CCL Podcast #66 – If it’s Wednesday, there must be some X-Men releases

Collected Comics Library Podcast #66
25,328Kb; 21m 36s

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has sent in your kind words regarding my surgery. It means so much to me to read support from all over the globe.
Not a whole lot to go over today. I read feedback on the The Spirit Archives and the Atomika Trade as well as my Variant Masterworks rant from last week.
I also talk about the Checklists Checklists update and I also have two giveaways and a contest for Justice #1.

Links to note:
Kitaro’s sideshow
The Golden Age of Comics
Weblog of David Price

In the USA…
Great new books from In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet
IDW August titles
Fantagraphics for August
100 Bullets Vol 9 Strychnine Lives TPB (MR)
Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 HC Var
Decimation X-Men The Day After TPBB
Defenders Indefensible Premiere HC
Essential X-Men Vol 4 TPB New Printing
Flash Archives Vol 4 HC
Frank Cho Women Selected Drawings & Illustrations
H G Wells The War Of The Worlds HC
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Vol 3
Kilroy Is Here TPB
Marvel Masterworks X-Men Vol 6 HC Var Ed 61
Marvel Masterworks X-Men Vol 6 New Ed HC
Michael Chabon Presents Of The Escapist Vol 3 TPB
New X-Men Childhoods End Vol 1 TPB
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Vol 5 TPB
Tenryu The Dragon Cycle Vol 5
What If? Mirror Mirror TPB

Avengers Assemble Volume 3 HC
Essential Marvel Team-Up Volume 2
Fantastic Four: Books of Doom Premiere HC
Halo Graphic Novel HC
Exterminators Volume 1: Bug Brothers
Green Arrow: Heading Into the Light
Plastic Man Archives Volume 8 HC
The Spirit Archives Volume 19 HC
Fallen Angel
CSI Case Files: Volume One
Nexus Archives Volume 4 HC
Luba: Three Daughters
New Tales of Old Palomar #1
Because I’m the Goddess 1

CCL Podcast #65 – Eye am back!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #65
50,686Kb; 43m 14s

Hey everyone, I´m back and with a new cornea! To learn more about keratoconus you can visit The National Keratoconus Foundation. Thanks to all of you who sent in your kind e-mails, it really means a lot.
On today´s long show, I go over the Graphic Novel Sales Charts for March, the
Eisner Nominations, solicitations for DC and Marvel and I catch up on a ton of e-mail and voice mail.
Don´t fret, you guys know that the show usually isn’t this long. It just so happens that a ton of news and info came flooding down the pipe all in the same week. I´ll be back next week with a shorter show. I may even try to do a quick review of something.

Links to note:
Comics Sales Charts
Frank Miller interview

In the USA…
Great new books from In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet
Marvel titles for July
Image titles for July
DC titles for August

Batman Thrillkiller TPB New Ptg
Coyote Vol 3 TPB
Dracula Asylum Novel
Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol 14 TPB
Essential Wolverine Vol 4 TPB
Fantastic Four Visionaries George Perez Vol 2 TPB
Green Lantern No Fear HC
Justice League Unlimited Vol 2 Worlds Greatest Heroes TPB
Justice League Unlimited Vol 3 Champions Of Justice TPB
Kikaider Code 02 Vol 3 (MR)
Little Lulu Vol 9 Lucky Lulu TPB
New Mutants Classic Vol 1 TPB
Outsiders Crisis Intervention TPB
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 2 TPB (MR)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 3 TPB (MR)
Spider-Man The Other HC
Superman In The Eighties
Superman Ruin Revealed
X-Men And Power Pack Power Of X Digest TPB
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Absolute Ed Vol 2 Oversized HC

Superman/Batman Collector Set
Doom Patrol Volume 4: Musclebound
Green Lantern: the Greatest Stories Ever Told
Promethea Book Five
Champions Classic Volume 1
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Volume 3: Doom With a View Digest
X-Men: Deadly Genesis Premiere HC
Captain America: Winter Soldier Volume 2 Premiere Hardcover
Bomb Queen Volume 1: Woman of Mass Destruction
Witchblade Compendium Edition
The Last Lonely Saturday
Silent Hill: Dead/Alive
Love Mode Volume 3
Army of Darkness Volume 3: Ash Vs. the Re-animator
Marvel Masterworks Captain America Volume 3
Promethea Book Five
The Cobbler’s Monster
Witchblade Compendium