori Amos. This special edition of the hardcover comes shrink wrapped in an elegantly designed slipcase with silver accents; 400 pages, $75
The Fantastic Worlds Of Frank Frazetta Vol. 1 HC
     Collects four classic Frazetta-based tales Dark Kingdom, Creatures, Swamp Demon, and Dracula Meets the Wolfman, along with new, never-before printed bonus material; $29.99
Bruce The Little Blue Spruce HC, $9.99
Ammo Books
Bomp Saving The World One Record At A Time HC, $34.95
Gonzo Hunter S Thompson HC, $39.95
Barrons Educational Series
Barrons Graphic Classics Tale Two Cities SC, $8.99
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Legends TP Vol 1 Time Of The Twins, $18.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Summer Blonde TP, $16.95
Comics Are For Idiots Blecky Yuckerella GN, $11.99
Comics Journal #294, $11.99
Krazy & Ignatz TP 1933 1934 Necromancy Blue Bean (New Printing), $19.95
Rocky GN Vol 2 Strictly Business, $12.95
Harper Collins
Discworld GN Vol 1 Colour of Magic & Light Fantastic, $24.95
IDW Publishing
Dreamland Chronicles TP Book 2, $19.99
Hyperactive IDW HC, $12.99
Underwold Rise Of The Lycans TP (Collected Edition), $7.99
Krause Publications
Comic Buyers Guide 2009 Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide TP (15th Edition), $19.99
Star Trek The Collectibles SC, $24.99
Little Spirit Bear
Adventures Of Rabbit & Bear Paws GN Vol 2 The Voyageurs, $7.95
MacMillian Publishing Services
Holy S$$T HC Worlds Weirdest Comic Books, $12.95
Off-Trail Publications
Weird Detective Adventures Of Wade Hammond Vol 1, $18.00
Panini Publishing
Doctor Who TP Betrothal Of Sontar, $31.95
Pocket Books
World Of Warcraft Night Of The Dragon MMPB, $16.00
Fantastic Four Doomgate MMPB, $7.99
Star Trek Destiny Lost Souls MMPB, $7.99
Random House
Greg Rucka Patriot Acts MMPB, $6.99
Star Wars Death Star MMPB, $7.99
Random House UK
Torchwood Archives HC, $24.99
Best Of Thargs Futureshocks TP, $26.50
Super Real Graphics
Super Real Graphics Presents Wolves Of Odin One Shot, $7.50
Telos Publishing
Something In The Darkness Unofficial Guide To Torchwood Season 2, $25.95
Titan Books
Spirit The Movie Visual Companion HC, $30.00
Top Shelf Productions
American Elf Vol 3 Sketchbook Diaries Of James Kochalka, $19.95
University Press Of Mississippi
Harvey Pekar Conversations SC, $22.00
Pink Panther: Ultimate Collection
Beverly Hills 90210: The Sixth Season
Superman Doomsday: 2-Disc Special Edition
24: Redemption (previously known as 24: Exile)

DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Stories From Action Comics #283-321; $16.99
The Spirit Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Batman/The Spirit and The Spirit #1-6; $19.99
Superman/Batman: Vengeance TPB
     Collects Superman/Batman #20-25; $12.99
Teen Titans: On The Clock TPB
     Collects Teen Titans #55-61; $14.99
Two Flowers For The Dragon Vol. 3; $9.99
Watchmen: The Absolute Edition HC (Fifth Printing); $99.99
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Invincible Iron Man #1-6; $24.99
Daredevil: Yellow HC Premiere HC
     Collects Daredevil: Yellow #1-6; $24.99
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Astonishing X-Men #13-24 and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1; $34.99
Essential Wolverine Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Wolverine #91-110 and 1996 Annual, and Uncanny X-Men #332; $16.99
Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Daredevil #173-184; $29.99
Infinity Crusade Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Infinity Crusade #1-3, Warlock Chronicles #1-3 and Warlock and The Infinity Watch #18-19; $29.99
New Exiles Vol. 2: Soul Awakening TPB
     Collects New Exiles #7-12; $15.99
Genext TPB
     Collects Genext #1-5; $15.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 4: Tales To Astonish Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Hulk #13-16; $8.99
Dark Horse
Magicman Archives
     Collects the long-unavailable complete run of the American Comics Group superhero in an affordable format. Cocreated by Golden Age legend Pete Costanza, longtime artist throughout the 1940s on Fawcett's Captain Marvel Adventures, Magicman was one of American Comics Group's premier superheroes. Includes covers by legendary Superman and Lois Lane artist Kurt Schaffenberger and an introduction by Scott Shaw. $59.95
Creepy Archives Volume 2
     This volume collects Creepy #6-10; $49.95
Image Comics
Proof, Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Proof #6-9 also includes the stand-alone stories, "A Perfect Gentleman" and "Manifest Destiny." Plus, a complete script and a fun & games section; $12.99
Gødland Vol. 4: Amplified Now TPB
     Collects Godland #19-24; $14.99
Mice Templar HC Vol 1 The Prophecy, $29.99
Oni Press
Wasteland Volume 3: Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos TPB; $13.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Volume 19: Mike Ploog; $14.95
Alter Ego 82 (Ultimate Golden Age MLJ index) $6.95
Aardwolf Publishing
Meth Colan & Other Theologians SC (Signed Edition), $22.99
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
War At Ellsmere TP, $12.95
Big Finish
Doctor Who Short Trips Ghost Of Christmas HC, $24.95
Black Library
Warhammer Vampire Genevieve Omnibus (2nd Printing), $13.99
Boom! Studios
Fall Of Cthulhu TP Vol 3 Gray Man, $15.99
Scream Queen TP, $15.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Project Superpowers HC Vol 1, $29.99
Feral House
Its A Mans World Mens Adventure Magazines Post War Pulps HC, $29.95
Ginee Seo Books
Gothic Lolita HC, $17.99
Girasol Collectables
Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 9 (Variant Edition), $14.95
Insight Editions
Complete X-Files Behind The Series The Myths And The Movies, $49.95
Johns Hopkins University Press
Becoming Batman Possibility Of A Superhero HC, $26.95
Last Gasp
China Tattoo HC, $29.95
Midnight Marquee
Classic Cliffhangers Vol 1 1914 - 1940, $25.00
Classic Cliffhangers Vol 2 1941 - 1955, $25.00
Hollywoods Top Dogs Dog Hero In Film SC, $25.00
Wyatt Earp The Justice Riders TP (Book Market Edition), $12.95
Nonstop Press
American Artists Library Vol 1 Arts Unknown The Life & Art Of Lee Brown Coye, $39.95
Radical Publishing
Caliber HC Vol 1 First Canon Of Justice, $19.95
Hercules HC Vol 1 The Thracian Wars, $19.95
Red Eye Press
Valentine TP Vol 3 Killing Moon, $14.95
Running Press
Mammoth Book Of Best New Manga TP Vol 3, $15.95
Titan Books
Bumper Book Of Roy Of The Rovers HC, $19.95
Watson Guptill Publications
Century Of Stop Motion Animation HC, $50.00
The Man Called Flintstone
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
Austin Powers Collection: Shagadelic ed-Loaded Extra Mojo
Casablanca (Ultimate Collector's Edition) (1942)
The Day the Earth Stood Still: Special Edition

DECEMBER 10 2008
DC Comics
Camelot 3000 Deluxe Edition HC
     Collects Camelot 3000 #1-12; $34.99
Justice Society Of America: Thy Kingdom Come Part Two HC
     Collects Justice Society Of America #13-18; $19.99
Green Lantern: Secret Origin TPB
     Collects Green Lantern #29-34; $19.99
The Brave and The Bold: The Lords Of Luck TPB
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #1-6; $17.99
Batman: The Joker's Asylum TPB
     Collects The Joker's Asylum: The Joker #1, The Joker's Asylum: Penguin #1, The Joker's Asylum: Two-Face #1, The Joker's Asylum: Poison Ivy #1 and The Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow #1; $14.99
The Legion Of Super-Heroes: The More Things Change TPB
     Collects The Legion Of Super-Heroes #7-13; $17.99
Jack Of Fables Vol. 4: Americana
     Collects #17-21; $14.99
Venus In Love Vol. 5; $9.99
Wolverine: Dangerous Games Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine Annual #1: Deathsong, Wolverine: Dangerous Games, Wolverine: Firebreak, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple; $24.99
Avengers: First To Last Premiere Classic HC (Variant 17)
     Collects The Last Avengers Story #1-2 and material from Avengers Classic #1-12; $34.99
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear Premiere Classic HC (Variant 18)
     Collects Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5; $24.99
Nova: Annihilation Vol.1 HC
     Collects Nova #1-12 and Nova Annual #1; $34.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Legacy HC
     Collects Guardians Of The Galaxy #1-6; $19.99
Amazing Spider-Girl Vol. 4: A Brand New May TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Girl #19-24; $16.99
Captain America: The Chosen TPB
     Collects Captain America: The Chosen #1-6; $19.99
Marvel Apes #0
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #110-111 (1972) and Amazing Spider-Man Family #1; $3.99
Dark Horse
The Complete Green Lama: Featuring The Art Of Mac Raboy Volume 2; $49.95
Herbie Archives Volume 2
     Collects issues #6-14; $49.95
Blade of the Immortal TP Vol. 20: Demon’s Lair
Blood+ Vol. 4; $10.95
Image Comics
The Walking Dead Omnibus Vol. 2 HC
     Strictly limited to a print run of 3000. Collects The Walking Dead #24-48; 560 pags, black and white, $100; (Limited edition, signed and numbered, $150)
Shadowline (Image Comics)
PX! Book 2: In The Service Of The Queen GN
     The PX! Crew is back in action with another installment of their twice-Eisner-Award-Nominated all-ages comic series; $16.99
Apogee Books
Doctor Who Eclectic Gypsy An Unauthorized Biography TP, $19.95
Archie Comics
Archies Greatest Hits Volume One TPB
     Features painstaking restoration from original publishing elements, and a special foreword by Ron Dante, the famed singing voice of Archie and a successful singer-songwriter, musician and producer of such multi-platinum acts as Barry Manilow, Cher and Pat Benatar; $9.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Exit Wounds GN, $16.95
Nicolas GN, $9.95
Dynamite Entertainment
New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero TP Vol 1 (Photo Cover) (Adriano Batista Cover), $19.99
Red Sonja Vol 5 World On Fire, HC $24.99, TP $19.99
Blazing Combat by Archie Goodwin and Various HC; $22.99
FTL Publications
Thunderbirds TP Vol 2 Action Alert, $15.95
Hermes Press
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Complete Newspaper Dailies HC Vol 1 1929-1931, $39.99
James Bond History Of The Illustrated 007 SC, $29.99
Hero Initiative
Hulk 100 Project TP, $10.00
I Box Publishing
Thieves & Kings Apprentices GN Vol 1, $15.00
Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, Vol. 2 TPB
     The official guidebook to the Transformers universe; $24.99
Star Trek: Assignment Earth TPB
     Recounting the adventures of interstellar agent Gary Seven and his Earth-born assistant as they covertly confront threats to the past so that they can save Star Trek's future; $19.99
Doctor Who Classics, Vol. 2 TPB
     IDW Publishing presents the second collection of Doctor Who comics, originally published in the UK; $19.99
Astounding Space Thrills: Argosy Smith And The Codex Reckoning
     This 10th-anniversary edition of Astounding Space Thrills collects for the first time the rare early issues of the popular independent comic book; $19.99
Nocturnal Conspiracies Nineteen Dreams GN, $14.95
Pure Imagination Publishing
Alex Toth Edge Of Genius TP Vol 2, $25.00
Random House
The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Slipcase HC - 3 volume set; $125
Star Wars Clone Wars SC Vol 2 Wild Space, $15.00
Seven Seas Entertainment
Aoi House Omnibus TP Vol 2, $10.99
Dance In The Vampire Bund GN Vol 3, $9.99
Tetragrammaton GN Vol 4, $11.99
Sterling Publishing
Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 2
Top Shelf Productions
Sulk GN Vol 2 Deadly Awesome, $10.00
Tor Books
V Second Generation MMPB, $7.99
TwoMorrows Publishing
Nick Cardy Behind The Art HC, $34.95
Undercover Fish Books
Fly True Story Completely Made Up GN, $14.95
Underwood Books
Brush With Passion Art Of Dave Stevens HC, $39.95
Spectrum TP Vol 4 (New Printing), $27.95
Tezukas Black Jack HC Vol 2 (Previews Exclusive), $24.95
The Dark Knight
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 3-Disc Collector's Edition
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
Lost - The Complete Fourth Season
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
The X-Files: Fight the Future

DECEMBER 17 2008
DC Comics
Batman: Private Casebook HC
     Collects Detective Comics #840-845 and a story from the Infinite Halloween Special; $19.99
Showcase Presents: The Brave and The Bold - Batman Team-Ups Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #109-134; $16.99
Superman: Past and Future TPB
     Collects Superman #48, 107, 181, 295 and 300, Superboy #85, Action Comics #300, 338 and 339, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #86, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #59 and World's Finest Comics #166; $19.99
Silverfish TPB; $17.99
The Programme Book 2; $17.99
Secret Wars Omnibus (Mike Zeck and Alex Ross Variant)
     Collects Secret Wars #1-12, Thor #383, She-Hulk (2004) #10, And What If? (1989) #4 and #114 and more; $99.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Volume 8 (Variant Vol. 109)
     Collects Avengers #69-79; $54.99
Mighty Avengers Vol. 3: Secret Invasion Book 1 Premiere HC
     Collects Mighty Avengers #12-15; $19.99
Punisher War Journal Vol. 4: Jigsaw! Premiere HC
     Collects Punisher War Journal #18-23; $19.99
Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #552-558; $19.99
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 5 - Deadpool TPB
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #21-27; $19.99
X-Factor Vol. 5: The Only Game In Town TPB
     Collects X-Factor #28-32 and Quick and The Dead; $15.99
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #7-12; $15.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 4 -- Alliance
     Collects issues #20-22, and #27 of the ongoing series; $13.95
The End League Volume 1: Ballad Of Big Nothing; $12.95
MPD-Psycho Volume 7; $12.95
Image Comics
Noble Causes, Vol. 8: Star Crossed TPB
     Collects Noble Causes #26-31; $15.99
Armageddon Now WWIII HC, $24.99
Darkness Compendium HC Vol 1 (Limited Edition), $99.99
Witchblade Compendium HC Vol 1 (Limited Edition), $99.99
Ammo Books
Suicide Girls Beauty Redefined HC, $49.95
Boom! Studios
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus TP Vol 1, $16.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Set, $99.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Boys Definitive Edition HC, $75.00
Jungle Girl HC Vol 1, $19.99
Lone Ranger HC Vol 2 Lines Not Crossed, $19.99
Welcome To Dingburg GN Vol 1 A Zippy Collection, $18.99
IDW Publishing
Compleat Next Men TP Vol 2, $24.99
Dead She Said HC, $19.99
Spaghetti Bros HC Vol 2, $24.99
Swallow Book 5, $40.00
Underworld Movie Trilogy TP, $19.99
Penny Farthing Press
Anne Steelyard And The Garden Of Emptiness GN Vol 1 (of 3), $14.95
Poison Press
Cavalcade Of Boys TP Vol 4, $15.00
Sterling Publishing
Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 2, $27.95
Taschen America
Horror Cinema HC, $29.99
Underwood Books
Brush With Passion Art Of Dave Stevens HC (Previews Exclusive Slipcased Edition), $50.00
Watson Guptill Publications
Art Of Ray Harryhausen SC, $29.95
Will Eisner/Profession: Cartoonist
The Mummy Trilogy
The Mummy: The Animated Series
The Man Who Fell to Earth (BD)

DECEMBER 24 2008
DC Comics
The All-New Atom Vol. 4: Small Wonder TPB
     Collects The All-New Atom #17-18 and 20-25; $17.99
Midnighter Book 3: Assassin8; $14.99
Young Liars Vol. 1: Daydream Believer; $9.99
     Collects issues #1-6 of the new Vertigo series by David Lapham and features an introduction by Gerard Way
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 6; $7.99
Ultimates 3 HC: Who Killed the Scarlet Witch? Premiere HC and Variant and Black and White Premiere HC
     Collects Ultimates 3 #1-5; $24.99
X-Men: Angel Revelations TPB
     Collects Angel: Revelations #1-5; $19.99
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic Book 4 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #416, X-Men #56, Onslaught: Marvel Universe, Cable #36, Uncanny X-Men #337, X-Men #57, Onslaught: Epilogue, Iron Man #6 & X-Men: Road To Onslaught; $29.99
Onslaught Reborn TPB
     Collects Onslaught Reborn #1-5; $14.99
What If? Classic Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects What If? #27-32; $29.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 11: Animal Instinct Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #41-44; $8.99
Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword TPB
     Collects Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword #1-6; $15.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume 2 - Crash Course
     This new series is a compliment to Lucasfilm's CGI-animated The Clone Wars movie, and television programs that will air on The Cartoon Network and TNT; $7.95
Star Wars Omnibus: Rise Of The Sith; $24.95
Image Comics
American Flagg Definitive Collection TP Vol 1, $19.99
Spawn Book Of The Dead HC, $29.99; and Toy Edition HC, $32.99
Ammo Books
Lucha Loco HC, $49.95
Barrons Educational Series
Barrons Graphic Classics Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn SC, $8.99
Boom! Studios
HP Lovecrafts Nyarlathotep HC, $14.99
Salem TP Vol 1, $15.99
Station TP, $15.99
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus HC Vol 1 (Limited Edition), $49.99
Buenaventura Press
Kramers Ergot HC Vol 7, $125.00
Chronicle Books
Rogue Leaders Story Of Lucasarts HC, $60.00
Del Rey
Star Wars Dark Lord Trilogy TP, $20.00
Devils Due Publishing
Demonwars TP Vol 2 Demon Spirit, $18.99
Dynamic Forces
Dark Tower Long Road Home Premiere HC (Dynamic Forces Signed), $89.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Lone Ranger TP Vol 2 Lines Not Crossed, $14.99
Beasts HC Book 2, $34.99
MOME GN Vol 13 (Winter 2009), $14.99
Forcewerks Productions
Super Teen Topia Invisible Touch TP, $15.99
Harper Collins
Gettysburg GN, $9.99
IDW Publishing
Transformers Animated TP Vol 6, $7.99
McFarland & Company
Science Fiction Television Series 1990 2004 HC, AR
Why I Killed Peter HC, $18.95
Paizo Publishing
Dark World SC, $12.99
Tales From The Crypt GN Vol 5 Yabba Dabba Voodoo, $7.95
Viz Media
Naruto TP Vol 33, $7.95
Wizard Entertainment
Wizard Michael Turner Tribute Edition HC, $34.99