CCL Podcast #56 – Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

Cancelled Comic CavalcadeCollected Comics Library Podcast #56 – Cancelled Comic Cavalcade
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I´m late but it’s worth the wait. I have a wonderful interview with former writer and production designer Bob Rozakis on the subject of the 2-Volume set Cancelled Comic Cavalcade – a book that is both lost in time and a mythical creature. Plus we disclose what it actually collects. You may be surprised at how much talent is in this thing!

Issue #1

  • Black Lightning #12 (later printed in World’s Finest Comics #260), cover to #13
  • Claw the Unconquered #13 and #14
  • The Deserter #1
  • Doorway to Nightmare #6 (later printed in The Unexpected)
  • Firestorm #6 (later adapted as back-up stories in The Flash)
  • Green Team: Boy Millionaires #1 and #2 (to have followed a try-out in 1st Issue Special #2)

Issue #2

  • Kamandi #60 and #61 “OMAC” back-ups would also appear in Warlord #37-39 (September-November 1980)
  • Prez #5
  • Shade, the Changing Man #9 “The Odd Man” story would appear in Detective Comics #487 (December 1979-January 1980)
  • Showcase #105 featuring Deadman, later printed slightly edited in Adventure Comics #464, #106 The Creeper
  • Secret Society of Super-Villains #16, #17
  • Steel #6, later reprinted with edits in All-Star Squadron #8-9 (April-May 1982)
  • The Vixen #1
  • covers for Army at War #2, Battle Classics #3, Demand Classics #1 and #2, Mister Miracle #26, Ragman #6, Weird Mystery Tales #25 and #26, Western Classics #1 and #2

I also go over news about my upcoming contest, you don´t want to miss that.

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A Crossover, an Update, and a Thank You!

I did another installment of the Comics Crossover Podcast Friday night. Host Bruce from KomicsKast had on myself, Mikel OD from Most People are DJ´s and Derek from Comic Book Noise. We had a great time, and great conversation that I klnow you´ll enjoy.
My interview that I talked about in my last podcast is available to read at Comic Book Network Emag. Thanks again Jazma Online!
Thanks for all the e-mail that I´ve received on my last two shows. It looks like you really enjoyed the Fireside “Chats”.
Don’t forget you can visit my thread on the Comic Geek Speak forums.
I´ll talk to again, Wednesday, when I discuss Curious George, the movie and the Complete collected edition of his original adventures, and Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #55 – DC Comics Fireside

Collected Comics Library Podcast #55

43,372 Kb; 37m 00s

The Superbowl has come and gone. I didn´t get to go, and I´m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Today I go over the three books from the DC Comics Fireside series Heart Throbs, America at War and Mysteries In Space. Two of the books are cool and one is very cheesy, but all are worth picking up for the serious collector.

I also answer some emails and look for my interview on Jazma Online, it should be up on Friday February 10th.


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