CCL Podcast #65 – Eye am back!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #65
50,686Kb; 43m 14s

Hey everyone, I´m back and with a new cornea! To learn more about keratoconus you can visit The National Keratoconus Foundation. Thanks to all of you who sent in your kind e-mails, it really means a lot.
On today´s long show, I go over the Graphic Novel Sales Charts for March, the
Eisner Nominations, solicitations for DC and Marvel and I catch up on a ton of e-mail and voice mail.
Don´t fret, you guys know that the show usually isn’t this long. It just so happens that a ton of news and info came flooding down the pipe all in the same week. I´ll be back next week with a shorter show. I may even try to do a quick review of something.

Links to note:
Comics Sales Charts
Frank Miller interview

In the USA…
Great new books from In Stock Trades
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Marvel titles for July
Image titles for July
DC titles for August

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Essential Wolverine Vol 4 TPB
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Marvel Masterworks Captain America Volume 3
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The Cobbler’s Monster
Witchblade Compendium

CCL Podcast #64 – Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks review

Collected Comics Library Podcast #64
38,224Kb; 32m 36s

Not too much to go over in this podcast. Just a nice review of the Ant-Man/Giant Man Masterworks. I hope you like it.

Be sure to check out my auctions on eBay. I have a few more books that didn’t from last week, relisted.
I also give an update on the Trade Secrets Podcast.

In the USA…great new books from In Stock Trades In the UK and Europe
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Superman Archives Vol 7 HC
Tourist GN (MR)
Vs (Versus) Vol 1
X-23 Innocence Lost TPB
X-Men Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Book 3 TPB
Young Avengers Vol 1 Sidekicks TPB
Freak Show TPB
Gremlins by Roald Dahl
Nexus Archives Volume 4
Writing for Comics with Peter David
Silk Road to Ruin HC by Ted Rall
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In the Hands of Boys 1 by Melody Nadia Shickley
Showcase Presents Elongated Man Volume 1
Authority/Lobo Holiday Hell
Batgirl Destructions Daughter
Exterminators Volume 1 Bug Brothers
Wonder Woman Destiny Calling
Fantastic Four/Iron man Big Japan
Punisher vs Bullseye
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Uncanny X-Men New Age Volume 4 End of Greys
Cancer Vixen HC
The Drowners
Star Trek Manga

CCL Podcast #63 – A Second CCL Podcast Announcement

Collected Comics Library Podcast #63
45,827Kb; 39m 06s

Another long show today. The e-mail segment is really taking the bulk of the show, which is great. I like answering your questions and comments. If it gets too big, I may have to devote one show a month for e-mails only. Thanks to Aaron from SciFiDig for the voice mail.
Be sure to check out the Gangsta Punisher Army Podcast. Three of them are up and if you are a Punisher fan, this Podcast ought to be in your catcher. Thanks to Adam at The Punisher Archive fansite!
Be sure to check out my auctions on eBay. I have lots of good books and I´ll be putting up more in the weeks and months to come. And while I was sifting through what to put up, I came across some books that I have multiple copies of abd I decided to give them away to you. But you have to listen to the show to find out what and how to get them. One book per customer, please.
I also go over my new Podcast: Trade Secrets. I give you all the information and what to expect from it. Look for Episode 1 featuring ArmorQuest TPB by Ben Avery and Sherwin Schwartzrock from Alias Comics soon! Read the Press Release from Buzzscope
I´ll be back next week with a review of the Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks

In the USA
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In the UK and Europe
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Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol 2 HC Var Ed HC
New Avengers Vol 3 Secrets & Lies Premiere HC
Nightwing Mobbed Up TPB
Pacify Gn
Sea Of Red Vol 2 No Quarter TPB (MR)
Spawn Manga Vol 3 TPB
Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 8 Last Siege Final Truth
Tarzan The Joe Kubert Years Vol 2 HC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives Vol 18 HC
X-Men Colossus Bloodline TPB
X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga TPB NP
Astro Gn
Challengers Of The Unknown Stolen Moments Borrowed Time TPB
Cipher Vol 3
Essential X-Men Vol 7 TPB
Ex Machina Vol 3 Fact V. Fiction TPB (MR)
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Octopus Girl Vol 1 TPB (MR)
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IDW for July
Batman Chronicles Volume 2
Lucifer Volume 10: Morningstar
Silent Dragon
Superman Returns: the Movie and More Tales of the Man of Steel
Wonder Woman: Mission´s End
Eternals by Jack Kirby HC
Essential Fantastic Four Volume 5
Uncanny X-Men The New Age Volume 4: End of Greys
Black Widow Things They Say About Her
NYX: Wannabe
30 Days of Night: Three Tales
B.P.R.D. The Black Flame
Bec and Kawl: Bloody Students
Slaine: The Books of Invasions Volume 2 – Scota and Tara

CCL Podcast #62 – The Hawk, The Spider and the Man of Steel

Collected Comics Library Podcast #62
43,472Kb; 37m 05s

I´ve made the move to my new house! I now have my owm little podcast studio that I set up in the basement. With this in mind, I have some very cool plans for the podcast coming very soon!
This week I comment on the GA Hawkman update, Detroit Podcasters meet-up and I was interviewed by Comic Book Bin from Montreal!
I´ve had a wonderful response from the comment line and I share a few calls with you.
The feature for this show is the Krypton Companion which is scheduled for a July release. Lastly, I read the Panini/Marvel Press Release via Newsarama regarding their latest joint agreement which includes a brand new collected edition of the Lee/Romita Spider-Man newspaper run from 1977-1980 run.
Very cool!
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