CCL Podcast #63 – A Second CCL Podcast Announcement

Collected Comics Library Podcast #63
45,827Kb; 39m 06s

Another long show today. The e-mail segment is really taking the bulk of the show, which is great. I like answering your questions and comments. If it gets too big, I may have to devote one show a month for e-mails only. Thanks to Aaron from SciFiDig for the voice mail.
Be sure to check out the Gangsta Punisher Army Podcast. Three of them are up and if you are a Punisher fan, this Podcast ought to be in your catcher. Thanks to Adam at The Punisher Archive fansite!
Be sure to check out my auctions on eBay. I have lots of good books and I´ll be putting up more in the weeks and months to come. And while I was sifting through what to put up, I came across some books that I have multiple copies of abd I decided to give them away to you. But you have to listen to the show to find out what and how to get them. One book per customer, please.
I also go over my new Podcast: Trade Secrets. I give you all the information and what to expect from it. Look for Episode 1 featuring ArmorQuest TPB by Ben Avery and Sherwin Schwartzrock from Alias Comics soon! Read the Press Release from Buzzscope
I´ll be back next week with a review of the Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks

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Essential Nova Vol 1 TPB
George Romeros Land Of The Dead TPB (MR)
Hellblazer Lady Constantine TPB (MR)
Infinity War TPB
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IDW for July
Batman Chronicles Volume 2
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NYX: Wannabe
30 Days of Night: Three Tales
B.P.R.D. The Black Flame
Bec and Kawl: Bloody Students
Slaine: The Books of Invasions Volume 2 – Scota and Tara

CCL Podcast #62 – The Hawk, The Spider and the Man of Steel

Collected Comics Library Podcast #62
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I´ve made the move to my new house! I now have my owm little podcast studio that I set up in the basement. With this in mind, I have some very cool plans for the podcast coming very soon!
This week I comment on the GA Hawkman update, Detroit Podcasters meet-up and I was interviewed by Comic Book Bin from Montreal!
I´ve had a wonderful response from the comment line and I share a few calls with you.
The feature for this show is the Krypton Companion which is scheduled for a July release. Lastly, I read the Panini/Marvel Press Release via Newsarama regarding their latest joint agreement which includes a brand new collected edition of the Lee/Romita Spider-Man newspaper run from 1977-1980 run.
Very cool!
Weekly Anime Review Podcast

CCL Podcast #61 – I Surfer

Collected Comics Library Podcast #61

35,236Kb; 30m 03s

Wow! What great feedback on Absolute Dark Knight! Thanks for all of your e-mails and thanks to Peter from Comic Geek Speak for his audio comment. And speaking of audio comments, I now have and comment line, please fee free to leave me a voicemail and I´ll play it on the podcast. 206-350-2225.

I also go over collected editions of the Silver Surfer, which ain´t alot.
Links I mention:
Rob Helmerichs Trade Paperback List

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Shadowplay Vol 1 TPB
Silver Surfer Rebirth Of Thanos TPB
Thor Blood Oath HC
Top 10 The Forty Niners SC (MR)
X-Men Mutant Genesis TPB
Fantagraphics for July
Tokyopop for July
Absolute Dark Knight HC
Hellblazer: All His Engines
Batman: City of Crime
Superman: Infinite Crisis
Testament: Akedah
Best of Spider-Man Volume 5 Hardcover
Fantastic Four by J Michael Straczynski Volume 1
Essential Savage She-Hulk Volume 1
She-Hulk Volume 3: Time Trials
X-Men: Deadly Genesis Premiere Hardcover
Amano: the Tale of the Genji Hardcover Illustrated Novel
Old Boy Volume 1
F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep
Left Bank Gang
Red Diaries

CCL Podcast #60 – Dark Knight, indeed.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #60

45,622 Kb; 38m 55s

Welcome to another edition of the CCL! I want to let all of my UK and European listeners and visitors know that Forbidden Planet International is now a site sponsor! I’ll be adding links to the site and I’ll be talking about any specials that they will be running. For everyone in the USA, don’t fret, In Stock Trades is still a sponsor, too.
Today, I go over solicitations from DC and Marvel for June and July. I also give my 5 cents, not 2 cents, on what is seriously wrong with the upcoming Absolute Dark Knight by Frank Miller. I welcome your comments, good, bad or indifferent, on this topic.
Lastly, here is the link for the protective covers for your Archives, Masterworks and other books, Brodart
Marvel June titles from Forbidden Planet International

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Moon Child Vol 2
Pieces of a Spiral Vol 3
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Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol 1 TPB
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