CCL Podcast #59 – Welcome to the CCL – For the First Time!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #59

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Welcome to everyone who read about me and the Detroit Podcasters Network in the Detroit Free Press!
Take a look around, download a few shows, join me in disscussions over at Comic Geek Speak and feel free to e-mail me anytime. All the links are on the right-hand side.
In #59, I give the absolute final winners for the current contest and I talk about signing books at conventions. I welcome your thoughts on this hot topic.

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Authority Revolution Book Two 2 (MR)
Birds Of Prey Between Dark And Dawn TPB
Cable Deadpool Vol 4 Bosom Buddies TPB
Chikyu Misaki Vol 3
Crying Freeman Vol 1 TPB
Dare Detectives Vol 2 The Royale Treatment TPB
Harlequin Pink Idol Dreams TPB
Incredible Hulk Planet Hulk Prelude TPB
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Monster Collection Vol 5 (MR)
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CCL Podcast #58 – Year One

Collected Comics Library Podcast #58

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It´s the CCL “One Year Later”. Thanks to everyone for the kind e-mails this past week. I would like to thank everyone who has come by this site for so many years and all who have listened to a show. It means so much to me, and I only hope to become better in Year 2.
I think you’ll like this weeks show. I really give out my opinion an a wide arrangement of collected editions and what I would do as far as a releases schedule. I would very much like to receive your comments on this topic.
I also go over the Infinite Crisis Contest I have running. I´m still waiting on a winner from Europe. Take a listen and send me an e-mail, It´s just that simple.
Good luck! and Cheers!

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Arana 3 Night Of The Hunter Digest TPB
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JLA The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
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Nightcrawler The Winding Way TPB
Put The Book Back On Shelf Belle & Sebastian Anthology TPB
Scooby Doo Vol 5 Surfs Up
Scooby Doo Vol 6 Space Fright
Superman Chronicles Vol 1 TPB
Superman The Journey TPB
Swamp Thing Book 3 Healing The Breach TPB (Mr)
Young Magician Vol 3 (Mr)
All Star Archives Vol 0 Hc
Captain America Winter Soldier Vol 1 TPB
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Exiles Vol 12 World Tour Book 1 TPB
Harlequin Violet Holding On To Alex TPB (MR)
JSA Vol 10 Black Vengeance TPB
Night Mary TPB
Secret War HC
Shadow Rock TPB
Squadron Supreme Death Of A Universe TPB
Superman Adventures Vol 3 Last Son Of Krypton
Superman Adventures Vol 4 The Man Of Steel
War Stories Vol 2 TPB (MR)

Next show is…

Just a quick update. I’ve been bogged down with other matters so I won’t be able to put up a show until Wednesday or Thursday.
Still looking for a winner from South America and Europe!

Rawhide Kid Masterworks!

It has been confirmed at the 2006 New York Comic-Con that the Rawhide Kd Masterworks this will be coming out in June 2006.
It’s unknown how big this book will be, it could colect all 16 original issues or be broken up into two volumes like Marvel did with Silver Surfer.
More news from NYC is expected, so stay tuned!