Past Book Release - 2007

JANUARY 4 2007
DC Comics
Crisis Aftermath: the Battle For Bludhaven TPB
     Collecting the Acclaimed 6-Issue limited-series
JSA: Ghost Stories TPB
     Collects JSA #82-87
Manhunter Vol. 2: Trial By Fire TPB
     Collects Manhunter #6-14
Outsiders: the Good Fight TPB
     Collects Outsiders #34-41
Tenjho Tenge Vol 11
Vs. Vol. 4
Cipher Vol. 6
Iron Man: Armor Wars TPB
     Collects Iron Man #225-232
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 15: Magical TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #72-74 and Annual #2
Fantastic Four: Books Of Doom TPB
     Collects Books Of Doom #1-6
Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #1-6
Devil's Due
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol 3 Sojourn HC
IDW Publishing
Transformers Generations Vol 1 TPB
Hellshock Definitive Ed Vol 1 HC $50 and Remarked $150
Jack Staff Vol 3 Echoes Of Tomorrow TPB
Kane Vol 6 Partners TPB
Archaia Studios Press
Artesia Vol 1 HC
Artesia Vol 2 Artesia Afield HC
Baron Publishing LLC
Barrons Graphic Classics Oliver Twist SC
Barrons Graphic Classics Treasure Island SC
Blue Dream Studios
The Dreamland Chronicles Book One TPB by Scott Christian Sava and Donna Lynne Sava
Eds Terrestrials HC New Ptg
Frequency Press LLC
Brian Keenes Fear GN
Independent Publisher Group
Opening Lines Pinky Probes & L Bombs TPB
Larry Gonick
The Cartoon History of the Modern World Part 1: From Columbus to the U.S. Constitution by Larry Gonick $18
Paizo Publishing LLC
Order Of The Stick Vol 2 No Cure For The Paladin Blues TPB
Peter DeSeve Sketchbook HC $25
Pocket Books
BTVS Bad Bargain MMPB
Putnam Publishing Group
Myth Nomers & Im Pervections TPB
Physics Of The Buffyverse
Bad Company Goodbye Krool World SC New Ptg
Button Man The Killing Game New Ptg SC
Screen Power Publishing Group
Jackie Chans Screen Power SC
Warrior Queens Vol 2 TPB
Titan Publishing
Star Trek Comics Classics Vol 4 Return Of The Worthy TPB by Peter David
Snakes on a Plane
The Covenant

JANUARY 10 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Justice League of America Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Justice League of America #17-36
Fallen Angel Vol. 2: Down To Earth TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #7-12
Majestic Vol. 3: The Final Cut TPB
     Collects Majestic #13-17 Plus A Story From the Wildstorm Winter Special
Densha Otoko Vol. 2
From Eroica With Love Vol. 8
Champions Classic Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Champions #12-17 Iron Man Annual #4 Avengers #163 Super-Villain Team-Up #14. and Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #17-18
Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Vicious Cycle TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #1-5
New Mutants Classic Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects New Mutants #8-17
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill TPB reissue
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #1-6
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7
Rex Mundi Vol 2 The River Underground TPB
Cyberforce Vol 1 TPB
AC Comics
AC Action Hero Retro Compilation Vol 1 TPB
Golden Age Men Of Mystery Star Studded Spectacular Vol 1 TPB DH Publishing
Naruto Saga Unofficial Guide SC
Drawn & Quarterly
Aline & The Others GN
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 5 Jack London New Ptg
Girl Twirl Comics
Janes World Omnibus Vol 1
IDW Publishing
Chicanos Vol 1 TPB
Jetpack Press
Squarecat Comics Small Square & Sarcastic GN
Last Gasp
Copro Nason Fine Art Catalogue Raisonne HC
Liquidbrush Productions
Hard Boiled To The Max Sketchbook Vol 1 HC
Pocket Books
Degrassi Extra Credit Vol 2 Suddenly Last Summer GN
Random House
Annotated Cat Under The Hats Of Seuss And His Cats HC $30
Top Shelf Productions
Are We Feeling Safer Yet A TH Ink Anthology TPB
Viper Comics
Youll Have That Vol 2 TPB
The Illusionist
SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 4 Vol. 2

JANUARY 17 2007
DC Comics
The Green Lantern Archives Vol. 6
     Collects Green Lantern #39-47 (1965-1966)
Batman: Year One Hundred TPB
     Collecting the acclaimed 4-issue limited-series and and a story from Batman Chronicles #11
Superman: Emperor Joker TPB
     Collects Superman #160-161 Adventures of Superman #582-583 Superman: Man of Steel #104-105 Action Comics #769-770 and Superman: Emperor Joker #1
Testament Vol. 2: West of Eden TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #6-10
Recipe For Gertrude Vol. 3
Kikaider Code 02 Vol. 6 (MR)
Storm Premiere HC and Variant
     Collects Storm #1-6
Essential X-Factor Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects X-Factor #17-35 and Annual #2 and Thor #378
Marvel Visionaries John Buscema HC
     Collects Crime Fighters #4; Strange Tales #22 & #150; Tales To Astonish #85-87; Avengers #41-42 #75-76 #277 & Annual #2; Silver Surfer #4; My Love #2; Fantastic Four #111-112; Thor #200; Dracula Lives #3; Marvel Spotlight #30; Wolverine #10; and Marvel Shadows & Light #3
Avengers Assemble Vol. 4 HC
     Collects Avengers #35-40 and Annual 2000-2001 Avengers: The Ultron Imperative and Maximum Security #1-3 and Dangerous Planet
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 5: Monsters On The Prowl Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17-20
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 2: The Burnt Offering TPB reissue
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #7-12
Dark Horse
Jack Hightower TPB
Trigun Maximum Volume 11 TPB
Satsuma Gishiden Volume 2
Shaman Warrior Vol 1 TPB
The Silencers TPB
     Collects The Silencers #1-4
The Iron Ghost: Geist Reich TPB
     Collects The Iron Ghost #1-6; Written by Chuck Dixon
Angry Christ Comix TPB
Darkness Vol 5 Demon Inside TPB
Liberty Meadows Vol 4 Cold Cold Heart TPB
Devil's Due Publishing
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Declassified HC
Avatar Press
Alan Moores Another Suburban Romance GN (New Printing)
Cartoon Books
Bone Vol 5 Rock Jaw Master Of Eastern Border Color Ed HC $19 SC $10
DK Publishing
Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Super Team Young Readers HC $15 SC $4
James Bond Secret World Of 007 Revised HC $25
Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary $40
You Can Draw Star Wars Characters $20

JANUARY 24 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: The Brave and The Bold: The Batman Team-Ups Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #59 #64 #67-71 and #74-87
JSA Classified: Honor Among Thieves TPB
     Collects JSA: Classified #5-9
Red Sonja/Claw the Unconquered: Devil’s Hands TPB
     Collecting the thrilling 4-Issue limited-series
Lucifer Vol. 11: Evensong TPB (MR)
     Collects Lucifer #70-75 and Lucifer: Nirvana
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol. 7
Marvel Masterworks Warlock Vol. 1 (Variant Volume 72)
     Collects Marvel Premiere #1-2 Warlock #1-8 and Incredible Hulk #176-178
X-Factor: Life and Death Matters Premiere HC
     Collects X-Factor #7-12
Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws HC
     Collects Claws #1-3 plus a hefty helping of DVD-style extras!
Marvel Team-Up Vol. 4: Freedom Ring TPB
     Collects Marvel Team-Up #19-25
Ultimate Annuals Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects The Ultimates Annual #2 Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 Ultimate X-Men Annual #2 and Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2
Marvel Romance Redux: Another Kind Of Love TPB
     Collects Marvel Romance Redux: But He Said He Loved Me! I Should Have Been A Blonde Love Is A Four-Letter Word Restraining Orders Are For Other Girls and Guys & Dolls
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 3: The Human Race TPB reissue
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #13-18
Marvel Zombies (3rd Printing) Fantastic Four cover HC
Dark Horse
Penny Arcade Volume 3: The Warsun Propecies TPB
Chronicles Of Conan Vol 11 Dance of the Skull TPB
Archenemies Sinners & Saints Vol 1 TPB
Blessed Thistle GN
One Missed Call 1 Plus 2 TPB
Tanpenshu Vol 1 TPB
World Below TPB
Low Orbit Vol 1 GN
A. D. Vision
Little Snow Fairy Sugar Manga Vol 3 TPB
Adventure House
Thrilling Detective Heroes SC
Black Coat Press
Tales Of The Shadowmen Vol 3 TPB
Broccoli International USA
Es Broccoli Vol 1 GN
Crusade Entertainment
Definitive Shi Engraved Wooden Box Set
     Made with good old fashioned American craftsmanship Crusade presents these beautiful engraved wooden comic cases featuring the 10th Anniversary image of Shi. And inside each case you will find the collected series' book The Definitive Shi the cover of which mirrors the slide top of the box. Use this piece as decoration or as a safe-haven for your precious collectible issues as the case is sized to fit top-loaders. And since each piece is hand-made no two are exactly alike making them unique collectibles themselves. $94.99
D. E.
Kid Kosmos GN
Devils Due Publishing
How To Be A Comic Book Artist
Digital Manga Distribution
Flower Of Life Vol 1 GN
Our Kingdom Vol 5 GN
Rin Vol 2 GN
Seven GN
DK Publishing Co.
Fantastic Four Evil Adversaries Young Readers HC $15 SC $4
Fantastic Four The World's Greatest Superteam HC $15 SC $4
Drawn & Quarterly
We Are On Our Own HC
Wimbledon Green Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World HC
Exhibit A Press
Vampire Brat & Other Tales Of Supernatural Law TPB
Fab Press
DVD Delirium Vol 3 SC
Blecky Yuckerella Vol 2 Back In Bleck GN
Grave Robbers Daughter GN
IDW Publishing
Legend Of Grimjack Vol 6 TPB
Zombies Vol 1 TPB Feast
Maerkle Press
Raider Dead Mens Tales Vol 3 GN
Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc.
Tomorrow Log MMPB
Phantom Man Eaters GN (O/A)
National Book Network
Invincible Vol 4 TPB - Spanish
Tintin Treasure Of Rackman The Red - Spanish
Night Shade Books
Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith Vol 1 End Of Story HC
Ourobor Books
Never Made To Last Stories Of Suburban Folklore GN
Paper Rad Bj & Da Dogs GN
Complete Nemesis The Warlock Bk 1
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 6 TPB
St. Martins Press
Mutiny On The Bounty Picture Book
Philip K Dick Voices From The Street HC
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Vol 10 Kevin Maguire SC $15
Yaoi Press LLC
Zesty Vol 1 GN
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss - The Cat¿s Family and Friends
Invincible Iron Man

JANUARY 31 2007
DC Comics
Doom Patrol Vol. 5: Magic Bus TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #51-57
Batman: Secrets TPB
     Collecting Sam Kieth’s acclaimed 5-Issue limited-series!
Superman: Back In Action TPB
     Collects Action Comics 841-843 and DC Comics Presents #4 #17 and #24; Introduction by Kurt Busiek
Ion: The Torchbearer TPB
     Collects Ion #1-6
Seven Soldiers Of Victory Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #2-4 Mister Miracle #3-4 Bulleteer #3-4 and Seven Soldiers Of Victory #1
Penguin Revolution Vol. 2
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol. 1 (Variant Volume 73)
     Collects Marvel Boy #1-2 Astonishing #3-6 and Young Men #24-28
Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #21-50
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3: Torn TPB
     Collects Astonishing X-Men #13-18
Defenders: Indefensible TPB
     Collects Defenders #1-5
Iron Man: Extremis TPB
     Collects Iron Man #1-6
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 4: Bosom Buddies TPB reissue
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #19-24
Ghost Rider: Finale
     Collects Written by Ivan Velez Art by Javier Saltares & Mark Texeira Cover by Javier Saltares The original creative team unites to complete an issue eight years in the making! In early 1998 Ghost Rider #93 ended with a shocking cliffhanger: the death of Dan Ketch the Ghost Rider’s human host! But the book was canceled prematurely prior to the release of the series finale in Ghost Rider #94; which had already been written and was almost entirely penciled. Now the final fate of Dan Ketch is revealed at last! With Blackheart deposed the Ghost Rider is now lord of the Nether Realm. What does he intend to do with his power? and will the other Dark Lords – like Belasco Pluto and Hela – allow him to keep it? This special edition also includes Ghost Rider #93 and other bonus material! 72 Pgs. $3.99
     Collects Written by William Vance Adapted by Ben Avery Pencils and Cover by Jean Van Hamme A man wakes up on a beach with no memory of who he is and no clues about his identity save a mysterious tattoo that simply says “XIII.” But when XIII is attacked by two would-be killers determined to take him out he dispatches them easily with reflexive military training which helps him to realize that he is more than a simple man with amnesia. Now XIII must uncover the secrets of his past and learn who he really is and what his mission was before he lost his memory. But along the way he will learn that he may have been responsible for killing the President of the United States… and working for enemies who have intentions far beyond his simple quest to remember who he is. Europe’s bestselling classic graphic novel series is finally available in the English language and it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys great storytelling in the style of The Bourne Identity. It’s also the basis of a critically-acclaimed video game by Ubisoft starring David Duchovny as Agent XIII! Be sure to pick it up while you can but be warned – once you start to unravel the mysteries of XIII you won’t want to stop until you reach the conclusion! 144 Pgs. Explicit Content $14.99
Dark Horse
Hellboy Animated Vol 1 Black Wedding Dress TPB
Gear GN
     TenNapel's epic graphic novel is now reprinted for the first time in beautifully crafted full color. Pin up art by Mike Mignola and Rob Schrab
Coyote Vol. 4 TPB
Krazy Kat Comic Art Of George Herriman TPB
Alternative Comics
Red Eye Black Eye GN
Avatar Press Inc.
Frank Millers Robocop TPB $30
Devils Due Publishing
Eberron Eye Of The Wolf Collectors Ed
Fantagraphics Books
Beasts HC
Charles Burns Library Vol 2 Big Baby SC
Pocket Star
Ghost Rider Movie Novelization MMPB $8
Random House
Star Wars Allegiance HC $26
Star Wars Outbound Flight MMPB $8
Titan Books
Firefly Off Companion Vol 1 Into The Black TPB $20
Wildside Press LLC
Weird Works Of Robert E Howard Vol 4 Wings In The Night SC
Open Season
Farce of the Penguins
The Fly (Collector's Edition) (1986)
The Hannibal Lecter Collection (The Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal / Manhunter)

DC Comics
Batman: Year One Deluxe TPB
     Collects Batman #404-407; A new softcover edition of one of the most important and critically acclaimed Batman adventures eve! In addition to telling the entire dramatic story of Batman's first year fighting crime this collection includes loads of reproductions of original pencils script pages promotional art unseen Mazzucchelli Batman art and more!
Superman Chronicles Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Action Comics #14-20 and Superman #2-3 (1939-1940)
Justice Society Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects All-Star Comics #68-74 and Adventure Comics #461-466
The American Way TPB
     Collects The American Way #1-8
DMZ Vol. 2: Body Of A Journalist TPB
     Collects DMZ #6-12
Omukae Desu. Vol. 3
Swan Vol. 9
Essential Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Ms. Marvel #1-23 and Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine #10-11
Civil War: The Road To Civil War TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #529-531 Fantastic Four #536-537 and the New Avengers: Illuminati one-shot
Ghost Rider Team-Up TPB
     Collects Marvel Team-Up #91 Marvel Two-In-One #80 Marvel Premiere #28 Avengers #214 and Ghost Rider #27 and #50
Iron Man: Execute Program TPB
     Collects Iron Man #7-12
Dark Horse
Eden: It's An Endless World! Volume 6
Mighty Skullboy Army Vol 1 TPB
Oh My Goddess! Volume 4
Berserk Volume 15 TPB
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 2 TPB
Mail Vol 2 TPB
Old Boy Vol 4 TPB
Red String Vol 1 TPB
Aristata Publishing
Aphrodisia Book 2 SC
Dork Storm Press
Dr Blink Superhero Shrink Vol 1 Id Ego & Superego TPB
Dynamite Entertainment
The Essential Painkiller Jane TPB
     Collects the 1999 #0 issue as well as issues #1-#6 of the original series and featuring a Joe Quesada cover!
Borderline Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 4 H P Lovecraft New Ptg
Escape From "Special"
     Fantagraphics Books is proud to showcase Miss Lasko-Gross in her graphic-novel debut
Gemstone Publishing
Pop Culture With Character Look Inside Gemstone $25
Harveyville Fun Times
Best Of The Harveyville Fun Times SC $30
Independent Publisher Group
Webslinger: Unauthorized Essays on Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Science Fiction and Comic Writers On Spider-Man SC $17.95
     The tangled web of vengeance love and loss woven by Spider-Man comics and films is explored in this collection of insightful essays by acclaimed writers of comics and science fiction. And it's completely unauthorized!!!
The Castaways HC
Night Shade Books
Grey SC
Penny Farthing Press
Stuart Moores Para TPB
Pocket Books
Star Trek Errand Of Fury Book 2 Demands Of Honor MMPB
Publishers Group West
Deadly Bride Years Finest Crime & Mystery Stories Vol 2 TPB
Putnam Publishing Group
Erb Princess Of Mars Penguin Classic Edition
Random House
Cute Book HC
Triumph Of The Thriller HC $25
SQP Inc.
Art Of Jack Henslee SC
Sterling Publishing
Millers Buyers Guide Toys & Games
Millers Collecting The 1950's
Millers Collecting The 1960's
St. Martins Press
Holmes On The Range SC
Top Shelf Productions
Regards From Serbia GN
Underwood Books
Origins Art Of John Jude Palencar HC $27
National Book Network
The Book of Caddyshack: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Movie Ever Made by Scott Martin $17
Cinderella III - A Twist in Time
The Amazing Screw-on Head
Hellboy - Sword of Storms
Eddie Murphy - Delirious

FEBRUARY 14 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Adventure Comics #260-280 #282 and #284 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #12 Showcase #30-33 Detective Comics #293-300 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #55 World's Finest Comics #125-130 and Aquaman #1-6
Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Batman #1 #222 Detective Comics #168 #235 #355 #429 #475 and #476 The Brave and The Bold #78 Adventure Comics #462 Secret Origins #6 Bizarro World and Solo #3
Superman: Camelot Falls HC
     Collects Superman #654-658
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere TPB (MR)
     Collects Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere #1-9
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 12
Spider-Man: Death Of The Stacys Premiere HC
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #88-92 and #121-122
Beyond! HC
     Collects Beyond! #1-6
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Vol. 1 - This Is What They Want TPB
     Collects Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #1-6
Excalibur Classic Vol. 3: Cross-Time Caper Book 1 TPB
     Collects Excalibur #12-20
Franklin Richards: Lab Brat Digest
     Collects Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius Everybody Loves Franklin Super Summer Spectacular and Happy Franksgiving Plus Masked Marvel #1-2
Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook
     Collects Just what is the 1990s Handbook you ask? Imagine a Handbook written at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31 1999. The profiles within cover everything published by the hallowed House of Ideas up until that point
Dark Horse
Star Wars Rebellion Vol 1 My Brother My Enemy TPB
     A compelling new story set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back exploring the Rebel Alliance's struggle against the Galactic Empire
Nexus Archives Vol 5 HC
     Collects issues #26-32 (Vol. 2) from First Comics
Little Lulu Vol. 14: Queen Lulu
Playboy Interviews Mover and Shakers SC
     Playboy Interviews with Donald Trump Steve Jobs Bill Gates Malcolm Forbes and Hugh Hefner among others. These entrepeneurs have moved America forward and have shaken the foundation of who we as Americans believe ourselves to be. Many of these interviews are being presented in this volume for the first time since their original publication
Image Comics
Drink & Draw Vol 1 HC
Hellshock Definitive Ed Vol 1 TPB
Antartic Press
How To Draw Pkt Manga Vol 1 TPB
Collectors Press
Pulp Culture Art Of Fiction Magazines SC $30
Fantagraphics Books
Krazy & Ignatz 1939-1940 Brick Stuffed With Moombins
Neurotic HC
Kolchak Night Stalker Casebook SC
Nancy Drew Vol 8 Global Warning HC $13; SC $8
Telos Publishing Ltd.
Doctor Who Transcendental Toybox Update 2004 2005 $9
Titan Publishing
James Bond Phoenix Project TPB
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives - Tales From The Crypt Volume 1 HC
     Collects Tales from the Crypt #1-6; 212 pages
Zoom - Academy for Superheroes
The Departed

FEBRUARY 21 2007
DC Comics
The Kamandi Archives Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Kamandi #11-20
Justice Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Justice #5-8
Catwoman: The Replacements TPB
     Collects Catwoman #53-58
Birds Of Prey: Perfect Pitch TPB
     Collects Birds Of Prey #86-90 and #92-95
Checkmate Vol. 1: A King’s Game TPB
     Collects Checkmate #1-7
Teen Titans: Titans Around The World TPB
     Collects Teen Titans #34-41
The Devil Does Exist Vol. 9
Danger Girl: Back In Black TPB
     Collecting The Action-Packed 4-Issue Miniseries
Gals! Vol. 9
Ex Machina: Inside The Machine Vol. 1
     A "behind-the-scenes" look at the Eisner-winning Ex Machina featuring a new cover by Tony Harris never-before-seen art script pages and extras not available anywhere else! You won’t want to miss this look at the process that goes into creating the acclaimed series and new readers will get a taste of what they’ve been missing!
Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Vol. 4 (Variant Volume 74)
     Collects Daredevil (Vol. 1) #33-41 and Fantastic Four (Vol.1) #73
Annihilation Vol 1 HC
     Collects Drax The Destroyer #1-4 Annihilation Prologue and Nova #1-4
Marvel 1602 HC (New Printing)
     Collects Marvel 1602 #1-8
(Civil War) She-Hulk Vol. 4: Laws Of Attraction TPB
     Collects She-Hulk #6-13
X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects X-Factor #76-78 and Incredible Hulk #390-392
Universe X Vol. 2 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Universe X #8-12 X Beasts Iron Men and Omnibus
X-Factor: The Longest Night TPB
     Collects X-Factor #1-6
Brit Vol 1 TPB Old Soldier
Revved GN
Collectors Press
Comic Book Culture An Illustrated History SC $30
Digital Manga Distribution
Enchanter Vol 3 GN
Drumfish Productions
Sentinels Book 4 Hope TPB (of 4)
Fantagraphics Books
Heartbreak Soup Palomar Vol 1 TPB $15
Maggie The Mechanic Locas Vol 1 TPB $15
Gingko Press
Burning New York Graffiti NYC TPB (resolicited)
Graham Crackers Comics
20 Years Of He Man & Skeletor Lithographs Set $13
Harper Collins Publishers
Reinventing Comics TPB (Harper Collins Ed)
Mirage Studios
Souls Winter Collected TMNT Work Of Michael Zulli TPB
MQ Publications
Need More Love Graphic Memoir HC
Fantastic Art Best Of Luis Royo HC New Ptg $50
Cartoon Workshop Pig Tales GN
Rosen Publishing Group
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Avalanches & Landslides GN $12
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Earthquakes GN
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Hurricanes GN
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Tornadoes & Superstorms GN
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Tsunamis & Floods GN
Rosen Graphic Natural Disasters Volcanoes GN
SBK Publishing Group LLC
Skate Farm GN
Tulip Tree Press
House Of Sugar GN
Flushed Away
What's New Scooby-Doo? - The Complete First Season
Dark Castle Horror Collection
     Collects House of Wax (2005) / Gothika / Ghost Ship / Thir13en Ghosts / House on Haunted Hill (1999)

FEBRUARY 28 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Green Lantern #18-38
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man - Reborn
     Collects Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #23-27
The Empty Empire Vol. 3
Young Magician Vol. 7
Jack Of Fables Vol. 1: The (Nearly) Great Escape TPB
     Collects the first five issues of the popular Fables spin-off series
New Avengers Vol. 5: Civil War Premiere HC
     Collects New Avengers #21-25
Stan Lee Meets HC
     Collects Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man Dr. Strange Dr. Doom The Thing and Silver Surfer
Essential Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Spectacular Spider-Man #54-#74 and Annual #3
Exiles Vol. 14: The New Exiles TPB
     Collects Exiles #84-89 and Annual #1
Spider-Woman: Origin TPB
     Collects Spider-Woman: Origin #1-5
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 2: Mischief Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #5-8
Dark Horse
Path of the Assassin Vol. 5: Battle of One Hundred and Eight Days
Oh My Goddess Vol 25 Rtl TPB
Shaman Warrior Vol 2 TPB $12.95
Watchdogs Vol 1 GN
Airwave Comics
Alan Moore Exit Interview SC
Giant Robot Warrors Slipcover Ed TPB
Avatar Press Inc
Frank Millers Robocop HC $40
Black Coat Press
Gentlemen Of The Night Captain Phantom SC
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics Vol 15 Beach Blanket Bongo TPB
Bud Plant
Art Of Finding Nemo HC
Art Of The Incredibles HC
Caged Beagle Productions
One Mandy Morning SC
Dr Master Publications Inc
Snk Vs Capcom Vol 1 Svc Chaos TPB (New Ptg)
Drawing The Line
Drawing The Line Vol 1 GN
Drawn & Quarterly
Aya HC
One Eye SC
Perfect Example TPB
Dynamic Forces
DF Wolverine Origins Vol 1 Born In Blood HC Sgnby Joe Quesada $70
Gestalt Publishing Pty Ltd
Character Sketches 2007 Trauma & Joy SC
Greystone Inn Comics
Evil Inc Annual Report Vol 1 GN
The Hero Initiative
Hero Initiative Marvelous Friends Lucky 21 Starter Set
The Transformers: Stormbringer TPB
     This special collected edition also features a sketchbook from artist Don Figueroa
Fallen Angel TPB Vol. 2
     Collects Fallen Angel #6-10
Iris Print
When Worlds Collide GN
Keenspot Entertainment
Sore Thumbs Vol 1 GN
Leanta Books LLC
HP Lovecraft The Book Vol 1 SC
Mahrwood Press
Nagdila Vol 2 Tale Of The Al Hambra GN
Mam Tor Publishing
Worry Doll GN
Morpheus International
H.R. Giger's Biomechanics Ltd Ed $195
     H.R. Giger's Biomechanics one of the swiss master's most important art books is now available as a fine limited edition. Bound in black bonded leather with gold foil stamping the book comes protected by a black cloth slipcase. Each collector volume comes with a limited edition print of one of Giger's conceptual drawings for poltergeist ii. The print is personally signed by Giger and comes fitted into the book but may be removed and framed. There are three different signed prints so please indicate any preference with your order. 1-100 101-200 201-300. Please note that this is the initial introductory price and is subject to increase. Find more at
North Country GN
Trailers SC
Osprey Graphics
Graphic History Ironclads At War
Pearson Publishing
Drifters Detour HC
Pocket Books
Star Trek Mirror Universe Glass Empires TPB
WWE Legends Superstar Billy Graham TPB
Publishers Group West
Disgaea Character Collection Illustration Book
Label Biography Of Columbia Records HC
Random House
Batman Fear Itself MMPB
Cubicle Survival Guide SC
J Horror Definitive Guide To Ring Grunge & Beyond SC
Mimzy Best Of Henry Kuttner TPB
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 4 Exile MMPB
Coven Vol 2 Sisterhood Of The Dark
Coven Vol 3 TPB
Treasured Chests Vol 3 TPB
Treasured Chests Vol 4 TPB
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Vol 11 Charles Vess SC
Vanguard Productions
Jesse James HC Dlx Ltd Signed Ed
Vertical Inc
To Terra Vol 1 TPB
Visible Light Entertainment
Beowulf The Legend Special Convention Edition GN
The Land Before Time XII - The Great Day of The Flyers
Ghostbusters: Volume One (Filmation)
Voltron Vol. 3: Defender of the Universe
Magnum P. I. - The Complete Sixth Season

MARCH 7 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents The House Of Mystery Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects The House Of Mystery #197-211
Nightwing Brothers In Blood TPB
     Collects Nightwing #118-122
Supergirl Candor TPB
     Collects Supergirl #6-9 Superman/Batman #27 Superman #223 and JLA #122-123
Ex Machina Vol. 5 Smoke Smoke
     Collects Ex Machina #21-25
The Exterminators Vol. 2 Insurgency TPB
     Collects The Exterminators #6-10
Authority Volume 2: Under New Management TPB (New Printing)
     Collects issues #9-16
Green Lantern Green Arrow Vol 2 TPB (New Printing)
     The Adams/O'Neil collects Green Lantern (2nd series) #83-87 and #89 and back-up stories from The Flash (2nd series) #212-219 as well as a never-before-reprinted story from Green Lantern #226! Plus an introduction by Dick Giordano.
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 1
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol. 7
Superman Returns Deluxe Photo Book HC
Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Omnibus HC
     Collects Daredevil #158-161 and #163-191 and What if? #28
Ms. Marvel Vol. 2: Civil War Premiere HC
     Collects Ms. Marvel #6-10 and the Ms. Marvel Special
Essential Fantastic Four Volume 3 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Fantastic Four #41-63 and Fantastic Four Annuals #3-4
Thor: The Eternals Saga Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Thor #292-301
Dark Horse
Roman Album Samurai Champloo TPB
Art Of Greg Capullo HC
Nat Turner Book 2 Revolution TPB
Top Cow (Image)
The Darkness Ultimate Collection TPB aka The Darkness Volume 1: Coming of Age TPB - Video Game Edition
     Written by Garth Ennis art and cover by Marc Silvestri. This video game collection reprints the essential Coming of Age origin story arc by Garth Ennis and Marc Silvestri which introduced the world to Jackie Estacado the terrible power and curse known as The Darkness as well as other Top Cow favorite's such as The Angelus The Brotherhood of The Darkness and more. This is the essential Darkness. 352 pages $20
CSI: Dying In The Gutters TPB
     Presenting a collection of the smash CSI miniseries set firmly in the world of comics sure to appeal to comic book fans and CSI fans alike! Grissom and his team of CSIs take in a Las Vegas comic convention that ends in tragedy - the death of online gossip columnist Rich Johnston. The suspects are many -- among them Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada Ed Brubaker Stan Lee Marc Silvestri Robert Kirkman Peter David Greg Rucka and many other well-known comic creators! Can the CSIs solve the crime before "dead is dead" becomes commonplace at the con?
Complete Underworld TPB ONI Press
Adventures Of Barry Ween Boy Genius Vol 1 TPB (New Printing)
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Tomb Raider Vol 3 TPB (Bandai)
Dork Storm Press
Dork Decade Dork Tower 10th Anniv TPB
Dreamchilde Press
Quantum: Rock of Ages - Beginnings TPB
Gingko Press
Jeremyville Sessions HC
Harper Collins Publishers
Illustrators 48 Annual Of American Illustration TPB $45
Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc
Crystal Dragon Book Two Of The Great Migration Duology TPB
Dungeon Parade Vol 1 TPB
Night Shade Books
Passage At Arms SC
The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year Vol One
Pocket Books
Star Trek Crucible Kirk Star To Every Wandering MMPB
Wolverine Lifeblood by Hugh Matthews MMPB
Random House
Persepolis The Story Of A Childhood SC New Ptg
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 4
Shadow Double Novel Vol 5
Scholastic Inc.
Black Belt Club Vol 3 Beware Of The Haunted Eye
Sketches By Silver HC (AA)
St. Martins Press
Reading 24 TV Against The Clock TPB
Sterling Publishing
Millers American Insiders Guide Toys & Games HC
Top Shelf Productions
Essex County Vol 1 Tales From The Farm TPB
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Vol 2 George Perez SC 2nd Printing
Underwood Books
Everett Raymond Kinstler Artists Journey 1942 1962 SC New Printing
Spectrum 1 SC New Printing
Wildside Press LLC
Bone Whistle SC
Complete Guide To Low-Budget Feature Filmmaking SC
Secret Dead Men SC
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives - Two-Fisted Tales Volume One HC
     Collects Two-Fisted Tales #1-6; 212 pages
Peter Pan (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)
South Park - The Complete Ninth Season
Hawaii Five-0 - The Complete First Season
Literary Classics Collection (Madame Bovary (1949) Captain Horatio Hornblower The Three Musketeers (1948) The Prisoner of Zenda (1937 and 1952 Versions) Billy Budd) (2007)
Private School (1983)

MARCH 14 2007
DC Comics
Superman/Batman The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Superman #76 Man Of Steel #3 World's Finest #142 159 176 and 207 Batman & Superman World's Finest #7 Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003 and Superman/Batman Annual #1
Crisis On Multiple Earths The Team-Ups Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects The Atom #29 and 36 The Brave and The Bold #62 The Flash #170 and 173 Green Lantern #45 and 61 and The Spectre #3
Moon Child Vol. 6
Marvel Masterworks Dr. Strange Vol. 3 (Variant Volume 75)
     Collects Dr. Strange #169-179 and Avengers #61
Wolverine: Origins Volume 2 - Savior Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #6-10
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: Best Of The Best TPB
     Collects Ms. Marvel #1-5 and Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1
New Excalibur Volume 2: Last Days Of Camelot TPB
     Collects New Excalibur #8-15
Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection Volume 1 TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1-13
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1 - The Freedon Nadd Uprising HC
      Out of print for a decade this deluxe hardcover limited-edition of The Freedon Nadd Uprising kicks off Dark Horse's year-long celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of Star Wars!
Crying Freeman Vol. 5 TPB
Harlan Ellisons Dream Corridor Vol 2 TPB
Worlds Of Amano HC
Complete Invincible Library Vol 1 HC $125; Ltd Ed Sgn HC $175
     Collecting the Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 1-2 (Invincible #1-24 0 and the Free Comic Book Day 2004 story plus over 150 pages of extras) into one massive volume just in time for Christmas errr St. Patrick's Day! Almost 800 pages of pure Invincible goodness. This is a can't-miss for any Invincible fan and a perfect addition to any reinforced sturdy bookshelf. This is a limited one-time offer. This item will be limited to 2500 copies and will not be reprinted.768 Pages
Also available in a S&N edition signed by Robert Kirkman Ryan Ottley & Cory Walker and strictly limited to 150 copies

Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle HC
     Collects The second hardcover volume of the Hip Flask series
PVP Vol 4 PVP Goes Bananas TPB
Trakk Monster Hunter TPB
Afterburn Comics
Blood & Roses Majestic Collection Ltd Ed HC $40; TPB $20
Antarctic Press
How To Draw Manga DVD Rom Vol 1 AR
Dr. Master Publications Inc
Chinese Hero Vol 1 Tales of the Blood Sword SC
Gemstone Publishing
Walt Disneys Spring Fever Vol 1 TPB
Heavy Metal Magazine
Luis Royo Subversive Beauty Original Ed HC $200
IDW Publishing
Transformers Beast Wars Manga Vol 1 TPB
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Vol 1 TPB
National Book Network
BPRD Hollow Earth TPB Spanish
BPRD Plague Of Frogs TPB Spanish
Get Fuzzy Vol 1 TPB Spanish
Rave Master Vol 13 Spanish
Rocco Vargas Sketchbook HC
ONI Press Inc
Blue Monday Vol 1 The Kids Are Alright TPB New Ptg
Hardy Boys Vol 8 Board To Death GN $8; HC $13
St. Martins Press
Battlestar Galactica Cylons Secret MMPB
Titan Books Ltd
Amazona Art Of Chris Achilleos TPB (AA)
Top Shelf Productions
American Elf Vol 2 Coll Sketchbook Diaries Of James Kochalka
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Vol 1 Alan Davis SC 2nd Ptg
Baby Looney Tunes Vol. 3 - Puddly Olympics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Original Series (Season 4) - (5-Disc Set)
Casino Royale (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

MARCH 21 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #34-36 42-44 and 51 Mystery In Space #87-90 and Hawkman #1-11
Robin Wanted TPB
     Collects Robin #148-153
The Flash The Fastest Man Alive - Lightning In A Bottle TPB
     Collects The Flash The Fastest Man Alive #1-6
Shadowpact The Pentacle Plot TPB
     Collects Shadowpact #1-3 and 5-8
Deadman Vol. 1 Deadman Walking TPB
     Collects Deadman #1-5
Seimaden Vol. 8
Tower Of The Future Vol. 6
Wolverine: Weapon X Premiere HC
     Collects Marvel Comics Presents #72-84
(Civil War) Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Volume 2: Mystery Date TPB
     Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-16
New Avengers Volume 4: The Collective TPB
     Collects New Avengers #16-20
Spider-Man: Birth of Venom TPB
     Collects Secret Wars #8; Amazing Spider-Man #252-259 #298-300 & #315-317; Fantastic Four #274 Web of Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #10
Dark Horse
Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Volume 1
Satsuma Gishiden Volume 3
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Volume 3
Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 3 TPB
It Rhymes With Lust
     Written by Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller
Savage Dragon Vol 11 Resurrection TPB
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Gloomcookie Vol 5 Final Curtain TPB
Antarctic Press
AP How Not To Draw Manga Pkt Manga Vol 1 TPB
Black Coat Press
News From The Moon SC
Disney Press
Disney Jr Vol 3 Lion King GN
DK Publishing Co
Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Guide Updated HC Ed
Star Wars Complete Cross Sections HC
Fantagraphics Books
Buddy Does Jersey GN
Kin-Der Kids SC
Fenickx Productions LLC
Archaic Vol 2 Winter Children TPB
Harper Collins Publishers
Beat Of Urban Art: Art of Justin Bua HC
Full Vinyl SC
Hyperion Books
Witch Vol 7 Under Pressure GN
IDW Publishing
Complete Jon Sable Freelance Vol 6 TPB
Last Gasp
Mitch O Connell Tattoos SC
ONI Press Inc.
Leading Man Vol 1 TPB
Osprey Graphics
Graphic History Fight To The Death
Pocket Books
Blokhedz Vol 1 TPB
Star Trek Mirror Universe Obsidian Alliances TPB
Publishers Group West
South Park and Philosophy SC
Random House
The Return of the King Revised Ed MMPB New Ptg
The Two Towers Revised Ed MMPB New Ptg
St Martins Press
Sweet and Low A Family Story TPB
Viz Medis LLC
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 12 TPB
Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Second Season
Batman Beyond: Season 3
Eragon (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Rocky Balboa
Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner (Uncensored)
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider / Lara Croft - Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life
Miami Vice - Season Three
Miami Vice - Season Four

MARCH 28 2007
DC Comics
Superman: The Action Comics Archives Vol. 5
     Collects Action Comics #69-85 (1944-1945)
Batman Snow TPB
     Collects Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #191-196
Green Arrow Crawling From The Wreckage TPB
     Collects Green Arrow #60-65
Green Lantern Rebirth TPB
     Collects Green Lantern Rebirth #1-6
Secret Six: Six Degrees Of Devastation TPB
     Collects Secret Six #1-6
Loveless Vol. 2 Thicker Than Blackwater TPB
     Collects Loveless #6-12
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol. 4
Marvel Masterworks The Golden Age USA Comics Vol. 1 (Variant Volume 76)
     New Price! $60; Collects USA Comics #1-4
Essential X-Men Volume 5 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #180-198 and X-Men Annual #8 and X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane HC
     Collects Mary Jane #1-4 Mary Jane: Homecoming #1-4 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1-5
Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 8 HC
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #86-96 and Annual #1-2
Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 7: God War TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #33-38
Zombie TPB
     Collects Zombie #1-4
Half Dead TPB presented by The Dabel Brothers
Dark Horse
Star Wars 30th Anniv Coll Vol 2 HC Jedi vs Sith
Star Wars Boba Fett Vol 1 TPB Man With A Mission
Berserk Volume 16
Alice In Sunderland GN
Conan & The Songs of the Dead TPB
Grendel Devil By The Deed HC
Reiko The Zombie Shop Vol 6 TPB
Spawn Armageddon Vol 2 TPB
About Comics
24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2006 TPB
Manga Shakespeare Hamlet GN
Manga Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet GN
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comic
Vampirella Witchblade Trilogy TPB
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Witchblade Vol 3 TPB
Bud Plant
Comix The Underground Revolution TPB
Mirrormask Illustrated Script HC
DK Publishing Co.
Spider-Man Visual Guide Comp Movie Trilogy $20
Drama Queen
Audition Vol 1 GN
Vision of the Other Side Vol 1 GN
Vision of the Other Side Vol 2 GN
Drawn & Quarterly
Dont Go Where I Cant Follow GN
Oh Skinnay HC
Fantagraphics Books
Freedom Fries TPB
Underbelly HC
Graphic-Sha Publishing Co. Ltd
HTDM Samurai & Ninja Action Scene Collection
Hyperion Books
Houdini Handcuff King Center Of Cartoon Studies HC Book $17
Rock And Roll Love GN
IDW Publishing
Transformers War Within IDW Vol 1 TPB
Jewish Publication Society
Megillat Esther GN
Krause Publications
Street Scene How To Draw Graffiti Style SC
Little Brown and Company
Adventures Of Tintin Vol 3 HC
McFarland & Company Inc.
Existential Joss Whedon $26
Irwin Allen Television Productions 1964-1970 $50
I Spy History & Episode Guide $30
Saint History & Episode Guide $30
Olympian Publishing
Century Guild Chamber Of Mystery Vol 1 Witchcraft SC
Hardy Boys Boxed Set $30
     Collects Graphic Novels # 1-4
Hardy Boys Vol 5 Sea You Sea Me GN $8
Totally Spies Vol 4 Spies In Space GN $8; HC $13
Pocket Books
Spider-Man 3 Movie Novelization MMPB $8
Random House
Transformers Ghosts Of Yesterday MMPB $7
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 7 TPB $27
Slaine Time Killer SC GN $25
Mermaids Vol 2 TPB
Mermaids Vol 3 TPB
Giddy Up Cowgirls Gone Loco Vol 1 SC
Sterling Publishing
Magnetic Wisdom Lois Lanes Guide To Life $10
Magnetic Wisdom Supermans Guide To Life $10
Secrets To Drawing Heads SC
Titan Books
24 Official Companion Seasons 3 & 4 SC $17
Titan Publishing
Tank Girl Vol 2 GN
Tank Girl Vol 3 GN
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 1 Attack Of The Mousers TPB
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 2 Out Of The Shadows TPB
Wildside Press LLC
Amazon Nights SC
Fantastic Four - World's Greatest Heroes Volume 1
Children of Men (Full Screen Edition)
The Addams Family - Volume 2
The Shield - The Complete Fifth Season

APRIL 4 2007
DC Comics
Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween HC
     Collects Batman The Long Halloween #1-13; $75
Showcase Presents: Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Adventure Comics #247 267 282 290 293 and 300-328 Action Comics #267 276 287 and 289 Superboy #86 89 98 and 117 Superman 147 Superman Annual #4 and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #72 and 76
Batman Detective TPB
     Collects Detective Comics #821-826
Jonah Hex Vol. 2 Guns Of Vengeance TPB
     Collects Jonah Hex #7-12
Sgt. Rock The Prophecy TPB
     Collects Sgt. Rock The Prophecy #1-6
American Splendor Vol. 1 Another Day TPB
     Collects American Splendor #1-4
Cipher Vol. 7
Vs. Vol. 5
The Time Guardian Vol. 1
Ultimate Spider-Man: Clone Saga Premiere HC
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man 97-105 Marvel Spotlight: Brian Michael Bendis/Mark Bagley
Essential Spider-Man Vol. 8 TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #161-185 and Annual #11 Giant-Size Spider-Man #6 and Nova #12
Alpha Flight Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Alpha Flight #1-8
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 1 - Born in Blood TPB
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #1-5
Spider-Girl Vol. 8: Duty Calls Digest
     Collects Spider-Girl #39-44
Dark Horse
Old Boy Volume 5
Cross Bronx Vol 1 TPB
Spawn Collection Vol 3 TPB
Unusual Suspects Original GN
A. D. Vision
Cromartie High School Manga Vol 10 TPB
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Witchblade Vol 3 TPB (Bandai)
Blue Line Art
Notes To Draw From Vol 1 TPB (New Ptg) $20
Broccoli International USA
Es Broccoli Vol 2 GN
Murder Princess Vol 1 GN
Bud Plant
Classic Glamour Photography SC AR
Digital Manga Distribution
Loveholic Vol 1 GN
Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness Vol 2 Shop Til You Drop Dead Px TPB $15
Red Sonja Vol 1 HC $20
Six From Sirius Vol 1 Mass Mkt Cvr TPB
Fantagraphics Books
Image from Amazon
Confessions Romances Secrets and Temptations: Archer St. John and the St. John Romance Comics by John Benson
Wonderfool World GN
Harper Collins Publishers
Spider-Man 3 Junior Novel
Spider-Man 3 Meet The Heroes & Villains TPB (Young Reader)
Spider-Man 3 Movie Storybook
Spider-Man 3 New Goblin (Yr)
Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man Vs Sandman TPB (Young Reader)
IDW Publishing
Angel Scriptbook Vol 2 TPB $20
Markosia Enterprises
Hunger Vol 1 TPB (AA)
Mutation Vol 1 TPB
Of Bitter Souls Vol 1 TPB
Smoke & Mirror Vol 1 TPB
Mirage Studios
TMNT Movie Prequel 4 April
TMNT Movie Prequel 5 Leonardo
Spider Chronicles SC $17
Nachshon Press LLC
Homeland Illustrated History Of State Of Israel HC $35; SC $20
Nancy Drew Vol 9 Ghost In The Machinery HC $13; SC $8
Pocket Books
Hellboy Dragon Pool MMPB
Star Trek TOS Vulcans Soul II Exiles MMPB
Random House
Lords Of Battle World Of The Celtic Warrior HC
Peanuts Dirt On Pig Pen
Scourge Of The Seas HC
Toys New Designs From The Art Toy Revolution TPB
Up & Down New York HC
Prima Publishing
Perfect Dark TPB
SAF Comics
Two White Wizards GN
St. Martins Press
Battlestar Galactica Unity HC $26; TPB $15
House Of Cthulhu Vol 1 Tales Of Primal Land TPB
Taschen America LLC
Little Nemo Complete Works HC New Ptg (AA) $30
TwoMorrows Publishing
Blue Beetle Companion
Warner Books
Grindhouse Tarantino Rodriguez HC $30
Wildside Press LLC
Phantom Detective Phantoms Phantom SC
She-Ra: Princess of Power: Season One Volume Two
Defenders of the Earth Volume 2
The Pink Panther Show Volume 5 - The Ant & The Aardvark
Charlotte's Web (2006)
Entourage - Season Three Part 1
Twin Peaks - The Second Season
The Natural (Director's Cut)
The Brady Bunch - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-5 + Shag Carpet Cover)

APRIL 11 2007
DC Comics
All Star Superman Vol. 1 HC
     $20; Collects All Star Superman #1-6
Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 5 Dr. Death and The Night Of The Butcher TPB
     $20; Collects Sandman Mystery Theatre #21-28
Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre TPB
     $13; Collects the 3-issue miniseries that links the events of Infinite Crisis to the present and the future plus the lead stories from Tales Of The Unexpected #1-3
Claw The Unconquered TPB
     $17; From the pages of the miniseries Red Sonja/Claw: The Devil's Hands comes the solo adventures of the cursed hero
Densha Otoko Vol. 3
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 13
Marvel Masterworks The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4 (Variant Volume 77
     $55; Collects Tales Of Suspense #84-99 Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 and Iron Man (Vol. 1) #1
Spider-Man: Reign Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Spider-Man: Reign #1-4
Civil War TPB
     $25; Collects Civil War #1-7
Heroes For Hire Vol. 1: Civil War TPB
     $14; Collects Heroes for Hire #1-5
Sensational Spider-Man: Feral TPB
     $14; Collects Sensational Spider-Man #23-27
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 5: All 4 One 4 For All Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #17-20
Battle Pope Vol. 3 TPB
     $13; Collects Battle Pope #9-11
Ferro City Vol. 1 TPB
     $16; Collects Ferro City #1-4
Afterburn Comics
Unit Primes Vol 1 GN (New Ptg)
Chronicle Books
Cat Getting Out Of A Bag TPB
Marvel Vintage Note Card Book Set
Mas Cine Mexicano SC
Thorgal Child of the Stars Vol 1 GN
Devils Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms Legend Of Drizzt Vol 1-3 Box Set $50
Forgotten Realms Vol 4 Crystal Shard HC $30
GI Joe Declassified TPB $19
Hack Slash Vol 1 First Cut TPB New Ptg
Hack Slash Vol 2 Death By Sequel TPB $19
DK Publishing Co.
Pirates Of The Caribbean Complete Visual Guide HC $20
Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions
Lookit Vol 2 Yarg And Other Stories GN
Dynamite Entertainment
Street Magik GN
Fantagraphics Books
Complete Peanuts Vol 7 1963-1964 HC $29
Harry The Rat With Women Novel
Kafka GN
Mome Vol 7 GN
:01 First Second
Garage Band GN
Professors Daughter Collectors Ed HC $30
Sardine In Outer Space Vol 3 SC
Fox Atomic Comics
28 Days Later The Aftermath GN $18
Go Media Entertainment LLC
Night Of The Beasts Vol 3 GN
Harper Collins Publishers
Mondo Lucha A Go Go Bizarre World Mexican Wrestling HC $25
IDW Publishing
Conluvio TPB
Doomed Presents Ashley Wood TPB
Transformers Stormbringer Manga Vol 1 TPB
Krause Publications
Pirate Primer HC
Last Gasp
Asleep In A Foreign Place Art Book
Tizzle Sisters & Erik Sgn GN
Mirage Studios
TMNT Movie Prequel 3 Donatello
Flower & Fade GN
Boy Princess Vol 6 GN (0F 9)
Cant Lose You Vol 5 GN (Of 6)
Land Of Silver Rain Vol 5 GN
Let Dai Vol 6 GN (0F 15)
Night Shade Books
The State Of The Art
Oni Press Inc.
Wasteland Book 1 Cities In Dust TPB
Oog & Blik
Complete Universe Of Dupuy & Berberian TPB
     $55; Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian are French cartoonists most famous for their series of Bande Dessinée albums featuring the character Monsieur Jean.. Their collaboration is notable as they share every aspect of creating their stories from plot through layouts pencils and inks to the extent that it is impossible to detect who is responsible for what.
Putnam Publishing Group
Berkeley Breathed Mars Needs Moms HC $17
Secret History Of Vampires MMPB $8
Nikolai Dante Tsar Wars Vol 2 TPB
Sirius Entertainment
Poison Elves Ventures Vol 2 Amrahlynn TPB
Art Of Caretta Hard Candy HC $25; SC $15
St. Martins Press
Halo Ghosts Of Onyx MMPB
Titan Publishing
Classic Dan Dare The Man From Nowhere HC $23
Star Trek Comics Classics Vol 5 Convergence TPB $23
Tank Girl GN Odyssey
Tank Girl Vol 1 GN
Wildside Press LLC
Eye Of Argon SC
Living Shadows A John Shirley Collection SC $15
Matters Of The Blood SC
Yaoi Press LLC
Wishing For The Moon GN
Teen Titans - The Complete Third Season
The Batman - The Complete Third Season
Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth Volume 2
Scooby All-Stars The Complete 3rd Season
Mel Gibson Ultimate Collection (Braveheart / Payback - The Director's Cut / We Were Soldiers)
Major League (Wild Thing Edition w/ Turf Cover)

APRIL 18 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 3 TPB
     $17 Collects stories from Action Comics #276-292 and Superman #146-156
Batman and The Mad Monk TPB
     $15; Collects Batman and The Mad Monk #1-6
Hellblazer - Reasons To Be Cheerful TPB
     $15; Collects John Constantine Hellblazer #201-206
Wonder Woman The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB; $20
Canon Vol. 1
Recipe For Gertrude Vol 4
Annihilation Book 2 HC
     $30; Collects Silver Surfer #1-4 Super Skrull #1-4 and Ronan #1-4
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man TPB
     $18; Collects Amazing Spider-Man #532-538
Civil War: Front Line Book 1 TPB
     $15; Collects Civil War: Front Line #1-6
Civil War: Thunderbolts TPB
     $14; Collects Thunderbolts #101-105
Daredevil: The Devil Inside and Out Vol. 2 TPB
     $15; Collects Daredevil #88-93
Punisher MAX Vol. 7: Man of Stone TPB
     $16; Collects Punisher #37-42
Young Avengers Vol. 2: Family Matters TPB
     $18; Collects Young Avengers #7-12 and the Young Avengers Special
Prey: Origin Of The Species TPB presented by The Dabel Brothers; $11
Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories GN $13
Andrews and Mcmeel
Edge City Comic Strip Collection TPB $13
Mutts Animal Friendly Mutts Treasury $17
Antarctic Press
Gold Digger Throne of Shadows Pkt Manga Vol 1 $15
Ballantine Books
Flight Vol 1 GN Ballantine Ed $20
Flight Vol 2 GN Ballantine Ed $25
Blue Feather Press
Evenfall Vol 2 Soul to Keep TPB $10
Dark Horse Comics
Oh My Goddess Vol 26 TPB $11
Del Rey
Avril Lavignes Make 5 Wishes Vol 1 GN $13
DK Publishing Co.
Shrek Essential Guide Revised Ed HC $13
Griffin Books
Salon GN $20
Harper Collins Publishers
Family Guy Stewie Griffin School Hard Knocks Grad Pad $12
Monster Book Of More Manga TPB $25
Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’s Stardust TPB (MR) New Ptg $14
Hermes Press
Cheap Thrills HC $50 and TPB (resolicited) $30
Houghton Mifflin Company
Children of Hurin HC $26
Image Comics
Rocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea Vol. 2 TPB
     $20; Collects Rocketo #7-12
Pantheon Books
Alias: The Cat GN $23
Pocket Books
Star Trek TOS Vulcan's Soul III Epiphany HC $25
Pure Imagination Publishing
Alex Toth Edge of Genius Vol 1 TPB $25
Girls From Line to Color by Michal Dutkiewicz TPB $15
St. Martins Press
My So Called Punk TPB $15
Wheres My Jetpack TPB $15
Spongebob Squarepants - Friend Or Foe
The Ghost Busters (Filmation) The Complete Series
Highlander: The Series The Ultimate Collection - Best Of The Best
Masters of Horror John Landis
The Venture Bros. Season 2
Spider-Man 2.1 - Unrated Extended Cut (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)
Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show

APRIL 25 2007
DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 21 HC
     $50; Collects Spirit Sections From July 2 - December 31 1950
Hawkgirl The Maw TPB
     $18; Collects Hawkgirl #50-56
Supergirl and The Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 Adult Education TPB
     $14; Collects Supergirl and The Legion Of Super-Heroes #20-27
Thunderbolt Jaxon TPB
     $20; Collects Thunderbolt Jaxon #1-5
God Save The Queen (MR) HC
     $20; God Save The Queen is a new hardcover that reunites acclaimed writer Mike Carey with renowned fantasy painter John Bolton. Bolton’s lush palette perfectly captures both the lurid underbelly of modern London and the haunting elegance of faerie in a dark compelling tale of decadence and desire that echoes the epic scope of books of magic and the Sandman.
Gals Vol. 10
Penguin Revolution Vol. 3; $10
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 HC and Book Market Edition
     $100; Collects Amazing Fantasy #15 Amazing Spider-Man #1-38 and Annual #1-2 Strange Tales Annual #2 and Fantastic Four Annual #1
Agents Of Atlas Premiere HC
     $25; Collects Agents Of Atlas #1-6; plus the Agents’ first appearances in stories from Yellow Claw #1 (Jimmy Woo; October 1956) Menace #11 (Human Robot; May 1954) Venus #1 (August 1948) Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (Namora; May 1947) Marvel Boy #1 (December 1950) Men's Adventures #26 (Gorilla Man; March 1954) and What If? #9 (1950s Avengers; June 1978). Also featuring Blogs creator interviews character designs and other extras!
Spider-Man Visionaries: Roger Stern Vol. 1 TPB
     $25; Collects Amazing Spider-Man #206 and Spectacular Spider-Man #43-52 and #54
Punisher War Journal Vol. 1: Civil War Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Punisher War Journal #1-4 plus the Black and White edition of Issue #1
Civil War: Fantastic Four TPB
     $18; Collects Fantastic Four #538-543
Civil War: X-Men TPB
     $12; Collects Civil War: X-Men #1-4
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 6: Paved with Good Intentions (Civil War) TPB
     $18; Collects Cable & Deadpool #30-36
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do TPB
     $15; Collects Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #1-6
Runaways Volume 7: Live Fast Digest
     $8; Collects Runaways #19-24
The Spider-Man Chronicles: The Art and Making of Spider-Man 3 HC
     $50; More than 400 pieces of concept art sketches behind-the-scenes photographs and the insider story of how Spider-Man 3 was made from conception to completion. Only for the ultimate Spidey fan. By Grant Curtis (producer for Spider-Man 3 and co-producer of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2).
Dark Horse
Path Of The Assassin Volume 6
Little Lulu Volume 15: The Explorers
     Collecting Dell Comics' Marge's Little Lulu #64-68 originally published between October 1953 and February 1954
Image Comics
Truth Justin & American Way TPB $15
City Cyclops
Truth Serum The Lonely Parade TPB $15
Drawing The Line
Drawing The Line Vol 2 GN $20
Drawn & Quarterly
Abandon The Old In Tokyo HC $20
King Cat Classix HC $30
Push Man & Other Stories HC $20
Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea TPB $15
:01 First Second
Professors Daughter Collectors Ed HC $30; GN $17
Tiny Tyrant GN $13
Frecklebean Group
Nick Cardy Comic Strips TPB $15
Go Media Entertainment LLC
After School Nightmare Vol 3 GN $11
Train Plus Train Vol 2 GN $11
Henry Holt
Blindspot GN $14
IDW Publishing
Transformers Beast Wars #1 Var Cvr Slipcase $75
Independent Publisher Group
Morbid Curiosity Art Of Mike Dubisch TPB $13
Spider Chronicles Ltd Sgn SC $27
Oni Press
Shenanigans GN $15
Osprey Graphics
The War Is On GN $10
Ozone Productions
Bettie Page By Olivia Sgn HC (AA) $75
Pocket Books
X-Men The Return MMPB $8
Prestel Publishing
Dot Dash Dot Designer Toys Action Figure and Character Art HC $60
Random House
Making Of Star Wars Definitive Story Behind Original Film HC $75 TPB $35
Sterling Publishing
Asterix And The Vikings Book Of The Film HC $13
Batman Sunday Classics 1943-1946 HC $15
Batman The Dailies 1943-1946 HC $20
Angel Lust Vol 2 A Gallery Girls Collection TPB $10
Titan Books
Firefly Off Companion Vol 2 TPB $25
Viper Comics
Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch Vol 1 GN $25
Gemstone Publishing
Big Big Overstreet Price Gd Vol 37 $37
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 37 New Avengers HC $35 SC $30
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 37 Supergirl HC $35 SC $30
EC Archives Weird Science Vol 2 HC $50
     Collects Weird Science #7-12
Dick Tracy Vs Crime Inc DVD (AC Comics)
Ed Edd n' Eddy Season 2
Night at the Museum (Two-Disc Special Edition)
WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete First Season

MAY 2 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: The War That Time Forgot Vol. 1 TPB
     $18; Collects Star Spangled War Stories #90-137; Over 500 pages of classic adventures are included in this value-priced volume collecting one of the most unusual series ever from DC Comics!
The All-New Atom Vol. 1: My Life In Miniature TPB
     $15; Collects the first 6 issues of the acclaimed new series
From Eroica With Love Vol. 9; $10
Omukae Desu Vol. 4; $10
Civil War: Captain America TPB
     $12; Collects Captain America #22-24 and the Winter Soldier: Winter Kills One-Shot
Civil War: Wolverine TPB (Parental Advisory)
     $18; Collects Wolverine #42-48
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways TPB
     $12; Collects Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4 plus extras
Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson Vol. 1 TPB
     #20; Fantastic Four #334-341
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 3 - Darth Maul
     $20; Collects Darth Maul #1-5
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 -- Broken
     $18; Collects issues #1-3 and #5-7
Eden: It's An Endless World! Volume 7; $13
Flood! (3rd edition)
     $15; This third edition features a new cover by Eric Drooker and a complete re-design. Flood!: A Novel in Pictures was followed by Drooker's acclaimed book Blood Song: A Silent Ballad.
Vampire Hunter D Volume 7; $9
Image Comics
Aphrodite IX TPB (New Ptg) $15
Walking Dead Sorrowful Life Vol 6 $13
Walking Dead Vol 2 HC $30
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid SC $13
Graffiti La Street Styles and Art HC $35
Adhouse Books
Ancient Book Of Myth And War HC $20
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Clarence Principle GN $13
Broadsword Comics
Yeah I Drew It Px Sgn Remarked Ed $25
Greenwood Publishing
Graphic Novels Genre Guide To Comic Books Manga & More HC $60
Harper Collins Publishers
All Those Moments: Stories Of Heroes Villains Replicants HC $25
Everybody Hurts Essential Guide To Emo Culture SC $14
How To Draw Manga
HTDM Costume Encyclopedia Vol 4 $30
The Transformers: Stormbringer Variant Cover Slipcase
     This exclusive high-quality slipcover features all four issues of the mini-series offering up the hard-to-find retailer incentive sketch covers by series artist Don Figueroa all enclosed in an attractive slipcase. Strictly limited to 150 copies. $75.
Independent Publisher Group
Pinewood Story SC $30
Kodansha America
Warriors Of Art Guide To Contemporary Japanese Artists HC $35
Lerner Publishing Group
Graphic Universe Thor & Loki In Land Of Giants HC $27
Oni Press Inc.
First In Space GN $9.95
Love As A Foreign Language Omnibus Vol 2 TPB $12
Publishers Group West
Blondie Images 1976-1980 TPB $25
Random House
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 1 Betrayal MMPB $8
Top Shelf Productions
Korgi Vol 1 TPB $10
Clint Eastwood Western Icon Collection (High Plains Drifter/Joe Kidd/Two Mules For Sister Sara)
Fletch (The "Jane Doe" Edition)

MAY 9 2007
DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: To Be A Lantern TPB
     $13; Collects the first six issues of the new series re-establishing the legendary Green Lantern Corps!
Y: The Last Man Vol. 9: Motherland TPB (MR)
     $15; Collects issues #49-53
The Devil Does Exist Vol. 10; $10
Musashi #9 Vol. 11; $10
Eternals by Neil Gaiman HC and Book Market Edition
     $30; Collects Eternals #1-7
Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 6
     $17; Collects Fantastic Four #111-137
Civil War: Peter Parker Spider-Man TPB
     $18; Collects Sensational Spider-Man #28-34
Civil War: Front Line Book 2 TPB
     $15; Collects Civil War: Front Line #7-11
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Volume 6: The Black Costume Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #21-24
Spider-Man and Power Pack Digest
     $7; Collects Spider-Man and Power Pack #1-4
Criminal Volume 1: Coward TPB
     $15; Collects Criminal #1-5
Marvel Zombies 4th Ptg Avengers HC $20
Dark Horse
Courageous Princess TPB; $15
Andrews and McMeel
Get Fuzzy Loserpalooza TP (resolicited) $17
Government Manual for New Pirates TP $11
Barrons Educational Series Inc
50 Fantasy Vehicles to Draw and Paint SC $22
Barrons Graphic Classics Hunchback of Notre Dame SC $9
Barrons Graphic Classics Moby Dick SC $9
Fantasy Illustrators Technique Book SC $22
How to Draw & Paint Crazy Cartoon Characters SC $22
Black Coat Press
Felifax the Tigerman TPB $25
Blue Line Art
Mitch Byrd Scribbles & Sketches Vol. 1 SC $20
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Vol 6 Big Beastly Book Of Bart Simpson TPB $15
Chronicle Books
Spider-Man Chronicles Art & Making of Spider-Man 3 HC $50
Games Workshop Publishing
The Art of Warhammer HC $50
Graphic-sha Publishing Co. Ltd
HTDM Sketching Manga Style Vol. 1 $25
IDW Publishing
Sparrow Kent Williams HC $12
Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation TPB $18
Transformers War Within Vol 2 TPB Dark Ages $20
Zombies Vol 1 TPB Feast (AA) $20
Independent Publisher Group
Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool $25
Homeland Illustrated History of State of Israel HC $35; SC $20
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 3 Borden Tragedy SC (AA) $9
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 8 Madeleine Smith HC (AA) $16
Nestiveqnen Editions
John Howe Artbook $70
Pocket Books
Fantastic Four 2 Rise of the Silver Surfer MMPB $8
Prison Break Classified FBI Files TPB $20
Publishers Group West
Strongest Man in the World Graphic Biography HC $18
Random House
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy TP $20
ABC Warriors Khronicles of Khaos GN $23
Asylum GN $22
Invasion GN $29
Spitfire Comics
Collected Hook Jaw Vol 1 GN $25
St. Martins Press
New Destroyer Guardian Angel MMPB $7
Titan Books
Serenity Companion TPB $20
Titan Publishing
Modesty Blaise Vol. 11 Inca Trail TPB $20
Trafalgar Square
Doctor Who Short Trips Farewell HC $28
Doctor Who Special #16 in Their Own Words Vol. 3 $12
Jason of Star Command The Complete Series
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Collection 3: Green Lion
Lawrence of Arabia (Collector's Edition)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (Collector's Edition)
The Guns of Navarone (Collector's Edition)
The Caine Mutiny (Collector's Edition)
To Catch a Thief (Special Collector's Edition)
Donnie Brasco (Extended Cut)

MAY 16 2007
DC Comics
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
     $15; Detective Comics #46-50 Batman #4-5 and World's Best Comics #1
Showcase Presents: The Flash Vol. 1 TPB
     $17; Collects Showcase #4 #8 #13 #14 and The Flash #105-#120
Batman Black And White Vol. 3 HC
     $25; A new collection of classic Batman tales in black and white
Battler Britton TPB
     $20; Collects the acclaimed 5-issue miniseries written by Garth Ennis
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol. 5; $10
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 1; $10
Hellblazer: The Devil You Know TPB (MR)
     $20; Collects Hellblazer #10-13 Hellblazer Annual #1 and The Horrorist #1-2
Marvel Masterworks The Incredible Hulk Vol. 4 HC (Variant Volume 78)
     $55; Collects Incredible Hulk (Volume 2) Incredible Hulk #103-110 and The Incredible Hulk Special The #1 (aka Annual #1)
X-Factor: Many Lives Of Madrox Premiere HC
     $20; Collects X-Factpr #13-17
Runaways Vol.3 HC
     $25; Collects Runaways #13-24
Civil War: X-Men Universe TPB
     $14; Collects Cable & Deadpool #30-32 X-Factor #8-9
(Civil War) Blade Volume 1: Undead Again TPB
     $15; Collects Blade #1-6
Civil War: War Crimes TPB
     $18; Collects Civil War: War Crimes and Underworld #1-5
Ultimate X-Men Volume 16 Cable TPB
     $15; Collects Ultimate X-Men #75-80
Amazing Spider-Girl Volume 1: Whatever Happened To The Daughter Of Spider-Man TPB
     $15; Collects Spider-Girl #1-8 plus her #0 issue!
Red Prophet: Tales Of Alvin Maker Vol. 1 HC and Book Market Edition; $20
Magician Apprentice Vol. 1 HC and Book Market Edition; $20
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - Flashpoint Volume 2
     $19; Collects #7-12
Fear Agent Volume 1: Re-Ignition; $14
Hanami: International Love Story Volume 1; $10
Image Comics
Rob Zombie Presents: The Haunted World of El Superbeasto TPB
     $20; With the animated feature film soon to be released pick up the graphic novel where it all began!
Bastard Samurai Vol I TPB (New Ptg); $13
AC Comics
Government Agents Vs Phantom Legion DVD $25
Archaia Studios Press
Artesia Vol 3 Artesia Afire HC $25
Mouse Guard Vol 1 Fall 1152 HC $25
Biblio Distribution
Up Up and Oy Vey!: How Jewish History Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein SC $20
Chronicle Books
Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno TPB $17
DK Publishing Co
Transformers The Ultimate Guide SC $17
You Can Draw Transformers $20
Fantagraphics Books
Complete Peanuts 1959-62 Slipcase $5
Misery Loves Comedy HC $25
Things Just Get Away From You HC $25
Harper Collins Publishers
Family Guy It Takes a Village Idiot I Married One SC $15
House Of Collectibles and Gemstone
The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #37 Daredevil Cover $30
Independent Publisher Group
Life of Python Updated Ed $25
Krause Publications
Comic Values Annual 2007 SC $20
Warmans Companion Pez SC $18
Sirius Entertainment
Deady Vol 4 Big In Japan GN $6
Sterling Publishing
Secrets of Spider-Man Revealed SC $10
Time Inc Home Entertainment
Sopranos Official Commemorative Finale Book SC $22
Viz Media LLC
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol 5 TPB (AA) $10
Naruto Collector Magazine #3 $10
Naruto Vol 14 TPB $8
Watson Guptill Publications
Hi Yah How to Draw Fantastic Martial Arts Comics TPB $20
Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist TPB $20
White Wolf Publishing
Dragonlance Bestiary of Krynn Revised HC (resolicited) $35
Monster Mayhem $45
American Dad Volume 2
Pan's Labyrinth (Two-Disc Special Edition)
The Fountain
Tex Avery's Droopy - The Complete Theatrical Collection
Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 2
Curious George Rocket Ride And Other Adventures
Wings The Complete 4th Season

MAY 23 2007
DC Comics
Action Hero Archives Volume 2 Featuring Captain Atom Blue Beetle and The Question
     $75; Collecting classic stories by master artist Steve Ditko from the pages of Captain Atom #83-89 Blue Beetle #1-5 Mysterious Suspense #1 and Charlton Bullseye #1 2 and 5 plus the title story intended for Blue Beetle #6 (published in Charlton Portfolio #9-10) as well as an 8-page Question story $75
The Original Encyclopedia Of Comic Book Heroes Volume 1: Batman TPB
     $20; Everything you ever wanted to know about DC’s Dark Knight - and so much more - can be found in this amazing volume brought back into print for the first time in 30 years! Originally published in 1976 this extensive volume - the first in a series - includes everything you could want to know about Batman his allies and enemies weapons in his war on crime and his adventures from the 1930s to the 1970s! 416 pg
Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator TPB
     $13; Collects the acclaimed 2-issue miniseries featuring the battle of the century!
The Other Side TPB (MR); $13
Young Magician Vol. 8
The Empty Empire Vol. 4
Megatokyo Vol. 5
Silver Surfer Omnibus Volume 1 HC Reg and Var
     $75; Collects Silver Surfer #1-18
Black Panther: Civil War TPB
     $18; Collects Black Panther #19-25
Doctor Strange: The Oath TPB
     $14; Collects Dr. Strange: The Oath #1-5
Hellstorm: Son Of Satan - Equinox TPB
     $18; Collects Hellstorm: Son Of Satan #1-5
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four TPB
     $15; Collects Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four #1-5
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Volume 3 Digest
     $8; Collects Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11-15
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 17; $14
Coyote Vol. 5 TPB
     $12; Collects Coyote #13-16
Fell Vol. 1: Feral City TPB $15 and Limited HC $25
     Collects Fell #1-8
Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 2 TPB
     $20; Collects Savage Dragon #22-50
Casanova Vol 1 Luxuria HC $25
Barrons Educational Series Inc
Barrons Graphic Classics Journey to Center Earth SC $9
Barrons Graphic Classics Kidnapped SC $9
Chronicle Books
Art of Ratatouille HC $40
Neal Adams Sketches SC $20
Dork Storm Press
Dork Tower Coll Vol 1 Dork Covenant TPB New Ptg $10
Dork Tower Coll Vol 2 Dork Shadows TPB New Ptg $10
Dork Tower Coll Vol 3 Heart of Dorkness TPB New Ptg $10
Hachette Book Group USA
Art of Pirates of Caribbean $50
Bring Me That Horizon Making of Pirates Trilogy $25
Pirates Guidelines $10
IDW Publishing
CSI Case Files Vol 2 TPB $20
Legend of Grimjack Vol 7 TPB $25
Transformers Escalation TPB $20
Pocket Books
Star Trek DS9 Twist of Faith TPB $18
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 6 $13
Shadow Double Novel Vol 7 $13
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue #22 $7
Afro Samurai (Director's Cut)
Hero High: The Complete Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1 - Volume 1
Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition)
Porky's the Ultimate Collection

MAY 31 2007
DC Comics
52 Volume 1 TPB
     $20; Collects the lead stories from 52 Weeks 1-13
Swan Vol. 10; $10
Fantastic Four: The End TPB
     $20; Collects Fantastic Four: The End #1-6
Punisher MAX Vol. 3 HC
     $30; Collects Punisher #25-36
New X-Men: Childhood's End Volume 4 TPB
     $11; Collects New X-Men #33-36
Civil War Companion TPB
     $14; Collecting Civil War Files Civil War: Battle Damage Report Marvel Spotlight: Mark Millar/Steve McNiven Marvel Spotlight: Civil War Aftermath and Daily Bugle: Civil War Special Edition.
Avengers Next Rebirth TPB
     $14; Collects Avengers Next #1-5
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HC
     $35; Collects Ultimate Nightmare #1-5 Ultimate Secret #1-4 Ultimate Extinction #1-5
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Panel To Panel Volume 2 -- Expanding The Universe TPB
     $25; This second volume will focus on the characters of the Extended Universe and characters Dark Horse has added to the Star Wars mythos.
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 4 -- Jango Fett/Zam Wesell
     $20 Collecting the graphic novels Jango Fett and Zam Wesell into one volume for the first time this story captures a pivotal moment in the history of the Republic. Each month the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection series will bring readers a limited-edition hardcover of the best of Dark Horse's Star Wars graphic novels. Available only through Direct Market retail outlets each volume's print run is limited to initial orders and will not be reprinted.
Conan Volume 4: The Hall of the Dead HC $25
Fear Agent Volume 2 - My War
     $15; Collects Fear Agent issues #5-10
Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Vol. 2 $17
Tara McPherson "Love Blows" Journal $10
Mary Scary
     $10; Sequel to Dreadful Ed
Penny Arcade Volume 4: Birds are Weird TPB $13
Shaman Warrior Volume 3 TPB $13
Tanpenshu Vol. 2 TPB $13
Dynamite Entertainment
The Boys Volume 1 TPB
     $15; Collects The Boys (DC Comics) #1-6 with and introduction by Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg!
Image Comics
Girls Vol 4 TPB: Extinction $15
Buenaventura Press
Elvis Road HC $25
Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse SC $19
Our Gang Vol. 2 SC $13
Percy Gloom HC $19
Harper Collins Publishers
Transformer Movie Storybook $9
Transformers Meet The Autobots TPB (Young Reader) $4
Transformers Meet The Decepticons TPB (Young Reader) $4
Transformers Movie Junior Novel $5
IDW Publishing
Transformers Ark Compendium Transformers Models $20
Krause Publications
Transformers Identification & Price Guide SC $25
Pocket Books
Transformers Mix & Match Board Book $15
Transformers Sliders Prime Time HC $15
Star Trek (The Original Series) Vanguard Book 3 Reap the Whirlwind MMPB $8
Random House
Transformers Off Movie Novel MMPB $8
DC Comics Covergirls HC $40; Previews Exclusive HC $50
Star Wars Legacy of the Force Book 5 Sacrifice HC $26
National Book Network
Stargate SG-1 Vol. 2 Sacrifice Moon MMPB $8
Stargate SG-1 Vol. 8 Alliances MMPB $8
Stargate SG-1 Vol. 9 Roswell MMPB $8
Nancy Drew Boxed Set $30
Nancy Drew Vol. 5 the Fake Heir GN $8; HC $13
Nancy Drew Vol. 6 Mr Cheeters Is Missing GN $8; HC $13
Nancy Drew Vol. 7 Charmed Bracelet HC $13
Nancy Drew Vol. 8 Global Warning HC $13
Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Shock SuspenStories Vol. 2 HC
     $50; This second beautiful hardcover volume of Shock SuspenStories reprints issues #7 - 12 featuring 24 stories in all
The Foursome
Kids in the Hall: The Best of Volume 2
The Superman Ultimate Collection - Corrected Edition

JUNE 6 2007
DC Comics
Batman: Turning Points TPB
     $15; Collects Batman: Turning Pionts #1-5
Catwoman: When In Rome TPB
     $13; Collects the 6-part mini-series by the Eisner Award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
Man Called Kev TPB
     $15; Collects A Man Called Kev #1-5
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 2; $10
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol. 8; $10
Superman Through The Ages
     $4; Don’t miss this 48-page Special originally included in the Superman Through The Ages Action Figure Box Set! Included here are classic Superman stories from ever era from Action Comics #1 The Amazing World Of Superman and Superman #7 (1987) plus pin-ups and more! 48 pgs
Essential Silver Surfer Vol. 2
     $17; Collects Silver Surfer (1982) #1 Silver Surfer (1987) #1-18 and Annual 1 and Marvel Fanfare #51
Civil War: Iron Man TPB
     $12; Collects Iron-Man #13-14 and Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War and Civil War: The Confession
Civil War: Marvel Universe TPB
     $12; Collects Civil War: Choosing Sides Civil War: The Return Civil War The Initiative and She-Hulk #8
Bullet Points TPB
     $14; Collects Bullet Points #1-5
Fantastic Four/Inhumans TPB
     $20; Collects Inhumans (2000) #1-4 and Fantastic Four #51-54
Seventh Shrine TPB; $12
Dark Horse
MPD-Psycho Volume 1; $11
Old Boy Volume 6; $13
Pinup the Illegitimate Art Ltd Ed HC $50
XS Hybrid; $11
Image Comics
The RideVol. 1 TPB (New Printing)
     $13; Collects The Ride #1-4
A Fine Line
Afterdead Collection Color Ed Vol 1 TPB $30
Arcana Studio
Art of Reboot HC $24
Archie Comics
Archies Camp Tales Vol 1 TPB $8
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Eureka Seven Vol 5 GN $10
Chronicle Books
How to Survive a Horror Movie TPB $15
Claypool Comics
Deadbeats Vol 3 Gothic Towers TPB $13
Consortium Book Sales
Can Rock & Roll Save the World Ill History of Music & Comics TPB $25
Drawn and Quarterly
Exit Wounds HC $20
Fun Never Stops Anthology of Comic Art 1991-2006 SC $17
House GN $14
I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets SC $20
Three Paradoxes GN (resolicited) $15
:01 First Second
Black Diamond Detective Agency SC $17; HC $30
Lost Colony Book 2 The Red Menace SC $17
Greystone Inn Comics
Lightning Lady Vol 1 GN $14
Heavy Metal Magazine
Keepers of the Maser Vol 7 Young Queen HC $15
IDW Publishing
30 Days of Night Bloodsuckers Tales Vol 1 TPB New Ptg $25
Completely Doomed TPB $20
Transformers: The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron
     $20; Compiled in this volume are G2 #6: "The Gathering Darkness" The War Within #4 IDW's Animated Movie Adaptation #1 and many more!
King Hell
Shiny Beasts GN $17
Night Shade Books
Door to Saturn: Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith Vol 2 HC $40
Precious Dragon: A Detective Inspector Chen Novel HC $25
Panini Publishing Ltd
Doctor Who the Flood TPB $27
Pocket Books
Chinatown Death Cloud Peril SC $14
Spider Robot Titans of Gotham TPB $15
Poison Press
Young Bottoms in Love GN $22
Putnam Publishing Group
Laurell K Hamiltons Strange Candy TPB $14.00
Stuck In The Middle 17 Comics From An Unpleasant Age TPB $19
Random House
Aranzi Machine Gun Vol 1 TPB $10
Soon I Will Be Invincible HC $23
Art of Al Rio Vol 1 TPB $10
Titan Publishing
Modesty Blaise Vol 3 Top Traitor TPB New Ptg $20
Wallace and Gromit Plots in Space SC $13
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #69 $7
Brush Strokes with Greatness Life & Art of Joe Sinnott SC $18
Working Methods Comic Creators Storytelling Process SC $22
Underwood Books
Origins Art of John Jude Palencar Ltd Slipcased Ed $60
Revolution Art of Jon Foster Ltd Slipcased Ed $60
What’s New Scooby Doo?: Season 2
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: Season 1
Doctor Who Stories #115-117: New Beginnings
Doctor Who Story #115: The Keeper of Traken
Doctor Who Story #116: Logopolis
Doctor Who Story #117: Castrovalva
Robin Hood - Season 1 (2006)
Seinfeld Vol 7 - Season 8
SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Adventures
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
The Dead Zone Season 5
The Fall Guy The Complete 1st Season
Fail Safe (2000)
Fantastic Four - Extended Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition)

JUNE 13 2007
DC Comics
Justice League of America Vol. 1 HC
     $25; Collects issues #1-6 of the all-new Justice League of America series
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
     $50; Collects Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #133-139 Forever People #1-3 New Gods #1-3 and Mister Miracle #1-3
Showcase Presents: The Atom Vol. 1 TPB
     $17; Collects Showcase #34-36 and The Atom #1-17
Gotham Central Vol. 5: Dead Robin TPB
     $18; Collects Gotham Central #33-40
Fables Vol. 9: Sons of Empire TPB
     $18; Collects Fables #52-59
MAD War on Bush; $10
Emma Vol. 4; $10
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 14; $10
Moon Child Vol. 7; $10
Re-gifters; $10
Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 2 HC and Var HC
     $100; Collects Fantastic Four #31-60 and Annual #2-4
Killraven Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Killraven #1-6
Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk HC
     $40; Collects Incredible Hulk #92-105 Giant Size Hulk #1 and the "Mastermind Excello" story from Amazing Fantasy #15
Essential Marvel Two-in-One Vol. 2
     $17; Collects Marvel Two-in-One #26-52 and Annual #2-3
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Volume 7 TPB
     $25; Collects Fantastic Four #285-286 & Annual #19 Avengers #263 & Annual #14 and X-Factor #1
What If?: Event Horizon (2006) TPB
     $17; Collects What If? Avengers Disassembled Spider-Man The Other Wolverine Enemy of the State X-Men Age of Apocalypse and X-Men Deadly Genesis
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Omnibus - X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 3
     In full color on high-quality paper for an unbeatable price this massive volume contains issues #21-35 of X-Wing Rogue Squadron encompassing "In the Empire's Service" "The Making of Baron Fel" "Family Ties" "Masquerade" and "Mandatory Retirement."
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8; $7
Hellboy Animated Volume 2: The Judgement Bell; $7
Blade Of The Immortal Volume 17: On The Perfection Of Anatomy; $17
Hellgate: London
     $13; Few video games have enjoyed such a frenetic buzz around their release as the upcoming Hellgate: London and with good reason -- they haven't had the awesome talent of former Diablo developers and executives working on an inaugural release! Now together as Flagship Studios these formidable creative minds have developed a groundbreaking game that's guaranteed to become another best-selling franchise.
Perhapanauts: Second Chances TPB; $16
Chronicles of Conan Vol. 12 Beast King of Abombi TPB; $17
Image Comics
Sam Noir Vol. 1 TPB
     $16; Collected for the first time ever in one volume are "Samurai Detective" and "Ronin Holiday"... including extras that no Sam fan can live without
Occult Crimes Taskforce Vol. 1 TPB
     $15; Collects O.C.T. #1-4
Agency TPB $15
Death Jr Vol 2 TPB $15
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 3
     Collects Sonic The Hedgehog #9-12
AC Comics
Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol. 2 Revised Ed TPB $25
Alternative Comics
Thunderhead Underground Falls GN (resolicited) $15
Andrews and McMeel
Fantasy Clip Art HC W/ CD $20
Angry Dog Press
Potlatch Project Vol. 6 TPB $7
Broccoli International USA
Galaxy Angel II Vol 2 GN $10
Cartoon Art Museum
Draw Me a Story Century of Childrens Book Illustration TPB $17.50
Chronicle Books
What Would Wonder Woman Do Amazons Guide to Working World HC $16
Consortium Book Sales
Very Best of Monty Python SC $17
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol. 14 Gothic Classics $12
Greystone Inn Comics
Lightning Lady Vol. 1 GN $14
Harveyville Fun Times
Best of the Harveyville Fun Times HC $45
IDW Publishing
Angel Auld Lang Syne TPB $20
Bujas Diary GN (AA) $20
Devilengine GN $19
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 9 The Bloody Benders HC $16
Night Shade Books
Fortress in Shadow Chronicle of Dread Empire HC $35.00
Random House
Gacha Gacha Next Revolution Vol. 3 GN $13
Strong Man Story of Charles Atlas HC $16
Tsubasa Vol. 13 GN $11
Scholastic Inc
Goosebumps Graphix Vol. 3 Scary Summer SC $9
Silent Devil Productions
Dracula vs. King Arthur TPB (resolicited) $17
St. Martins Press
Darkness of the Light HC $25
Hellboy: Blood and Iron (Animated)
Ghost Rider: 2-Disc Extended Cut
Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution (Joe Dante)
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Season 2
Welcome Back Kotter The Complete 1st Season
The Verdict (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
The Hustler (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

JUNE 20 2007
DC Comics
Superman/Batman Vol. 5: The Enemies Among Us HC
     $20; Collects Superman/Batman #28-33
Blue Beetle Vol. 2: Road Trip TPB
     $13; Collects Blue Beetle #7-12
JSA Presents: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Vol. 1 TPB
     $18; Collects Stars and STRIPE #1-8
Seimaden Vol 9; $10
Tower Of The Future Vol. 7; $10
X-Men: First Class HC
     $25; Collects X-Men: First Class #1-8
Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 3 HC
     $30; Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-32
Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 8: Diablo TPB
     $13; Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #39-41 and Annual #2
Thunderbolts: Guardian Protocols TPB
     $11; Collects Thunderbolts #106-109
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 3: Bizarre Adventures Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Mighty Avengers #9-12
Dark Horse
Grendel Archive Edition HC
     $15; Containing the black-and-white interiors and full-color covers of Primer #2 and Grendel #1-3 originally published by Comico this handsome hardcover volume is an essential piece of comics history presenting the earliest work of Matt Wagner
Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus Volume 1
     $25; Packs over 400 pages of excitement and terror into one package offering the original smash-hit AVP comics series that launched the franchise plus the exciting continuation of the storyline previously published as AVP: War.
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Volume 4
Oh My Goddess Vol 5 TPB Retail; $11
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 5--Light and Dark HC; $25
Image Comics
Necromancer TPB
     $14; This collection includes all six issues plus bonus material such as character designs layout and lots more.
Phonogram Vol. 1: Rue Britannia TPB; $15
Strange Girl Vol 3 TPB; $16
Platinum Studios (Image Comics)
Red Mantis
TwoMorrows Publishing
Image Comics Road to Independence S; $35
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 4
     $8; Collects issues #13-16
A. D. Vision
Cromartie High School Vol 11 $11
Gunslinger Girl Manga Vol 4 TPB $10
Yotsuba Manga Vol 4 TPB $10
Aardvark Vanaheim
Dave Sim Collected Letters Vol 2 $22
About Comics
Schulzs Youth HC $22
Schulz's Youth TPB $15
Arcana Studio
Banzai Girl Manga Vol 1 TPB $10
Black Coat Press
Vampire and the Devils Son SC $21
Boom! Studios
Hero Squared Vol 1 TPB $15
Tag Vol 1 TPB $15
Captain Clockwork
Captain Clockwork Chronology GN $13
Dork Storm Press
Dork Tower Coll Vol 4 Livin La Vida Dorka TPB New Ptg $10
Fantagraphics Books
Girl From Hoppers Locas Vol 2 TPB $15
Human Diastrophism Palomar Vol 2 TPB $15
MOME Vol 8 GN $15
Sammy the Mouse GN $8
Gemstone Publishing
Uncle Scrooge Adv Land Pygmy Indians War of Wendigo TPB $8.50
Harper Collins Publishers
Greetings From the Simpsons Postcard Book $13
Simpsons Fun 2008 Wall Calendar $13
Simpsons Handbook Secret Tips From the Pros HC $40
Simpsons Masterpiece Gallery SC $18
Trivial Simpsons 2008 Daily Box Calendar $13
Vampyre Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr Van Helsing HC $20
Harris Comics
Vampirella Revelations Vol 1 TPB Jusko S/N Ed $20
Heavy Metal Magazine
Art of Simon Bisley Artbook TPB Revised Ed $22
Independent Publisher Group
Manga Great Figures in History Einstein GN $15
Manga Great Figures in History Gandhi GN $15
Manga Great Figures in History Marie Curie GN $15
Manga Literary Classics Little Women GN $15
Manga Literary Classics Treasure Island GN $15
Kenzer And Company
KODT Bundle of Trouble Vol 18 TPB $12
Krause Publications
Comics Buyers Guide Summer Special 2007 $6
Mahrwood Press
Balm In Gilead Vol 1 GN $20
National Book Network
Stargate SG-1 Vol 1 Trial By Fire MMPB $8
Putnam Publishing Group
52 the Novel TPB $15
Sleeping Giant Creations
Mantlo A Life In Comics $7.50
Beast Within Art of Ken Barr HC $25
Beast Within Art of Ken Barr SC $15
Chiodo Darkworks (AA) $25
Valkyrie Golden Age Collection Vol 1 TPB (AA) $15
Virgin Comics
Devi TPB $15
John Woos Seven Brothers TPB $15
Snakewoman TPB $15
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Tales From The Crypt Volume 2; $50
Powerpuff Girls: Season 1
Animaniacs: Volume 3
Pinky and the Brain: Volume 3
Bridge to Terabithia
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 3 Vol 1

JUNE 27 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 2 TPB
     $17; Collects Batman #175-188 and Detective Comics #343-358
Trials of Shazam Vol. 1 TPB
     $15; Collects Trials of Shazam #1-6 and a Story From DC: Brave New World #1
Crossing Midnight Vol. 1: Cut Here TPB
     $10; Collects Crossing Midnight #1-5
Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’s Stardust HC (MR)
     $40; New oversized hardcover edition of the classic tale Told through breathtaking painted illustrations this fairytale for adults is a true masterpiece in storytelling.
Marvel Masterworks The Sub-Mariner Vol. 2 HC (Variant Volume 79)
     $55; Collects Sub-Mariner stories Sub-Mariner from Tales to Astonish #88-101 Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 (Sub-Mariner story only) and Sub-Mariner #1 (1968)
Annihilation Book 3 HC
     $30; Collects Annihilation #1-6 Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1-2 and the Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files Handbook
Wolverine: Blood & Sorrow TPB
     $14; Collects Wolverine #41 and #49 Giant-Size Wolverine #1 and X-Men Unlimited #12
Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Grand Theft America TPB
     $20; Collects Ultimates 2 #7-13
Irredeemable Ant-Man Vol. 1 Digest
     $10; Collects Irredeemable Ant-Man #1-6
Dark Horse
The Art of Bone
     Never before and rarely seen artwork outlines and entire stories from Jeff Smith's Bone are collected in this full-color hardcover volume! 200 pages $40
Artist Within HC; $40
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1; $25
Conan Volume 4: The Hall of the Dead TPB $18
The Jackson 500 Volume 3 art by Tim Biskup; $15
Arcana Studio
Koni Waves Vol 1 First Wave TPB $10
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Witchblade Takeru Vol 1 GN $10
Bluewater Comics
Lost Raven GN; $12
Devils Due Publishing
GI Joe Americas Elite Vol 3 TPB $19
GI Joe Special Missions Vol 1 TPB $19
Dr Master Publications Inc
Chinese Hero Vol 2 Tales of the Blood Sword SC $20
High School Girls Vol 8 TP $10
Dynamite Entertainment
Lone Ranger Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Cover TPB $20
Lone Ranger Vol 1 Reg Cover TPB $20
Fab Press
Nightmare USA Untold Story of Exploitation Independents HC $70
Fox Atomic Comics
Hills Have Eyes The Beginning GN $18
IDW Publishing
Richard Mathesons I Am Legend TPB $20
Mirage Studios
Tales of TMNT Coll Books Vol 3 TPB $12
Dungeon Vol 1 TPB (AA) $15
Forever Nuts the Early Years of Mutt & Jeff HC $25
Oni Press
Maintenance Vol 1 Its a Dirty Job TPB $10
Publishers Group West
Coyote Ragtime Show Vol 1 GN $10
Tim Burton Childs Garden of Nightmares SC 2nd Ed $20
Random House
Star Wars Darth Bane Path of Destruction MMPB $8
Judge Dredd Origins GN $26
Sterling Publishing
Heroes Draw Your Own Superheroes HC $13
Monsters Draw Your Own Mutants Freaks & Creeps HC $13
Titan Books
Stardust Film Companion SC $25
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 The Complete Series
The New Adventures of Batman: The Complete Series
     The Filmmation animated series featuring the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward - 16 episodes on 2 discs $27
The New Adventures of Superman
     36 6-minute episodes on 2 discs $27
Miami Vice Season 5

JULY 5 2007
DC Comics
Golden Age Dr. Fate Archives Vol. 1 HC
     Collects the complete mystic adventures of Doctor Fate from More Fun Comics #55-98; (396 pages listed at $75!)
Batman: Ego and Other Tails HC
     $25; Collects Batman: Ego Catwoman: Selinas Big Score and Stories From Solo #1 and #5 and Batman: Gotham Knights #23 and #33
Superman: The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen TPB
     $15; Collects Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #22 28 31-33 41 42 44 49 53 59 65 69 72 77 80 85 and 105
Outsiders: Pay As You Go TPB
     $15; Collects Outsiders #42-46 and Outsiders Annual #1
Cipher Vol. 8; $10
Vs. Vol. 6; $10
Time Guardian Vol. 2
Gen13: Best of a Bad Lot TPB
     $15; Collects Gen13 #1-6
Silverfish HC
     $25l An original black and white graphic novel by David Lapham the acclaimed creator of Stray Bullets
Captain America: War & Remembrance TPB (New Printing)
     $25; Collects Captain America #247-255; $25
Essential Defenders Vol. 3 TPB
     $17; Collects Defenders #31-60 and Annual 1 $17
Invaders Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     $25; Collects Invaders #1-9 Giant-Size Invaders #1 and Marvel Premiere #29-30; $25
Union Jack: London Falling TPB
     $11; Collects Union Jack #1-4; $11
Monte Cook’s Ptolus: City by the Spire TPB; $15
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures Vol 1 HC Direct Market and Book Market; $20
Chronicle Books
Stacked Decks Art & History of Erotic Play Cards HC $25
Dark Horse
Gunsmith Cats Burst Vol 2 TPB $11
Hellsing Vol 8 TPB $14
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 21 Mother of Mountains TPB $16
Diamond Comic Dist--England
Battlestar Galactica Official Companion Season Two TPB $15
Battlestar Galactica Official Companion TPB $15
DK Publishing Co
Transformers Movie Guide SC $18
Dork Storm Press
Dork Tower Coll Vol 5 Understanding Gamers TPB New Ptg $10
Dynamic Forces
DF Encyclopedia Comic Book Heroes Vol 1 Batman Sgn by Neal Adams TPB $150
Complete Peanuts 1955-1958 Boxed Set (AA) $50
Glamour Girls of Bill Ward TPB $25
Meanwhile...: A Biography of Milton Caniff Creator of Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon by RC Harvey HC $35
Hachette Book Group USA
Mike Careys the Devil You Know HC Novel $25
Harper Collins Publishers
Fantasy the Best of the Year 2007 MMPB $8
Miki Falls Vol 2 Summer GN $8
Neil Gaiman Interworld HC $17
Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic HC $17
R E Howards Weird Works Vol 1 Shadow Kingdoms MMPB $7
Wired Shomi Novel $7
IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night Spreading The Disease TPB $20
Image Comics
Collected Normalman TPB $20
Girls & Goddesses Pin Up Art of Joseph Linsner S/N Ed HC $75; HC $30
Invincible Vol 8 My Favorite Martian TPB $15
Walking Dead Vol 2 HC Ltd Sgn Ed $60
Infinity Studios
Zero The Beginning Of The Coffin Vol 3 GN $10
Kenzer and Company
KODT Bundle of Trouble Vol 19 TPB $12
Krause Publications
Hell Beasts How to Draw Grotesque Fantasy Creatures SC $20
Last Gasp Inc.
Art & Design of Gama Go Ltd Ed HC $25
Tragic Kingdom the Magical Art of Camille Rose Garcia HC $40
Mirage Studios
TMNT the Collected Movie Books TPB $16
Oni Press
Damned Vol 1 Three Days Dead TPB $15
Pocket Books
Marvel Heroes Battle Unfolds Fold-out Flap Book HC $13
Star Trek Corps of Engineers Grand Designs TPB $16
Star Trek TNG Buried Age MMPB $89
Putnam Publishing Group
Misadv of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff #2 Wishful Thinking HC $10
Random House
Avril Lavignes Make 5 Wishes Vol 2 GN $13
Tezukas Buddha Vol 8 Jetavana SC $15
Random House UK
Doctor Who Creatures and Demons SC $13
Doctor Who Sting of the Zygons HC $12
Doctor Who the Last Dodo HC $12
Doctor Who the Price of Paradise HC $12
Doctor Who Wooden Heart HC $12
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 8 TPB $30
Running Press
The Marvel Vault: A Museum-in-a-book With Rare Collectibles from the World of Marvel by Roy Thomas Peter Sanderson HC $50
Salt Peter Press
Doris Danger Seeks Where Urban Monsters Creep & Stomp TPB $12
Sticker Chick
Garvs Girls Art of Keith Garvey Vol 1 TPB #1 $20
Studio Zoe
Girly Vol 2 TPB $12
Syncopated Comics
Syncopated Comics Vol 3 $15
Too Hip Gottago Graphics
Wahoo Morris Book One TPB $10
Visible Light Entertainment
Beowulf the Legend Special Convention Edition GN (AA) $15
Viz Communications
Naruto Vol 15 TPB $8
Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Revelations
The Best of Bravestarr
Degrassi The Next Generation - Season 5
Fantastic Four Extended Cut 2-disc special edition
Voyagers! The Complete Series
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Second Season

JULY 11 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Batgirl Vol. 1 TPB
     $17; Collects stories from Detective Comics #359 363 369 371 384 385 388 389 392 393 396 397 400 401 404 405-424 Batman #197 Adventure Comics #381 World's Finest Comics #169 and 176 The Brave and The Bold #78 Justice League of America #60 and Superman #268 and 279
Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters TPB
     $15; Collects Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters #1-8 and a Story From DC: Brave New World
Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer TPB
     $20; Collects Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer #1-4
Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 Vol. 1; $10
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 1; $10
Clubbing; $10
Hellblazer - The Red Right Hand TPB
     $15; Collects John Constantine: Hellblazer #223-228
Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby Omnibus HC
     Collects Devil Dinosaur #1-9 $30
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong Premiere HC
     Collects X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong #1-5; $20
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Vol. 2 - I Kick Your Face Premiere HC
     Collects Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7-12; $20
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #355-363 and Marvel Comics Presents #26 and #45; $20
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk TPB
     Collects Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk #1-4; $11
Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero TPB
     Collects Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #1-5; $14
Civil War Chronicles
     Collects Civil War #1 and the "Embedded" and "Accused" stories from Civil War: Front Line #1
Jack Kirby's Silver Star HC
     $35; Collects Silver Star #1-6 (1983; Pacific Comics) and Jack Kirby's Silver Star #1 (1993; Topps Comics); Jack Kirby's Silver Star is collected in an oversized full color hardcover at last! Chronicling the rise of Homo-Geneticus a genetically altered Breed of humanity designed to survive an impending apocalypse which spawns both the heroic Silver Star and the sadistic Darius Drumm! Silver Star is a surreal masterpiece! Insightful thought-provoking uproarious frantic and deadly! Silver Star was Kirby's final creation originally published by Pacific Comics in the early '80s. It's a huge sweeping epic filled with classic Kirby trademarks: crackling energy memorable characters outrageous dialogue explosive action and ham-fisted romance! Featuring lush inks by Mike Royer and lovingly reconstructed colors by Erik Larsen this deluxe hardcover is a must-have for any Kirby fan!
True Story Swear To God Vol 1 TPB $15
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Rex Libris TPB $15
Bleeding Edge Inc
Enigmatic ABCs HC $16
Consortium Book Sales
Art of Robotech Shadow Chronicles SC $20
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 2 Dragons of Winter Night TPB $19
Dork Storm Press
Full Frontal Nerdity Vol 1 Big Book Of Epic Fail TPB $13
Nodwick Chronicles Coll Nodwick Vol 6 TPB $16
PS238 Vol 4 Not Another Learning Experience TPB $16
Dr Master Publications Inc
Art of Yasushi Suzuki TPB $27
Drawn And Quarterly
Spent HC $20
Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Ed and Reg Ed TPB $15
Go Media Entertainment LLC
Black Sun Silver Moon Vol 2 GN $11
Harper Collins Publishers
500 Manga Characters SC $20
Monster Book of Manga Vol 3 Fairies & Magical Creatures TPB $25
Heavy Proton
Scars and Bars GN $20
IDW Publishing
Ashley Woods 48 Nude Girls SC $12
Fallen Angel Premiere Collection HC $75
LiquidBrush Productions
Hard Boiled to the Max Sketchbook Vol 1 Sgn HC $30
Hardy Boys Vol 9 to Die or Not to Die GN $8; HC $13
100 Percent Perfect Girl Vol 2 GN $10
Click Vol 2 GN $10
Land of Silver Rain Vol 6 GN $10
Night Shade Books
Imago Sequence HC $25
St. Martins Press
Black Diamond Detective Agency HC $30
Viper Comics
Oddly Normal Family Reunion GN $12
Virgin Comics LLC
Ramayan 3392 AD Vol 1 TPB $15
Deepak Chopra Presents: The Sadhu Vol. 1 TPB; $15
Viz Communications
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 9 TPB $10
Beauty and the Beast - The Second Season
Hustle: The Complete Season Three
The Last Mimzy
TMNT (2007)
Home Run Derby - Volume 1

JULY 18 2007
DC Comics
Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives Vol. 2 HC
     $50; Collects Leading Comics #5-8
The Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes Vol. 2: Wonder Woman TPB
     $20; Reprints the classic reference Vol.ume from 1976
Batman: Harley and Ivy TPB
     $15; Collects Harley and Ivy: On The Lam Batman: Harley and Ivy and a Story From Batman: Gotham Knights #14 (Presented Here In Color For The First Time)
Canon Vol. 2; $10
Recipe For Gertrude Vol. 5; $10
Stormwatch: PhD Vol. 1 TPB
     $18; Collects Stormwatch: PhD #1-6
The Hood: Blood From Stones Premiere HC
     $20; Collects The Hood #1-6
Exiles Vol. 15: Enemy of the Stars TPB
     $14; Collects Exiles #90-94
Avengers Classic #2
     $3; Stan and Jack bring you Avengers #2 in all its Hulk-out glory! Plus a bonus back-up story by Dwayne McDuffie and Mike Oeming featuring the Incredible Hulk in a story of misunderstanding and mayhem! 32 pgs.
Marvel Zombies HC (5th Ptg Mary Jane cover); $20
Paradise X Vol 1 TPB (New Printing); $30
Dark Horse
Star Wars 30Th Anniv Coll Vol 6 Endgame HC $25
Harvey Comics Classics Vol 1 Casper The Friendly Ghost TPB; $20
Little Lulu Vol 16 A Handy Kid TPB $11
Screw Heaven When I Die Im Going To Mars TPB $13
Space Pinchy TPB $16
Madman Gargantua! HC
     $125 cover price; $150 Limited to 2500 copies; Collects every Madman story from Madman Madman Adventures Madman Comics the Madman Super King-Size Groovy Special and a load of additional material; 852 page full color
Black Cherry OGN
     $18; Written art and cover by Doug Tennapel; $18
Full Color
     $16 Written art and cover by Mark Haven Britt; $16
Godland Vol 3 Proto Plastic Party TPB $15
Intersections SC GN $15; Ltd Ed S/N HC GN $35
Meltdown TPB $16
Sam & Twitch Brian Michael Bendis Collection Vol 2 TPB $25
     Collects #10-19 of kick-ass crime fiction! Featuring the Witchcraft story arc an Ashley Wood cover gallery and other special bonuses.
Sidekick Vol 1 TPB $17
Spawn Collection Vol 2 HC $50
     Collects Spawn #13-33
AC Comics
Men of Mystery Presents the Secret Code DVD $25
Monster Attack Network GN $13
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vampirella Blood Lust TPB S/N Ed $20
Antarctic Press
Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol 1 $15
Archie Comics
Archie Digest #236
     For 65 years Archie and his friends from Riverdale High have been delighting audiences of all ages. Now in tribute to Archie's longevity this special issue of Archie Digest pays tribute to Archie's illustrious past by reprinting Archie's very first adventures from Pep Comics #22 and Archie Comics #1; $2.50
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Tomb Raider Tankobon Vol 4 TPB $10
Borderlands Press
Adversary Cycle the Keep Ltd Ed HC $60
When Darkness Descends $35
Broccoli International USA
Es Broccoli Vol 3 GN $10
Cold Crocodile Press
Aaron Lopresti Sketchbook Vol 2 TPB $10
Dynamite Entertainment
Lone Ranger Px Cvr and Reg HC $25
G T Labs
Levitation Physics Psychology Service of Deception $13
Wire Mothers Harry Harlow & the Science of Love GN $13
Galactic Books
Dissecting Aliens SC $13
Gingko Press
Ganzfeld 5 Japanada TPB $30
Go! Media Entertainment LLC
Her Majestys Dog Vol 4 GN $11
The Hero Initiative
Marvel Then and Now Evening W/ Stan Lee and Joe Quesada DVD $30
Super Bad James Dynomite TPB $20
War Of The Undead TPB $13
Little Spirit Bear
Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol 1 GN the Sugar Bush $8
Run Bong Gu Run GN $16
Neko Press
Kickass Girl Skeletons in the Closet TPB $13
New Reliable Press
Beaver and Steve Vol 1 TPB a Shoeful of Trouble $13
Night Shade Books
Voice of the Whirlwind $15
Final Flight GN $10
Pocket Books
Star Trek Strange New Worlds 10 TPB $15
Putnam Publishing Group
Anita Blake Danse Macabre MMPB $8
Cal Ripken Jr the Longest Season HC $17
Coyote Road Trickster Tales HC $20
Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff #1 You Wish HC $10
Quantum Prophecy #1 the Awakening Novel HC $17
Society of Secret Superheroes #1 Great Cape Rescue HC $16
Random House
Flight Vol 4 GN $25
School Rumble Vol 6 GN $11
Stop Forgetting to Remember: The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz by Peter Kuper GN $20
Xxxholic Vol 9 GN $11
Complete Savage TPB $27
Thrill Power Overload HC $72
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 2 Bama Var Cvr $13
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 7 $13
Shadow Double Novel Vol 8 $13
Scholastic Inc
Bone Vol 6 Old Mans Cave Color Ed HC $20; SC $10
St. Martins Press
Fate of the Artist HC by Eddie Campbell $25
Lost Colony Book 2 the Red Menace SC $17
Virgin Comics
Dave Stewart's Walk-In Vol. 1 TPB; $15
John Woo's Seven Brothers: Limited HC Edition; $30
     Limited to 2500 copies worldwide
Wildside Press
Operator #5 Blood Reign of the Dictator TPB $13
Phantom Detective Stones of Satan Mar 1943 $15
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
Tales From the Crypt Volume 2
     $50; Collects Tales From the Crypt #23-28 (1951-1953)
Space Ghost and Dino Boy The Complete Series
Birdman and the Galaxy Trio The Complete Series
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 1
The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Unrated Edition)
Perfect Creature (2006)
Red Dawn (Collector's Edition)
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Second Season

JULY 25 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Martian Manhunter Vol. 1 TPB
     $17; Collects Detective Comics #225-305
Martian Manhunter: The Others Among Us TPB
     $20; Collects Martian Manhunter #1-8 and a Story From DC: Brave New World #1
52 Vol. 2 TPB
     $20; Collects 52 Weeks 14-26
GON Vol. 1; $6
Penguin Revolution Vol. 4; $10
American Virgin Vol. 2: Going Down TPB
     $15; Collects American Virgin #5-9
Alan Moore: Wild Worlds (MR): $25
Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 6 HC (Variant Volume 80)
     Collects Thor (Vol. 1) #141-152 $55
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Immortal Iron Fist #1-6 and the Iron Fist story from Civil War: Choosing Sides
Uncanny X-Men: Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire HC
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #475-486; $35
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 7 HC
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #66-74 and Annual #2; $30
Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Spider-Woman #26-50 Marvel Team-Up #97 and Uncanny X-Men #148; $17
Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom TPB
     $15; Collects Moon Knight #1-6
Spider-Man Reign Premiere HC Black Costume Cover; $20
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 18 TPB $14
Translucent Vol 1 TPB $10
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 21 Mother of Mountains Ltd Ed HC $60
24 Seven Vol 2 GN $20
Bomb Queen Volume 2: Queen of Hearts TPB; $15
Battle Pope Vol 4 TPB Wrath of God $10
Bomb Queen Vol 2 TPB Queen of Hearts $15
Elephantmen Hip Flask 1000 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle $25
Adhouse Books
Pulphope Art of Paul Pope SC $30
Archie Comics
Sonic the Hedgehog Beginnings TPB $11
Avatar Press Inc
Alan Moore Hypothetical Lizard TPB $15
Warren Ellis Crecy GN $7
Black Coat Press
Anne of the Isles & Other Legends of Brittany SC $21
Checker Book Publishing Group
Alien Legion Set (AA) $55 Little Nemo In Slumberland Vol 1 Ltd Ed HC $50
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1954 TPB $18
Sojourn Vol 5 A Sorcerers Tale TPB $18
Devils Due Publishing
Demon Wars Vol 1 TPB $19
Patrick the Wolf Boy Vol 3 Pkt TPB $13
Eagle One Media
$15; Micronauts Revolution Digital Comic DVD
Friends Of Lulu
Friends Of Lulu Presents Girls Guide To Guy Stuff GN $15
Harper Collins Publishers
Miki Falls Vol 1 Spring GN $8
Neil Gaimans Stardust Movie Tie in Ed $7
IDW Publishing
Transformers Best of Simon Furman HC $50
Nancy Drew Vol 10 the Disoriented Express SC $8
Pure Imagination Publishing
Will Eisner Edge of Genius Vol 1 TPB (resolicited) $25
Random House
Aranzi Machine Gun Vol 2 TPB $10
Billy Hooten Owlboy Girl with Destructo Touch SC $6
Billy Hooten Owlboy SC $6
Postcards True Stories That Never Happened HC $22
Salt Peter Press
Doris Danger Seeks Where Giant Monsters Creep & Stomp TPB (AA) $10
Sanctum Productions
Shadow Double Novel Vol 9 $13
Scholastic Inc
$65; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) (Deluxe Edition) by J. K. Rowling
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #70 $7
Back Issue #23 $7
Comics Introspective Vol 1 Peter Bagge SC $17
John Romita And All That Jazz SC $25
Modern Masters Vol 12 Michael Golden SC $15
Write Now #16 $7
The Monster Squad (Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition)
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Captain's Log
Stargate SG-1 The Complete 10th Season
Land of the Giants - The Full Series (The Giant Collection)
Tales from the Crypt The Complete 6th Season
Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Vol. 3
UnderDog Seasons 1-3
The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection
The Secrets of Isis
Todd McFarlane's Spawn: Animated Collection
The Bourne Files 3-Disc Collection (The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy)

AUGUST 1 2007
DC Comics
Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan HC
     $20; Collects Green Lantern #14-20
Birds of Prey: Blood and Circuits TPB
     Collects Birds of Prey #96-103 $18
Scalped Vol. 1: Indian Country TPB (MR)
     Collects the first five issues of the riveting Vertigo series $10
King of Cards Vol. 1
Omukae Desu. Vol. 5
New Avengers Vol. 5: Civil War TPB
     $15; Collects New Avengers #21-25
Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better TPB
     $11; Collects Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better #1-4
X-Factor Vol. 2: Life and Death Matters TPB
     Collects X-Factor #7-12; $15
Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Book 2 TPB
     $25; Ultimate X-Men #13-25
Wisdom: Rudiments of Wisdom TPB (MR)
     $22; Collects Wisdom #1-6
Dark Horse
Eden: It's An Endless World! Volume 8
Old Boy Volume 7
Predator Omnibus Volume 1
     $25; Concrete Jungle Cold War and Dark River -- and several other chilling Predator tales some never before reprinted are collected together for the first time in a value-priced quality-format omnibus featuring over 400 explosive story pages in full color.
Godland Celestial Edition HC
     Collects Godland issues #1-12 plus more than 40 pages of cosmic-powered behind-the-scenes extras! $35
Elephantmen Vol 1 Wounded Animals HC $25
A. D. Vision
Full Metal Panic Manga Vol 2 TPB $10
Aristata Publishing
Aphrodisia Book One 2005 TPB $29
Bighead Press
Architect GN $10
Bud Plant
Seuss the Whole Seuss and Nothing But the Seuss SC
Lucky Luke Barbed Wire on the Prairie TPB $10
DH Publishing
Cosplay Girls 2 Japans Live Animation Heroines SC $20
Diamond Comic Dist--England
Stargate Atlantis Official Companion Season 1 TPB $15
Stargate Atlantis Official Companion Season 2 TPB $15
Johnny Ryans XXX Scumbag Party TPB $19
Goat Head Publications
Living with Zombies Vol 1 TPB (resolicited) $15
IDW Publishing
Clive Barkers Thief of Always S/N HC $50
Scarface Scarred For Life TPB $20
Transformers Best of Don Figueroa HC $50
Last Gasp Inc.
Goodnight Irene GN (resolicited) $15
Dark Mists Coll Ed TPB $15
Midnight Kiss Coll Ed TPB $17
Starship Troopers Dead Mans Hand TPB (resolicited) $15
Kolchak Night Stalker a Black & Evil Truth SC $15
Naked Artist..And Other Comic Book Legends GN $12
Glacial Period GN $15
Hardy Boys Boxed Set #1 $30
Nancy Drew Boxed Set #1 $30
Newmarket Press
Rush Hour Lights Camera Action HC $30; SC $20
Pocket Books
30 Days of Night Immortal Remains MMPB $8
Wizard Entertainment
Twisted Toyfare 10th Anniversary Collection TPB $30
Popeye Volume 1: 1933-1938
Babylon 5 The Lost Tales
Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Megaset
Space: 1999 30th Anniversary Edition
20 Million Miles to Earth: 50th Anniversary Edition
Hawaii Five-O The Complete 2nd Season
Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 4 (Act of Violence / Mystery Street / Crime Wave / Decoy / Illegal / The Big Steal / They Live By Night / Side Street / Where Danger Lives / Tension) (1948)

AUGUST 8 2007
DC Comics
Batman and Son HC
     Collects Batman #655-658 and #663-666 $25
Showcase Presents: Adam Strange Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Showcase #17-19 and Mystery In Space #53-84 $17
The Superman Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Action Comics #21-25 Superman #4-5 and New York World's Fair 1940 $15
Alan Moore: The Complete WildC.A.T.S TPB
     Collects WildC.A.T.S. #21-34 plus a story from issue #50 $30
100 Bullets Vol. 11: Once Upon A Crime TPB (MR) $13
The Devil Does Exist Vol. 11 $10
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 15 $10
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2 HC
     $25; Collects Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2 #1-8
X-Men: Supernovas HC
     $35; Collects X-Men #188-199 and Annual #1
Essential Dazzler Vol. 1 TPB
     $17; Collects Dazzler #1-21 Uncanny X-Men #130-131 and Amazing Spider-Man #203
Women of Marvel Vol. 2 TPB
     $25; Collects Avengers #83 Strange Tales #10-11 Spider-Woman #10 West Coast Avengers #15 Vision & The Scarlet Witch #12 Uncanny X-Men #168 189 201 & 218
Ghost Rider Vol. 2: The Life & Death of Johnny Blaze TPB
     $14; Collects Ghost Rider #6-11
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 6: Monsters & Mysteries Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #21-24
Dark Horse
Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace Photo Comic TPB $10
Chunchu Genocide Fiend Vol 1 TPB $11
Lankhmar Book 2 Swords Against Death Novel $13
Style School Vol 1 TPB $15
Image Comics
Invincible Vol 3 Ultimate Coll HC $34.99
Gemstone Publishing and EC Crypt
EC Archives Two-fisted Tales Vol 2 HC
     $50; Collects Two-Fisted Tales #24-29 (1952-1953)
A. D. Vision
Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days Vol 6 TPB $9.99
AAA Pop Comics
Vault of Michael Allred Ltd Ed HC $34.99
Aurora Publishing Inc
Hate to Love You Vol 1 GN $12.95
AV Publications
Lori Lovecraft Vol 2 My Black Pages TPB $14.95
Avatar Press
Alan Moore Hypothetical Lizard HC $24.99
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics Vol 12 Belly Buster TPB (AA) $14.95
Simpsons Vol 2 Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson TPB (AA) $12.95
Boom! Studios
Zombie Tales Vol 1 TPB $14.99
Bubblehead Publishing
Lost in Space Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul TPB (AA) $13.73
DH Publishing
Fruits Basket Uncovered SC $11.95
J Rock Groupies SC $19.95
Heavy Metal Magazine
Dome HC $19.95
IDW Publishing
24: Nightfall TPB
     $25; All five issues of 24: Nightfall the 24 Season One prequel are collected together in this special edition. Catch up with future CTU agent Jack Bauer as he heads an elite Special Forces team sent to take down the mass murderer Victor Drazen.
Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show Volume 2 TPB; $20
Complete Jon Sable Freelance Vol 7 TPB $24.99
Scarface Movie Scriptbook TPB $19.99
Krause Publications
Enchanting Fairies How to Paint Fairies & Flowers SC $19.99
Night Shade Books
A Cruel Wind a Chronicle of the Dread Empire SC $16.95
Majestrum a Tale of Henghis Hapthorn $14.95
Oni Press
Black Metal Vol 1 GN $11.95
Have You Seen the Horizon Lately SC $19.95
Last Call Vol 1 GN $11.95
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 8 $12.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
John Romita and All That Jazz HC $44.95
Vanguard Productions
Steranko Spirit of America Print Ltd S/N Ed $59.95
Wizard King Trilogy Book 2 Dlx HC Odkin Son of Odkin $39.95
Wizard King Trilogy Book 2 HC Odkin Son of Odkin $24.95
Hyper Real Art of Martin Emond SC (AA) $24.95
Viper Comics
Dummys Guide to Danger Vol 1 TPB $11.95
Watson Guptill Publications
Drawing Dragons SC $21.95
Kids Draw Manga Monsters SC $11.95
TMNT: The Animated 2007 Movie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 5
The Tick vs. Season Two
Darkwing Duck: Volume Two
The Muppet Show - Season Two (4-Disc Set)
Darkman Trilogy (Darkman / Darkman II: The Return Of Durant / Darkman III: Die Darkman Die)
Flash Gordon (Saviour Of The Universe Edition) (1980)
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show The Complete Series
Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Collector's Edition (1976)
The Fly Collector Set (The Fly / The Fly II)
The Simpsons The Complete 10th Season
Hopalong Cassidy: The Complete Television Collection
The Dresden Files: Season One
Saved by the Bell: Double Feature (Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Vegas)
Lights! Camera! Elvis! Collection (Blue Hawaii/Easy Come Easy Go/Fun in Acapulco/G.I. Blues/Girls! Girls! Girls!/King Creole/Roustabout/Paradise Hawaiian Style)
Brigitte Bardot Collection (Naughty Girl/Love on a Pillow/The Vixen/Come Dance with Me/Two Weeks in September)
Bubba Ho-Tep

AUGUST 15 2007
DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 22 HC
     Collects Spirit stories from January 7-June 24 1951 $50
Catwoman: It's Only A Movie TPB
     Collects Catwoman #59-65 $20
The Flash: Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
     Collects stories from Flash Comics #86 and 104 The Flash #123 155 165 and 179 DC Special Series #11 and The Flash (Second Series) #91 $20
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 2 $10
Musashi #9 Vol. 12 $10
Good As Lily $10
New Avengers Vol. 6: Revolution Premiere HC
     $20; Collects New Avengers #26-31
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 3 - Swift and Terrible Premiere HC (MR)
     $20; Collects Wolverine: Origins #11-15
newuniversal Vol. 1: Everything Went White Premiere HC
     $20; Collects newuniversal #1-6
Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D TPB
     $15; Collects Iron Man #15-18 and featuring comprehensive profiles of Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D! Also reprinting the first appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Strange Tales #135; and Iron Man #129
D.P. 7 Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     $25; Collects D.P.7 #1-9
Complete Peanuts Vol 8 1965-1966 HC $29
Krazy & Ignatz: The Kat Who Walked in Beauty HC;
     $20; The gorgeous evolution continues in this third color volume which includes the Sunday strips from all of 1941 and 1942
Chance in Hell HC by Gilbert Hernandez; $17
Fallen Angel Volume 3 TPB; $20
Road To Hell TPB; $13
Boom! Studios
X Isle Vol 1 TPB $14.99
Devils Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms - The Legend Of Drizzt Volume 5: Streams Of Silver TPB $18.99
Diamond Comic Dist--England
Smallville Official Companion Season 4 TPB $14.95
Drawn And Quarterly
Dog and Water Definitive Ed HC $19.95
Dynamic Forces
DF Art & Images Star Trek Original Series T/C $29.99
Graphic Novel Art Cwpm
Life After Black Barron Storey the Journals HC $49.00
Harper Collins Publishers
Neil Gaiman Good Omens TPB $14.95
Kenzer And Company
KODT Bundle of Trouble Vol 20 TPB $11.99
Knockabout Comics
Yesterdays Tomorrows GN $47.50
Dungeon Parade Vol 1 TPB (AA) $9.95
Dungeon Parade Vol 2 TPB Day of the Toads $9.95
Great Catsby Vol 5 GN (of 6) $19.99
Oni Press
Narcoleptic Sunday GN $14.95
Betty Blues GN $10.00
Pin Up Wings HC $30.00
Putnam Publishing Group
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors SC $16.00
Random House
Baltimore Steadfast Tin Soldier & Vampire Previews Exclusive HC $39.95
Best of Robert E Howard Vol 1 Shadow Kingdom TPB $16.95
Official Price Guide to Records 18th Ed $26.95
X-Men Pop Up Book $24.99
SCB Distributors
Vacation From Reality Art of Anthony Ausgang SC $34.95
Scholastic Inc
Baby Sitters Club Vol 3 Mary Anne Saves The Day SC $8.99
Silent Devil Productions
Death Comes to Dillinger Coll Ed (AA) $6.99
Dracula vs. King Arthur Ltd Ed HC (resolicited) $29.95
Studio Foglio
Girl Genius Vol 6 SC SRP $21.95
Titan Publishing
Charleys War Vol 1 HC (AA) $19.95
James Bond Death Wing TPB $16.95
Twomorrows Publishing
Panel Discussion New Ptg TPB $24.95
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo - Volume 7
Baby Looney Tunes Vol. 4
Loonatics Unleashed: Complete Second Season
The Dark Crystal: Anniversary Edition
Labyrinth: Anniversary Edition
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme
Home Run Derby Volume 2

AUGUST 22 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #98-117 $17
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol. 6
Young Magician Vol. 9 (MR)
Amazing Fantasy Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
     $75; Collects Amazing Adventures #1-6 Amazing Adult Fantasy #7-14 and Amazing Fantasy #15
Marvel Masterworks The Golden Age Sub-Mariner Volume 2 (Variant 81)
     $60; Sub-Mariner Comics #5-8
Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson Vol. 4 TPB
     $25; Collects Thor #371-374 and Balder The Brave #1-4
Heroes For Hire Vol. 2: Ahead Of The Curve TPB
     $14; Collects Heroes For Hire #6-10
X-23: Target X TPB (MR)
     $16; Collects X-23: Target X #1-6
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 17: Clone Saga TPB
     $25; Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #97-105
Spider-Girl Presents The Buzz & Darkdevil Digest
     $8; Collects The Buzz #1-3 and Darkdevil #1-3
Paradise X Vol. 2 TPB (New Printing) TPB
     $30; Collects paradise X #6-12 Ragnarok Devils Book A and Book X
Hedge Knight TPB
The Hero Initiative and Marvel Comics
The Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project; $10 TPB; $25 HC
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 7 - Darklighter HC
     This is the story of Biggs Darklighter - boyhood friend of Luke Skywalker Imperial pilot and hero of the Rebellion.
Akira Club HC $29.95 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 2
Vampire Hunter D Vol 8 Novel SC $8.95
Image Comics
Tellos Colossal HC
     Collects the original 10 issue run as well as the two 10-page stories from the PROLOGUE and PRELUDE specials and the 5-page story that appeared in the back of SECTION ZERO #1 from the old GORILLA COMICS line. The remaining pages will be made up of sketch material that Mike Wieringo accumulated over the years.
Px Vol 1 a Girl and Her Panda GN $16.99
Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo GN $9.99
Scrap Mettle HC $39.99
The Complete Terry And The Pirates Volume 1 (of 6): 1934-1936 A Library Of American Comics Original
     $50; Volume One contains more than 800 consecutive strips from the series' beginning in October 1934 through the end of 1936. The Sunday pages will be reproduced in their original color alongside the daily black-and-white strips.
Sparrow: Shane Glines HC; $12
30 Days of Night Dark Days TPB New Ptg $19.99
Zombies Vs Robots HC $19.99
The Complete Peanuts 1965-1966; $30
Complete Peanuts 1963-1966 Boxed Set $49.95
Drawing Sexy Women HC $19.95
Kat Who Walked in Beauty Panoramic Dailies of 1920 HC $29.95
Kid Firechief GN $12.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Berlin Book 1 TPB (AA) $19.95
Poor Bastard SC New Ptg $16.95
Udon Entertainment Corp
Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru Vol 1 GN $12.95
Aurora Publishing Inc
Flock of Angels Vol 1 GN $10.95
Spring Fever GN $12.95
Boom! Studios
Planetary Brigade Vol 1 TPB $14.99
Client Distribution Services
Reading Comics and What They Mean HC $22.95
Comic Foundry Magazine
Comic Foundry Magazine Vol 1 #1 $5.98
Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness Vol 4 Old School TPB $14.99
Battlestar Galactica Photo Cvr HC $24.99
Battlestar Galactica Px Cvr HC $24.99
Flesk Publications
Franklin Booth Painter with a Pen TPB New Ptg $19.95
Mark Schultz Various Drawings Vol 1 SC (AA) $19.95
Goodbum Studios
Hard Bullied Comics Vol 1 Back in Blackmail TPB $13.95
Heroic Publishing Inc
Champions #39 $2.99
Liberty Girl Vol 1 the Return TPB $9.95
Night Shade Books
Princes of the Golden Cage MMPB $7.99
Paizo Publishing LLC
Order of the Stick Vol -1 Start of Darkness TPB $16.95
Publishers Group West
I Heart TV Ult Companion to 100 Essential Shows SC $18.95
Ryan Heshkas ABC Spookshow HC $12.95
Pure Imagination Publishing
Miss Fury TPB (resolicited) $25.00
Heavenly Bodies Art of Bruce Colero HC $24.95; SC $14.95
Top Shelf Productions
Death By Chocolate Redux GN $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #71 $6.95
UDon Entertainment Corp
Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru Vol 1 GN $12.95
South Park: The Complete Tenth Season
Serenity: Collector's Edition
Man About the House - Series 1 and 2
Robocop (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition)

AUGUST 29 2007
DC Comics
Batman: Secrets of the Batcave TPB
     Featuring stories from Batman #12 35 48 109 348; Detective Comics #158 186 205 233 235 244; World's Finest #30; Brave and The Bold #182; Bizarro Comics #244; and Secret Origins TPB $18
Manhunter Vol. 3: Origins TPB
     Collects Manhunter #15-23 $18
DC/Top Cow: Crossover Classics TPB
     This volume features the best-selling crossovers The Darkness/Batman The Darkness/Superman #1-2 JLA/Cyberforce and JLA/Witchblade $15
Tangent Comics Vol. 1 TPB
     Tangent Comics: The Atom Metal Men The Flash Green Lantern and Sea Devils $20
The Complete Bite Club TPB (MR)
     Collects Bite Club and its sequel Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit $20
The Empty Empire Vol. 5 $10
Ninja Scroll TPB
     Collects #1-5 $20
Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel Volume 2 (Variant 82)
     $55; Collects Captain Marvel #10-21
Essential Daredevil Vol. 4 TPB
     $17; Collects Daredevil #75-101 and Avengers #111
Cable & Deadpool Vol. 7: Separation Anxiety TPB
     $18; Collects Cable & Deadpool #36-42
Hulk And Power Pack: Pack Smash! Digest
     $7; Collects Hulk and Power Pack #1-4
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace Photo Comic
     The first in a series of graphic novels that will adapt both the prequel and original Star Wars trilogies.
Shaman Warrior Volume 4
Style School Vol. 1 TPB
The Wolf Man: Hunter's Moon
Aardwolf Publishing
Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute Remarque HC $125.00
Abstract Studios
Strangers In Paradise Book 3 Part 8 HC $49.95
Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
Kent Williams Amalgam Paintings & Drawings 92-07 HC $75.60
Antarctic Press
NHS Hawaii Pocket Manga Vol 4 TPB $14.95
Aurora Publishing Inc
Walkin Butterfly Vol 1 GN $10.95
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Witchblade Vol 4 TPB (Bandai) $9.99
Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Vol 5 TPB $24.99
Carlton Books
Angel Fire GN Updated Ed $18.99
Dementian Comics
Nothing Better Vol 1 TPB $15.00
Desperado Publishing
Looking Glass Wars Hatter M Px HC $24.99
DK Publishing Co
History Dudes Ancient Egyptians HC $12.99
History Dudes Vikings HC $12.99
Star Wars Reader Beware the Dark Side SC $3.99
Star Wars Reader I Want to Be a Jedi SC $3.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Chinese Hero Vol 1 Tales O/T Blood Sword HC $26.95
Chinese Hero Vol 2 Tales O/T Blood Sword Coll Ed HC $26.95
Key Princess Story Eternal Alice Rondo Vol 4 Novel $9.95
Snk Vs Capcom Vol 6 Svc Chaos TPB $13.95
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 7 Bram Stoker New Ptg $11.95
Chance In Hell HC $16.95
Devilish Greetings Krampus Postcards Artbook $18.95
Mean GN $16.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Nightmare Factory GN $17.99
Krause Publications
Dragonart Fantasy Characters SC $19.99
Incredible Comics with Tom Nguyen SC $19.99
Last Gasp Inc
Saddest Place on Earth Art of Camille Rose Garcia HC (AA) $39.95
Suits Made to Fit Tattoos From Newskool New Ed SC $29.95
Leanta Books LLC
Tarzan of the Apes Illustrated Novel $29.99
Mahrwood Press
Rashi a Light After the Dark Ages HC $16.95
Project Eon TPB $14.95
Scatterbrain Vol 1 TPB $14.95
National Book Network
Stargate Atlantis Vol 6 Entanglement MMPB $7.99
Angel Skin GN $11.95
Boneyard Vol 4 TPB $9.95
Dark Labyrinth By Luis Royo HC (AA) $24.95
Tales From The Crypt #2 $3.95
Unholy Kinship GN (AA) $9.95
Non-Sport Update
The Encyclopedia of Non-Sport & Entertainment Trading Cards Volume 1: 1985-2006 by Todd Jordan $34.95
Pocket Books
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dark Congress SC Novel $17.99
Publishers Group West
The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics (Paperback) $17.99
Random House
Baltimore Steadfast Tin Soldier & Vampire HC $25.00
Garfield Goes Bananas TPB $11.95
Greg Rucka Patriot Acts HC $25.00
Squirrelly Gray SC $12.99
Star Wars Legacy of the Force Inferno MMPB $7.99
Zombie Survival Guide TPB $13.95
Leatherjack GN $23.99
Sparkplug Comic Books
Asiaddict GN $15.00
Asthma GN $17.00
St. Martins Press
Capt Raptor and the Space Pirates HC $16.95
The Comic.Com
Beowulf TPB (AA) $15.95
Star Trek Magazine Yearbook Newsstand Ed #7 $9.99
Star Trek Magazine Yearbook Px Ed #7 $9.99
Titan Publishing
Shaun the Sheep Comic #6 $4.99
Tank Girl Vol 1 GN (AA) $16.95
Vanguard Productions
How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books HC $34.95
How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books Ltd HC $49.95
How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books SC $19.95
Favorite Family Treasures 3-pack (Babe Beethoven and Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat)
Curious George: Takes a Job and Other Monkey Business
Danger Mouse - The Complete Series
The Outer Limits Volume 2
The Land Before Time: Amazing Adventures
Masters of Horror - Season 1 Limited Edition Mausoleum Set - 13 eps. on 14 dvds; $80
Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 1
Samurai Jack Season 4
Heroes: Season One

DC Comics
Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 5 HC
     Collects Sensation Comics #33-40 and Wonder Woman #10-12; $50
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 2 HC
     Collects New Gods #4-6 Forever People #4-6 Jimmy Olsen #141-145 and Mister Miracle #4-6 $50
Sword of The Atom TPB
     Collects Sword of the Atom #1-4 and Sword of the Atom Special #1-3; $20
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Dominator War TPB
     Collects Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #26-30; $15
Checkmate Vol. 2: Pawn Breaks TPB
     Collects Checkmate #8-12; $15
Batman: Gothic - New Edition TPB
     Collects Legends Of The Dark Knight #6-10 by Grant Morrison with art by Klaus Janson and featuring a redesigned cover; $15
DMZ Vol. 3: Public Works TPB (MR)
     Collects Volume 3 issues #13-17; $13
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 3; $10
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol. 9; $10
Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm HC (MR) $20
Ms Marvel Vol. 2: Civil War TPB
     $15; Collects Ms Marvel #6-10 and the Ms Marvel Special
Punisher War Journal Vol. 1: Civil War TPB
     $15; Collects Punisher War Journal #1-4 plus the black-and-white edition of issue #1
Punisher MAX Vol. 8: Widowmaker TPB
     $18; Collects Punisher #43-49
Spider-Man Family: Back In Black Digest
     $9; Collects Spider-Man Family #1-3
Dark Horse
13th Son: Worse Thing Waiting (resolicited)
     $13; Collecting the four issue miniseries.
Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Volume 3; $17
Oh My Goddess! Volume 6; $11
Xs Hybrid Volume 2; $11
MPD-Psycho Volume 2; $11
Darkness Vol. 6: Depths of Hell TPB; $15
Archangel Studios
Red Star Vol 3 Prison Of Souls TPB (AA) $24.95
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 5
     Collects Sonic The Hedgehog #17-20
Blue Dream Studios
Pet Robots HC $19.95
Boom! Studios
Death Valley Vol 1 TPB $14.99
Carbon-Based Comics
Thorn In The Side GN $14.95
Disney Press
Haunted Mansion Vol 1 TPB $9.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Adventures Of Red Sonja Vol 1 TPB (New Ed)
     $20; Newly re-mastered interior color art! Containing the Red Sonja tales from Marvel Feature #1-7 Roy Thomas provides the introduction
:01 First Second
Laika Coll Ed HC $29.95
Laika SC $17.95
Flesk Publications
Mark Schultz Various Drawings Vol 3 Ltd HC $29.95 SC $19.95
Jack Lake Productions
Classics Illus Story of America SC $14.99
Classics Illus War Between the States SC $14.99
Moonstone Books
Phantom Chronicles New Tales of the Ghost Who Walks SC $15.95
Pocket Books
Gris Grimly Legend Of Sleepy Hollow HC $16.99
Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Madness by Edgar Allan Poe Gris Grimly
Random House
Brian Frouds World Of Faerie HC $40
Ronin Studios
Hope New Orleans Vol 1 GN $18.95
Running Press
Harry Potter Divination Crystal Ball Sticker Kit $12.95
Seven Seas Entertainment
Outcast Vol 1 GN $9.99
Sterling Publishing
Zen Of Zombie Better Living Through The Undead HC $12.95
Wildside Press
Blood Magic Book One Ballad of Kirin Widowmaker MMPB $6.99
Eternal Rose SC $13.95
Resident Evil / Resident Evil: Apocalypse
SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 5 Volume 1
Robot Chicken: Season 2 - Uncensored
Inside The Actors Studio: Johnny Depp
The IT Crowd Version 1.0: The Complete 1st Season

DC Comics
Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus HC
     For the first time the historic story of the death and return of Superman is collected in one massive 784-page hardcover volume featuring an all-new cover by pivotal creator Dan Jurgens timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the event! Includes the best-selling trade paperbacks The Death of Superman and The Return Of Superman as well as portions of World Without A Superman plus 40 pages of bonus extras including promotional material and product spotlights. 784 pgs $75
Showcase Presents: Batman and The Outsiders Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Batman & The Outsiders #1-19 Brave & Bold #200 and New Teen Titans #16-17
The Original Encyclopedia Of Comic-Book Heroes Vol. 3: Superman; $20
ION: The Dying Flame Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects #7-12; $15
The Batman Strikes: Duty Calls TPB
     Collects The Batman Strikes #11-14 and #16-18; $13
A Nightmare On Elm Street TPB (MR)
     Collects issues #1-3 and #5-7; $15
Confessions Of A Blabbermouth
     MINX Written by Mike Carey & Louise Carey; $10
Emma Vol. 5; $10
From Eroica With Love Vol. 10; $10
Marvel Zombies/Army Of Darkness HC
     $20; Collects Marvel Zombies/Army Of Darkness #1-5
Essential Punisher Vol. 2 TPB
     $17; Collects Punisher #1-20 and Annual #1 and Daredevil #257
Wolverine Classic Vol. 5 TPB
     $15; Collects Wolverine #24-30
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 18: Ultimate Knights TPB
     $16; Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #106-111
Dark Horse
Path Of The Assassin Volume 7
Criminal Macabre: Two Red Eyes
Hellboy Volume 7: The Troll Witch And Others TPB
     $18; Collects Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others collects short stories from The Dark Horse Book of the Dead Witchcraft Hauntings and Monsters the 2004 Hellboy: Wizard 1/2 as well as the critically acclaimed 2006 miniseries Hellboy: Makoma by Mignola and comics legend Richard Corben and a previously unpublished Hellboy story by P. Craig Russell and Mike Mignola along with sketches and story notes.
Nightly News Vol 1 TPB $16.99
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between TPB; $20
Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams SC; $18
Legend Of Grimjack Vol 8 TPB $24.99
Gods Gift 100 Studs Stallions & Dreamboats 70s $9.95
AC Comics
Men of Mystery Presents the Masked Marvel DVD $24.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Weirdly World Of Strange Eggs GN $7.95
Whistles Vol 1 The Starlight Calliope GN $10.95
Atomic Book Company
I Keee You Collection Of Overheards GN $7.95
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Eureka Seven Vol 6 GN $9.99
Blurred Books
Blurred Vision Vol 3 GN $14.95
Burlyman Entertainment
Matrix Comics Vol 1 TPB (AA) $21.95
Digital Manga Distribution
Ordinary Crush Vol 1 GN $12.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Borderline Vol 2 TPB $19.99
Hachette Book Group USA
Winterbirth SC $14.99 Absolutely True Diary Of Part Time Indian HC $16.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Ray Bradburys Now And Forever HC $24.95
Supernatural Book Of Monsters Spirits Demons & Ghouls SC $14.95
Kenzer & Company
KODT Bundle Of Trouble Vol 21 TPB $11.99
Phantom Get Back on That Horse Pack $14.95
Angel Skin GN $11.95
Pocket Books
Fog Mound Book 2 Faradawn GN $15.99
Random House
Official Guide to Disney Collectibles 2nd Ed $29.95
Rosen Publishing Group
George Perez On His Work And Career HC $22.95
Mike Oeming On His Work And Career HC $22.95
Neil Gaiman On His Work And Career HC $22.95
Scholastic Inc
Star Wars Rise and Fall of Darth Vader $15.99
Star Wars The Last Of The Jedi #8 MMPB $5.99
The Arrival GN $19.99
Devil Dolls Vol 1 TPB (AA) $9.95
Valiant Entertainment
Harbinger The Beginning HC $24.95
Vanguard Productions
How to Draw Dynamic Comic Books SC $19.95
Return of the Living Dead
From Beyond: Unrated Director's Cut
The Addams Family Volume 3
Supernatural The Complete 2nd Season
Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection: Volume 3 (2-disc); also 3-pack of Volumes 1-3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Fast Forward Vol. 2
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Complete Book 2 Collection box set
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes Volume 2

DC Comics
Justice Society of America Vol. 1: The Next Age HC
     $20; Collects Justice Society of America #1-4 (2007) and all the cover art
52 Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects 52 Weeks 14-26 plus commentary on each issue by creators and editors conceptual drawings sketch material thumbnails and more! $20
Green Arrow/Black Canary: For Better Or Worse TPB
     Collects Justice League Of America #75 Action Comics #428 #434 The Joker #4 Green Lantern/Green Arrow #94-95 Detective Comics #549-550 Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters# 1 Green Arrow (Vol.1) #75 #101 Green Arrow(Vol.2)# 4-5 #12 #21 And Birds Of Prey #88; $15
Dr. Thirteen: Architecture & Mortality TPB
     Collects Tales Of The Unexpected #1-8; $15
Texas Chainsaw Massacre TPB (MR)
     Collects #1-6 of the hit WildStorm series; $15
Hellblazer: The Gift TPB (MR)
     Collects Hellblazer #207-215; $15
Key To The Kingdom Vol. 1
     CMX A new series debuts from renowned fantasy manga artist Kyoko Shitou!; $10
Moon Child Vol. 8; $10
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
     $75; Collects Captain America #1-25 Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills
Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis Vol. 1: Faith In Monsters Premiere HC
     $25; Collects Thunderbolts #110-115 and Desperate Measures and T-Bolts stories from Civil War: The Initiative and Choosing Sides
Silent War TPB
     $15; Collects Silent War #1-6
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 2 - Savior TPB
     $14; Collects Wolverine: Origins #6-10
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 7: Secret Identity Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #25-28
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 8-Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye; $20
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Volume 5; $12.95
After The Cape Vol. 1: How Far To Fall TPB; $13
Spawn Collection Vol 4 TPB $29.95
Abstract Studios
Strangers In Paradise Vol 6 Pkt TPB $17.95
AC Comics
Crypt Of Horror Vol 4 TPB $24.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Emo Boy Vol 2 Walk Around With Your Head Down $13.95
Ape Entertainment
Cereal And Pajamas Gn $19.99
Archie Comics
Betty & Veronica: Bad Boy Trouble
     $8; The ground-breaking story that began in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #151 and concluded in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #154 caused quite a stir as it featured Riverdale's teens in a whole new look
Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose Vol 5 Px Ltd Ed TPB $34.99
Consortium Book Sales
Anime Classics Zettai 100 Must See Masterpieces SC $18.95
Desperado Publishing
Abandoned Color Ed GN $5.99
Hachette Book Group USA
Electric Church Sc $12.99
Mickey Mouse Treasures HC $60.00
With The Light Vol 1 Raising An Autistic Child GN $14.99
Lightspeed Press
Finder Sin Eater 10Th Anniversary HC $29.95
Mahrwood Press
Yaakov And Isaac Vol 1 GN (AA)
Microcosm Publishing
Distance Makes The Heart Grow Sick SC $16.00
Diy Screenprinting GN $13.00
Invincible Summer An Anthology SC $14.00
Midnight Marquee
Cool Cat Novel $20.00
Forgotten Horrors Vol 4 Dreams That Money Can Buy Sc $25.00
Who Framed Boris Karloff Novel $20.00
Phantom Chronicles Ltd S/N HC $46.99
Dinosaurs Across America HC $12.95
Night Shade Books
Moon Flights HC $24.95
Spiral Labyrinth Tale Of Henghis Hapthorn HC $24.95
Random House
Andromeda Stories GN Vol 01 $11.95
Sluggy Freelance Megatome Vol 2 Little Evils TPB $24.95
Random House UK
Torchwood Slow Decay HC $11.99
Torchwood Border Princess HC $11.99
Torchwood Another Life HC $11.99
Slaine Books Of Invasions Vol 3 The Books Of Invasions HC $27.99
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 9 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 10 $12.95
Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
Dead Already Manga Vol 1 GN $9.99
He Is My Master Vol 2 GN $9.99
Mr Grieves Vol 1 GN $9.99
Studio E3
Gods Of Asgard GN $14.99
Titan Publishing
Hammer Story Revised HC Ed $35.00
Tank Girl Vol 2 GN (AA) $14.95
Twomorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Vol 12 Michael Golden SC $14.95
Viz Communications
Case Closed Vol 19 GN $9.99
Mar Vol 15 GN $7.99
Phoenix Vol 11 TPB $16.99
Risk Classic Trilogy Star Wars Board Game $23.99
Roger Corman Collection box set 8-film 4-disc (SRP $39.98 - The Wild Angels A Bucket of Blood Gas-s-s-s Premature Burial X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes The Trip Bloody Mama and The Young Racers)
Family Guy: Volume Five
Josie and the Pussycats: The Complete Series
Stargate: Atlantis The Complete 3rd Season
Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season
Superman Doomsday
Troy: Ultimate Collector's Edition
The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper: Volume One
Wall Street (20th Anniversary Edition)

DC Comics
Showcase Presents Metal Men TPB
     Collects Showcase #37-40 Metal Men #1-15 and The Brave and The Bold #55; $17
Teen Titans Vol. 7: Titans East TPB
     Collects #42-47; $15
Batman Black And White Vol. 1 - New Edition TPB
     A new edition of the Eisner Award-winning collection at our standard trim size; $20
Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep Of Reason TPB (MR)
     The Vertigo classic is back - with a vengeance. Wartime photojournalist Kieran Marshall must take on the mantle of Wesley Dodds’ alter ego The Sandman to save his own life. But will donning the mask cost him his soul? $15
Friday The 13th TPB (MR)
     Collects #1-6 of the hot new series; $15
Tower Of The Future Vol. 8; $10
Swan Vol. 11; $10
Avengers/Defenders War Premiere HC (Variant Vol. 6)
     $20; Collects Avengers #115-118 and Defenders #8-11
Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears #1-6
Captain America: Red White and Blue TPB
     $20; Reprints the back-up stories in Captain America #50 (2002) and Marvel Spotlight: Captain America Remembered
Iron Man: Hypervelocity TPB
     $15; Collects Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1-6
Daredevil: Hell To Pay Vol. 1 TPB
     $15; Collects Daredevil #94-99
White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion TPB
     $15; Collects White Tiger #1-6
Loki TPB
     $13; Collects Loki #1-5
Punisher Presents: Barracuda MAX TPB
     $18; Collects Punisher Presents: Barracuda MAX #1-5
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 5 Regular Edition (2nd Printing)
     $55; Collects Fantastic Four #41-50 and Annual #3
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 19
Image Comics
Madman & The Atomics Volume 1 TPB; $17
The Walking Dead Vol 7: The Calm Before
     $13; Collects The Walking Dead #37-42
Broms Devils Rose HC $22.95
Heroes of the Negro Leagues HC $19.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Byron GN $10.95
Archaia Studios Press
Killer Vol. 1 HC $19.95
Revere Revolution in Silver HC $19.95
Avatar Press
Alan Moores Yuggoth Cultures TP (resolicited) $29.99
Bongo Comics
Futurama Vol 4 Conquers The Universe TPB $14.95
Gemstone Publishing
50 Book Asst Gemstone Disney Tps AR
Donald Duck Case Of The Missing Mummy TPB $8.99
Heavy Metal Magazine
Brodies Law Road to Redemption GN $14.95
Houghton Mifflin Company
Astonishing Adv of Fanboy and Goth Girl TP $8.99
Boy Toy HC Novel $16.95
Mongoose Publishing
Conan 2nd Ed HC $39.95
Boneyard Vol. 1 Color Ed TP $10.95
Silk Road to Ruin HC $22.95
Tales From the Crypt Vol. 1 Ghouls Gone Wild Coll Ed HC $12.95
Tales From the Crypt Vol. 1 Ghouls Gone Wild GN $7.95
Pocket Books
Ghost Hunting TP $14.00
Publishers Group West
Spectrum 3 TP New Ptg $27.00
Putnam Publishing Group
Dark Hunger GN $10.00
Magical Life of Long Tack Sam TP $14.00
Rosen Publishing Group
Alan Moore On His Work And Career HC $22.95
Sirius Entertainment
Akiko Flights Of Fancy High Flying Expd Ed TPB $24.95
Fastner & Larsons Little Black Book Vol. 2 TP $9.95
Fastner & Larsons Little Black Book Vol. 3 TP $9.95
Fastner & Larsons Tricks & Treats HC $24.95
Sterling Publishing
Manga Mania Chibi Sketchbook HC $12.95
Manga Mania Fantasy Sketchbook HC $12.95
Manga Mania Shoujo Sketchbook HC $12.95
Studio Foglio
Girl Genius Vol. 6 HC $39.95
Top Shelf Productions
Elfworld Vol. 1 TP $12.95
Viz Communications
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs Vol. 1 TP $9.99
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs Vol. 2 TP $9.99
White Wolf Publishing
Battlestar Galactica Corebook RPG HC (resolicited) $44.99
Wizards Of The Coast
D&D Exemplars of Evil Deadly Foes to Vex Heroes HC $29.95
Fr the Orc King Transitions Bk I HC $27.95
Yaoi Press
Lily and the Rose Vol. 1 GN $12.95
Zesty Vol. 2 GN $12.95
Drawn Together Season 2 (Uncensored)
Davey and Goliath - The Lost Episodes
Count Dracula (BBC 1977)
The Unit: Season Two
Cujo: 25th Anniversary Edition
Jack Ryan Collection on Blu-ray and HD-DVD

OCTOBER 3 2007
DC Comics
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Batman #6-7 Detective Comics #51-56 and World's Finest Comics #2-3; $15
The Helmet Of Fate TPB
     Collects The Helmet Of Fate Detective Chimp Ibis Black Alice Sargon and Zauriel; $15
The Question: Zen and Violence Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Question #1-6 1987 from Denny O'Neil; $20
Exterminators Vol. 3 Lies Of Our Fathers TPB (MR) - New Printing (Vertigo)
     Collects The Exterminators #11-16; $15
Wetworks Vol. 1 TPB (Wildstorm)
     Collecting issues #1-5 plus the two short stories that reintroduced the Wetworks team to the Wildstorm Universe!; $15
Spider-Man: Back In Black HC
     $35; Collects Amazing Spider-Man #539-543 and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17-23 and Annual #1
Essential Moon Knight Vol. 2 TPB
     $17; Collects Moon Knight #11-30
Annihilation Book 1 TPB
     $25; Collects Drax The Destroyer #1-4 Annihilation Prologue and Annihilation: Nova #1-4
Blade: Sins Of The Father TPB
     $15; Collects Blade #7-12
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 4: Still Friends Digest
     $8; Collects Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #16-20
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 1 - New Printing Anita Variant And Jean Claude Variant; $20
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 16 Deadpool TPB - New Printing
     $20; Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #91-97
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 5 Variant Edition (2nd Printing)
     $55; Collects Fantastic Four #41-50 and Annual #3
Dark Horse
Star Wars Episode II Attack Of Clones Photo Comic TPB $9.95
Aliens Vs Predator Omnibus Vol 2 TPB $24.95
Bettie Page Rules TPB $22.95
Conan The Phenomenon
     This in-depth tour through the history of fantasy’s greatest hero covers everything from the earliest prose to Frazetta’s explosive artwork through the Schwarzenegger film and into the recent rebirth of the character as a leading comic-book hero. The definitive guide to everything Conan!
Empowered Vol 2 TPB $14.95
Ghost In The Shell 1.5 Human Error Processor TPB $17.95
Harvey Comics Classics Vol 2 Richie Rich TPB $19.95
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 4 TPB $10.95
Old Boy Vol 8 TPB $12.95
Outer Orbit TPB $12.95
Predator Flesh & Blood Novel $6.99
Samurai Heaven & Earth Vol 2 TPB $14.95
Sock Monkey Inches Incident TPB $9.95
Andrews and McMeel
Cartoon Success Secrets HC (resolicited) $29.95
Dinotopia Journey to Chandara HC $29.95
Get Fuzzy Im Ready for My Movie Contract TPB $10.95
Lio Happiness Is a Squishy Cephalopod TPB $12.95
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 6
     Collects Sonic The Hedgehog #21-24
Barrons Educational Series Inc
50 Fantasy Vehicles to Draw and Paint SC (AA) $21.99
Anatomy for Fantasy Artists TPB (AA) $21.95
Barrons Graphic Classics Dracula SC $8.99
Barrons Graphic Classics Man in Iron Mask SC $8.99
Drawing & Painting Fantasy Landscapes & Cityscapes TPB (AA) $21.99
Fantasy Illustrators Technique Book SC (AA) $21.99
Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
Savage Planet Secrets O/T Empire Sp Ed AR
Chronicle Books
Bagels Lucky Hat HC $15.95
Hello Please Kawaii Characters From Japan SC $14.95
Inside Games Design SC $29.95
Jordan Crane Now Apart But Together Soon Journal $9.95
Thorgal Child O/T Stars Vol 2 GN $14.99
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 2 Dragons of Winter Night HC $34.99
GI Joe Dreadnoks Declassified TPB $18.99
Lloyd Kaufman Presents Toxic Avenger & Tromatic Tales GN $18.99
Lost Squad TPB (resolicited) $18.99
Digital Webbing
Bloodrayne Genesis TPB $15.99
Fanfare / Ponent Mon
Japan As Viewed By 17 Creators TPB (AA) $25.00
Walking Man GN (AA) $16.99
I Killed Adolf Hitler GN $12.95
MOME Vol 9 GN $14.95
Wheres Dennis Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham TPB $19.95
Fiery Studios
Vogelein Old Ghosts GN $12.95
Gemstone Publishing
Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Price Guide Vol 10 SC $29.95
Girasol Collectables Inc
Girasol Pulp Doubles the Spider Vol 3 $14.95
Girasol Pulp Doubles the Spider Vol 4 $14.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Miki Falls Vol 3 Autumn GN $7.99
Witch Vol 8 Unexpected Return GN $4.99
IDW Publishing
Complete Jon Sable Freelance Vol 8 TPB $24.99
Independent Publisher Group
Drawing Manga SC $14.95
TV & Film Toys HC $45.00
Mirage Studios
Tales of TMNT Coll Books Vol 4 TPB $13.00
Narrow Books
Hey Fudge SC $30.00
Remembrance Things Past Pt 2 Budding Grove Vol 2 HC (AA) $16.95
Tales From The Crypt Vol 1 Ghouls Gone Wild GN $7.95
Pocket Books
30 Days of Night Movie Novelization MMPB $7.99
Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles Nixies Song HC $10.99
Star Trek Captains Glory MMPB $7.99
Star Trek TNG Q &A MMPB $7.99
Poison Press
Gods & Undergrads Vol 1 GN $10.00
Publishers Group West
Murder Princess Vol 2 GN $9.99
Spectrum Presents Frank Frazetta Rough Work HC $19.95
Sterling Publishing
Godfather Classic Quotes HC by Carlo De Vito $12.95
Titan Publishing
Classic Dan Dare Rogue Planet HC $29.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue #24 $6.95
Modern Masters Vol 13 Jerry Ordway SC $14.95
Viper Comics
Underworld Railroad Vol 1 GN $11.95
Virgin Comics
Devi Vol 2 TPB $14.99
Snakewoman Vol 2 TPB $14.99
DVD for October
The War: A Ken Burns Film
Craziest Christmas Collection: Tom and Jerry: Paws for a Holiday Scooby-Doo: Winter Wonderdog and Looney Tunes: Bah Humduck
The Jungle Book: Platinum Edition
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season Three
Pumpkinhead 4 - Blood Feud
Species: Collector's Edition
Species IV: The Awakening
Caligula: Four-Disc Imperial Edition
Jericho The 1st Season
Bram Stoker's Dracula: Collector's Edition
Star Trek: The Next Generation The Complete Series
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2-disc Power Cosmic Edition
Shark: Season One

OCTOBER 10 2007
DC Comics
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 2 HC
     Collects The Sandman #21-39; $100 616 pages
Justice Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Justice #9-12; $20
Mystery In Space Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Mystery In Space #1-5; $18
Nightwing Love And War TPB
     Collects Nightwing #125-132; $15
Presents Vol. 1; $13
Canon Vol. 3; $10
Cipher Vol. 9; $10
Fallen Son Death Of Captain America Prem HC
     $19.99; Collects Fallen Son: Wolverine Avengers Captain America Spider-Man And Iron Man
X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 3 TPB
     $16; Collects X-Factor #79-83 and Annual #7
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four: Silver Rage TPB
     $11; Collects Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1-4
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol. 1: Heart Of Steel Digest
     $7; Collects Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1-4
Civil War Chronicles #4
     $5; Collects Civil War: Front Line (Embedded/Accused) #5 Fantastic Four #538 and Civil War #3
Magician Apprentice Vol. 1 TPB
     $16; Collects Magician Apprentice #1-6
Powers Vol. 10: Cosmic
     $20; Collects Powers #13-18
Dark Horse
Appleseed Hypernotes TPB $14.95
Oh My Goddess Vol 27 Rtl TPB $10.95
Little Lulu Vol 17 The Valentine TPB $10.95
Wolfman Hunters Moon Novel $6.99
Image Comics
Dynamo 5 Vol 1 Post Nuclear Family TPB $9.99
Noble Causes Vol 7 Powerless TPB $15.99
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Vault of Horror Volume 1
     $50; Collects Vault of Horror #12-17 (1950-1951)
A. D. Vision
Once Upon a Glashma GN $10.95
Yotsuba Manga Vol 5 TPB $9.99
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Eating Steve GN $5.95
Igor Fixed By Frankensteins GN $5.95
Avatar Press
Alan Moores Yuggoth Cultures HC (resolicited) $39.99
Garth Ennis Chronicles Of Wormwood TPB $19.99
Boom! Studios
Warhammer 40k Vol 1 Damnation Crusade TPB $14.99
Drawn and Quarterly
James Sturms America HC $24.95
Joseph GN $9.95
Shortcomings HC $19.95
Walt & Skeezix Vol 3 1925-1926 HC $29.95
White Rapids GN $27.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Beowulf Harper Trophy Ed GN $8.99
Disney Jr Vol 5 Pirates of the Caribbean Worlds End GN $3.99
Fragile Things SC $14.95
Room with a Zoo SC $7.99
Vampire Kisses Vol 1 Blood Relatives GN (of 3)(resolicited) $7.99
IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night Movie Scriptbook TPB $19.99
Art Of IDWs Transformers HC $50; S/N Ltd Ed HC $100; Sketch Ed HC $150
Sparrow Phil Hale Vol 2 HC $11.99
Independent Publisher Group
Saving the World Guide to Heroes SC $14.95
Krause Publications
CBG 2008 Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide 14th Ed TPB $19.99
Warmans Transformers Field Guide SC $12.99
House Of Clay GN $12.95
Pocket Books
Seasons Greetings From South Park Postcard Book $9.95
Putnam Publishing Group
Brian Jacques Redwall GN $12.99
Complete Idiots Guide to World of Harry Potter SC $16.95
Random House
101 Ways to Flip the Bird SC $9.95
Complete Nemesis the Warlock Vol 02 $29.99
Judge Dredd Carlos Ezquerra Collection TPB $29.99
Strontium Dog Search Destroy Agency Files 03 GN $28.99
The Simping Dectective $24.99
Running Press
TV Guide Book of Lists SC $14.95
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 10 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 11 $12.95
St. Martins Press
Battlestar Galactica Unity MMPB $7.99
Philip K Dick Humpty Dumpty in Oakland HC $24.95
Sardine in Outer Space Vol 4 SC $13.95
Town Boy SC $16.95
Sunday Press Books
Sundays with Walt and Slkeezix Vol 1 HC $95.00
King Lear GN $15.95
4400 Official Companion Seasons 1 & 2 TPB $14.95
Tank Girl GN Odyssey (AA) $16.95
Twomorrows Publishing
Rough Stuff #6 $6.95
Top Shelf Productions
Essex County Vol 2 Ghost Stories $14.95
Yearbook Stories 1976 1978 $4.00
Troubletown Told You So: Comics that Could've Saved Us from this Mess TPB by Lloyd Dangle $11.95
Watson Guptill Publications
Spy vs. Spy Vol 2 Joke & Dagger Files TPB $25.95
     Follow up to Spy vs. Spy: The Complete Casebook
Wildside Press
Bone Key SC $12.95
Yale University Press
In the Studio Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists SC $19.95
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Ultimate Edition (Lon Chaney)
Twilight Zone - The Movie
28 Weeks Later
Poltergeist: 25th Anniversary Edition

OCTOBER 17 2007
DC Comics
The JSA All Stars Archives Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Stories starring Johnny Thunder Hour-Man the Red Tornado & Scribbly Dr. Mid-Nite Mr. Terrific Wildcat and the Atom from Flash Comics #1-4 Adventure Comics #48-52 All-American Comics #19-29 and Sensation Comics #1-5; $60 256 pages
Shazam The Monster Society of Evil (2007) Deluxe HC
     Collects Shazam The Monster Society of Evil #1-4 (2007); $30
Showcase Presents: World’s Finest Comics Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Superman #76 and World’s Finest Comics #71-111
52 The Companion TPB
     $20; Collects Mysterious Suspense #1 Gotham Central #40 Animal Man #16 Metal Men #45 Superman The Man Of Steel #97 Rip Hunter Time Master #6 JSA #43-44 and stories from Detective Comics #350 Strange Adventures #226 Secret Origins #35
52 The Covers HC
     Collects every cover from 52 52 Vol. 1-4 TPBs the 52 novel sketches plus commentary from Jones; $20
Superman The Bottle City Of Kandor TPB
     Collects Stories from Action Comics #242 and 245 Superman #158 and 338 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #53 and 69 World's Finest Comics #143 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #21 76 and 78 and Superman Family #194; $15
Army@Love Vol. 1 The Hot Zone Club TPB
     Collects Army@Love #1-5; $10
I Hate You More Than Anyone Vol. 2; $10
Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Volume 7 (Variant 84)
     $55; Collects Avengers #59-68 and Marvel Super-Heroes #17
Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Premiere HC
     $25; Collects Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1-7
Spider-Girl Vol. 9: Secret Lives Digest
     $8; Collects Spider-Girl #45-50
Avengers Classic #5
     $3; Avengers #5 "The Invasion of the Lava Men!" and an all-new story written by Dwayne McDuffie spotlighting Cap and Thor’s earliest partnership!
Dark Horse
Star Wars Omnibus: Tales Of The Jedi Volume 1
     $25; Discover the earliest known stories of the Jedi and the Sith in this massive collection!
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 9; $7
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home
     $16; Buffy creator Joss Whedon brings Buffy back to Dark Horse in this direct follow-up to season seven of the smash-hit TV series. The bestselling and critically acclaimed issues 1-5 are collected here for the first time as are their covers by Jo Chen and Georges Jeanty.
Hanami: International Love Story Volume 2; $10
Chunchu Genocide Fiend Vol 2 TPB; $10.95
Capes Vol 1 TPB Punching The Clock; $17.99
Top Cow
The Darkness Levels TPB
     Collects The Darkness Level #0 1-5; $14.99
Boom! Studios
Savage Brothers Vol 1 TPB $14.99
DK Publishing Co
24 Ultimate Guide HC $24.99
James Bond Encyclopedia HC $40.00
Dr Master Publications Inc
Iron Wok Jan GN #26 $9.95
Junk Vol. 4 GN $9.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Eduardo Rissos Tale Of Terror TPB $14.99
Evil Twin Comics
Awesome Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Vol. 1 TP $14.95
Hachette Book Group USA
I Am America and So Can You HC $26.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Artemis Fowl Vol. 1 GN $9.99
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell Imaginistix HC $29.95
Independent Publisher Group
Tintin & Secret of Literature HC $29.95
Last Gasp Inc.
Mysterium Fidei HC $35.00
House Of Clay GN $12.95
Oni Press
Whiteout Vol 2 Melt TPB Definitive Ed $13.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek the Academy Collision Course HC $25.00 by William Shatner
Star Trek Tng Skys the Limit TP $16.00
Pure Imagination Publishing
Steve Ditko Reader Vol. 3 TP $25.00
The Jack Kirby Reader Vol. 2 TP $25.00
Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
I Otaku Vol. 1 Struggle in Akihabara GN $9.99
Sparkplug Comic Books
Bookhunter GN $15.00
Battle Royale Ultimate Ed Vol. 1 HC (of 5) $24.99
Ratatouille Cinemanga GN $7.99
Warcraft Ultimate Ed HC $29.99
Virgin Comics LLC
Gamekeeper Vol. 1 Tooth and Claw TP $14.99
India Authentic TP Vol. 01 Book of Shiva $14.99
Twomorrows Publishing
Jack Kirby Collector #49 $9.95
The Jazz Singer (Three-Disc Deluxe Edition) (1927)
Treasures from American Film Archives III: Social Issues in American Film - 1900-1934
The Deadliest Catch: Season Two
Icons of Horror Collection: Sam Katzman (The Giant Claw Creature with the Atom Brain Zombies of Mora Tau and The Werewolf)
MacGyver The Complete Series
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Complete Series
Transformers Two-Disc Special Edition

OCTOBER 24 2007
DC Comics
The Spirit Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Batman/The Spirit and The Spirit #1-6 by Jeph Loeb and Darwyn Cooke; $25
Best Of The Spirit TPB
     Reprints 22 Spirit sections from 1940-1950 featuring famous first appearances classic confrontations human interest tales and all those magnificent splash pages introduction by Neil Gaiman; $14.99
Countdown Special: The Flash 80-Page Giant
     $5; Collects The Flash #106 #113 #155 and #174
Justice League Elite Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Justice League Elite #5-12; $20
Jack Of Fables Vol. 2 Jack Of Hearts TPB
     Collects Jack Of Fables #6-11; $15
Red Menace TPB
     Collects Red Menace #1-6; $18
Vs (Versus) Vol 7; $9.99
Marvel Masterworks: Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol. 1 (Variant 83)
     $55; Collects Strange Tales #135-153 Tales Of Suspense #78 and Fantastic Four #21
Avengers Assemble Vol. 5 HC
     $40; Collects Avengers #41-56 and Avengers Annual 2001
Marvel Zombies: The Covers HC
     $20; Arthur Suydam’s unforgettable covers have been a huge factor in the Marvel Zombies phenomenon with many devoted fans purchasing all the issues’ multiple printings for that reason alone. Now each and every one of those covers is collected in a single keepsake edition in all their gory detail along with a horde of never-before-seen extras! Also featuring the zombie-themed covers of Greg Land and Kyle Hotz
Black Panther: Four The Hard Way TPB
     $14; Collects Black Panther #26-30
She-Hulk Vol. 5: Planet Without A Hulk TPB
     $20; Collects She-Hulk #14-21
X-Factor Vol. 3: Many Lives Of Madrox TPB
     $15; Collects X-Factor #13-17
Legion Of Monsters HC
     $30; Dead Of Night #11 Marvel Spotlight #26 Marvel Two-In-One #18 Legion Of Monsters #1 and Marvel Premiere #28
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 9 -- Boba Fett: Death Lies And Treachery; $25
Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones Photo Comic TPB
     $10; One of the most epic cinematic events of all time comes to comics in this manga-sized adaptation of Attack of the Clones using still frames from the film!
Chronicles Of Conan Vol.13: Whispering Shadows And Other Stories
     $17; Collects Marvel's Conan the Barbarian #92 and #101-108
Conan And The Midnight God
     $15; Includes Dysart and Tone Rodriguez’s story in Funcom’s Age of Conan comic distributed to 450000 readers.
Bride Of The Water God TP $9.95
Lankhmar Book 3 Swords In The Mist Novel $12.95
Serenity: Those Left Behind
     $20; Sporting a new cover by Adam Hughes this oversized collection shows off the work of penciller Will Conrad and colorist Laura Martin and the array of pinups by phenomenal guest artists. In addition over a dozen backup pages delve into the work and art behind the scenes -- original material assembled especially for this hardcover edition.
Art of Greg Capullo SC $24.99
Top Shelf
Owly Vol 1 the Way Home TP $10.00
801 Media Inc
Sensitive Pornograph GN $15.95
Street World HC $35.00
Alternative Comics
Pictures of You GN $11.95
Andrews and McMeel The Sandbox SC $16.95
Mutts Best Of Mutts HC $24.95
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Eureka Seven Vol 1 Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl GN $9.99
Black Library
Warhammer Blackhearts The Omnibus TP $11.99
Broccoli International USA
Es Broccoli Vol 4 GN $9.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend The Saturdays SC $19.95
Growing Old With BC A Celebration Of Johnny Hart GN $19.95
Scion Vol 6 Royal Wedding TP $17.95
Sigil Vol 5 Death Match TP $17.95
Way Of The Rat Vol 3 Haunted Zhumar TP $17.95
Winsor Mccay Vol 9 Early Works TP $19.95
Diamond Comic Dist--England
Doctor Who Calling the Shots TP $27.95
Melange Art of Dean Yeagle Bilingual HC $45.00
Dynamite Entertainment
Adventures Of Red Sonja TP Vol 3 (resolicited) $19.99
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 SC (New Printing) $15.95
Graphitti Designs
Southland Tales The Prelude Saga TP (resolicited) $29.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Beowulf Script Book SC $16.95
Family Guy Peter Griffins Guide To Holidays SC $18.95
Last Days Of Krypton HC $24.95
Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic Ltd Sgn Ed $60.00
Schultz and Peanuts HC $34.95
Heroic Publishing
Flare: The Shining Star
     $15; Collecting her adventures from the original three-issue Flare mini-series!
Last Gasp Inc.
Original Art Of Basil Wolverton HC $35.00
Boneyard Vol 6 TP $9.95
Portfolio Hardcover
Stick To Drawing Comics Monkey Brain HC $24.95
Prometheus Books
Michael Moorcocks Metatemporal Detective HC $25.00
Pure Imagination Publishing
Basil Wolverton Agony and Ecstasy TP $25.00
Putnam Publishing Group
Misadv of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff #3 Wishing Well HC $9.99
Random House
Mad About Star Wars $21.95
Shrek Art Of The Quest HC (resolicited) $45.00
Star Wars Death Star HC $25.95
World War Z Oral History Of Zombie War SC $14.95
SCB Distributors
Taste Of Venison Gary Baseman HC $29.95
Fairy Tails Vol 2 TP $9.95
Subterranean Press
Neil Gaiman M Is for Magic Ltd Sgn Ed $60.00
24 Official Companion Seasons 3 & 4 SC (AA) $16.95
Comic Creators on Fantastic Four SC (AA) $17.95
Comic Creators on Spider-Man (AA) $16.95
Comic Creators on X Men SC (AA) $17.95
My Boring a$$ Life Uncensored Diary of Kevin Smith MMPB $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #73 $6.95
Yale University Press
Chris Ware TP $21.00
Hellraiser (SE)
Mr. Brooks
Tales from the Crypt The Complete 7th Season
The Company
Veronica Mars The Complete 3rd Season
Meet the Robinsons
The Adventures of Aquaman (1967-68) Classic Cartoons
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Volume One

OCTOBER 31 2007
DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Teen Titans Vol. 2
     $17; Collects Teen Titans #19-36 The Brave and The Bold #83 and #94 and World's Finest Comics #205
The Creeper Welcome To Creepville TPB
     Collects The Creeper #1-6 and a story from DC Brave New World #1; $20
The Flash Wonderland TPB
     Collects The Flash #164-169; $13
Gon Vol. 2; $6
Samurai Commando Mission 1549 Vol. 2; $10
Marvel Masterworks: Strange Tales Volume 1 (Variant 85)
     $55; Collects Strange Tales #1-10
Wolverine: Evolution Premiere HC (Color and B & W)
     $20; Collects Wolverine #50-55
Essential Werewolf By Night Vol. 2 TPB
     $17; Collects Werewolf By Night #21-43 Giant-Size Werewolf #2-5 Marvel Premiere #28
Annihilation Book 2 TPB
     $25; Collects Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4 Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1-4 and Annihilation: Ronan #1-4
Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story TPB
     $15; Collects Immortal Iron Fist #1-6
Spider-Man Icon HC $49.95
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 6 (Variant 28) 2nd Printing
     $55; Collects Fantastic Four #51-60 and Annual #4
Dark Horse
Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith Photo Comic $9.95
Nexus Archives Vol 6 HC
      Collects issues #33-39 (Vol. 2) from First Comics; $49.95
The Perry Bible Fellowship: The Trial Of Colonel Sweeto And Other Stories
     Dark Horse Comics is proud to present The Perry Bible Fellowship: The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories by acclaimed cartoonist Nicholas Gurewitch. $14.95
The Secret
     $13; Collecs the four-issue miniseries.
Translucent Volume 2; $10
Leroy Neiman Femlin HC $49.95
Mummy Dark Resurrection Novel (resolicited) $6.99 IDW
Complete 30 Days Of Night Trilogy by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith HC
     $100; Collects 30 Days Dark Days and Return to Barrow; The original 30 Days of Night introduced vampires to the darkened streets of Barrow Alaska and this October Sony Pictures and GhostHouse Studios set those same vamps loose on the movie-going public! But as many comics fans know the story doesn't stop at the end of the first book and now fans can collect the entire original 30 Days of Night trilogy in this handsome hardcover edition presented together in a special slipcase. Join Stella Olemaun as she fights to expose the truth behind the vampire rumors in Dark Days and then head back to the snowy hollows of Barrow as a new lawman faces the unwelcome dark-dwelling evil in Return to Barrow. Each copy comes with a signed and numbered tip-in plate signed by Niles and Templesmith 344 pages
Chiaroscuro by Troy Little HC; $25
Accelerate GN
     Collects Accelerate #1-4; $12.99
Spawn: Armageddon Complete Collection TPB
     Collects Spawn #150-163; $29.95
Crimeland GN $9.99
Aardwolf Publishing
Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute Expanded HC $40
AC Comics
Golden Age Men of Mystery Spotlight Special Vol 1 TPB (AA) $14.95
Official Golden Age Hero & Heroine Directory Vol 1 (AA) $9.95
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Paris Collection TPB $10.95
Black Library
Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy Descent Of Angels $7.99
Warhammer Manslayer MMPB $7.99
Chronicle Books
Art of Bee Movie HC $40
Art of Beowulf HC $40
Marilyn Monroe Life in Pictures $40
Disney Press
El Cazador Vol 1 TPB $12.99
DK Publishing Co
Not Just Cartoons Nicktoons HC $40
Dorchestor Publishing
Weird Works Of Robert E Howard Vol 2 by Robert E. Howard MMPB $6.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Chinese Hero Vol 3 Tales O/T Blood Sword Coll Ed HC $26.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Moomin Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip Vol 2 HC $19.95
Southern Cross HC $24.95
Blab Vol 18 $22.95
Comics Journal #286 $11.95
Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis the Menace 1957-1958 Vol 4 HC $24.95
Zippy 2007 Walk A Mile In My Muu Muu $18.95
Girasol Collectables Inc
Girasol Pulp Doubles Spider Vol 5 $14.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Patrick Mcdonnell Hug Time $14.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Beowulf Script Book SC $16.95
Family Guy Peter Griffins Guide To Holidays SC $18.95
Fantasy Art Now HC $29.95
Last Days of Krypton HC $25.95
Henry Holt and Co
Melvin Beederman Superhero The Fake Cape Caper HC $16.95; TPB $5.99
The Hero Initiative
3 Minute Sketchbook TPB $12.99
Independent Publisher Group
Frak You Ult Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica TPB $17.95
Midnight Marquee
Way Out Wonderful World of Horror Fantasy & Sci Fi Trivia SC $15
Boneyard Vol 6 TPB $9.95
Dungeon Vol 1 TPB New Ptg $14.95
Glacial Period GN (AA) $14.95
Hardy Boys Vol 10 A Hardys Day Night GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Hardy Boys Vol 9 To Die Or Not To Die GN (AA) $7.95
Pantheon Books
Complete Persepolis TPB $24.95
Pocket Star
Wolverine Violent Tendencies MMPB $7.99
Publishers Group West
Spectrum 14 HC $39.95; TPB $29.95
Random House
Boondocks All the Rage Boondocks Past & Present TPB $16.95
Comp Directory Prime Time Network & Cable Shows TPB $29.95
Dreamsongs Vol I Short Works HC $27
Gentlemen Of The Road HC $18.95
Laurell K Hamiltons Mistrals Kiss MMPB $7.99
Laurell K Hamiltons Lick Of Frost HC $23.95
Orphans Tales In The Cities Of Coin & Spice TPB $14
Peanuts Play It Again Schroeder TPB $12.95
Star Wars Republic Commando True Colors MMPB (resolicited) $7.99
Random House UK
Doctor Who Encyclopedia HC $24.95
Red Wheel Weiser Conari Press
Our Gods Wear Spandex SC $19.95
Gorillaz Rise of the Ogre SC $20
Scholastic Inc
Golden Compass Movie Storybook $8.99
Golden Compass Off Illustrated Movie Companion $14.99
Golden Compass World Of The Golden Compass $9.99
Simon & Schuster
Star Trek TNG Before Dishonor MMPB $7.99
St. Martins Press
Deogratias Tale of Rwanda GN New Ptg $17.95
I Am Legend Movie Ed TPB $14.95
Tor Books
I Am Legend TPB Movie Tie-In $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #44 (AA) $5.95
Running Press Book Publishers w/ DC Comics
Mad's Greatest Artists: The Completely Mad Don Martin (Mad's Greatest Artists Series) [2 Volume Slipcase BOX SET] (Hardcover)       For the first time ever here is the complete collection of every piece of art Don Martin published in MAD throughout his extraordinary thirty-year tenure (1957-1987). With all of Martin's strips covers posters and stickers--presented in chronological order--it is nothing less than a masterpiece of comic genius.
Complementing Martin's opus of published works are letters sketches and rare photos providing an in-depth look at the artist at work. Plus scattered throughout are notes and original illustrations--commissioned for this volume--paying tribute to the artist and penned by MAD's most-notable personalities including Al Jaffe Mort Drucker Jack Davis Sergio Aragones and more. There are also notes by the likes of Jim Davis (Garfield) and a foreword by Gary Larson. $150.00; 1200 pages

Completely Mad Don Martin 6 Copy Wire Display $900.00 Charlie Brown Christmas Board Book $7.95
Marilyn Monroe Platinum Fox HC $29.95
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 3: Fire Volume 1
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection - Volume 5
Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection - Volume 5
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue: Volume 1
The Three Stooges Collection: Volume One - 1934-1936
Day Watch: Unrated Extended Edition
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition
Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man 3: 2-Disc Special Edition Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray and Spider-Man: The High-Definition Trilogy
Help! 2-disc set
Magnum P.I. (Season 7)

DC Comics
Batman Archives Vol. 7
     $50; Collects Detective Comics #136-154
Green Lantern Corps: A Darker Shade Of Green TPB
     $13; Collects Green Lantern Corps #7-13
Robin: Teenage Wasteland TPB
     $18; Collects ROBIN #154-162
Green Arrow: Road To Jericho TPB
     $18; Collects Green Arrow #66-75
Seimaden Vol. 10; $10
King Of Cards Vol. 2; $10
Heroes HC
     Covers by Jim Lee and Alex Ross; This stunning hardcover collects the amazing online comics based on the smash-hit includes an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro) all 34 chapters of Season One and Tim Sale’s artwork as seen on the show. $29.99
Cairo Hardcover
Spider-Man Peter Parker: Back In Black HC
     $29.99; Collects Sensational Spider-Man #35-40 and Annual #1 Spider-Man Family #1-2 Spider–Man: Back In Black Handbook And Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man-Back In Black
Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume 4 HC
     $30; Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #33-41 Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men
New Avengers Vol. 6: Revolution TPB
     $15; Collects New Avengers #26-31
Omega Flight: Alpha to Omega TPB
     $14; Collects Omega Flight #1-5 plus the U.S. Agent story crom Civil War: Choosing Sides
Marvel Comics Legacy: The 1960s-1990s Handbook TPB
     $20; In the style of the 1960s 1970s 1980s and 1990s! The profiles within each chapter cover everything published by the hallowed House of Ideas up until that point
Thor 1-3: Rebirth; $5.00
Dark Horse
Eden: It's A Endless World! Volume 9; $13
The Art Of Matt Wagner's Grendel HC
A. D. Vision
Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Vol 1 GN $24.99
Everybody Cosplay Vol 1 GN $19.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon Vol 1-7 HC Set $139.65
Dick Tracy the Collins Casefiles Vol 1-3 TP Set $53.85
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1947-1954 TP Set $143.90
Winsor Mccay Early Works Vol 1-9 TP Set $179.55
Chronicle Books
Eiji Tsuburaya Master of Monsters HC $40.00
Official Nancy Drew Handbook $16.95
Street Sketchbook HC $35.00
To Infinity and Beyond Story of Pixar HC $75.00
Disguised As Clark Kent Jews Comics Creation Of Superhero HC $24.95
Devils Due Publishing Inc
GI Joe Data Desk Handbook Coll A-M $5.50
Hack Slash Vol 3 Friday The 31st TP $18.99
Palestine HC $29.95
:01 First Second
American Born Chinese HC $19.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Onion Our Dumb World HC $27.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Clive Barkers Mister B Gone HC $24.95
Creem Americas Only Rock N Roll Magazine HC $29.95
Star Wars Vault Scrapbook Of Rare Memorabila HC $85.00
I B Tauris & Co Ltd
Reading CSI Television Under the Microscope TP $15.95
30 Days Of Night Eben & Stella TP $17.99
Tank Girl The Gifting TP $17.99
Kolchak Papers Original Novels SC $16.95
National Book Network
Stargate Atlantis Vol 2 Reliquary MMPB $7.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek TNG Before Dishonor MMPB $7.99
Wolverine Violent Tendencies MMPB $7.99
Putnam Publishing Group
I Am Blind and My Dog Is Dead HC $13.95
Princess Alyss of Wonderland HC $19.99
Random House
Laurell K Hamiltons Mistrals Kiss MMPB $7.99
Razor Wolf Entertainment LLC
Unbeatable GN $14.95
Angel Song Vol 1 TP $19.95
Devil Dolls Vol 2 TP $9.95
St. Martins Press
I Am Legend MMPB Movie Ed $7.99
Strange Fear
Weirdling GN $15.95
Titan Publishing
Bones Official Companion Seasons 1 & 2 SC $14.95
Charleys War Vol 4 Blues Story HC $19.95
Modesty Blaise Vol 12 Death Trap TP $19.95
Starring Sherlock Holmes HC $35.00
Top Shelf Productions
Lower Region GN $6.95
Udon Entertainment Corp
Dorothy of Oz Vol 1 GN $11.95
Star Project Chiro Vol 1 TP $11.95
Vanguard Productions
Excess Art of Michael Golden and How He Does It Dlx HC $49.95; HC $34.95
Viper Comics
Middleman Vol 3 TP $9.95
1000 Places to See Before You Die: Collection One
Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas
The Lost World
The Fly: Classic Collection
Pixar Short Film Collection
Monty Python's Life of Brian: The Immaculate Edition
Gilligan's Island: The Complete Series Collection
Kung Fu: The Complete Series Collection
Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection
Chinatown: Special Collector's Edition and The Two Jakes: Special Collector's Edition
The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition which is a 61-disc box set (SRP $329.98). The set will include all 198 episodes of the series along with The X-Files: Fight the Future feature film
Seinfeld: Season Nine and Seinfield: The Complete Series which includes 32-disc $283.95 and the 226-page The Official Coffee Table Book
James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set 42-disc all 20 original Bond films plus Casino Royale $239.98

NOVEMBER 14 2007
DC Comics
Wonder Woman: Love and Murder HC
     $20; Collects Wonder Woman #6-10
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier HC (MR) (ABC)
Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects G.I. Combat #68 and Our Army at War #81-117
JLA: Ultramarine Corps TPB
     $15; Collects JLA Classified #1-3 and JLA//WildC.A.T.S.
Jonah Hex: Origins TPB
     $13; Collects Jonah Hex #13-18
Teen Titans Go!: Titans Together TPB
     $13; Collects Teen Titans Go! #27-32
Ex Machina Vol. 6: Power Down TPB (MR)
     $13; Collects Ex Machina #26-29
Kimmie66 GN; $10
Venus In Love Vol. 1; $10
Musashi #9 Vol. 13; $10
Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Fantastic Four #544-550
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 3 - Swift and Terrible TPB
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #11-15 $13.99
Excalibur Classic Vol. 4: Cross-Time Caper Book 2 TPB
     $25; Collects Excalibur #21-28
Amazing Spider-Girl Volume 2: Comes The Carnage! TPB
     $14; Collects Amazing Spider-Girl #7-12
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 4: The Dream Team Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #13-15 and Giant-Size Marvel Adventures The Avengers #1 $6.99
Civil War Chronicles #5
     Collects $5 72 Pages; Amazing Spider-Man #534 and Fantastic Four #539-540
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 HC and Variant Edition (Second Printing)
     $100;Collects Amazing Fantasy #15 Amazing Spider-Man #1-38 and Annual #1-2 Strange Tales Annual #2 and Fantastic Four Annual #1
Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1 HC and Variant Edition (Second Printing)
     $100;Collects Fantastic Four #1-30 and Annual #1
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1 HC and Variant Edition (Second Printing)
     $100;Collects Uncanny X-Men #94-131 and Annual #3 and Giant-Size X-Men #1
Dark Horse
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Panel to Panel TP $19.95
Hellboy Animated Vol 3 The Menagerie TP $6.95
Vampire Hunter D Volume 9: The Rose Princess; $9
Appleseed Vol 1 Promethean Challenge TP New Ptg $14.95
Rising Stars Volume 5: Untouchable Visitations TPB
     $16.99; Collects Rising Stars: Untouchable #1-6 and the Rising Stars: Visitations collection which includes Rising Stars Prelude issues #0 #1/2 and 'A Lost Tale of the Specials' into one massive trade!
Official Handbook Of The Invincible Universe TPB $12.99
Darkness Novel Vol 01 $6.99
Girls Complete Collection Dlx HC $99.99; Dlx Ltd S&N Ed HC $149.99
Wanted GN (New Printing) $19.99
Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics
Zombies Calling GN $9.95
Avatar Press
Garth Ennis Chronicles Of Wormwood HC $27.99
Bandai Entertainment
Tomb Raider Vol 5 TP (Bandai) $9.99
Darkchylde Entertainment
Darkchylde TP (New Printing) $19.95
Dynamic Forces
DF Batman & Son Andy Kubert Sgn HC $69.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness Vol 5 Ash Vs The Monsters Cammo Ed TP (resolicited) $19.99
Army Of Darkness Vol 5 Ash Vs The Monsters Reg Ed TP (resolicited) $19.99
Red Sonja Vol 2 Arrowsmith HC $24.99
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW Px Cvr HC (Queen of the Frozen Wastes HC - Previews Exclusive Cover) $19.99
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW Reg Ed HC (Queen of the Frozen Wastes HC) $19.99
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW Vol 1 Px Cvr TP (Queen of the Frozen Wastes Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Cover TP) $14.99
Savage Red QOTFW Vol 1 Reg Cvr TP (Sonja Queen of the Frozen Wastes TP) $14.99
Palestine HC (Special Edition) $29.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Shooting War GN $21.99
Lerner Publishing Group
Graphic Universe Arthur And Lancelot HC $26.60
Nancy Drew Vol 11 Monkey Wrench Blues HC $12.95; SC $7.95
Remembrance Things Past Pt 3 Love Of Swann Vol 1 HC $16.95
Oni Press
Queen & Country Vol 8 Operation Red Panda TP $11.95
Scott Pilgrim Vol 4 Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together GN $11.95
Publishers Group West
Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy SC $17.95
Random House
Black Lizard Big Book Of Pulps TP $25.00
St. Martins Press
American Born Chinese Collectors Ed HC $29.95 Sterling Publishing
Superman the Dailies 1939-1942 HC $20.00
Watson Guptill Publications
Manga Mania Occult & Horror TP $19.95
Wildside Press
Black Thorn White Rose SC $12.95
The Young Ones Extra Stoopid Edition
The Princess Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition
The Addams Family 9-disc complete series box set (SRP $69.98)
. Shrek The Third
Ocean's Trilogy Box Set
Miami Vice: The Complete Series
Ghost Rider (Extended Cut with Premium Item Gift Set)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition

NOVEMBER 21 2007
DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 23 HC
     $50; Collects Spirit stories from July 1 1951 through December 30 1951
MAD Archives Volume 2
     $50; Collects MAD Comics Magazine #7-12
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 3 HC
     Collects New Gods #7-10 Forever People #7-10 Jimmy Olsen #146-148 and Mister Miracle #7-10 $50
52 Vol. 4 TPB
     $20; Collects Weeks #40-52
(DCU:) World War III TPB
     $18; Collects 52 Week 50 World War III Part One: A Call To Arms World War III Part Two: The Valiant World War III Part Three: Hell Is For Heroes and World War III Part Four: United We Stand
Batman: Death In The City TPB
     $15; Collects Detective Comics #827-834
Supergirl: Identity TPB
     $20; Collects Supergirl #10-19 and the Infinite Holiday Special #1
American Virgin Vol. 3: Wet TPB (MR)
     $13; Collects American Virgin #10-14
The Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol. 1; $10
Apothecarius Argentum Vol. 3; $10
X-Men: God Loves Man Kills Premiere Classic HC (Variant Vol. 7)
     $20; Collects Marvel Graphic Novel #5: God Loves Man Kills
New Avengers Vol. 1 HC (Regular and Variant)
     $30; New Avengers #1-10 New Avengers Most Wanted Files And New Avengers Guest Starring The Fantastic Four
Ultimates 2 HC
     Collects Ultimates 2 #1-13 and The Ultimates 2 #1 Variant Sketch Edition; $34.99
Annihilation Book 3 TPB
     Collects Annihilation #1-6 Annihilation: Heralds Of Galactus #1-2 and Annihilation: Nova Corps Files $24.99
X-Men: First Class - Tomorrow's Brightest TPB
     Collects X-Men: First Class #1-8 $19.99
Spider-Girl Presents Wild Thing: Crash Course Digest
     Collects Wild Thing #0-5 $7.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 7 and Variant Edition 34 (2nd Printing)
     $55; Collects Fantastic Four #61-71 and Annual #5
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 10 -- Crimson Empire $25
The Goon: Chinatown; $20
Madman Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Madman Comics #1-11; 328 pages $17.99
Flink GN $13.99
Bandai Entertainment Inc
Tomb Raider Tankobon Vol 5 TPB (Bandai) $9.99
Dr Master Publications Inc
Puri Puri Vol 3 GN $9.95
SNK Vs Capcom Vol 7 Svc Chaos TPB $13.95
Stray Little Devil Vol 5 GN $9.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Sleepwalk and Other Stories TPB New Ptg $17.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 1 Previews Exclusive Ed TPB and Reg Ed TPB $14.99
Darkman Vs Army Of Darkness Previews Exclusive Ed TPB and Reg Ed TPB $14.99
Betsy and Me TPB
     $13; by Jack Cole (Author) R. C. Harvey (Foreword); from 1958 two-and-a-half month's worth of strips completed Coles' last work.
Beyond Palomar Palomar Vol 3 TPB $16.95
Perla La Loca Locas Vol 3 TPB $16.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Tintin And Alph Art SC $10.99
Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets SC $10.99
Harper Collins Publishers
Avalon High Coronation Vol 1 Merlin Prophecy GN (of 3) $7.99
Heavy Metal Magazine
Art Of Alberto Ruiz SC $19.95
Hero Games
Astounding Hero Tales SC $16.99
IDW Publishing
Complete Badger Vol 1 TPB $24.99
Reptilia SC $14.99
Star Trek Klingons Blood Will Tell TPB $24.99
Independent Publisher Group
Avengers On Location SC $24.95
Lerner Publishing Group
Graphic Universe Beowulf HC $26.60
Graphic Universe Hercules Twelve Labors SC $8.95
Graphic Universe Isis & Osiris To Ends Of Earth SC $8.95
Graphic Universe King Arthur Excalibur Unsheathed SC $8.95
Graphic Universe Odysseus HC $26.60
Graphic Universe Sinbad HC $26.60
Graphic Universe Theseus HC $26.60
Graphic Universe Thor & Loki In Land Of Giants SC $8.95
Graphic Universe Trojan Horse Fall Of Troy SC $8.95
Morpheus International
HR Gigers Biomechanics (AA) $69.50
Stones By Kruger New Ptg HC (AA) $29.50
Pocket Books
HBO Entourage HC $30.00
Marvel Comics Guide To New York City SC $13.00
TwoMorrows Publishing
Draw #5 (AA) $5.95
Mego 8 Inch Super Heroes World Greatest Toys HC $49.95
Vanguard Productions
Excess Art Of Michael Golden And How He Does It SC $24.95
Mythos Fantasy Art Realms Of Frank Brunner HC $34.95; Ltd Dlx HC $49.95
Viper Comics
Karma Incorporated Vol 1 Poor Mr Wilson GN $11.95
The Batman The Complete 4th Season
Teen Titans The Complete 4th Season
Hearts of Darkness - A Filmmaker's Apocalypse
Chappelle's Show - The Series Collection
Live Free and Die Hard Unrated Two-Disc Edition
Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete First Season [HD DVD]
New Line Cinema's 40th Anniversary Collection; $274.99

NOVEMBER 29 2007
DC Comics
Elfquest Archives Vol. 4 HC
     $60; Collects #16-20
Batman: Rules of Engagement HC
     $25; Collects Batman Confidential #1-6
Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Action Comics #252-281 Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #40 44 46 51 And 52 Adventure Comics #278 Superboy #80 Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane 314 and Superman #123 139 140 144
Hawkgirl: Hawkman Returns TPB
     $18; Collects Hawkgirl #57-60 and JSA Classified #21-22
Midnighter Vol. 1: Killing Machine TPB
     $15; Collects Midnighter #1-6
Testament Vol. 3: Babel TPB (MR)
     $13; Collects Testament #11-16
Key To The Kingdom Vol. 2; $10
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 16 (MR); $10
Orfina Vol. 1 (MR); $10
Avengers: The Initiative Vol. 1 - Basic Training Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Avengers: The Initiative #1-6
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters HC
     $25; An All-New series featuring characters and concepts created by Jack Kirby who also does the cover. Collects Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters #1-6
Essential X-Men Vol. 8 TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men 229-243 Annual 12 and X-Factor 36-39 $16.99
Spider-Man Fairy Tales TPB
     $11; Collects Spider-Man Fairy Tales #1-4
Civil War Script Book TPB
     $18; This companion volume reprints the complete scripts to Civil War #1-7 - plus sketches deleted scenes and more
The Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol. 1 HC - 2nd printing
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 20; $14
MPD-Psycho Volume 3; $11
Shaman Warrior Volume 5; $13
It Ate Billy On Christmas HC $12.95
Age Of Bronze Vol 3 Betrayal HC $27.99; TPB $17.99
Hero By Night Vol 1 TPB $12.99
Popgun Vol 1 GN $29.99
Tech Jacket Vol 1 Boy From Earth TPB $14.99
Devil’s Due Publishing
GI Joe Data Desk Handbook Coll N-Z $5.50
Adventure House
Walter Baumhofer Pulp Art Masters TPB (resolicited) $20.00
Andrews and McMeel
Dilbert Cubes And Punishment TPB $16.95
Arcana Studio
Dark Horrors Anthology Vol 2 GN $9.95
Bighead Press
Architect GN (AA) $9.95
Black Boar Press
Springheeled Jack Vol 1 Strange Visitor HC $20.00
Boom! Studios
Talent Vol 1 TPB (resolicited) $14.99
Warhammer 40k Vol 1 Damnation Crusade Ltd Ed HC (resolicited) $49.99
Broccoli International USA
Coyote Ragtime Show Vol 2 GN $9.99
Lucky Luke Calamity Jane TPB $11.95
Melusine Halloween TPB $11.95
Drawn and Quarterly
Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Vol 3 TPB (AA) $14.95
Dynamic Forces
DF Death And Return Of Superman Sgn HC $199.99
Dynamite Entertainment
Highlander The Coldest War TPB $19.99
Red Sonja Vol 2 Arrowsmith TPB (Adam Hughes Cover) $14.99; (Previews Exclusive Jim Lee Cover) $14.99
Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 8 Mark Twain New Printing $11.95
Graphic Audio
DC Comics 52 Part 1 Audio CD AR
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 1 and 2 Slipcase Edition; $60
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Vol. 1 -- 2nd Printing
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Vol. 2 -- 2nd Printing
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 3
     $30; Collects strips from January 1935-June 1936
Independent Publisher Group
Graffiti Planet HC $15.95
Psychology of Joss Whedon SC $17.95
Insight Editions
Hanna Barbera Treasury HC $45.00
Krause Publications
Hot Wheels 40 Years HC $30.00
Fantasy Artists Pkt Reference Incredible Characters HC $19.99
Beowulf GN $8.95
Boneyard Vol 1 Color Ed TPB (AA) $10.95
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 9 The Bloody Benders SC $9.95
Osprey Publishing
The Tide Turns GN (D-Day Invasion - Graphic History 9) $9.95
Panini Publishing
Doctor Who Vol 1 Voyager TPB $31.95
Pocket Books
Star Trek Titan Book 4 Sword Of Damocles MMPB $7.99
Pure Imagination Publishing
Complete Jack Kirby Vol 1 TPB $25.00
Random House
Dreamsongs Vol 2 Short Works HC $27.00
HP Lovecraft At The Mountains Of Madness MMPB $6.99
Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 11 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 12 $12.95
Sunday Press Books
Little Sammy Sneeze Comp Color Sundays 1904 - 1905 HC $55.00
Terminal Press
Phoney Baloney Phony Island Phiasco $3.50
Time Inc Home Entertainment
Sopranos The Book Complete Dlx HBO Ed $39.95
Sports Illustrated In The Paint $29.95
Battlestar Galactica Official Companion Season Three TPB $14.95
Supernatural Official Companion Season 1 TPB $14.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Back Issue #25 $6.95
WW Norton
Frankenstein A Cultural History HC $25.95
Will Eisners City People Notebook SC $16.95
Will Eisners Invisible People SC $17.95
Will Eisners New York Big City SC $17.95
Will Eisners The Building SC $16.95
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Complete Series
Futurama - Bender's Big Score
Outland (1981)

DC Comics
The Brave And The Bold Vol. 1: Lords Of Luck HC
     $25; Collects The Brave and The Bold #1-6
The All New Atom: Future/Past TPB
     $15; Collects The All New Atom #7-11
Batman/Superman: Saga Of The Super Sons TPB
     $20; Collects stories from World's Finest #215-216 221-222 224 228 230 231 233 238 242 263 and Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1
Danger Girl: Body Shots TPB
     $13; Collects Danger Girl: Body Shots #1-4
Go Go Heaven!! Vol. 4; $10
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 9 (Variant 86)
     $55; Collects Amazing Spider-Man #78-87
Silver Surfer: Requiem Premiere HC
     Collects Silver Surfer: Requiem #1-4 $19.99
Punisher War Journal Vol. 2: Goin' Out West Premiere HC
     Collects Punisher War Journal #5-9 $19.99
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 8 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #287-295; $24.99
New Excalibur Vol. 3: Battle Of The Britains TPB
     Collects New Excalibur #16-24; $24.99
What If? Classic Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects What If? #21-26; $24.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 1: Misunderstood Monster Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Hulk #1-4; $6.99
Dark Horse
The Escapists HC
     $20; Written by Brian K. Vaughan this high-end hardcover features new introduction by Michael Chabon
Rex Mundi Volume 4: Crown And Sword; $17
Vicious Intent: The Rock ’N’ Roll Art And Exploitation Of Stainboy Reinel HC
Signal To Noise 2nd Ed HC $24.95
XS Hybrid Volume 3; $11
Image Comics
Hero by Night Vol 1 TPB $12.99
Madman And The Atomics Vol 1 TPB $24.99
Avatar Press
Warren Ellis Black Gas TPB $19.99
Chronicle Books
24 Official CTU Operations Manual Slipcased SC $24.95
Conundrum Press
My Life As A Foot GN $15.00
Del Rey
Air Gear Vol 6 GN $10.95
Desperado Publishing
Atomik Mike Vol 1 TPB $15.99
Dynamic Forces
DF Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness HC Signed by Arthur Suydam $69.99
DF Spider-Man Back In Black HC Signed by Artist Ron Garney $99.99
Electric Tiki Design Inc
Tiki T Dog & Whatnot Art of Tracy Mark Lee HC $24.95
Comics Journal #287 $11.95
Popeye Vol 2 Well Blow Me Down HC $29.95
Heavy Metal Magazine
Favole Vol 1 Stone Tears HC $14.95
Favole Vol 2 Set Me Free HC $14.95
Richard Mathesons I Am Legend TP (AA) $19.99
Oni Press
Wet Moon Vol 3 GN $14.95
Wonton Soup GN (resolicited) $11.95
Random House
Hanna Barbera Treasury HC $45.00
Star Wars Jedi Vs Sith Essential Guide To The Force TPB $25.95
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Fury MMPB $7.99
Silent Devil Productions
Astronaut Dad Vol 1 GN $5.95
Sterling Publishing
Asterix And The Vikings Book Of The Film SC $14.95
Top Shelf Productions
Owly TP Vol 4 Dont Be Afraid $10.00
TwoMorrows Publishing
Silver Age Sci-Fi Companion SC $19.95
Udon Entertainment Corp
Magical Jxr TPB Vol 01 $11.95
Street Fighter III Manga TPB Vol 01 Ryu Final $12.95
Wandering Star
Robert E Howard & Two Gun Bob Drawings By Jim & Ruth Keegan $10.00
Wizard Entertainment
Wizard Magazine 2008 Movie Spectacular (195b) $5.99
Highlander: The Animated Series The Complete Series
24: Season Six
Rocky - The Complete Saga Collection
Saturday Night Live - The Complete Second Season
Battlestar Galactica - Razor (Unrated Extended Edition)
The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season
Walt Disney Treasures - Wave 7
     Collects Oswald the Lucky Rabbit The Chronological Donald: Volume 3 and Disneyland: Stories Secrets and Magic
Tom and Jerry Tales: Volume 3
Lost The Complete 3rd Season: The Unexplored Experience
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Ford at Fox Collection: The Essential John Ford John Ford's American Comedies and John Ford's Silent Epics

DECEMBER 12 2007
DC Comics
Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack HC
     $25; Collects Amazons Attack #1-6
Showcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. 3 TPB
     $17; Collects Justice League of America #37-60
Countdown Special: The Atom 80-Page Giant #1
     Collects stories from Super-Team Family #11-12; $4.99
Welcome To Tranquility Vol. 1 TPB
     $20; Collects Welcome To Tranquility #1-6
From Eroica With Love Vol. 11; $10
Emma Vol. 6; $10
Mystic Arcana HC
     Collects Mystic Arcana: Magik Black Knight Scarlet Witch Sister Grimm; and The Official Tarot Of The Marvel Universe; $24.99
Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Doctor Strange #1-29 and Annual #1 and Tomb Of Dracula #44-45; $16.99
New X-Men: Childhood's End Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #37-43; $17.99
Nova Vol. 1: Annihilation - Conquest TPB
     Collects Nova #1-7; $17.99
Criminal Vol. 2: Lawless TPB (ICON)
     Collects Criminal #6-10; $14.99
Irredeemable Ant-Man Vol. 2: Small-Minded Digest
     Collects Irredeemable Ant-Man #7-12; $9.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 7: The Silver Surfer Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #25-28; $6.99
Civil War Chronicles #6
     Collects Civil War #4 and Fantastic Four #541-542; $4.99
Dark Horse
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 5 TPB $10.95
Appleseed ID TP $14.95
Bride Of Frankenstein Vol 1 Pandoras Bride Novel $6.99
Lankhmar Book 4 Swords Against Wizardry $12.95
Oh My Goddess First End Novel $14.95
Accent UK
Wolfmen GN $5.00
Zombies GN $10.00
Aurora Publishing Inc
I Shall Never Return Vol 1 GN $12.95
Avatar Press
Chronicles Of Wormwood Last Enemy GN $7.99
Checker Book Publishing Group
Star Trek Key Collection Set $114.75
Chronicle Books
Complete Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook $24.95
Blake & Mortimer The Mystery O/T Great Pyramid Vol 1 GN $13.95
Papyrus The Revenge Of The Ramses GN $11.95
Yakari And The Stranger GN $11.95
Classic Comics Press
Dondi Vol 1 TPB $21.95 Leonard Starrs Mary Perkins On Stage Vol 1 TPB $19.95
Leonard Starrs Mary Perkins On Stage Vol 2 TPB $21.95
Leonard Starrs Mary Perkins On Stage Vol 3 TPB $21.95
Classics Illustrated/Jrs
Classics Illustrated Three Musketeers $9.99
Classics Illustrated Last Of The Mohicans $9.99
Classics Illustrated Moby Dick $9.99
Classics Illustrated Aeneid $9.99
Desperado Publishing
Art Of P Craig Russell HC $49.99; HC Sgn Ed $79.99
Common Foe TPB (resolicited) $16.99
Starchild Mythopolis II Vol 1 GN $6.99
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 Dragons Of Spring Dawning TPB $18.99
Drawn And Quarterly
Acme Novelty Datebook Vol 2 HC $39.95
Laura Warholic Or The Sexual Intellectual HC $29.95
Heavy Metal Magazine
Regulator Collection SC $19.95
Highland Books
Riddlers Fayre Vol 2 Game Of Revenge HC $11.95
IDW Publishing
Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty TPB Vol 02 $19.99
Spike Shadow Puppets TPB $17.99
Transformers Megatron Origin TPB $17.99
Image Comics
NYC Mech TPB Vol 2 Beta Love $14.99
Independent Publisher Group
Bite Me 10th Buffyverse Guide 3rd Ed SC $17.95
Jack Lake Productions
Classics Illustrated Aeneid $9.99
Classics Illustrated Last Of The Mohicans $9.99
Classics Illustrated Moby Dick $9.99
Classics Illustrated Three Musketeers $9.99
Mad Norwegian Press
About Time TPB Vol 06 Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who TPB $24.95
Ahistory Unauthorized History Dr Who Universe TPB 2nd Ed $29.95
Mahrwood Press
Junior Pirates Beginnings TPB $6.95
McFarland & Company
Anime Intersections SC AR
Changing Vampire Of Film & Television SC AR
Greatest Show In Galaxy Guide To Doctor Who AR
Influence Of Star Trek On TV Film & Culture SC AR
Sid & Marty Kroft 1969- 1993 SC AR
Television Fright Films Of The 1970S HC AR
Tales O/T TMNT Vol 1 Original Series Treasury Ed TPB $18.00
Werewolves Dead Moon Rising SC $14.95
Art Of Bryan Talbot SC $19.95
Castaways SC $11.95
Oni Press
Queen & Country Vol 8 Operation Red Panda HC $25.00
Pocket Books
Star Trek Corps of Engineers Creative Couplings TPB $16.00
Warcraft War of the Ancients Archive $16.95
Putnam Publishing Group
Anita Blake Burnt Offerings HC $24.95
Truth About Chuck Norris MMPB $12.00
Random House
Best Of Robert E Howard TPB Vol 2 Grim Lands $16.95
Black Hole Collected HC New Ptg $27.50
Gentlemen Of The Road HC $21.95
Seven Seas Entertainment
Speed Racer GN Vol 01 $9.99
24 Magazine Yearbook #11 $9.99
24 Official Companion Season 5 SC $16.95
Silent Devil Productions
Astronaut Dad Vol 1 GN $5.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Masters Volume 14 Frank Cho $14.95
Virgin Comics
Nicolas Cages Voodoo Child TPB Ltd Ed Rough Cut $9.99
Wizard Entertainment
Toyfare Iron Man Movie Cover #126 $4.99
Zenescope Entertainment
Final Destination Spring Break TPB $19.99
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Collection 5: Black Lion
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter Years 1-5 Limited Edition Gift Set
Lost: The Complete Third Season - The Unexplored Experience
The Bourne Ultimatum

DECEMBER 19 2007
DC Comics
Tales Of The Multiverse: Batman - Vampire TPB
     $20; Collects Batman & Dracula: Red Rain Batman: Crimson Mist and Batman: Bloodstorm
Countdown Special: The Atom 80-Page Giant #2
     Collects stories from Super-Team Family #13-14; $4.99
The Spectre: Tales Of The Unexpected TPB
     $15; Collects Tales Of The Unexpected #1-8
The Legion Of Super-Heroes: An Eye For An Eye TPB
     $18; Collects The Legion Of Super-Heroes #1-6 (1984)
Hellblazer: Bloodlines TPB
     $20; Collects Hellblazer #49 (featuring a very special Constantine Christmas) #52-55 and #59-61
Moon Child Vol. 9; $10
The Young Magician Vol. 10; $10
Marvel Masterworks: Rawhide Kid Vol. 2 HC (Variant 87)
     Collects Rawhide Kid #26-35; $55
X-Factor: Heart Of Ice Premiere HC
     Collects X-Factor #18-24; $19.99
Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Premiere HC
     $20; Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #33-39
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects X-Men #53-#54 Uncanny X-Men #334-#335 Fantastic Four #414-#415 Avengers #400-#401 Onslaught: X-Men Cable #34 and Incredible Hulk #444; $29.99
X-Men: Blinded By The Light TPB aka X-Men: Marauders TPB
     Collects X-Men #200-204; $14.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 9: Silver Surfer TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #42-46; $13.99
Avengers Classic #7
     Collects Avengers #7 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with an all-new adventure for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from writer Dwayne McDuffie and artist Michael Avon Oeming; $2.99
Marvel Zombies HC 6th Ptg Iron Man, $19.99
Dark Horse
Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol 10 TPB $6.95
Aliens Omnibus Vol 2 TPB $24.95
Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol 4 TPB $16.95
Oh My Goddess Vol 7 Rtl TPB $10.95
Plasticland HC $29.95
Walking Dead Vol 3 HC, $29.99
AC Comics
Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol 1 (AA) $22.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Haunted Mansion Vol 1 Welcome Foolish Mortal HC, $49.95
DH Publishing
Death Note Lethally Fun Facts TPB $11.95
Nodame Cantabile Essential Guide TPB $11.95
Drawn & Quarterly
365 Days A Diary By Julie Doucet HC $29.95
Dr Master Publications
Category Freak TPB Vol 01-03 Omnibus $23.95
Chinese Hero Vol 4 Tales O/T Blood Sword SC $19.95
High School Girls TPB Vol 01 (New Printing) $9.95
High School Girls TPB Vol 03 (New Printing) $9.95
Dynamite Entertainment
Red Sonja Vol 3 Rise Of Gath HC $24.99; TPB $19.99
Evil Twin Comics
Action Philosophers Vol 3 Giant Sized Thing TPB $8.95
Pin-Up Art of Bill Wenzel $18.95
Harper Collins Publishers
Deadly Beloved Ms Tree MMPB Novel $6.99
IDW Publishing
Complete Clive Barkers Great And Secret Show HC $55.00; TPB $35.00
Mundens Bar Vol 1 TPB $19.99
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Orions $3.99
Krause Publications
Comics Buyers Guide Feb 2008 #1638 $5.99
Vanishing Point Perspective for Comics SC $19.99
Little Eva Ink
Creator Chronicles George Perez Vol 1 S/N DVD $24.95
Llewellyn Publications
Goth Craft Magickal Side Of Dark Culture SC $16.95
Tales From The Crypt Vol 2 Can You Fear Me Now TPB $7.95; Coll Ed HC $12.95
Penny Farthing Press
Loch Threats From Above Softcover with DVD $13.95
Rude Dude Productions
Draw Nexus Tips and Techniques S/N Ed $39.95
Titan Publishing
Amazona Art of Chris Achilleos TPB (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 01 Voyage to Venus Part 1 (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 03 Red Moon Mystery (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 04 Marooned on Mercury (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 05 Operation Saturn Part 1 HC (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 06 Operation Saturn Part 2 HC (AA) $19.95
Classic Dan Dare HC Vol 07 Prisoners of Space (AA) $24.95
Modesty Blaise Vol 1 Gabriel Set Up TPB New Printing $19.95
Shaun the Sheep Comic #10 $4.99
Star Trek Magazine Newsstand Ed #9 $6.99
Star Trek Magazine Px Ed #9 $6.99
Stargate Magazine #20 $6.99
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 10 TPB $16.95
Transformers Breakdown Px HC (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
Transformers GN Dinobot Hunt (AA) $19.95
Transformers GN Prey (AA) $19.95
Transformers Px HC Dark Star (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
Transformers Px HC Last Stand (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
Transformers Px HC Maximum Force (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
Transformers Px HC Treason (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
Transformers Px HC Trial By Fire (Previews Exclusive)(AA) $24.95
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego 74; $6.95
Write Now #17, $6.95
+Modern Masters Volume 13: Mark Schultz; $14.95
Viper Comics
Sleepy Truth Vol 1 GN $9.95
Zenescope Entertainment
Se7En HC $34.99
Braveheart: Special Collector's Edition
The Simpsons Movie
The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour - Lone Ranger/Zorro: Volume 1
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two - The War Years
Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Edition (2-Disc)
Blade Runner: Collector's Edition (4-Disc)
Blade Runner: Ultimate Collector's Edition (5-Disc)

DECEMBER 27 2007
DC Comics
Tales Of The Batman: Tim Sale HC
     $30; Collects Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #32-34 Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #7-9 and stories from Solo #1 Showcase '94 #3-4 and Batman: Black And White Vol. 2
Showcase Presents: The Brave and The Bold: The Batman Team-Ups Vol. 2 TPB
     $17; Collects The Brave and the Bold #88-109
The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive: Full Throttle TPB
     $13; Collects The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #7-13 and a story from The Dc Infinite Holiday Special #1
Empty Empire The Vol. 6; $10
Tower Of The Future Vol. 9; $10
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier HC Standard Edition (2nd Print)
Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC (Regular and Variant)
     $50; Collects Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #27-28 Daredevil #219 And #226-233 Daredevil: Man Without Fear #1-5 and Daredevil: Love And War
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Human Torch Vol. 2 HC (Variant 88)
     Collects Human Torch #5b-8 (1941-42); $55
Essential Power Man And Iron Fist Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Power Man and Iron Fist #50-72 and #74-75; $16.99
Uncanny X-Men: Extremists TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #487-491; $13.99
Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock TPB
     Collects Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock #1-4; $12.99
Fantastic Five: The Final Doom TPB
     Collects Fantasic Five #1-5; $13.99
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 HC (Variant 22) (Second Printing)
     Collects The Amazing Spider-Man #41-50 & Annual #3; $55
Dark Horse
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 11 -- Union HC; $19.95
Dominion TPB (4th Edition) (MR; $14.95)
Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D (TPB w/slipcase); $30
Hawaiian Dick Vol. 1: Byrd Of Paradise TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Hawaiian Dick Vol. 1 #1-3; containing more than 50 pages of exclusive bonus material including creator notes concept artwork a pin-up gallery a text piece by co-creator Moore web strips created specifically for and a drink guide created especially for the trade; $14.99
Spawn New Flesh TPB $14.95
Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Midnight Sun TPB $14.95
Atomic Pop Art Ent
10th Muse God Of War Vol 1 TPB $17.95
Boom! Studios
Giant Monster TPB $14.99
Chronicle Books
Style Deficit Disorder HC $29.95
Consortium Book Sales
Octonauts & Lonely Monster HC $15.95
Octonauts & Sea Of Shade HC $15.95
Continuum International Publishing Group
This Book Contains Graphic Language Comics As Literature SC $19.95
Devils Due Publishing
Chucky Vol 1 TP, $18.99
Dragonlance The Legend Of Huma Vol 1 TP (resolicited), $18.99
GI Joe Americas Elite Vol 4 Truth & Consequences TP, $18.99
Forgotten Realms Vol 5 Streams Silver HC, $29.99
Drawn and Quarterly
Milk Teeth GN, $12.95
Acme Novelty Library #18 HC
Dr Master Publications
Chinese Hero Vol 4 Tales O/T Blood Sword Coll Ed HC $26.95
Palbot Come To America Vol 1 $10.95
Flesk Publications
Steve Rude Artist In Motion HC $39.95; td Sgn HC $59.95
Hachette Book Group USA
Mary Poppins Anything Can Happen If You Let It HC $50.00
Houghton Mifflin Company
Blue Pills GN $18.95
Hyperion Books
Satchel Paige Striking Out Jim Crow HC $16.99 ; SC $9.99
Superman on Film Television Radio and Broadway HC $49.95
Buckaroo Banzai Vol 1 Return Of The Screw TPB $16.95
Museum Vaults Excerpts From Journal Of An Expert SC $14.95
Tales From The Crypt Vol 2 Can You Fear Me Now Coll Ed HC $12.95; TPB $7.95
Oni Press
Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol 1 TPB $19.95
Wasteland TPB Book 2 Shades of God, $13.95
Hardy Boys Vol 11 Abracadeath GN $7.95; HC $12.95
Phaidon Press
Gothic And Lolita SC $29.95
Pure Imagination Publishing
Al Williamson Reader Vol 1 TPB $25.00
Random House
Star Wars Allegiance MMPB $7.99
Simon & Schuster
Spider-Man Drowned In Thunder MMPB $7.99
Star Trek Excelsior Forged In Fire MMPB $7.99
St. Martins Press
How to Build a Robot Army SC $13.95
Titan Books UK
Sweeney Tood Demon Barber of Fleet St HC $30.00
Villard Books
Out of Picture SC Vol 01 Villard Ed $19.95
Virgin Comics
Devi TPB Vol 03 $14.99
Viz Media
Yurara Vol 3 TPB $8.99
Weatherly Studio
Animal Essence Art Of Joe Weatherly HC $40.00
Kong: The Animated Series Volume 3
Pan's Labyrinth for both Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD
Galactica 1980: The Complete Series