Past Book Release - 2006

DC Comics
Superman: Sacrifice TPB
     Collects Superman #218-220, Adventures Of Superman #642-643, Action Comics #829 and Wonder Woman #219-220
Hellblazer: Staring at The Wall TPB
     Collects Hellblazer #187-193
Cipher Vol. 2
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe #1-15
Ultimate Annuals Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1, Ultimate X-Men Annual #1, Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 and The Ultimates Annual #1
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 5 HC
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #46-57
New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout TPB
     Collects New Avengers #1-6
Marvel 1602: New World TPB
     Collects Marvel 1602: New World #1-5
Dark Horse
Chronicles of Conan Volume 9: Riders of the River-Dragons and Other Stories TPB
New Recruits TPB
Universal Monsters Cavalcade Of Horror TPB
Billy The Kids Old Timey Oddities TPB
The Maze Agency Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects collects the first adventures of the crime-solving couple from 1988, including the rare series "pilot" with art by Alan Davis

DC Comics
Batman: Hush Returns TPB
     Collects Batman: Gotham Knights #50-55 and 66
Seven Soldiers Of Victory Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Seven Soldiers of Victory #0, Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #1-2, Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1-2, Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1-2 and Seven Soldiers: Klarion The Witch Boy #1
Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams Volumes 3
     Features material from Batman #232, #234, #237, #243-245 and #251
DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore TPB
     Collects Superman Annual #11, Detective Comics #549-550, Green Lantern #188, Vigilante #17-18, The Omega Men #26-27, DC Comics Presents #85, Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Annual #2-3, Superman #423, Action Comics #583, Secret Origins #10, Batman Annual #11 and Batman: The Killing Joke
Essential Avengers Volume 5
     Collects Avengers #98-126, Daredevil #99, Defenders #8-11 & Giant-Size Avengers #1
Marvel Knights 4 Vol. 4: Impossible Things Happen Every Day TPB
     Collects Marvel Knights 4 #19-24
Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #265, #279-281, and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #128-129
The Flash: The Complete Series - January 10

DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Green Arrow Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Stories From Adventure Comics #250-269, World's Finest Comics #95-134, 136, 138 And 140, Justice League of America #4 and The Brave & The Bold #50, 71 and 85
Flash: Rogue War TPB
     Collects The Flash 1/2, #212, 218, and 220-225
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders TPB
     Collects Teen Titans #24-26 and Outsiders #24, 25 and 28
Land Of The Blindfolded Vol. 6
Marvel Masterworks (Volume 56) - Incredible Hulk Vol. 3
     Collects stories from: Tales to Astonish #80-101
Spider-Girl Vol. 5: Endgame Digest
     Collects Spider-Girl #22-27
Daredevil vs. Punisher TPB
     Collects Daredevil Vs. Punisher #1-6
Weapon X: Days Of Future Now TPB
     Collects Weapon X: Days Of Future Now #1-5
X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow & Flame TPB
     Collects X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow & Flame #1-5
Avengers: Above and Beyond TPB
     Collects Avengers #36-40, 56, Avengers: Ultron Imperative, and Avengers Annual 2001)
Dark Horse
Berserk Vol 10 TPB
Penny Arcade Vol 1 Attack Of The Bacon Robots TPB
Samurai Executioner Vol 8 TPB
Desene Sketches & Scribbles HC
Kabuki Vol 5 Metamorphosis TPB
Adventures of Superman Season 2
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2

DC Comics
The Golden Age Flash Archives Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Stories From Flash Comics #18-24 and All-Flash #1 and 2
Year One: Batman/Ra's Al Ghul TPB
     Collects Year One: Batman/Ra's Al Ghul #1-2
JLA: Crisis of Conscience
     Collects a new volume collecting the amazing sequel to IDENTITY CRISIS from JLA #115-119
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol. 2
Marvel Masterworks (Volume 57) - Atlas Era: Tales to Astonish Vol. 1
     Collects Tales to Astonish #1-10 (Atlas Comics - 1959-60)
Powers Volume 1 HC
X-Men/Black Panther TPB
     Collects X-Men #175-176, Black Panther #8-9
Captain Universe: Universal Heroes TPB
     Collects Amazing Fantasy #13-14, Captain Universe/Hulk, Captain Universe/Daredevil, Captain Universe/X-23
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Tales Vol. 6 TPB
Serenity TPB
Afterburn Comics (Blue Line Pro)
Parts Unknown Book One (Eclipse Comics/Knight Press)
      B&W; created by Beau Smith and Brad Gorby and out of print for a decade

DC Comics
Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Archives Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Action Comics #248-254 And Superman #127-131 (1959)
Green Arrow: Moving Targets TPB
     Collects Green Arrow #40-50
City of Tomorrow TPB
     Collects City of Tomorrow #1-6
Lucifer Vol 9 Crux TPB
Will Eisner Companion SC
Marvel Visionaries: Roy Thomas HC
     Collects Modelling With Millie #44, Tales Of Suspense #73; Avengers #35, #57-58 and #100; Sub-Mariner #8 & #14; Not Brand Ecch #12; Captain Marvel #19; X-Men #64; Chamber Of Darkness #4; Amazing Adventures #8; Incredible Hulk #147; Fantastic Four #119 and #176; Dracula Lives #1; Giant-Size Invaders #1; and Doctor Strange #9
Avengers: Galactic Storm Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Captain America #398-399, Avengers West Coast #80-81, Quasar #32-33, Wonder Man #7-8, Avengers #345-346, Iron Man #278 And Thor #445
House of M
     Collects House of M #1-8 and The Pulse Special Edition
House of M: Incredible Hulk
     Collects Incredible Hulk #83-87
Marvel Romance TPB
     Collects Love Romance #89 and #101-104; My Love #2, #14, #16 and #18-20; Teen-Age Romance #77 and #84; Our Love Story #5; and Patsy Walker #119
Dark Horse
Star Wars Empire Vol 5 TPB
Concrete Vol 3 Fragile Creature TPB
Image/Top Cow
Liberty Meadows Vol 4 Cold Cold Heart HC
Noble Causes Vol 5 Betrayals TPB

DC Comics
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death And Return Of Donna Troy TPB
     Collects Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, #1-3 and DC Special: The Return Of Donna Troy #1-4
Showcase Presents: House Of Mystery Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects House of Mystery #174-196
Wonder Woman: The Land of The Dead TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #214-217 and The Flash #219
From Eroica With Love Vol 6 Marvel
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2
     Collects Spectacular Spider-Man #32-53 and Annuals #1-2, and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #13
Powers Vol. 9 Psychotic TPB
House of M: Fantastic Four/Iron Man
     Collects House of M: Fantastic Four #1-3 and House of M: Iron Man #1-3
House of M: Uncanny X-Men
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #462-465 selections from Secrets of the House of M
Marvel Monsters HC
     Collects Tales To Astonish #1, Journey Into Mystery #62, Strange Tales #89 And Tales To Astonish #10 - And The Marvel Monsters: From The Files Of Ulysses Bloodstone (And The Monster Hunters)
Punisher Max Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Punisher #13-24
Dark Horse
Star Wars: The Comics Companion TPB
Little Lulu Vol 8: Late for School TPB
Shaun Of The Dead HC
Image/Top Cow
Battle Hymn Farewell To First Golden Age TPB
Dawn Vol 2 The Return Of The Goddess TPB
Giant Killer TPB
Witchblade Vol 10 Witch Hunt TPB
The Batman: The Complete First Season
     Two-disc collection
Teen Titans: The Complete First Season
     Collects all 13, 22-minute episodes (286 minutes)
Dune Extended Version DVD
Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

DC Comics
Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Doom Patrol #98-105 and Challengers Of The Unknown #48 (1966)
Batman: War Crimes TPB
     Collects Batman #643-644, Detective Comics, #809-810, and Material From Batman Allies Secret Files 2005 and Batman Villains Secret Files 2005
Kid Eternity TPB
     Collects The Miniseries Kid Eternity #1-3
Devil Does Exist Vol. 5
ElfQuest: The Grand Quest Vol. 13 TPB
Marvel Masterworks (Volume 58) - Sgt. Fury Vol. 1
     Collects Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1-13
Essential Moon Knight Vol. 1
     Collects Werewolf by Night #32-33; Marvel Spotlight #28-29; Spectacular Spider-Man #22-23; Marvel Two-in-One #52; Hulk! Magazine #11-15, #17-18 and #20; Marvel Preview #21; and Moon Knight #1-10
House of M: Mutopia X
     Collects Mutopia X #1-5
House of M: New X-Men
     Collects Next X-Men #16-19 and selections from Secrets of the House of M
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 13: Magnetic North TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #61-65
Dark Horse
Blade of the Immortal Volume 15: Trickster TPB
Spawn: Manga Vol. 2
Doctor Who Season 1 (Canada Only)
Farscape Starburst Edition - Volume 8
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 1, Volume 2

DC Comics
Superman Chronicles Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Action Comics #1-13, New York World's Fair Comics #1 and Superman #1
Superman: The Journey TPB
     Collects Superman #117, 121-125 with pages from Action Comics #83
JLA: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
     Collects Justice League of America #19, #77, #122, #166-168, Justice League #1, JLA Secret Files #1, JLA #61, and The 3-Page Origin from JLA #200
Maxx Book Six TPB
     Collects Friends of The Maxx #1-3 and A Story From The Maxx 3-D (Presented For The First Time In 2-D)
Swamp Thing Vol. 3: Healing The Breach TPB
     Collects Swamp Thing #15-20
Araña Vol. 3: Night Of The Hunter Digest
     Collects Araña #7-12
House Of M: World Of M Featuring Wolverine
     Collects Wolverine #33-35, Black Panther #7, Captain America #10, and The Pulse #10
House of M: Spider-Man
     Collects House of M: Spider-Man #1-5
New Warriors: Reality Check TPB
     New Warriors #1-6
Nightcrawler The Winding Way TPB
     Collects Nightcrawler #7-12
Marvel Milestones: Dragon Lord, Speedball & The Man In The Sky
     Collects Marvel Spotlight #5 (March 1980), Speedball #1 (September 1988), Amazing Adult Fantasy #14 (July 1962)
Dark Horse
The Art of Usagi Yojimbo TPB
IDW Publishing
Transformers Generation 1 Vol 1 TPB
     Originally published in 2002, this previous version of the Transformers mythos ignited the imagination of Transformers fans new and old alike. No Transformers library should be without this essential collection.
CSI New York Bloody Murder TPB
Night Mary TPB
Kolchak The Night Stalker: Terror Within TPB
     Collects for the first time anywhere, three sold-out graphic novels of our favorite paranormal investigator: "Pain Most Human," "Pain without Tears" and the Stoker Award-nominated "Evil in the Details."
The Phantom: The Complete Graham Nolan Sundays Limited Edition HC
     This signed volume is limited to just 1000 copies! Plus, there will be artist commentary on each story
Cyclone Bill & The Tall Tales TPB
Devil's Due Publishing
G.I. Joe America's Elite: America's Newest War Volume 1
Speakeasy Comics
Super Crazy TNT Blast TPB
The Hill TPB
Of Bitter Souls: Saints & Sinners Volume 1
Checker BPG
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1950 TPB
     Collects strips from January 29 to October 7 1950
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
SpongeBob SquarePants Lost In Time
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 1, Vol 1
What's New Scooby-Doo? Vol 8: Zoinks, Camera, Action!

DC Comics
All Star Archives Vol. 0 HC
     Collects All Star Comics #1 and #2
JSA: Black Vengeance TPB
     Collects JSA #68-75 plus pages from #66-67
Chikyu Misaki Vol 3
Monster Collection Vol 5
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol 1
Superman Adventures Vol 3 Last Son Of Krypton
Superman Adventures Vol 4 The Man Of Steel
Swan Vol 6
Tenjho Tenge Vol 6
V For Vendetta TPB
War Stories Vol 2 TPB
Exiles Vol. 12: World Tour Book 1 TPB
     Collects Exiles #69-74
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Captain America #1-7
Essential Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects the first third of Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition
Essential Spider-Man Vol. 1 TPB (New Printing)
Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe TPB
     Collects Squadron Supreme: Death Of Universe, Thor #280, Avengers #5-6, Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual and Squadron Supreme: New World Order
Dark Horse
The Dare Detectives Volume 2: The Royal Treatment TPB
Harlequin Pink: Idol Dreams TPB
Harlequin Violet: Holding Onto Alex TPB
IDW Publishing
George A. Romero's Land of the Dead TPB
     Presenting a special adaptation of George A. Romero’s long-awaited zombie movie, set years in the future after the end of his Dead trilogy. This special collection features seven new pages of story and art, comprising a deleted scene from the movie, as well as a cover gallery, sample art and more.
ShadowPlay TPB
     This special flip-book collection presents the fantastic art of Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith under one cover. Also contained within: a gallery of covers from Wood and Templesmith.
Beast Machines: Transformers The Complete Series
Real Ghostbusters, The Vol 1: Creatures Of The Night; Vol 2: Spooky Spirits; Vol 3: Slimefighters

DC Comics
Birds Of Prey: Between Dark and Dawn TPB
     Collects Birds Of Prey #69-75
Monster Collection Vol 5
Maxx Book Six TPB
Cable/Deadpool Vol. 4: Bosom Buddies TPB
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #19-24
Incredible Hulk: Platet Hulk Prelude TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #88-91; Hulk Handbook 2004
Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1 Premiere HC (Regular and Bookstore Variant)
     Collects Ultimate Iron Man #1-5
Dark Horse
Crying Freeman Volume 1 TPB
Reiko the Zombie Shop Vol. 2 TPB
Spawn Collection, Vol. 1 HC Ltd. Ed.
     Collects Spawn #1-12
Rocketo Vol 1 Journey To The Hidden Sea TPB
Socom Seal Team Seven GN
Cyclone Bill And The Tall Tales TPB
Andromeda Vol 5.4
Baby Looney Tunes Volume 1: Playday Pals; Volume 2: Let's Play Pretend
Electric Company: The Best of The Best of The Electric Company
Flintstones Season 5
Star Trek: The Borg Fan Collective
Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour The Complete Series
Underdog: The Best of Go-Go Gophers
Underdog: The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo

DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Superman Family Volume 1
     Collects Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #1-22 and the Lois Lane solo story from Showcase #9
Superman: The Daily Planet TPB
     Collects Action Comics #211, 429, 436, and 461, Superman (First Series) #280, Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #17, 24, 45, and 56, Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #42, 63, 75, and 124
Moon Child Vol. 2
Essential Godzilla Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Godzilla #1-24
Marvel Masterworks (Volume 59) - Ant Man/Giant Man Vol. 1
     Collects Tales to Astonish #27, #35-52
Drax the Destroyer TPB
     Collects Drax The Destroyer #1-4
Spider-Girl Presents Juggernaut Jr Vol. 1: Secrets And Lies Digest
     Collects J2 #1-6
Thor: Blood Oath TPB
     Collects Thor: Blood Oath #1-6
Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #1/2, #1-12
Dark Horse
Chronicles of Conan Volume 10: When Giants Walk the Earth and Other Stories TPB
     Collects Conan the Barbarian #60-63, #65, #69-71
Frank Miller’s Sin City Library Set 2 HC
     This slipcase holds Sin City volumes five through seven: Family Values, Miller's first direct-to-trade work; Booze, Broads, and Bullets, an expansive compilation of short stories from the Town without Pity; and Hell and Back, the longest Sin City story to date! This Library set also includes a special edition of The Art of Sin City, a lush complement to these deluxe volumes.
Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. Archives Volume 3
     Collects Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. #15-21
Concrete Volume 4: Killer Smile TPB
Ju-On: Video Side TPB
ONI Press
Banana Sunday TPB
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series: Dogs Undercover
Babylon 5 The Legend Of The Rangers
Speed Racer Collector's Edition Vol 4
Grosse Pointe The Complete Series

DC Comics
Seven Soldiers Of Victory Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Klarion #2-3, Shining Knight #3-4, Guardian #3-4, and Zatanna #3
Top 10: The 49ers SC
     Softcover Edition Of The Original Graphic Novel
Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther TPB
     Collects Black Panther #1-6
Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Captain America Comics #1, Marvel Mystery Comics #23, Yellow Claw #4, Strange Tales #89 And #114, Two-Gun Kid #60, Love Romances #103, X-Men #9, Tales Of Suspense #59, Sgt Fury #13, Fantastic Four #57-60, Not Brand Ecch #1, Thor #154-157, And Devil Dinosaur #1
X-Men: Mutant Genesis
     Collects X-Men: Mutant Genesis #1-7
Runaways Vol. 5: Escape To New York Digest
     Collects Runaways #7-12
Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos TPB
     Collects Silver Surfer #34-38, Thanos Quest #1-2 and the Thanos backup from Logan’s Run #6
Thor Blood Oath HC
Devil's Due Publishing
ONI Press
Past Lies GN (MR)
Fantagraphics Books
Ghost of Hoppers: A Love & Rockets Book HC (MR)
The Phantom: The Legacy TPB
Batman Beyond Season 1
Justice League Season 1
Ed, Edd n' Eddy Volume 2: Fools' Par-Ed-Ise
South Park The Complete 7th Season
Tales from the Crypt The Complete 3rd Season
Young Riders Season 1

DC Comics
Dynamic Forces - DF Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths HC Team Sgn
     $500; Signed by the entire Creative Team of this earth shattering series - Marv Wolfman George Perez With Dick Giordano Jerry Ordway And Mike De Carlo!
Nightwing: Mobbed Up TPB
     Collects Nightwing #107-111
The Spirit Archives Volumes 18
     Collects Spirit strips from January 2 to June 26, 1949
Hellblazer: Lady Constantine TPB
     Collecting The Four-Issue Mini-Series, Hellblazer: Lady Constantine
Daredevil Vol. 13: The Murdock Papers TPB
     Collects Daredevil #76-81
Alias Omnibus HC
     Collects Alias #1-28 and What If Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers?
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 2
     Collects Marvel Mystery Comics #5-8 (1940)
Essential Nova Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Nova #1-25, Amazing Spider-Man #171 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #3
Infinity War TPB
     Collects Infinity War #1-6, Marvel Comics Presents #108-111 and Warlock And The Infinity Watch #7-10
X-Men: Colossus Bloodline TPB
     Collects X-Men: Colossus Bloodline #1-5
New Avengers Vol. 3: Secrets and Lies Premiere HC
     Collects Collects New Avengers #11-15 and the lead story from Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1
X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga TPB (New Printing)
Dark Horse
Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Archives Volume 2
     Collects Tarzan #215-224
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 8: The Last Siege, The Final Truth TPB
     Collects Star Wars: Republic #72-75
Lady Snowblood Volume 3: Retribution Part 1 TPB
Distant Soil Vol 4 Coda TPB, $17.99 Mage Vol 1 The Hero Discovered TPB, IDW for March - no exact dates given
Transformers: Generation 1 Volume 2 TPB
George Romero's Land of The Dead TPB
Shadowplay TPB
Devil's Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms The Dark Elves Trilogy Volume 2: Exile
ONI Press
Queen & Country Vol 4 Operation Blackwall TPB (MR)
Speakeasy Comics
Adventures Of Bio Boy: The Best Of Season One
Smoke & Mirror: Time And Again Volume 1
Astroboy Ultra Edition - Set 1
Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1: Water, Volume 2
Danger Mouse Seasons 5 & 6
Dark Shadows DVD Collection 23
Doctor Who The Beginning Collection
Godzilla: The Series Vol 02: Monster Mayhem; Vol 03: Mutant Madness
Invisible Man Season 1
Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns (John Carpenter); Dreams In The Witch House (Stuart Gordon); Dreams In The Witch House / Cigarette Burns
Quantum Leap The Complete 4th Season
Robot Chicken Volume 1
Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Volume 1
Tales of the Unexpected Set #4

DC Comics
Robin: To Kill A Bird TPB
     Collects Robin #134-139
Challengers Of The Unknown: Stolen Moments, Borrowed Time TPB
     Collecting The Acclaimed 6-Issue Miniseries by Howard Chaykin
Ex Machina: Volume 3 Fact V. Fiction TPB
     Collects Issues #11-16
Tom Strong Book Five TPB
     Collects Tom Strong #26-30
Hellblazer: Papa Midnite TPB      Collects Collecting The 5-Issue Mini-Series
Cipher Vol. 3
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 7
Essential X-Men Vol. 7 TPB
     Collects UNCANNY X-MEN #214-228 and ANNUAL #10-11, and FANTASTIC FOUR VS. THE X-MEN #1-4
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 2: Fantastic Voyages Digest
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 5: Crossover TPB
     Collects ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #21-26
IDW Publishing
Jon Sable Freelance: Bloodtrail (by Mike Grell) TPB
Adventures in Oz TPB
     Wonder and magic abound in five full-color stories by award-winning cartoonist Eric Shanower, collected here for the first time in one volume. L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz lives again in stories that Booklist calls "well-written" and "charming" by "the superbly talented Shanower."
ONI Press
Little Star TPB
Devil's Due Publishing
Family Guy #1: 100 Ways To Kill Lois by Stewie Griffin
Forgotten Realms: Exile TPB
Forgotten Realms Book I: Homeland, Hardback Edition
Elsinore Vol 1 Psycho Sanctii TPB
Speakeasy Comics
Yoshitaka Amano's Hero Volume 1
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 36 Thor HC $32.00
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 36 Thor SC $25.00
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 36 Wonder Woman HC $32.00
Overstreet Comic Book Pg Vol 36 Wonder Woman SC
Garbage Pail Kids The Complete Series

DC Comics
Superman Archives Vol. 7
     Collects Superman #25-29
Showcase Presents: Teen Titans Volume 1
     Collects The Brave and The Bold #54 and #60, Showcase #59, Teen Titans #1-18
Batman: Dark Detective TPB
     Collects Featuring The 6-Issue Mini-Series
Amazing Adventures of the JLA
     Don't miss this special 48-page book originally included with DC direct's JLA action figure boxed set. Included from JLA 80-page Giant #1, JLA Secret Files #3 and JLA #77, and more!
Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle TPB
     Collects IRON MAN #120-128
X-23: Innocence Lost TPB
     Collects X-23 #1-6
Young Avengers Vol. 1: Sidekicks TPB
     Collects YOUNG AVENGERS #1-6
X-Men Complete Age Of Apocalypse Epic Book 3 TPB
     Collects Generation Next #4, X-Calibre #4, X-Man #4 & #53-54, Factor X #4, Gambit And The X-Ternals #4, Amazing X-Men #4, Weapon X #4, X-Universe #2, X-Men: Omega, Blink #4 and X-Men: Prime
Dark Horse
Nexus Archives Vol 2 HC
Berserk Volume 11 TPB
Oh My Goddess! Volume 23 TPB
Gungrave Anime Manga TPB
Hellboy Vol 6 Strange Places TPB
Journal Roman Dirge Lenore
Looney Tunes Gc Series 1 Inner Case Asst
Looney Tunes Gc Series 1 Master Case Asst
Nameless Directors Cut TPB
Battle Pope Color Volume 1 Genesis (MR)
Freak Show TPB
Freshmen TPB
The Greatest Game Ever Played
The Newsroom

DC Comics
Superman In The Eighties TPB
     Collects Action Comics #507-508, 554, 595, 600 (Select Stories), 644, Superman #408, Dc Comics Presents #29, And Adventures Of Superman #430
Superman: Ruin Revealed TPB
     Collects Adventures Of Superman, Including Issues #640-641 And 644-647
Elfquest: The Grand Quest Vol. 14 TPB
Green Lantern: No Fear HC
     Collects Green Lantern #1-6 And Green Lantern Secret Files #1
Outsiders: Crisis Intervention TPB
     Collects Outsiders #29-33, Plus Select Scenes From Various Dcu Books, Showing Donna Troy Recruiting Heroes For Her Mission
Batman: Thrillkiller TPB - New Printing
     A new printing of the Classic Elseworlds Tale, this edition includes the 3-Issue Thrillkiller Miniseries and The Thrillkiller '62 Special
Justice League Unlimited Vol. 2: World's Greatest Heroes TPB
     Collects Justice League Unlimited #6-10
Justice League Unlimited Vol. 3: Champions Of Justice TPB
     Collects Justice League Unlimited #11-15
Kikaider Code 02 Vol. 3
Spider-Man: The Other HC
Essential Wolverine Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects WOLVERINE #70-90
New Mutants Classic Vol. 1 TPB
Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez Vol 2 TPB
     Collects FANTASTIC FOUR #187-188 and #191-192, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #14-15, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #60, and ADVENTURES OF THE THING #3
X-Men And Power Pack: The Power Of X Digest
     Collects X-MEN AND POWER PACK #1-4
Dark Horse
Gungrave Anime Manga TPB
Samurai Executioner Vol. 10 TPB
Hellboy: Strange Places TPB
Flaming Carrot Volume 1 TPB
ONI Press
Queen & Country: Declassified Volume 3 TPB
Thundercats Season 2, Volume 1

DC Comics
The Flash Archives Vol. 4 HC
     Collects Flash #125-132 Of The Flash (1961-1962)
100 Bullets Vol. 9: Strychnine Lives TPB
     Collects Issues #59-67
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol. 3
Tenryu: The Dragon Cycle Vol. 5
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 HC Variant
     Collects Astonishing X-Men #1-12
Defenders: Indefensible HC
     Collects DEFENDERS #1-5
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol. 6
     Collects X-MEN #54-66
Decimation: X-Men The Day After TPB
     Collects DECIMATION: HOUSE OF M – THE DAY AFTER and X-MEN #177-18
Essential X-Men Vol.4 (New Printing)
     Collects UNCANNY X-MEN #162-179 and ANNUAL #7, and X-MEN: GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS
New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects NEW X-MEN #20-23
What If?: Mirror Mirror TPB
Dark Horse
Michael Chabon Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects issues #5-6
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 5 TPB
     Presenting four more pulse-racing tales of knock-down, drag-out action and adventure, all told in the same stripped-down stylization as Cartoon Network's micro-series.
Frank Cho Women Selected Drawings and Illustrations HC (MR)
Collected Jack Kirby Collector Vol #5
     The Jack Kirby Collector #20-22
Look Up in the Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman documentary
American Dad: Volume 1

DC Comics
Gotham Central Vol. 3: Unresolved Targets TPB
     Collects Gotham Central #12-15 and #19-22
Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 4: The Scorpion TPB
     Collects Issues #17-20
Bizarro World SC
     Heaping Slab Of Great Comics Featuring Bizarro By A Who's-Who Of Fantastic Comic Artists And Writers! It's Big!
Testarotho Vol 4 (MR)
Tower of the Future Vol 3
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol.1 HC
     Now, the first five years of their landmark run on UNCANNY X-MEN are collected in one oversized volume. This keepsake edition also includes all original letters pages, newly remastered coloring and other uncanny extras! Collects UNCANNY X-MEN #94-131 and ANNUAL #3, and GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1; new Variant cover by John Watson
Essential Classic X-Men Vol. 2
     Collects X-Men #25-53 and Avengers #53
Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four TPB
     Collects Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four, Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men and The Official Handbook Of The Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005 #1-2
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Incredible Hulk #349-354, Web of Spider-Man #44 and Fantastic Four #320
Punisher Max Vol. 5: The Slavers TPB
     Collects Punisher #25-30
Dark Horse
Eden Volume 3: It's an Endless World! TPB
Concrete The Human Dilemma TPB (MR)
Lullabies From Hell Vol. 1 TPB
ONI Press
Love As A Foreign Language Omnibus Volume 1 TPB
     Collects the first three installments of the series in one handy manga-sized volume!
Queen & Country: Declassified Volume 3 HC
Distant Soil Vol 4 Coda LTD ED HC
Mage, Vol. 2: The Hero Defined TPB
     Collects Mage: The Hero Defined #1-15
Stupid Comics Collection TPB
     Collects Stupid Comics #1-4
Top Cow Productions
Rising Stars Vol. 4 Trade Paperback
     Collecs Rising Stars: Bright #1-#3 and Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead #1-#6
Devil's Due Publishing
Sam and Twitch Brian Michael Bendis Collection Vol. 1 TPB
IDW Publishing
Grande Finale
     $50; Spectrum-Award winning artist Ashley Wood is a proven favorite, and this deluxe volume Grande Finale collects the popular–and currently unavailable–art books Uno Fanta, Dos Fanta and Tres Fanta. This collection is presented in a new and larger 8.5” x 11” format and contains 20 more pages of outstanding art than its sold-out little brother Grande Fanta.
Checker BPG
Theodor Seuss Geisel: The Early Works Of Dr. Seuss Volume 3 HC
Speakeasy Comics
Chronicle Books
Art of Cars HC
Dynamite Entertainment
Red Sonja: Definitve Edition Collection HC - limited edition
     Collects Issues 1-6 and the grand finale of the opening arc, issue #0 of the Dynamite series
Alias Comics
Armorquest: Genesis Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects the entire six-issue mini-series by Ben Avery and Sherwin Schwartzrock
Dinosaurs The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons
King of the Hill Complete 6th Season

MAY 10
DC Comics
Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Justice League of America #122-124, #135-137 and #147-148
Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Superman #204-209
Superman/Shazam: First Thunder TPB
     Collects the 4-Issue Miniseries
The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin TPB
     Collects the 5-Issue Miniseries
Hawkman Volume 4 Golden Eagle TPB
     Collects Hawkman #37-45
Wolverine Origins and Endings Premire HC
     Collects Wolverine #36-40
NYX: Wannabe TPB
     Collects NYX #1-7
Skrull Kill Krew TPB
     Collects Skrull Kill Krew #1-5
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 15: Silver Sable TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #86-90 and Annual #1
Dark Horse
Aeon Flux TPB
     Collects Aeon Flux #1-#4
BMW Films Presents The Hire TPB
Star Wars: Honor and Duty TPB
     Collects Star Wars: Republic #46-48, #78
Scary Book Volume 2: Insects TPB
Whats Michael Volume 11 Planet of the Cats TPB
Girls, Vol. 2: Emergence TPB
     Collects Collects Girls #7-12
Devil's Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol 1 Homeland HC
Phantom Legacy GN
Supergraphics Steranko's History Of Comics Vol 2 O/A
     Artist/writer Jim Steranko chronicles the epic story of comics' Golden Age creators and super-heroes such as Blackhawk, Captain Midnight, The Flying Heroes, Captain Marvel, the Marvel Family, Plastic Man, The Spirit, Uncle Sam, The Ray, Kid Eternity, and others! More than 455 dynamite illustrations. SC, B&W $15.00
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Season 1
Peanuts A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Peanuts Snoopy Come Home
South Park Season 7

MAY 17
DC Comics
Y: The Last Man - Paper Dolls TPB
     Collects issues #37-42
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 7
Devil Does Exist Vol 6
Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2 Premiere HC
     Collects Captain America #8-9 and #11-14
Black Panther: Bad Mutha TPB
     Collects Black Panther #10-13
Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 1 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Strange Tales #110, #111 and #114-168
Wolverine Classic Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Wolverine #11-16
X-Men: Firestar Digest
     Collects Firestar #1-4
Marvel Legacy 1970's Handbook
Dark Horse
Conan Volume 3: The Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories HC
     Collects Conan #0, #16-17,#19-22
Frank Miller?s Sin City Library Set 2 HC
     This slipcase holds Sin City volumes five through seven: Family Values, Miller's first direct-to-trade work; Booze, Broads, and Bullets, an expansive compilation of short stories from the Town without Pity; and Hell and Back, the longest Sin City story to date!
Distant Soil Vol 4 Coda Ltd Ed HC (resolicited)
AC Comics
Men Of Mystery Supersized Album Vol 1 TPB
     196 pages; soft cover; black & white; A bookshelf-format compilation of many of the best Golden Age features ever to appear in Men of Mystery Comics in full-story reprints, including Bulletman, Nyoka, Catman, Yellowjacket, Manhunter, Crimebuster, Ibis, Phantom Lady, Spy Smasher, Frankenstein, Human Bomb, and more, as drawn by Eisner, Meskin, Robinson, Schaffenberger, and others.
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Vol 5 Big Bouncy Book Of Bart Simpson TPB
Checker BPG
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1951 TPB
     Collects strips from October 8, 1950 to Nov 14, 1951
Winsor Mccay Vol 7 Early Works
X-Files Vol 3 TPB
Castle Waiting HC
Hotwire Comix And Capers GN
Innocence & Seduction Art Of Dan Decarlo HC
Krazy & Ignatz 1937-1938 Shifting Sands Dusts Cheek Powdered
Titan Publishing
Comic Creators On X Men SC
Quirk Books
Superman Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Saving the Day by Scott Beatty

MAY 24
DC Comics
Superman Strange Attractors TPB
     Collects Action Comics #827-828 and #830-835
Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2: Death of a Dream TPB
     Collects Legion of Super-Heroes #7-13
Loveless Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects issues #1-5
Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 10 (Regular and Variant covers)
     Collecting Fantastic Four #94-104
Spider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do Marvel Premiere HC
     Collects Spider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do #1-6
Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her TPB
     Collects Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her #1-6
New Thunderbolts Vol. 3: Right Of Power TPB
     Collects New Thunderbolts #13- 18
Marvel Milestones Black Panther Storm & Ka-Zar
     Collects Marvel Team-Up #100 (1980), Black Panther (2001) and Marvel Mystery Comics #7 (1940)
Dark Horse
Concrete: Think Like a Mountain TPB
Ju-On: Vol. 2
Devil's Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Volume 1: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight
Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0 (CAN)
Samurai Jack Season 3
X-Men Evolution Season 3

DC Comics
Superman: Cover To Cover HC
     In the tradition established by the spectacular batman: cover to cover HC, DC Comics proudly presents over 270 of the greatest superman comic covers of all time, showcasing the world's greatest super-hero! The artistic development and image of the man of steel unfolds over decades of interpretations by the greatest creators in comic-book history. Special features include a look at the evolution of the superman s-shield, superman's fight for social justice, and superman covers from around the world. Plus, acclaimed writers and artists pick their favorite superman covers and explain their significance.
Showcase Presents Haunted Tank Vol. 1
     Collects stories from G.I. Combat #87-119, Brave and The Bold #52 and Our Army at War #155
Seven Soldiers Of Victory Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1-2, Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #4, Seven Soldiers: Klarion The Witchboy #4, Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1-2, and Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1
JLA: World Without A Justice League TPB
     Collects JLA #120-125
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Deluxe Edition Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Deluxe Edition #8-14
Sentinel Vol. 3: Past Imperfect Digest
     Collects Sentinel #1-5
Wolverine: Enemy of the State Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Wolverine #26-32
Dark Horse
Magnus, Robot Fighter Archives Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Magnus, Robot Fighter #12-15
Samurai Executioner Vol 10 TPB
Five Fists Of Science GN (resolicited)
Stagger Lee GN
Drawn and Quarterly
We Are On Our Own HC
Jon Sable Freelance Bloodtrail TPB
Notes From A Defeatist GN
Gemstone Publishing
Donald Duck Adventures Vol 18 TPB
Boom! Studios
Hero Squared Vol 1 TPB
Brocken Halos
Sinbuck Angel Eyes Vol 1 TPB
Cellar Door Publishng
I Am Spartacus GN
Cebrury Comics
Shades Of Gray Comics and Stories GN
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Art Out of Time : Unknown Comics Visionaries 1900-1969 (Hardcover) by Dan Nadel
     Before there was Robert Crumb, there was Herbert Crowley. If you don't recognize that name, you're not alone. Crowley is one of nearly 30 American cartoonists featured in this eclectic anthology, artists whose work-created between 1900 and 1969-was overshadowed by more successful contemporaries. Art Out of Time at last gives these pioneers the showcase they deserve, reprinting-in most cases for the first time since their initial publication-complete comic books and strips by such visionaries as Raymond Ewer, Howard Nostrand, Ogden Whitney, and Dick Briefer. These under-recognized artists often deviated from the thematic and graphic conventions of the comics medium-and influenced Crumb, Art Spiegelman, and others-making this superb anthology a true "counter history," the untold story of an underground that wasn't.
Other Books
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 1 Betrayal HC
     After New Jedi Order; 1st of 9 book series
Superman Returns Dlx Sound Storybook HC
Superman Returns Jigsaw Book TPB
Superman Returns Official Movie Guide TPB
Superman Returns Stencil Activity Book TPB
Superman The Dailies 1939-1942 HC
     Beginning in 1939, Superman reigned as the lead- ing hero of both comic books and newspaper comic strips. These formative stories star a Man of Steel who boldly tackles the social injustices of his day. This hardcover volume comes in a handsome slipcase.
ALF Season 3
ALF The Animated Series

DC Comics
Power Girl TPB
     Collects JSA Classified #1-4, Showcase #97-99 and the solo story from Secret Origins #11
Batman: Under The Hood Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Batman #645-650 and Batman Annual #1
Majestic Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects action-packed issues #8-12
Superman/Doomsday Omnibus TPB
     Collects Superman: The Doomsday Wars 1-3, Superman/Doomsday: Hunter Prey #1-3, Doomsday Annual #1, Adventures Of Superman #594 And Superman #175
Superman: Our Worlds At War Complete Edition TPB
     A New Volume Including The Two Original Our Worlds At War Collections
DMZ Volume 1: On The Ground TPB (MR)
Nothing this week.
Dark Horse
Cannon God Exaxxion: Stage 5 TPB
De:Tales TPB
Liberty Meadows Vol. 1 TPB - New Printing
Devil's Due Publishing
Family Guy Vol. 2 -- Peter Griffin¹s Guide To Parenting: Family Comes First (Right After TV)
Dynamic Forces
DF George Perez Storyteller First 30 Years HC
ONI Press
Wet Moon Volume 2: Unseen Feet GN
IDW Publishing
Tommyrot: The Art Of Ben Templesmith
Angel: Old Friends TPB
F. Paul Wilson's The Keep TPB
Monster House (movie companion)
He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Season 2 Part 1
Underworld Evolution
Star Trek Fan Collective: Q
X-Files Season Seven
X-Files Season Eight
X-Files Season Nine

DC Comics
Superman vs. Lex Luthor TPB
     Collects Action Comics #23, #544, Adventure Comics #271, Superboy #86, #139, Superman (Vol. 1) #90, #164, #416, Man of Steel #4, Superman (Vol. 2) #9, #131 and Superman: Lex 2000
JLA Classified: New Maps of Hell TPB
     Collects JLA Classified #10-15
Superman/Batman Collector Set
     A collector set based on Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, the best-selling story with art by Ed McGuiness & Dexter Vines! This collector set includes Batman and Superman action figures with exclusive new paints, in addition to the 160-page Public Enemies trade paperback. Display bases are included. Orders may be allocated. Retrosolicited; 160 Pg $29.99
Daredevil Vol. 5 HC
     Collects Daredevil #66-75
Infinity Gauntlet New Printing TPB
     Collects Infinity Gauntlet #1-6
Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3: League Of Losers TPB
     Collects Marvel Team-Up #14-18
She-Hulk Vol. 3: Time Trials TPB
     Collects She-Hulk (2005) #1-5
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Omnibus - X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Leader #1-3, Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition #1-4, Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair #1-4, and Star Wars Handbook: X-Wing Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 1 TPB (Spanish edition)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 1 - Defense of Kamino TPB (Spanish Edition)
Star Wars: Empire Vol. 1 - Betrayal TPB (Spanish Edition)
Nexus Archives Vol 3 HC
     Collects Nexus Vol 3 #12-18
Harlequin Pink: The Bachelor Prince TPB
Harlequin Violet: Blind Date TPB
Dreadful Ed HC
Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel TPB
Crying Freeman Volume 2 TPB
Reiko the Zombie Shop Vol. 3 TPB
Flaming Carrot Vol. 6 First Image Series TPB
Hellspawn Ashley Wood Collection TPB
Mage Vol. 2 Hero Defined TPB
Stupid Comics Collection TPB
The Downers
Boondocks Season One
Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? - expansive 3-DVD collector set
This Is America, Charlie Brown - CBS animated miniseries of eight episodes

DC Comics
Dynamic Duo Archives Volume 2
     Collects Detective Comics #334-339 and Batman #168-171
Showcase Presents Superman Volume 2
     Collects Collects Action Comics #258-275 and Superman #134-145
Wonder Woman: Destiny Calling TPB
     Collects the George Perez Wonder Woman #20-24 and Wonder Woman Annual #1
Supergirl: Power TPB
     Collects Supergirl #0-6
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge TPB
     Collects Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1-5
Land of the Blindfolded Vol. 8
Marvel Masterworks: Rawhide Kid Vol. 1
     Collecting Rawhide Kid #17-25
Essential Savage She Hulk Vol 1 TPB
     Collects Savage She-Hulk #1-25
Best Of Spider-Man Vol. 5 HC
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #515-524
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 3: Doom With A View Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #9-12
Champions Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Champions #1-11
Uncanny X-Men - The New Age Vol. 4: End Of Greys TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #466-471
Dark Horse
Conan Volume 3: The Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories TPB
Fear Agent Vol 1 Reignition TPB
Invincible Vol 6 Different World TPB
Sight Unseen TPB
Amazing Joy Buzards Vol. 2 TPB
Drawn and Quarterly
My Most Secret Desire 10th Anniversary Ed HC
30 Days Of Night Bloodsuckers Tales Vol 1 TPB
Judge Dredd The Art Of Kenny Who? TPB
Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season Three
Adventures of Superman: The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons
The Adventures of Superboy: The Complete First Season
Krypto: The Superdog, Volume One - Cosmic Canine
Superman: Brainiac Attacks (an original animated movie)
Justice League of America: Season Two
Superman: The Animated Series - Volume 3

DC Comics
nothing this week
Eternals By Jack Kirby HC
     Collects Eternals #1-19 and Annual #1
Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation Premiere HC
     Collects Ghost Rider #1-6
Decimation: Generation M TPB
     Collects Generation M #1-5
Fantastic Four By J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #527-532
Supreme Power: Nighthawk TPB
     Collects Supreme Power: Nighthawk #1-6
Marvel Milestones: Rawhide Kid and Two Gun Kid
     Collects Rawhide Kid #17 (Aug 1960) and Two-Gun Kid #60 (Nov 1962)
Dark Horse
Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Volume 3 HC
Lady Snowblood Volume 4: Retribution Part 2 TPB
Conan and the Demons of Khitai TPB
School Zone Vol. 2 TPB
Path of the Assassin Vol. 1
Devil's Due Publishing
G.I. Joe: SIGMA 6 Digest
Evil Ernie In Santa Fe Volume 1
Gemstone Publishing - Russ Cochran
Big Big Overstreet Price Gd Vol 36, $37.00
Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol 10 TPB
EC Picto Fiction Library Complete Set - expected in June
Last Gasp
Tintin In The Congo HC (New Printing)
Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets HC (New Printing)
Liberty Meadows Book 2 TPB (New Printing)
The Phantom: Law Of The Jungle - expected in June
     Moonstone's first WIDE VISION book! Every page is a double page spread
Speakeasy Comics
Tales Of The Starlight Drive-In
Eagle One Media
Deadworld Comic Book Library Complete Collection CD-Rom
     The Deadworld CD-ROM will collect the original 46 issues of the official comic book series, 4 short stories, and include artwork and bonus materials. Each comic book will be digitally scanned and restored from cover-to-cover, over 1700 pages, including advertisements and the infamous letters to King Zombie himself. $30
Leroy and Stitch
Strangers with Candy - The Complete Series
Animaniacs - Season One
Masters of Horror: John Landis - Deer Woman

JULY 6 - Thursday
DC Comics
Superman Returns and Other Stories: Movie Tie-in TPB
     Collects The Superman Returns Adaptation, The Origin Story From The Amazing World of Superman Metropolis Edition #1 and more
Showcase Presents The Elongated Man Vol. 1
     Collects The Flash #112, 115, 119, 124, 130, 134, 138, and Detective Comics #327-371
Batman: City Of Crime TPB
     Collects Detective Comics #800-808 and #811-814
Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days) TPB
     Collects issues #42-47
Top 10 Beyond The Farthest Precinct TPB
Essential Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe - Deluxe Edition Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe - Deluxe Edition #15-20
Black Panther by Jack Kirby Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Black Panther #8-13
Supreme Power: Hyperion TPB
     Collects Supreme Power: Hyperion #1-5
Invincible Vol 2 Ultimate Collection HC
     Collects Invincible #14-24, 0 and the Free Comic Book Day 2004 story
Dark Horse
B.P.R.D.: The Black Flame TPB
Pete Von Sholly's Extremely Weird Stories
Crusade Entertainment
Definitive Shi: The Essential Warrior Vol. 1 TPB (of 3)
     The massive tome is packed with almost 600 pages of story and art that include the entire runs of "The Way of the Warrior," "Tomoe," "Rekishi," and "Senryaku," featuring the top superstars in comics including Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri, George Perez, and Adam Hughes. An added bonus of fan letters, notes and early design sketches are also included.
TwoMorrows Publishing
Alter Ego Collection, Volume One
     The acclaimed magazine ALTER EGO first took the world by storm in the 1960s as the premier ’zine about comics. After abandoning it for a two-decade career as a major writer and editor for Marvel and DC Comics, Roy resurrected it in 1999, and this trade paperback collects the first two issues, plus 30 pages of new material! $26.00 192-page Trade Paperback - Edited by Roy Thomas

DC Comics
Metal Men Archives Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Showcase #37-40 and Metal Men #1-5
Superman: Infinite Crisis TPB
     Collects Superman #226, Action Comics #836, Adventures Of Superman #649 and Stories From Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
X-Men: Deadly Genesis Premiere HC
     Collects X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6, Plus Backup Stories
X-Men: Blood of Apocalypse TPB
     Collects X-Men #182-186 and Cable/Deadpool #26-27
Avengers Assemble Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Avengers #23-34 & #1 1/2 and Thunderbolts #42-44
New Avengers Vol. 2: Sentry TPB
     Collects New Avengers #7-10 and The New Avengers: Most Wanted Files Handbook
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 1: Super Crush Digest
     Collects Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1-5
Untold Tales of The New Universe TPB
     Collects Untold Tales of The New Universe: Nightmask, Star Brand, Psi-Force, Justice and DP7; and stories from Amazing Fantasy #18-19 and New Avengers #16
Bomb Queen, Vol. 1: Woman of Mass Destruction TPB
     Collects Bomb Queen #1-4, Plus Bonus Material!
The Cobbler’s Monster GN
Michael Goldens Monsters Portfolio Original Art Edition $350.00
Shatter TPB
Bongo Comics
Futurama Vol 3 Time Bender TPB
Dork Storm Press
Nodwick Chronicles Coll Nodwick Vol 5 TPB
Drawn & Quarterly
Get A Life HC
Maybe Late HC
Fantagraphics Books
Left Bank Gang GN
Heavy Metal Magazine
Muse Art Of Veronika Sgn HC
New Dimension Comics
He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe TPB Set $10.00
ONI Press Inc.
Lost At Sea New Ed GN
Hardy Boys Vol 6 Hyde & Shreik GN, $7.95
Hardy Boys Vol 6 Hyde & Shreik HC, $12.95
Chronicle Books LLC
Art Of Superman Returns HC
     Bryan Singer (Foreword), The Man of Steel is back on the silver screen when Superman Returns hits theaters June 2006. Directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and packed with explosive action, this blockbuster film documents the super hero's return—after a mysterious absence of several years—to a troubled Metropolis, where he is compelled to face his destiny in a world that has forgotten what it's like to have a hero. The Art of Superman Returns is an in-depth celebration of the concept and developmental art that served as an aesthetic foundation for the highly anticipated film. Nearly 200 pieces of gorgeous art capture all-new sets—a cosmopolitan, art deco Metropolis, a massive, shimmering Fortress of Solitude, and a spectacular spaceship—and showcase the film's inventive costumes and breathtaking locations. An informed text that includes interviews with the director, screenwriters, artists, and production and costume designers completes this thoughtfully crafted deluxe hardcover. For the many Superman fans anxiously awaiting his revival, The Art of Superman Returns is a behind-the-scenes tour not to be missed.

DC Comics
Superman/Batman Vol. 4: Vengeance HC
     Collects Superman/Batman #20-25
Teen Titans Go! Vol. 4: Ready For Action TPB
     Collects Teen Titans Go #16-20
Silent Dragon TPB
Sloth HC
Dynamic Forces - Spider-Man Black Cat Evil That Men Do HC Sgn, $100
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #13-20 & Annual #1
Iron Man: Extremis Premiere HC
     Collects Iron Man #1-6
The HALO Graphic Novel HC
     Bungie Studios, part of Microsoft Game Studios, has joined forces with Marvel Comics to release a highly-anticipated graphic novel inspired by one of the most popular franchises in the history of the video game industry. The Halo Graphic Novel (HGN) brings the Halo universe to life for the first time in the sequential art medium. The HGN is a 128-page, full color, high quality, jacketed, hardcover graphic novel. It features an anthology of original stories, including one lengthy story, and three shorter tales. 128 pages/RATED 17 and Up/$24.99; Trim size; Standard Marvel Premiere HC format
Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 New Printing TPB
Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Marvel Team-Up #25-51 & Marvel Two-In-1 #17
Excalibur Classic Vol. 2: Two-Edged Sword TPB
     Collects Excalibur #6-11 and Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 12 TPB
Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 20: Glimpses of Death HC
Grande Finale SC
Silent Hill Dying Inside TPB
Witchblade Volume 11 TPB
     Collects Witchblade #86-92
Speakeasy Comics
Atomika: Vol. 1 TPB by Sal Abbinanti
TwoMorrows Publishing
How To Create Comics From Script To Print TPB
Modern Masters Vol 8 Walt Simonson SC
Meisha Merlin Publishing
Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Volume 1 HC
Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose Vol 4 Ltd Ed TPB, $35
Wizard Entertainment
Twisted Toyfare Theatre Vol 7 TPB
AC Comics
Femforce Closer You Get Better We Look TPB
Golden Age Greats Fine Art Special
Angry Dog Press
Potlatch Project Vol 5 TPB
Digital Manga Distribution
Yoshitoshi Abes Lain GN, $25
Yoshitoshi Abes Lain Sp Ed Slipcase HC, $40
Gemstone Publishing
Carl Barks Greatest Ducktales Stories Vol 2 TPB
Starship Troopers Blaze Of Glory TPB
Hunger Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Mutation Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Of Bitter Souls Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Smoke And Mirror Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Viz Media LLC
Case Closed Vol 12 GN
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 8 TPB
Mythology Alex Ross Art Of DC 2007 Wall Calendar, $14
All Star Batman & Robin 2007 Wall Calendar $14
Superman Returns Movie Storybook TPB, $8
Superman Returns Official Movie Guide HC, $28
Battleship Pirates Of The Carribean 2
Ren and Stimpy The Lost Episodes (Spike TV)
Amazing Stories - The Complete First Season
Ultraman: Series One, Vol. 1
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - The Complete Series
The Incredible Hulk - The Complete First Season
The Pee-Wee Herman Show - Live at the Roxy Theater (1981)
Road House Sepcial Edition
     Includes commentary by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier and the "What Would Dalton Do?" featurette

DC Comics
Wonder Woman: Mission's End TPB
     Collects Wonder Woman #218-226
Teen Titans: Life and Death TPB
     Collects Teen Titans #29-33, Teen Titans Annual #1 and Robin #146-147
Hellblazer: All His Engines SC
Lucifer Vol. 10: Morningstar TPB
     Collects Issues #62-69
Captain America: Red Menace Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Captain America #15-17 and The Captain America 65th Anniversary Special
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 3
     Collects Captain America (Vol. 1) #101-113
Fantastic Four: Books of Doom Premiere HC
     Collects Books of Doom #1-6
Death’s Head 3.0: Unnatural Selection TPB
     Collects Amazing Fantasy #16-20
New Excalibur Vol. 1: Defenders of The Realm TPB
     Collects New Excalibur #1-6
Dark Horse
Museum of Terror Vol. 1 TPB
Trigun Maximum Volume 9 TPB
Afterworks 2 GN
Spike TPB
     This special trade paperback presents the sold-out Spike: Old Times, Spike: Old Wounds, and Spike: Lost & Found in one attractive collection. All three tales feature photorealistic art from artist Fernando Goni.
30 Days of Night: Three Tales TPB
Silent Hill: Dead/Alive TPB
Gemstone Publishing
Walt Disney Treasures Vol 1 75 Years Of Disney Comics TPB
ONI Press
Love As A Foreign Language Omnibus Vol 1 TPB
Polly & Pirates Vol 1 TPB
Nancy Drew Vol 6 Mr Cheeters Is Missing GN
Nancy Drew Vol 6 Mr Cheeters Is Missing HC
Poison Press
Something Fishy This Way Comes TPB
Pinky and the Brain Season One

DC Comics
Absolute Kingdom Come HC
     Collects Kingdom Come #1-4 and A Ton Of Extras
Batman: Son of the Demon softcover (new printing)
The Exterminators: Bug Brothers TPB
     Collecting the first five issues of Vertigo's Twisted New Monthly Series (MR)
Tower of the Future Vol. 4
New X-Men: Childhood's End Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #24-27
Spider-Man Visionaries: Kurt Busiek Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1-8
X-Factor: The Longest Night Premiere HC
     Collects X-Factor #1-6
Dark Horse
Eden Volume 4: It's an Endless World! TPB
Concrete Volume 6: Strange Armor TPB
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 20 Glimpses Of Death Ltd Ed HC
Walking Dead Vol. 1 HC
Boom! Studios
2006 Dave Johnson Full Color Sketchbook
Gemstone Publishing
Donald Duck Adventures Vol 19 TPB
EC Picto Fiction Library Complete Set, $150
top Shelf
I Am Going To Be Small GN
Abstract Studios
Strangers In Paradise Vol 18 Love & Lies TPB
Active Images
Kafka TPB
Airship Entertainment
Girl Genius Vol 2 TPB
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Vol 4 TPB
Vampirella Morrison & Millar Collection TPB Sgn
Star Trek Fan Collective: Klingons
V For Vendetta
Beavis & Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 3

DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 19 HC
     Collecting Spirit strips from July 3 to December 25, 1949
The Authority/Lobo: Holiday Hell TPB
     Collected for the first time, Lobo's three forays into the exciting holiday season! The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, The Authority/Lobo: Jingle Hell, and The Authority/Lobo: Spring Break Massacre!
Green Arrow: Heading Into The Light TPB
     Collects Green Arrow #52 and #54-59
Omukae Desu Vol. 1
Women Of Marvel TPB
     Collects Avengers #221; Uncanny X-Men #151-152, 182 & 244; Amazing Spider-Man #86; Ms. Marvel #1; The Cat #1; Dazzler #1; and Shanna, The She Devil #1
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl TPB
     Collects X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1-5
Ultimate Galactus Book 3: Extinction TPB
     Collects Ultimate Extinction #1-5
Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends
     The Amazing Friends one-shot will have a total 96 pages, including a 32-page original story by McKeever with a variety of artists, a six-page Mini-Marvels story also being written by McKeever with Chris Drew on art, and classic reprints of Untold Tales of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.
Marvel Zombies
     Collects Marvel Zombies #1-5
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 3: World's Greatest Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #9-12
Spider-Girl Presents Avengers Next Vol. 1: Second Coming Digest
     Collects A-Next #1-6
Dark Horse
Little Lulu Vol. 11: April Fools TPB
Amano: The Tale of Genji HC Illustrated Novel
Revelations TPB
Penny Arcade Volume 2: Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings! TPB
Recess Pieces HC
Frankenstein: The Shadow of Frankenstein Novel
Hunter Killer Scriptbook Top Cow Ed Sgn
Airship Entertainment
Girl Genius Vol 5 HC, $33
Girl Genius Vol 5 TPB, $20
Alias Enterprises LLC
Lullaby Vol 2 Power Grabber TPB
Blue Sky Press
Black Belt Club Vol 2 Night On Mountain Of Fear GN
Century Comics
Chips Wilde The Wild One GN
Drawn & Quarterly
Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Vol 4 TPB
Little Man TPB New Ptg
Louis Riel A Comic Strip Biography TPB
IDW Publishing
Legend Of Grimjack Vol 5 TPB
Lost In The Dark Press
Fragile Prophet GN
Ultimate Avengers 2

DC Comics
Plastic Man Archives Vol. 8 HC
     Collects Police Comics #72-77 and Plastic Man #9-10 (1947-1948)
Justice Society Vol. 1 TPB
     Collecting All-Star Comics #58-67, plus the Origin of the JSA from DC Special #29
Robin: Days of Fire and Madness TPB
     Collects Robin #140-145
The Devil Does Exist Vol. 7
Essential Luke Cage, Power Man Vol. 2
     Collects Power Man #28-49 and Annual #1
Spider-Woman: Origin Marvel Premiere HC
     Collects Spider-Woman: Origin #1-5
Cable/Deadpool Vol. 5: Living Legends TPB
     Collects Cable/Deadpool #25-29
Decimation: Son of M TPB
     Collects Son of M #1-6
Iron Man: Inevitable TPB
     Collects Iron Man: Inevitable #1-6
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 6 HC
     Collects Ultimate X-Men #58-65, #1/2 and Annual #1
Dark Horse
Nexus Archives Volume 4 HC
     Collects issues #19-25 (Vol. 2), from First Comics
Best Of Curse of the Spawn TPB
Grounded TPB
Psycho TPB
Alias Enterprises LLC
Imaginaries Vol 1 Lost & Found TPB (resolicited)
Devils Due Publishing
Family Guy Vol 2 GN (of 3)
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol 3 Sojourn TPB
Fantagraphics Books
You Call This Art GN
IDW Publishing
Adventures In Oz TPB
Sparrow Ashley Wood HC
Transformers Beast Wars Gathering TPB
Dawn Best Of Crypt Of Dawn TPB Signed
ONI Press Inc.
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 2 HC, $20
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 3 HC, $20
Scholastic Inc.
Bone Vol 4 Dragonslayer Color Ed HC, $19
Bone Vol 4 Dragonslayer Color Ed SC, $10
Sirius Entertainment
Poison Elves Ventures Vol 1 Hyena TPB
Twomorrows Publishing
Best Of Draw Magazine Vol 2 TPB
Brak Show Season Two
The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth Season
Sealab 2021 - Season 4
Surface - The Complete Series
The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series
Masters of Horror: John Mcnaughton - Haeckel's Tale
Masters of Horror - Dario Argento - Jenifer
Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)

DC Comics
Absolute Dark Knight
     Hailed as a comics masterpiece, Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - and its equally provocative sequel THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN - get the oversized Absolute treatment in a giant one-volume, slipcased edition! This Absolute edition features an extended sketch section from THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN with commentary by Miller, a look at the plot and pencils from the legendary finale to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a new introduction by Miller, striking new cover and slipcase art by Miller, and more! 512 pg; $99.99 US
Batman and the Monster Men
     Collects Batman and the Monster Men #1-6
Teen Titans Go! Vol. 5: On The Move TPB
     Collects Teen Titans Go #21-25
Hellblazer: Stations of the Cross TPB
     Collecting Hellblazer #194-200
Promethea Book Five TPB
The Young Magician Vol. 5
Gals! Vol. 7
Marvel Masterworks Iron Man Vol. 3 (Variant 65)
     Collects Tales of Suspense #66-83 and Tales To Astonish #82
Fantastic Four: Resurrection Of Nicholas Scratch TPB
     Collects Four #25-30
Sentry: Reborn TPB
     Collects Sentry #1-8
The Thing: Idol of Millions TPB
     Collects Thing #1-8
Decimation: Sentinel Squad O*N*E TPB
     Collects Sentinel Squad O*N*E* #1-5
Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt Marvel Premiere HC (Reg. & Var.)
     Collects Web Of Spider-Man #32-33, Amazing Spider-Man #393-394 and Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 6 TPB
IDW Publishing
Children Of Grave TPB
Fallen Angel IDW Vol 1 TPB
Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty Vol 1 TPB
Image Comics
Powers Vol 1 Who Killed Retro Girl TPB New Ptg
Powers Vol 3 Little Deaths TPB New Ptg
Powers Vol 4 Supergroup TPB New Ptg
Checker Book Publishing Group
Theodor Seuss Geisel Early Works Vol 2 HC
Winsor Mccay Vol 8 Early Works TPB
Devils Due Publishing
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 1 Dragons Of Autumn Twilight HC
GI Joe Americas Elite Vol 2 TPB
Drawn & Quarterly
Walt & Skeezix Vol 2 HC
Fantagraphics Books
Passionella And Other Stories HC
Top Hats & Flappers Art Of Russell Patterson HC
Avatar Press Inc.
Escape Of The Living Dead Vol 1 TPB
Warren Ellis Dark Blue GN (New Prtg)
Warren Ellis Strange Killings Necromancer TPB
Barbour Publishing Inc.
Serenity Vol 6 You Shall Love TPB
Blue Sky Press
Black Belt Club Vol 1 Seven Wheels Of Power GN
Boneyard Vol 5 TPB
Boneyard Vols 2 To 4 Pack
Lucifers Garden Of Verses HC Three Pack
Viper Comics
Art Of Josh Howard Vol 2 SC
Middleman Vol 2 TPB
assorted books
24 Official Companion Seasons 1 & 2 SC
Star Trek Captains Glory HC (resolicited)
Star Trek Strange New Worlds IX TPB
Stargate Atlantis Official Companion Season 2 TPB
V For Vendetta From Script To Film SC
Invasion The Complete Series
Threshold - The Complete Series
The Wizard
Blue Thunder: The Complete Series

DC Comics
Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 1
     Collects Detective Comics #327-342 and Batman #164-174
Green Lantern: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
     Collects Showcase 22, Green Lantern (2nd Series) #1, 31, 74, 87, 172, Green Lantern (3rd Series) 3, Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold 2, DC First Green Lantern/Green Lantern, Green Lantern Gallery and Green Lantern Secret Files 2005
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 9
Essential Punisher Vol. 1 - New Printing
Daredevil Vol. 1 - New Printing
     Collects Daredevil #1-15
Decimation: X-Men-The 198 TPB
     Collects X-Men: The 198 #1-5, plus The X-Men: The 198 Files Handbook
Nextwave Vol. 1 Marvel Premiere HC
     Collects Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #1-6
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 16: Deadpool TPB
     Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #91-97
Book of Lost Souls TPB
Dark Horse
Star Wars Dark Empire II 2nd Edition TPB
Babes, Beasts, and Brawn: Sculpture of the Fantastic TPB
The Gremlins HC
Little Lulu TPB: Color Special
Path of the Assassin Vol. 2: Sand and Flower
Rex Mundi: Vol. 3 The Lost Kings
Scary Book Volume 3: Faces TPB
Captain Amazing TPB
     80 Pages, Black and White
Denis Kitchen Publishing
Drawing Comics Is Easy (Except When Its Hard) HC
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 4 TPB
Gemstone Publishing
Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol 11 TPB
Darkwing Duck Vol. 1
Lord of the Rings
South Park Season 8
The Tick vs. Season One

DC Comics
Batman: Face The Face
     Collects Detective Comics #817-820 and Batman #651-654
Gen 13 Who They Are And How They Came To Be TPB
     A new collection presenting the original 5-issue miniseries that launched the phenomenal GEN13team and the career of J. Scott Campbell!
Pieces of a Spiral Vol. 5
Essential Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Hulk #1-6 and Tales To Astonish #60-91
Fantastic Four: The Life Fantastic TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #533-535, Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special, Fantastic Four Special 2005 and Fantastic Four: A Death In The Family
New Avengers Vol. 3: Secrets & Lies TPB
     Collects New Avengers #11-15 and Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1
X-Men: The End Book 3: Men and X-Men TPB
     Collects X-Men: The End - Men and X-Men #1-6
New Mangaverse: Rings of Fate Digest
     Collects New Mangaverse #1-5
Spider-Girl Presents Fantastic Five: In Search Of Doom Digest
     Collects Fantastic Five #1-5
Dark Horse
Museum of Terror Vol. 2 TPB
The 13th Son: Worse Thing Waiting TPB
Haibane Renmei Anime Manga Vol. 1 TPB
Oh My Goddess! Colors TPB
Lions, Tigers And Bears , Vol. 1 TPB New Printing
Tyler Kirkham Sketchbook
Walking Dead Vol. 5: Best Defense TPB
Invincible Vol 7: Three's Company
     Collects Invincible #31-35
Tomb Raider Compendium Edition
     Collects Tomb Raider Issue #1-50 in one giant soft cover, 1248 pg - FC - $49.99
Best Of David Finch TP
The Transformers: Infiltration TPB
The Popbot Collection
Spike vs. Dracula TPB
Chicanos Vol. 1 TPB
Masters of Horror TPB
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vampirella Tales Of Pantha TPB
Twomorrows Publishing
Krypton Companion SC
Gemstone Publishing
Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck Companion SC
Antarctic Press
Luftwaffe 1946 Technical Manual TPB New Printing, $21.95
New Alice In Wonderland Color Manga Vol 1 TPB
Bud Plant
Worlds Of Tomorrow Celebrating Sci-Fi Art HC, $12.65
Checker Book Publishing Group
Star Trek Key Collection Ltd Ed Box Set (Volumes 1-5), $120
Fantagraphics Books
Bardin The Surrealist HC
Hardy Boys Boxed Set, $29.95
Nancy Drew Boxed Set, $29.95
Top Shelf
Surrogates Vol 1 TPB
Hill & Wang
9/11 Report Graphic Adaptation HC, written by Sid Jacobson and art by Ernie Colón, $30.00
Other Books
Battlestar Galactica Official Companion Season Two TPB, $14.95
Doonesbury War Years HC, $14.99
It's Superman A Novel SC, $13.95
Movie Monsters HC, $9.95
Neil Gaiman Coraline Adult SC Ed, $12.95
Stan Lees Amazing Marvel Universe HC, $50.00
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 2 Bloodlines MMPB, $7.99
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 1 & 2 TPB, $16.95
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 3 & 4 TPB, $16.95
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 5 & 6 TPB, $16.95
V For Vendetta From Script To Film HC, $50.00
Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection
     Collects Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and MirrorMask
Lost - The Complete Second Season
The Flintstones - The Complete Sixth Season
Supernatural Season 1
Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season

DC Comics
Shazam Family Archives Vol. 1
     Collects Master Comics #23-32, Captain Marvel Jr. #1 and Captain Marvel Adventures #18
Superman: Infinite City SC
Jonah Hex: A Face Full of Violence
     Collects The first 6 issues of the current series
Gotham by Gaslight TPB (New Printing)
Doom Patrol: Musclebound TPB
     Collects #42-50 (MR)
Wildcats: Nemesis TPB
     Collects Wildcats: Nemesis #1-9
New Avengers Vol. 4: The Collective Premiere HC
     Collects New Avengers #16-20
Essential Hulk Vol. 4
     Collects Incredible Hulk #143-170
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Ultimate Collection TPB
     Collects Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-16 and The Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 1: Derailed TPB
     Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5-10
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 4: Concrete Jungle Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #13-16
Wolverine Classic Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Wolverine #17-23
X-Men The Characters And Their Universe HC, $75.00
Dark Horse
Crying Freeman Volume 3 TPB
Reiko the Zombie Shop Vol. 4 TPB
Two Faces Of Tomorrow TPB
Strange Girl Vol 2 Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now TPB
Top Cows Best Of David Finch TPB
Alias Enterprises LLC
Armorquest Genesis Vol 1 TPB
Maze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics)
Pirate Club Vol 2 TPB
Buenaventura Press
Kramers Ergot Vol 6 SC
Citizen Press
Johnny Repeat Vol 1 GN
Devils Due Publishing
GI Joe vs. Transformers Vol 3 Art Of War TPB
How To Self Publish Comics TPB
Drawn & Quarterly
Abandon The Old In Tokyo HC
Fantagraphics Books
Last Lonely Saturday HC
IDW Publishing
Transformers Infiltration TPB
Transformers Spotlight Shockwave
Star Wars Triolgy 1977 and 2004
Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season
The Wild
SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 4, Vol. 1
Beavis & Butt-Head Do America (10th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition)

DC Comics
Batman Chronicles Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Detective Comics #38-45, Batman #2-3 and New York World's Fair 1940 (#2)
Batgirl: Destructions Daughter
     Collects Batgirl #65-73
Marvel Masterworks (Variant #66): The Human Torch Vol. 1
     Collects Strange Tales #101-107 and Annual #2
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Volume 6 TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four #276-284; Thing #23 and Secret Wars II #2
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: Best Of The Best Premiere HC
     Collects Ms. Marvel #1-5 and Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1
Uncanny X-Men - The New Age Vol. 5: First Foursaken TPB
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #472-474 and Annual #1
X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula TPB
     Collects X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula #1-4
Dark Horse
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man TPB
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 2 Revenge of the Cold Machines
Vampire Hunter D Volume 5: The Stuff of Dreams
The Playboy Interviews: Larger Than Life
Satsuma Gishiden Vol. 1 TPB
The Perhapanauts TPB
Lonely Heart Art of Tara McPherson HC
Godland Vol. 2 Another Sunny Delight TPB
Century Comics
ACTOR Comics Presents Vol 1 TPB DVD
Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.5 (Episodes 11-20)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 2, Vol. 2
The Boris Karloff Collection (1951)
     Collects: Tower of London, The Climax, The Black Castle, The Strange Door, Night Key
The Unit - The Complete First Season

DC Comics
Enemy Ace Archives Vol. 2
     Collects Star Spangled War Stories #143-145, 147-150, 152, 158, 181-183 and 200
JSA Volume 11: Mixed Signals
     Collects JSA #76-81
Justice Volume 1 HC
     This first volume of three contains expanded character bios and sketches.
Superman: Up, Up and Away!
     Collects Superman #650-653 and Action Comics #837-840
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol. 5
Losers Endgame TPB
Otherworld Vol 1 Book One TPB
Essential Tales Of The Zombie TPB
     Collects Stories From Tales Of The Zombie #1-10 and Dracula Lives #1-2
Essential Thor Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Thor #137-166
Daughters Of The Dragon: Samurai Bullets TPB
     Collects Daughters Of The Dragon #1-6
Thor: The Eternals Saga Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Thor Annual #7 and Thor #283-291
Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Ultimate Iron Man #1-5
Marvel Milestones: X-Men & The Starjammers Part 2
     Collects Uncanny X-Men #276-277
Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe HC (MR)
     Collects Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe #1-3
Daredevil Vol. 6 HC
     Collects Daredevil #76-81 and #16-19
Dark Horse
Berserk Vol 13 TPB
Chickenhare House Of Klaus TPB
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 1 TPB
Deadworld: Dead-Killer TPB
Walking Dead Vol 5 Best Defense TPB
Dynamite Entertainment
Adventures Of Red Sonja Vol 1 TPB (New Prtg)
     Collects Marvel Feature #1-7
Kolchak Night Stalker Bare Bones
     Collects Kolchak Tales of the Night Stalker #1-7
After Hours/Square Head Entertainment
Model Operandi GN
Meisha Merlin Publshing Inc.
Partners In Necessity SC
Top Shelf
Clumsy GN
Owly Vol 2 Just A Little Blue TP
Baby Tattoo Books
Ragnars Kings Of The Road GN
Bongo Comics
Simpsons Vol 4 Treehouse Of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo TPB
Drawn & Quarterly
Shenzhen A Travelogue From China HC
Hexagon Comics
Phenix Vol 1 TPB
IDW Publishing
Chicanos Vol 1 TPB
Masters Of Horror TPB
Kettledrummer Books
Don't Cry GN
Shadowmancer Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
Boneyard Vol 1 Color Ed TPB (AA)
Unholy Kinship GN
War Fix SC
New Dimension Comics
Tomb Raider Greatest Treasure Of All Ndc Ltd Preview Ed, $30
W.W. Norton
Will Eisners New York Life In The Big City HC, $30
Battlestar Galactica Sagittarius Is Bleeding HC, $25.95
Complete Idiots Guide To Drawing 2nd Ed, $16.95
Disney A To Z Third Ed, $40.00
Doonesbury War Within TPB, $9.95
Drawing Dynamic Comics TPB (AA), $19.95
Everyday Mutts Comic Strip Treasury, $16.95
Frazz Collection 99 Percent Perspiration TPB, $10.95
Get Fuzzy Scrum Bums TPB, $10.95
How To Draw Great Looking Comic Book Women TPB (AA), $19.95
Love & Rockets Vol 2 Palomar GN Spanish, $21.95
Marvel Heroes Battling The Bad Guys Storybook & DVD, $17.99
Marvel Heroes Movie Theater Storybook With Projector, $24.99
Pin-Up Art Of Jay Scott Pike Vol 1 HC (resolicited), $24.95
Pin-Up Art Of Jay Scott Pike Vol 1 TPB (resolicited), $14.95
Rolling Stone 1000 Covers, $35.00
Savage Dragon Vol 1 TPB Spanish, $10.95
Simpsons Library Of Wisdom The Krusty Book HC, $9.95
Simpsons Library Of Wisdom The Lisa Book HC, $9.95
Strangers In Paradise Vol 1 Pkt TPB Spanish, $21.95
Curious George (Widescreen Edition)
The Batman: The Complete Second Season
Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season
Voltron Volume 1: Defender of the Universe
Dick Tracy: The Complete Animated Series
The Stephen King Collection (Pet Sematary Special Collector's Edition / The Dead Zone Special Collector's Edition / Graveyard Shift / Silver Bullet)
Frankenstein (75th Anniversary Edition) (1931)
Dracula (75th Anniversary Edition) (1931)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Two-Disc Infinifilm Special Edition)
The Notorious Bettie Page
Riptide - The Complete First Season

October 4
Dc Comics
Infinite Crisis Hc $24.99
Elfquest The Discovery Tp $14.99
Emma Vol 1 $9.99
Dr Strange Vs Dracula Montesi Formula Tp $19.99
Essential X-Men Vol 1 Tp New Ptg $16.99
Last Planet Standing Tp $13.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 7 Hc $29.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol 14 Phoenix? Tp $14.99
Wolverine Origin Premiere Hc $19.99
Dawn Vol 3 Three Tiers Ltd Ed Hc (Res) $69.99
Realm O/T Claw Gn $16.99
Rising Stars Vol 3 Fire & Ash Tp (New Ptg) $19.99

October 11
Dc Comics
Absolute Sandman Vol 1 Hc (Mr) $99.00
Desolation Jones Tp (Mr) $14.99
Infinite Crisis Companion Tp $14.99
Ares God Of War Tp $13.99
Captain America Winter Soldier Vol 2 Tp $14.99
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol 8 Hc Var Ed 68 $54.99
Spider-Man The Other Tp $24.99
Wolverine Enemy Of The State Complete Edition Hc $34.99
Dark Horse
Coffin Art Of Vampire Hunter D Sc Slipcase Edition $39.95
School Zone Vol 3 Tp $12.95
Who Fighter With Heart Of Darkness Tp $11.95
Invincible Vol 7 Threes Company Tp $14.99
Liberty Meadows Vol 3 Summer Of Love Tp New Ptg $14.99
Red Warrior Assassin For Thieves World Gn $12.99
Spawn Collection Vol 2 Tp $29.95
Untouchables Tp $16.99

DC Comics
The New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 3
     Collects The New Teen Titans #17-20 and Tales Of The New Teen Titans #1-4
Showcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown Vol. 1
     Collects Showcase #6, 7, 11 and 12 and Challengers Of The Unknown #1-18
Birds of Prey: The Battle Within
     Collects Birds of Prey #76-85
Superman Returns:The Prequels
     Features the astonishing 4-part limited-series bridging the gap between Superman and Superman Returns! Krypton to Earth, Ma Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor
Batman: Gotham County Line
     Collects the acclaimed 3-issue limited-series
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 10
Sensational Spider-Man: Feral Premiere HC
     Collects Sensational Spider-Man #23-27
Wolverine: Origins Vol. 1 - Born In Blood Premiere HC
     Collects Wolverine: Origins #1-5
Essential Marvel Horror TPB
     Collects Ghost Rider #1-2, Marvel Spotlight #12-24, Son Of Satan #1-8, Marvel Two-In-One #14, Marvel Team-Up #32 and #80-81, Vampire Tales #2-3, Haunt Of Horror #24-25, and Marvel Premiere #27
Exiles Vol. 13: World Tour Book 2 TPB
     Collects Exiles #75-83
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol. 1: Heroes Assembled Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers #1-4
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 6: Frightful TPB
     Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #27-32
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Doom
     The latest in a series of stand-alone specials celebrating the 65th Anniversary of Stan Lee’s employment at Marvel! Collects FANTASTIC FOUR #87 and a ton more! 48 pages
Dark Horse
Magnus, Robot Fighter Vol. 3 HC
     Collects Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. #15-21
Little Lulu Vol. 12: Leave it to Lulu TPB
Ohikkoshi TPB
Wicked West Vol 2 Abomination & Other Tales GN
Zombee GN (MR)
Over the Hedge
The Complete Omen Collection (The Omen - 1976/ The Omen - 2006/ Damien: The Omen II/ The Omen III: The Final Conflict/ The Omen IV: The Awakening)
Masters of Horror: Larry Cohen - Pick Me Up
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season Two (1955)
Charmed - The Complete Sixth Season

DC Comics
Showcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1
     Collects Showcase #80 and The Phantom Stranger #1-21 (Volume 2)
American Virgin: Head TPB
     Collects American Virgin #1-4
Fountain SC
Marvel Masterworks (Variant #68): Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense Vol. 1 HC
     Collects Tales Of Suspense #1-10
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man HC
     Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #1-8
Young Avengers Vol. 2: Family Matters Premiere HC
     Collects Young Avengers #7-12 and the Young Avengers Special
Black Panther: bride TPB
     Collects Black Panther #14-18
Daredevil Devil Inside And Out Vol. 1 (aka Daredevil: Devil In Cell Block D Vol. 14) TPB
     Collects Daredevil #82-87
Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four (Vol. 2) #1-12
Runaways Vol. 6: Parental Guidance Digest
     Collects Runawyas #13-18
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 1 Commencement TPB
Star Wars: Omnibus - X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol. 2 TPB
     Collecting X-Wing Rogue Squadron #9-20, this mammoth volume includes Battleground Tatooine, The Warrior Princess, and Requiem for a Rogue.
Battle Pope Vol. 2: Mayhem TPB
     Collects Battle Pope #5-8
Hawaiian Dick Vol 2 Last Resort
Liberty Meadows Cover Girl HC
Marc Silvestri Sketchbook
The Spawn Manga Collection 2 TPB
     600 Pages, Black and White
Graphitti Designs and View Askew in conjunction with Darko Entertainment
Southland Tales Book III: The Mechanicals
     Prequel to the mvie Southland Tales
EC Crypt and Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives - Weird Science Volume One HC
     Collects Weird Science #1-6; Introduction by George Lucas; 212 pages
Abrams Books
Cartoon America HC
Alternative Comics
Meathaus Vol 8 Headgames TP
Anime Works Publications
Twin Signal Vol 1 GN
DK Publishing
Bond On Set Filming Casino Royale HC
Stargate SG-1 The Ultimate Visual Guide HC With DVD
DR Masters Productions
Iron Wok Jan GN #20
SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos Vol 5 TP
Stray Little Devil Vol 2 GN
Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness Vol 3 Army Of Darkness vs Re-Animator TP
Red Sonja Vol 1 TP
Scout Vol 1 TP
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear HC
Harper Collins
Art Of Discworld TP
Iberian Press
Samurai Elf Set Apart Book 1 GN
Ice Kunion
11th Cat Vol 4 GN
Antique Gift Shop Vol 3 GN
One Thousand And One Nights Vol 3 GN
Penguin Putnam
Casino Royale TP
Little Nemo Complete Works HC New Ptg
Top Shelf Productions
From Hell Limited Edition HC New Printing
From Hell TP New Printing
Lost Girls Dlx Slipcased Ed (MR) - New Printing
other books
75 Years Of Universal Monsters SC
Amazing Spider-Man The Last 20 Years DVD-ROM
John Lennon 18-Inch Talking Action Figure
Voyage to the Bottom of Sea Season 2, Vol. 1
Beavis and Butt-Head - The Mike Judge Collection (Vols. 1-3 + Beavis and Butt-head Do America - Special Collector's Edition)
The Addams Family - Volume One
Saw 2 Uncut Edition
Total Recall Special Edition
An American Haunting (Unrated Edition)
Nightmares & Dreamscapes - From the Stories of Stephen King
Saturday Night Live - The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse
Monster House
Justice League Unlimited: The Complete First Season
Batman Beyond: Season 2

DC Comics
Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2
     Collects Mystery In Space #66-80
Gotham Central: The Quick and The Dead TPB
     Collects Gotham Central #23-25 and #28-31
Essential Spider-Man Vol. 5 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Amazing Spider-Man #90-113
Fantastic Four: First Family TPB
     Collects Fantastic Four: First Family #1-6
Spider-Girl Vol. 7: Betrayed Digest
     Collects Spider-Girl #34-38 and #51
X-Men: The Complete Age Of Apocalypse Epic Book 4 TPB
     Collects Generation Next #4, X-Calibre #4, X-Man #4 and #53-54, Factor X #4, Gambit and The X-Ternals #4, Amazing X-Men #4, Weapon X #4, X-Universe #2, X-Men: Omega, Blink #4, and X-Men: Prime
Incredible Hulk #100
     New story, plus a new 12-page back-up and reprints Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #152 and #300
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here TPB
Go Girl Robots Gone Wild TPB
Eden Volume 5: It's an Endless World! TPB
Rex Mundi Vol. 1: The Guardian of the Temple TPB
Image Comics
Doll and Creature, Vol. 1: Everything Turns Gray TPB
     Presenting For The First Time In Trade Form: The Re-Mastered Full Color Version Of The Cult Classic Series.
Renfield Tale Of Madness TPB
Savage Dragon Vol 2 TPB Spanish
Active Images
Tim Sales Yeah Baby Sketchbook (AA)
A. D. Vision
Little Snow Fairy Sugar Manga Vol 2 TPB
Nge Angelic Days Manga Vol 3 TPB
Aladdin Books
Seadogs SC
To Dance Ballerinas GN HC
To Dance Ballerinas GN SC
Bodega Distribution LLC
Daybreak GN
Last Cry For Help GN
Mourning Star GN
Boom! Studios
Yoshitaka Amano Hero Vol 1 Ltd Ed Sdcc Exclusive HC, $75
Yoshitaka Amano Hero Vol 1 SC
Bud Plant
Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop TPB (AA)
D. E.
Army Of Darkness Movie Adaptation John Bolton TPB (resolicited)
Red Sonja Vs Thulsa Doom TPB
Del Rey
Basilisk Vol 2 GN
Devils Due Publishing
Family Guy Collected Ed TPB
Family Guy Vol 3 GN (of 3)
Dynamic Forces
DF Absolute Kingdom Come HC Double Sgn, $299.99
Fantagraphics Books
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear HC
Gemstone Publishing
Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol 12 TPB
IDW Publishing
Big Book Of Horror TPB
Complete Dick Tracy Vol 1 HC
Complete Jon Sable Freelance Vol 5
Kenzer & Company
KODT Bundle Of Trouble Vol 1 TPB New Printing
KODT Tales From Vault Vol 4
Kolchak Tales Ghost Stories
New Reliable Press
Comic Strip Vol 1 TPB Scarybear & Friends
Panini Publishing LTD
Doctor Who Oblivion TPB
Philomel Books
Alex Rider Stormbreaker GN
Judge Dredd Hunting Party TPB
Nikolai Dante Tsar Wars TPB
Slaine Books Of Invasions Vol 2 Scota & Tara HC
Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
Inverloch Vol 2 GN
Superverse Productions
     Zoom Suit #1 "Armored Legends" Collection The Greatest Artists In Armored Hero History, $99.95
The Armored Legends Editions of Zoom Suit #1 were retailer incentive issues. They were only available to comic shops as a reward for supporting the launch of Zoom Suit #1. These extremely collectable comics are offered here as a set at a special Superverse Direct Price!
     Armored Legend Bob Layton 10x As Rare As Zoom Suit #1
     Armored Legend Bart Sears 20x As Rare As Zoom Suit #1
     Armored Legend Gene Colan 25x As Rare As Zoom Suit #1
     Armored Legend Jim Starlin 50x As Rare As Zoom Suit #1

Top Shelf Productions
Sequential Art Anthology Vol 2 Science TPB
Viper Comics
Daisy Kutter Vol 1 TPB (New Ptg)
other books
Animated Movies Facts Figures & Fun HC, $6
Celebrating Board Games HC, $10
Celebrating Pez HC, $10
Complete Calvin & Hobbes HC (AA), $150
Complete Farside Slipcased Collection (AA), $135
What Would MacGyver Do, $20
Mission Impossible - Ultimate Missions Collection (Mission - Impossible / Mission - Impossible II / Mission - Impossible III)
Kids in the Hall - Complete Season 5
Tales from the Crypt - The Complete Fifth Season
The Hitchhiker, Vol. 3
Speed Racer, Vol. 5
The Super Mario bros. Super Show! Volume 2
The Tarzan Collection Starring Johnny Weissmuller, Vol. 2 (Tarzan Triumphs / Tarzan's Desert Mystery / Tarzan and the Amazons / and the Leopard Woman / and the Huntress / and the Mermaids)
It's a Wonderful Life (60th Anniversary Edition)

DC Comics
Captain Atom: Armageddon TPB
     Collects Captain Atom: Armageddon #1-9
Nightwing: Renegade TPB
     Collects Nightwing #112-117
Marvel Zombies: Spider-Man HC 2nd Ptg
Secret War TPB
     Collects Secret War #1-5 and Secret War: From The Files Of Nick Fury
Punisher: Very Special Holidays TPB
     Collects Punisher: Red X-Mas, Punisher: Bloody Valentine and Punisher: Silent Night
Heroes Reborn: Iron Man TPB
     Collects Iron Man (VOL. 2) #1-12
X-Men Fairy Tales TPB
     Collects X-Men Fairy Tales #1-4
Shanna, The She-Devil TPB
     Collects Shanna, The She-Devil #1-7
Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook
Dark Horse
Museum of Terror Vol. 3 TPB
Trigun Maximum Volume 10 TPB
The Complete Outlaw Nation (MR) TPB
     Originally published by Vertigo from 2000-2002, the 19-issue saga tells the tale of Story Johnson, a 100 year-old semi-deranged amnesiac pulp fiction-writer returning home from 25 years MIA in Vietnam. All Story wants is to recover his missing time and catch up with Johnson Family members. Trouble is, a lot of them have "disappeared," and those that are left have put the blame on him; is a 456-page black & white trade paperback retailing for $16
Antarctic Press
NHS Hawaii Pkt Manga Vol 2 TPB
Black Knight Vol 2 GN
Musashi no. 9 Vol 9
DMP Books
Princess Princess Vol 1 GN
Fanfare / Ponent Mon
Monokuro Kinderbook GN New Ptg
Ice Kunion
Moon Boy Vol 1 GN
Hero Heel GN
Kissing GN
VIZ Media
Beauty Is The Beast Vol 5 TPB
Black Cat Vol 5 TPB
Death Note Vol 8 TPB
Dr Slump Vol 10 TPB
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Vol 5 TPB
Godchild Vol 3 TPB
Hikaru No Go Vol 8 TPB
Hunter X Hunter Vol 11 TPB
Is Vol 10 GN
Kaze Hikaru Vol 3 GN
Knights Of The Zodiac Vol 18 TPB
Prince Of Tennis Vol 16 GN
Skip Beat Vol 3 TPB
Ultimate Muscle Vol 15 GN
Whistle Vol 14 TPB
other books
Anime Encyclopedia Revised & Expanded Ed, $30
Mangaka America SC, $25
The Transformers - The Movie (20th Anniversary Special Edition)
Funtastic Adventures Collection Box Set (Ice Age / Robots / Fern Gully / Once Upon a Rainforest)
Police Squad!
James Bond Ultimate Collection - Vol. 1 (The Man with the Golden Gun / Goldfinger / The World Is Not Enough / Diamonds Are Forever / The Living Daylights)
James Bond Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 (A View to a Kill / Thunderball / Die Another Day / The Spy Who Loved Me / License to Kill)
M*A*S*H - Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection
Cinema Paradiso (Limited Collector's Edition)

DC Comics
Absolute New Frontier
     Featuring new story pages, detailed annotations, alternate sequences and an extensive gallery of sketches, pinups, action figure art and much more!
Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 5 TPB
     Collects Adventures Of Superman #432-435, Action Comics #592-593 and Superman #9-10
Hellblazer: Empathy Is The Enemy TPB
     Collects Hellblazer #216-222
Squadron Supreme Vol. 1: The Pre-War Years Premiere HC
     Collects Squadron Supreme #1-7
Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! Digest
     Collects Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! #1-4
Captain America & The Falcon: Swine by Jack Kirby Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Captain America #206-214 and Annual #3-4
Fury: Peacemaker TPB
     Collects Fury: Peacemaker #1-6
Marvel Westerns HC
     Marvel Westerns: The Two-Gun Kid, Marvel Westerns: Western Legends, Marvel Westerns: Kid Colt and The Arizona Girl, Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns Starring The Black Rider, and The Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files Handbook
Dark Horse
Star Wars: Empire Volume 6: In the Footsteps of Their Fathers TPB
Path of the Assassin Vol. 3: Comparison of a Man TPB
Image Comics
Girls Vol 3 Survival TPB
Outlaw Nation TPB
Scribbler GN
Spawn Armageddon Vol 1 TPB
Waterloo Sunset TPB
Gemstone Publishing
EC Archives Shock Suspenstories Vol 1 HC
      Collects Shock SuperStories #1-6 (1952-1953)
Graphitti Designs
Tales From The Clerks TPB
     Collects the contents from the Clerks, Chasing Dogma and Bluntman & Chronic books together with one new story and a 15-page, never before reprinted story. $30
AC Comics
Men Of Mystery Champions Collection Vol 1 TPB
Archie Comic Publications
Sabrina Vol 1 Magic Revisited TPB
Bandai Entertainment Inc.
Eureka Seven Vol 3 GN
Del Rey
Train Man Vol 1 GN
Drawn & Quarterly
Moomin Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip Vol 1 HC
Fantagraphics Books
Luba Three Daughters TPB
Ice Kunion
Chocolat Vol 4
Freak Vol 2 GN
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo Vol 3 GN (resolicited)
Legend Vol 1 GN
Nancy Drew GN Vol 7 Charmed bracelet SC
Pure Imagination Publishing
Jack Cole Reader Vol 1 TPB (resolicited)
I Am The Law Judge Dredd Omnibus
Rosen Publishing Group
Creation Of Captain America HC
Creation Of Iron Man HC
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 10 TPB
Princess Mononoke Film Comic Vol 3 GN
Princess Mononoke Film Comic Vol 4 GN
Ranma 1/2 Vol 36 TPB
other books
Spider-Man Handbook TPB, $16
Star Trek Voyages Of Imagination SC, $21
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume Four
DuckTales - Volume Two
Family Guy, Vol. 4 (Season 4: Part 2)
King Kong (3 Disc Deluxe Extended Edition)
Forbidden Planet (Ultimate Collector's Edition)
Quantum Leap - The Complete Fifth Season
Masters of Horror - John Mcnaughton - Haeckel's Tale
Adventures of Superman: The Complete 5th & 6th Seasons
Adventures of Superman: Seasons 1-6 4-pack
Lois & Clark: The Complete Fourth Season
Lois & Clark: The Complete Seasons 1-4 4-pack

DC Comics
Batman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 5
     Collects Batman #17-20
Showcase Presents: The Unknown Soldier Vol. 1
     Collects Unknown Soldier stories from Star Spangled War Stories #151-188, 560 pages B&W
Superman/Batman Vol. 3: Absolute Power TPB
     Collects Superman/Batman #14-18
Swamp Thing: Infernal Triangles TPB
     Collects Swamp Thing #77-81, Swamp Thing Annual #3
Y: The Last Man Vol. 8 - Kimono Dragons TPB
     Collects Y: The Last Man #43-48
Young Magician Vol. 6
Gals Vol. 8
Essential Captain America Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects Captain America #127-156
Captain America: Red Menace Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Captain America #18-21
Heroes Reborn: Captain America TPB
     Collects Captain America (Vol. 2) #1-12
Marvel Holiday Digest
     Collects Marvel Holiday Special 2004-2005, Plus Classic Yuletide Yarns From Marvel Team-Up #1 (1971) & Uncanny X-Men #143 (1980}
New X-Men Omnibus
     Collects New X-Men #114-154 and Annual 2001; 992 pages, $100
Dark Horse
Gungrave Archive TPB
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 1
     Collects Sonic The Hedgehog #1-4
Blab! 17
Comics Journal Library Vol 7 Harvey Kurtzman TPB, $20
Hank Ketchams Complete Dennis The Menace 1955-1956 HC $25
Arcana Studio
100 Girls Vol 2 TPB (resolicited)
Checker Book Publishing Group
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon Vol 6 HC
D. E.
Army Of Darkness Coll HC
Army Of Darkness Vol 4 Old School TPB
Monster War TPB
Drawn & Quarterly
Dont Go Where I Cant Follow GN
Lucky HC
Moomin Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip Vol 1 HC
Gemstone Publishing
Mickey And The Gang Classic Stories In Verse Ltd HC, $150
IDW Publishing
Remains TPB
Image Comics
Looking Glass Wars Soundtrack CD, $15
Komikwerks LLC
Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree Vol 1 HC
Last Gasp
Tintin & Snowy Activity Book Vol 1 SC
Lost In The Dark Press
Video Collected Ed TPB
Olympian Publishing
Union Of Hope & Sadness Art Of Gail Potocki HC, $50
Sterling Publishing
Asterix And The Falling Sky SC
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (50th Birthday Deluxe Remastered Edition)
Ice Age / Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - (DVD 2-Pack)
Star Trek: The Animated Series
Seinfeld - Season 7
World Series 2006: Tigers vs. Cardinals
The Punisher (Extended Cut)

DC Comics
Green Lantern: Revenge Of The Green Lanterns HC
     Collects Green Lantern #7-13
Ex Machina Vol. 4: March To War TPB
     Collects Ex Machina #17-20 and Ex Machina Special #1-2
Empty Empire Vol. 2
Marvel Masterworks (Variant #69): The Mighty Thor Vol. 5
     Collecting Thor (Vol. 1) #131-140 & Annual #2
Essential Man-Thing Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Savage Tales #1, Astonishing Tales #12-13, Adventure Into Fear #10-19, Man-Thing #1-14, Giant-Size Man-Thing #1-2, and Monsters Unleashed #5 and #8-9
Avengers: Galactic Storm Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Iron Man #279, Thor #446, Captain America #400-401, Avengers West Coast #82, Quasar #34-35, Wonder Man #9, Avengers #347 and What-If #55-56
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 4: Cosmic Threats Digest
     Collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #13-16
Punisher Max Vol. 6: Barracuda TPB
     Collects Punisher #31-36
Marvel Milestones: Onslaught
Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Clan
     The heat never lets up in this all-new, double-sized thrill ride from C.B. Cebulski and Skottie Young! With reprints of Spider-Man 2099 #3, Spider-Man #252 and Marvel Shadows & Light #2 "The Date".
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Book Of Monsters HC
Emily The Strange Vol 1 TPB
Goon Wicked Inclinations Vol 5 TPB
Vampire Hunter D Vol 6 Pilgrimage of the Sacred & Profane Novel
Oh My Goddess vol 3 TPB
Art of brian Bolland HC and HC Signed Edition
Noble Causes Vol 6 Hidden Agendas TPB
E.C. Segar's Popeye Vol. 1 - I Yam What I Yam
     Fantagraphics’ Popeye will collect the complete run of Segar’s Thimble Theatre comic strip (dailies and color Sundays) featuring Popeye
Interiorae Vol. 2 (Ignatz Series)
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear
     Let Us Be Perfectly Clear is a collection of Paul Hornschemeier’s full color short stories and shows off his playful experimental side and his protean stylistic verve.
Swamp Preacher
ONI Press
Shenanigans GN
Antarctic Press
Killbox Pkt Manga Vol 1 GN
Big Bang Inc
Ragmop TPB
Black Coat Press
Black Coats Invisible Weapon
Bud Plant
Art Of Polar Express HC
Elric Of Melnibone GN
Checker Book Publishing Group
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1953 TPB (Volume 7)
Del Rey
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Book 3 Tempest
Digital Manga Distribution
J Boy GN
DK Publishing Co.
Bond On Set Casino Royale HC
CSI Crime Scene Investigation Ultimate Guide HC
Happy Feet Essential Guide HC
Stargate SG1 Ultimate Visual Guide HC
Drawn & Quarterly
Acme Novelty Library Vol 17 HC
Dr Masters Publications Inc
Stray Little Devil Vol 3 GN
Dynamic Forces
DF George Perez Storyteller First 30 Years HC
Evil Twin Comics
Action Philosophers Vol 1 Giant Sized Thing TPB
Gemstone Publishing
Donald Duck Adventures Vol 21 TPB
Heavy Metal Magazine
Ulysses HC
ICCC Media Incorporated
Vatican City Las Vegas GN
IDW Publishing
Angel Scriptbook Vol 1 TPB
Sencilla Finale SC
Transformers Infilitration Manga Vol 1 TPB
Krause Publications
CBG 2007 Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide 13th Ed TPB
Drawing & Painting Fantasy Worlds
Girl To Grrrl Manga How To Draw Hottest Shoujo Manga
Kolchak Night Stalker Bare Bones Sgn Ed
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 3 Borden Tragedy
Ozone Productions
Bettie Page By Olivia Bettie Page & Olivia Sgn HC, $250
Penny Farthing Press
Decoy Menagerie Vol 1 GN
Decoy Menagerie Vol 2 GN
Pocket Books
Degrassi Extra Credit Vol 1 Turning Japanese GN
John Constantine Hellblazer Subterranean
Star Trek Corps Of Engineers Aftermath TPB
Star Trek Crucible Spock Fire And The Rose
Star Trek Rihannsu Empty Chair
Putnam Publishing Group
Age Of Conan Hyborian Adv Vol 3 Silent Enemy
Riverhead Hardcover
Gorilaz Rise Of The Ogre
Simply Read Books
Steam Park GN
Superman Returns
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection - 8-disc boxed set
     The set will include the 4-disc Superman: The Movie - Special Edition, the 2-disc Superman II: Special Edition, the single-disc Superman III: Deluxe Edition and Superman IV: Deluxe Edition; all are available separately
The Superman Collection, The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition Box Set - 14-disc boxed set
The Superman Serials (the 1948 and 1950 editions, starring Kirk Alyn)
Krypto: The Superdog - Volume Two
Justice League Unlimited: Season One

DC Comics
The Spirit Archives Vol. 20
     Collects Spirit Stories from January 1-July 2, 1950
Showcase Presents: Shazam Vol. 1
     Collects Shazam #1-35 - but not the Isis story from #25
Sachs & Violens TPB
Wraithborn TBP
     Collecting the 6-issue limited-series
Pieces of a Spiral Vol. 6
Essential Defenders Vol. 2 TPB
     Collects Defenders #15-39 and Giant-Size Defenders #1-5
Runaways Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Runaways (Vol. 2) #1-12 and the Runaways/X-Men Team-up from Free Comic Book Day 2006
New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects New X-Men #28-31
Star brand Classic Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Star brand #1-7
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 4 TPB
     Collects Marvel Comics Presents #62-71
What If? Classic Vol. 3 TPB
     Collects What If? #14-15 and #17-20
Dark Horse
Berserk Volume 15 TPB
Old Boy Volume 3
Conan: Book Of Thoth
King Kong
     One of the biggest motion pictures events of all time explodes off the comics page in this epic adaptation of Peter Jackson's King Kong! Director Carl Denham has one chance to make the film of his dreams - hire an unknown actress, kidnap his writer, and board a tramp freighter for the mysterious Island of the Skull. But when hostile natives capture actress Ann Darrow, Denham and his crew will face horrors from giant spiders to bloodthirsty dinosaurs to get her back. Yet, nothing can prepare them for the revelation of the mighty wonder in whose clutches Ann truly remains-King Kong!
Cowboys & Aliens TPB
Witchblade Compendium Ed TPB, $60
Werewolf Apocalypse Fang And Claw Vol 2 Special Holiday Sale, $8
World Of Darkness Compendium Vol 1 TPB Special Holiday Sale, $5
Silencers TPB
Twomorrows Publishing
All Star Companion Vol 2 TPB, $25
Modern Masters Vol 9 Mike Wieringo SC, $15
AC Comics
Men Of Mystery Monster Collection Vol 1 TPB, $25
Checker Boob Publishing
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1952 TPB
Trouble With Girls TPB
Winsor Mccay Editorial Works Vol 1 HC
Chronicle Books
Star Wars Chronicles II The Prequels HC $150
Star Wars Poster Book HC $50
Compass Books
Wisdom From The Batcave How To Live Super Heroic Life TPB, $14
D. E.
Red Sonja Vol 1 HC Sgn, $25
Drawn & Quarterly
Curses HC
Dynamic Forces
Infinite Crisis HC Sgn, $90
Illustrated History Of Union County TPB
Treasury Victorian Murder Vol 8 Madeleine Smith SC and HC
Hardy Boys GN Vol 7 Opposite Numbers SC and HC
Totally Spies Vol 3 Evil Jerry GN
Taschen America
Best Movies Of The 70s TPB, $13
UDon Entertainment
GI Joe Vs Transformers Vol 3 Ltd Var Set, $50
Animaniacs: Volume 2
Animaniacs: Volumes 1 & 2 2-pack
Pinky and the brain: Volume 2
Pinky and the brain: Volumes 1 & 2 2-pack
Dungeons & Dragons: Complete Series

DC Comics
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
     Collects Superman (First Series) #130, #132, #141, #167, #233, #400, and Superman (Second Series) #2 and Adventures of Superman #500 and #638
New Teen Titans, The: Terra Incognito TPB
     New Printing/Collects New Teen Titans #28-34 and New Teen Titans Annual #2
Emma Vol. 2
Marvel Masterworks (Variant #70): The Avengers Vol. 6
     Collects Avengers (Vol. 1) #51-58, Annual #2 & X-Men (Vol. 1) #45
Punisher MAX: From First To Last HC
     Collects Punisher: The Tyger, Punisher: The Cell, Punisher: The End
Supreme Power Vol. 2 HC
     Collects Supreme Power #13-18 and Supreme Power: Hyperion #1-5
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Update 89 Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects Offical Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Update ‘89 #1-8
Heroes Reborn: Avengers TPB
     Collects Avengers (Vol. 2) #1-12
Wolverine: Origins & Endings TPB
     Collects Wolverine #36-40
Universe X Book 1 TPB (New Printing)
     Collects Universe X #0-7, Universe X: 4, Universe X: Spidey and Universe X: Cap
Dark Horse
Crying Freeman Volume 4
Mail Vol 1 TPB
Frank Cho Women Selected Drawings & Illustrations TPB
Portent Vol 1 TPB
Sea Of Red No Grave But The Sea Vol 1 TPB New Ptg
Sea Of Red Vol 3 Deadlights TPB
Fruits Basket Vol. 15 GN
Wildside Press
Secret Life SC
Top Shelf Productions
Lone Racer
A. D. Vision
Anne Freaks Manga Vol 4 TPB
Allworth Press
Teaching Illustration TPB
Basement Comics / Amryl Entertainment
Mike Hoffman Odyssey My Travels In Fantasy Art Book
Checker Book Publishing Group
Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend The Saturdays HC
Lucky Luke Dalton City TPB
Yakari And The Grizzly TPB
Collector's Press
Incredible Pulps Gallery Of Fiction Magazine Art TPB
Jeepers Peepers Gallery Of American Pin Up Art TPB
DK Publishing Co.
Ghost Rider Visual Guide (resolicited)
Marvel Ultimate Sticker Collection TPB
Rocky Ultimate Guide
Drawn & Quarterly
Curses HC
Hardy Boys GN Vol 7 Opposite Numbers SC
Totally Spies Vol 3 Evil Jerry GN
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol 5 TPB
Telos Publishing LTD
Dr Who Talkback Unofficial Interview Book TPB
Titan Publishing
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 9 TPB
STNG Comics Classics Vol 2 Battle Within TPB
Vanguard Productions
Bucky O Hare and The Toad Menace GN
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Four-Disc Extended Edition)
James Bond Ultimate Edition Vol. 3 (Goldeneye / Live and Let Die / For Your Eyes Only / From Russia With Love / On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
James Bond Ultimate Edition Vol. 4 (Dr. No / You Only Live Twice / Octopussy / Tomorrow Never Dies / Moonraker)

DC Comics
The Justice League Of America Hereby Elects TPB
     Collects Justice League Of America #4, # 75, #105-106, #146, #161 and #173-174
Superman: For Tomorrow - Volume 2 TPB
     Collects Superman #210-215
Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis: Once & Future TPB
     Collects Aquaman #40-45
Albion TPB
     Collects the acclaimed ALBION limited-series #1-6
Moon Child Vol. 5
Tenjho Tenge Vol. 11
Fables Vol. 8: Wolves TBP
     Collects Fables #48-51
Wolverine By Claremont and Miller Volume 3 Premiere HC and Variant HC
     Collects Wolverine #1-4, plus Uncanny X-Men # 172-172
Avengers Disassembled HC
     Collects Avengers #500-503 and the Avengers Finale
Daredevil Father HC
     Collects Daredevil Father #1-6. plus never before seen extras!
Thor: Blood Oath TPB
     Collects Thor: Blood Oath #1-6
The Hedge Knight Premiere HC
Dark Horse
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Volume 2
The Darkness Compendium Edition
     Written by Garth Ennis and Paul Jenkins, art by Marc Silvestri and Joe Benitez. There's nothing like going back to the beginning and reading it all over again-- issue #1-40, plus the complete run of the Tales of the Darkness series collected into one trade paperback. See how the Darkness first appeared and threw Jackie into the chaotic world of the supernatural. Get the first appearances of The Magdalena and more! 1,248 pages, $49.99.
Deadworld Requiem For The World TPB
Magdalena Vol 1 TPB
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz GN
Archie Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 2
     Collects Sonic The Hedgehog #5-8
Alphabetical Ballad Of Carnality A Blab Storybook HC
Krazy & Ignatz 1937-1938 Shifting Sands Dusts Cheek Powdered
Mome Vol 6 GN
New Adventures Of Jesus The Second Coming GN
Peculia & The Groon Grove Vampires GN
Peculia GN
Terrible Thompson GN
Ape Entertainment
Athena Voltaire Collection Web Comics TPB
Black Coat Call To Arms TPB
Arcana Studio
Dark Horrors Anthology Vol 1 GN
Atlantis Studios
Librarian Return To King Solomons Mines GN
BBC Books
Doctor Who Inside Story HC
Big Wow Art
Dan breretons Drop Dead Girl & Other Drawings SC
Blurred Books
Blurred Vision Vol 2 GN
Checker Book Publishing Group
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon Vol 7 HC
Trouble With Girls Vol 2 TPB
Lucky Luke Jesse James TPB
Crusade Entertainment
Definitive Shi Essential Warrior Vol 1 Remarked Ed TPB (Of 3), $35
Drawn & Quarterly
Paul Moves Out HC (AA), $20 Walt & Skeezix Vol 1 HC (AA), $30
Dynamic Forces
DF George Perez Storyteller First 30 Years HC Sgn, $50
Evil Twin Comics
Action Philosophers Vol 2 Giant Sized Thing TPB
Heavy Metal Magazine
Conceptions By Luis Royo HC
Conceptions #2 HC By Luis Royo
Luis Royo Conceptions Vol 3 HC
Independent Publisher Group
James Bond In The 21St Century Why We Still Need 007
Masters Of The Comic Book Universe Revealed SC
Modesty Blaise Cobra Trap MMPB
Modesty Blaise Taste For Death MMPB
So Say We All Thoughts Opinions On Battlestar Galactica
The Simpsons - The Complete Ninth Season
My Super Ex-Girlfriend

DC Comics
Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter TPB
     Collects DC Super Stars #17, Batman Family #18-20, and Wonder Woman #271-287, #289-290 and #294-295
The Blue Beetle: Shellshocked TPB
     Collects The Blue Beetle #1-6
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol. 3
Seimaden Vol. 7
100 Bullets Vol. 10: Decayed TPB
     Collects 100 Bullets #68-75
Marvel Masterworks (Variant #71): Golden Age All-Winners Vol. 2
     Collects All-Winners Comics #5-8
Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom Premiere HC
     Collects Moon Knight #1-6
Captain America and The Falcon: Nomad TPB
     Collects Captain America and The Falcon #177-186
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 2: The New Girl Digest
     Collects Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #6-10
X-Men: Deadly Genesis TPB
     Collects X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6
Dark Horse
BPRD Universal Machine TPB
Frank Miller 300 Art Of Making 300 TPB
Oh My Goddess Vol 24 Rtl TPB
Path Of The Assassin Vol 4 TPB
Star Wars Empire Wrong Side of the War Vol 7 TPB
Savage Dragon Archives Vol 1 TPB
Tomb Raider Compendium TPB, $60
The Portent, Vol. 1 TPB
     Collects The Portent #1-4
A. D. Vision
Cromartie High School Manga Vol 9 TPB
Anarchy Studios/Harris Comics
Vampirella Blood Lust TPB
Antarctic Press
AP How To Draw Ninjas & Samurai Supersize SC
Archaia Studios Press
Artesia Vol 1 Ltd Ed HC
Ballantine Books
Flight Vol 3 GN
brighter Child Interactive
Marvel Heroes Mix & Match Storybook
My First Marvel Super Heroes Factbook
Chronicle Books
Star Wars Chronicles Deluxe HC (AA) $150
Digital Manga Distribution
Enchanter Vol 2 GN
Project X Seven Eleven GN
Galactic Books
50 Years of Hammer Horror SC
Hand Book Press
Virtual Pose Duo HC W/ CD
IDW Publishing
Transformers Evolutions Hearts Of Steel TPB
Mad Norwegian Press
Dusted Unauthorized Guide To Buffy Vampire Slayer TPB (AA)
Night Driver GN
Glacial Period GN
Mister I Vol 1 HC
Mr O Vol 1 HC (AA)
Penny Farthing Press
Captain Gravity and the Power of the Vril
Pocket Books
Fantastic Four Baxter Effect MMPB
Star Trek New Frontier Missing In Action MMPB
Putnam Publishing Group
Marilyn Encyclopedia TPB
Sagramanda HC
St. Martins Press
Conan Chronicles Vol 1 Robert Jordan TPB
3 Finger Publications
3 Geeks Jims Jerky Dis