Motor City Comic Con 2006 – Day 2

I’m not going to bore you with the hellish amount of traffic and construction going on in the metro Detroit area, but I will tell you that it took forever to get to the Con. When I got there, I pulled up to pay for my parking. I was at a dead stop, when I decided to pull out my water bottle, which I froze over night, but by now the ice had melted a bit. I untwisted the cap and BOOOM! The bottle exploded in my lap. It scared the hell out me and I let up on the brake and I hit the car which two feet in front of me. My hood flew up and I looked like a total fool. Luckily there was no damage to either car and I didn’t have to exchange any information with the other driver or get the cops involved.

So I get into the Con and I head straight to George Perez’s table to have him sign my two New Teen Titans Archives. When I get to his table he informs the line that he will not be signing anymore books after he is done with the person whom he is signing for at the moment. I was #2 in line. Between last night and now, I am not too pleased. I remind him politely that I was here Friday night with Patrick and he told me to come back Saturday. This must have jogged his memory and he was nice enough to sign the books. I thanked him very much, but he didn’t seem to be in the conversational mood.

I then went over to Martin Nodell to have him sign All-Star Comics Archives Volume 2 and Comics Cavalcade Volume 1. He is such a nice guy and still going strong at the age of 91! Nodell will be at the San Diego Comic Con to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and then he’ll be at Wizard World Chicago in August.

I walked around for much of the show, just looking for reasonably priced older Trades and Hardcovers. I found a few, but nothing really caught my eye. I ended up buying brand new copies of Essential Godzilla for $5 and Legion Archives Volume 7 for $25. Both excellent deals.

At 3:00, I headed over to the Conversation with George Perez. I sat in the front row and I recorded the whole thing with my iRiver, it turned out very well and I will be editing out the pertinent pieces related to this podcast. However, I will be putting up the entire conversation in a special download link. I’ll speak more on that in my next two podcasts.

Later in the day, it turned out to be an unofficial Detroit Podcasters Meet-Up; Mike (Most People Are DJ’s), Derek (Comic Book Noise), Aaron (Weekly Anime Review), Matt (Digital Detroit Radio), and Jasper (Plan Nine Rock Show). By now the show was closing and we all decided to have a few beers at a local bar. Aaron had to go back to Toledo, but we did meet up with Josh and Jason (Podaholics) and Les (Zaldor’s World). We had a great time and we had a few laughs, too.

Then 9:00 comes around and Mike, Jasper, Josh and Jason and I head over to the Official Con After Party at the Doubletree. It turned out to be a total geek fest complete with some yahoo playing with a life sized remote control R2-D2. There were a bunch of celebrities and professionals mingling with fans. I took off around midnight and in conclusion it turned out to be a really fun weekend. I’m glad I didn’t skip it.


Motor City Comic Con 2006 – Day 1

I drive there with my son Patrick (6), It’s his first Con ever and he’s a little nervous as to what he may find. I told him Batman (Adam West) would be there and so would Robin (Burt Ward).
400 cars in the lot at 5:00 and I get an excellent parking spot right by the front door!
I get my pass and I pay for Patrick and we head right for artist alley. On the way I stop and taker a picture of Patrick in front of the Batmobile, Batboat and General Lee.

We go right up to Steranko’s table and I slowly take out my two SHIELD trades, I asked if the dispute is over and he says no. It’s entirely up to Marvel to fix the problems that they are having. He’d be happy to sign anything else I may have, which turned out to be the MCCC program. Nice guy, but I hope he and Marvel can work out their differences someday.

Then we head over to Perez’s table. To my surprise he is all alone and he’s sitting back sketching and drinking a bottle of water. I start to take out my Teen Titans Archives and he tells me that he’ll start signing again at 6:00. I tell him that I’ll be gone at that time (which is true). He tells me, in a smug way, that it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I shook my head and walked away. I know he’s on a break, but no one was around, I’m with my son and I wouldn’t be more than two minutes of his time. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

OK. We then head over to Adam West’s table to have him sign my trade of Batman in the 60’s, in which he wrote the introduction. After 10 minutes in line, we get up to the front and his associate tells me it will be $40 for an autograph. West and I look eye to eye and I say, in no uncertain terms, “No thank you”. Patrick and I turn and walk away.
And I’m out the door.

I’ll be back on Saturday to do some shopping and hopefully talk Marty Nodell and a few others.


2006 Eagle Award Winners

From the in case you missed it file….
The 2006 Eagle Awards were announced and in categories related to this website, winners are:
Favourite Original Graphic Novel
Top Ten: The Forty Niners by Alan Moore and Gene Ha

Favourite Reprint Compilation
Absolute Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
What a nice year it was for Mr. Moore.
Visit the Comics Reporter for a complete list of winners


Absolute New Frontier 82% off at Amazon!

Not sure if it’s a typo or not but Amazon is selling the Absolute New Frontier for $12.99!!!
I ordered my copy

2006 San Diego Comic Con

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. It was announced on the
Comic Geek Speak podcast #137 that I will be attending the 2006 San Diego Comic Con.
I’ve been invited by some of the Cons organizers to be on the newly formed Comics Podcasting panel. I was so surprised when asked and I am truly humbled. Some of the CGS guys will be on it, as well as many others. I hope to get a full confirmed list in the next week or two. I’m not sure what day or when, but I can tell your it will be about an hour and a half long and will be hosted by Mark Evanier.
This will be my first trip to the Con and I hope to meet many new friends in the process. Hope to see you there, too.