EC Archives Announced!!!

Well, the official press release is finally here!
Russ Cochran has announced the brand new editions of the EC Library in full color. “Weird Science Volume One kicks off the series in October with a 212-page hardcover volume collecting the first six issues of the legendary Sci-Fi comics series”! “Star Wars” creator George Lucas will write the introduction for the first volume and Steven Spielberg writing for the second volume, Shock Superstores Volume One will be released in November 2006 and then you can expect Tales from the Crypt Volume One in December 2006 and Two-Fisted Tales Volume One in January 2007, with additional volumes to follow throughout 2007! All volumes are priced at $49.95 and will be available at bookstores and comic book specialty stores. This is truly great news and something that us serious fans of collected editions have been waiting for some time.
Mr. Cochran, himself sent out this letter to the fans of EC Comics,

The first of these books will be out in October with a Foreword by George Lucas, who is an EC fan. The second will be in November with a Foreword from Steven Spielberg, another EC fan. Every attempt has been made to make these new reprints “perfect”. These are high-quality hardcovers, full color, shot from the EC original art with great clarity, and all the inside color has been re-worked and improved. In the original EC comics, because of the primitive way the color separations had to be made, there was only a small number of combinations possible, leading to a limited palette for the finished product. Using modern computer coloring technology, with an infinite range of colors available to the colorist, at last the color does justice to the quality of the artwork and the stories, while still following the spirit of Marie Severin’s colorings.

I think The EC Archives will be the best EC project I have ever done, and probably the last. I invite you to take me up on the great pre publication offer in the mailing and see for yourself. And, finally, don’t worry about the usual “Russ Cochran delays”. These books will be published as scheduled!

Long Live EC!

Time to spend your money wisely!

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Mark Beazley Interviewed At Newsarama

Marvel’s Collected Editions Editor Mark Beazley sits down with Newsarama with a chat about Marvel’s upcoming Marvel Premiere Classic hardcover line. The article also features artwork from Kraven’s Last Hunt and also lets us know that new hardcovers of Origin and Punisher: Circle of Blood are getting the Marvel Premiere Classic treatment, too!

CCL Podcast #77 – DC and Marvel: The Crossovers

Collected Comics Library Podcast #77
27,861Kb; 23m 46s

I actually got out this past week and went to, not one, but two movies! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Chest and Superman Returns. I had more fun at Pirates than Superman, but Patty, my wife, liked Superman better. I guess she adheres herself more to Lois Lane type, then Elizabeth Swan, which is just fine with me.
On this show I go over the various DC and Marvel Crossover Events and a few trades where you can find them. It begs the questions: Is Superman really stronger then Thor? and just who is Wonder Woman’s Marvel counterpart?
Lastly, I run down a few other Podcast and Blog Panels at the 2006 International Comic-Con



Links of note:
Pop Cult On-Line podcast
Comics Talk Café podcast
The Uofficial Comics Crossover Index

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
Great books from Forbidden Planet
Dark Horse for December

Berserk Vol 12 TPB (MR)
Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 TPB New Ptg
Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 TPB
Excalibur Classic Vol 2 Two Edged Sword TPB
Halo Graphic Novel HC (MR)
Iron Man Extremis Premiere HC
Recipe For Gertrude Vol 1
Sloth HC (MR)
Superman Batman Vol 4 Vengeance HC
Swan Vol 7
Teen Titans Go Vol 4 Ready For Action TPB
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 2 HC
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 20 Glimpses Of Death TPB
Walking Dead Vol 1 HC (MR)
Witchblade Vol 11 TPB

Adam Strange Archives Volume 2 HC
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis – Once and Future
Batman: the Dark Knight Archives Volume 5 HC
Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy
Marvel Masterworks Golden Age All-Winners Volume 2
New Avengers Volume 3: Secrets & Lies
New Avengers Volume 4: the Collective Premiere HC
Spider-Girl Presents Fantastic Five: in Search of Doom Digest
Dark Horse Comics: the First Twenty Years Hardcover
Crying Freeman Volume 4
The Darkness Compendium Edition
Popbot Collection
Ai Yori Aoshi Volume 14
Ai Yori Aoshi Complete Works
Abraxas and the Earthman

CCL Podcast #76 – Captain America

Collected Comics Library Podcast #76
39,073Kb; 33m 20s

Happy Independence Day to everyone! With the holiday in mind, I feature Captain America. From the Golden Age, his revival in the Silver Age and up to the events of Civil War, Steve Rogers is the epitome of what it means to be a proud fighting American solider. Teamwork, sacrifice and the belief that good will always triumph over evil has always been his mantra.
From the CCL News Department: the 1930’s Shadow and Doc Savage pulps are going to get reprinted from Anthony Tollin and Nostalgia Ventures.
This weeks New Releases list is loaded with wonderful books from many different companies, I for one, may purchase every single book on the list – yeah, it’s that good.
Thanks to Alex and Don for the voice mails, as well.
So, support the troops and enjoy the show!



Links of note:
The Shadow Fan
Bar Hop Sessions

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
Great books from Forbidden Planet

Batman City of Crime TPB
Black Panther by Jack Kirby Vol 2 TPB
Bprd The Black Flame TPB
Essential Off Handbook Marvel Universe Deluxe Ed Vol 3 TPB
Fables Vol 7 Arabian Nights and Days TPB (MR)
Invincible Vol 2 Ultimate Coll HC
Pete Von Sholly Extremely Weird Stories TPB
Showcase Presents Elongated Man Vol 1 TPB
Superman Returns The Movie & More Tales of the Man of Steel
Superman Returns The Movie Adaptation
Supreme Power Hyperion TPB
Top 10 Beyond The Farthest Precinct TPB
The X-Files: Volume 3 TPB
Queen & Country Vol 1 Broken Ground HC (MR)
Queen & Country Vol 2 Morningstar TPB (MR)
Queen & Country Vol 4 Operation Blackwall TPB (MR)
New Teen Titans Archives Volume 3 HC
Superman Returns: The Prequels
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Elfquest: the Discovery
Essential Thor Volume 3
Fantastic Four: the Life Fantastic
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 Derailed
Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe HC
Marvel Adv Spider-Man Vol. 4 Concrete Jungle
Star Wars: Tag and Bink Were Here
Complete Peanuts 1959-1962 Box Set
Complete Mike Grell’s Jon Sable Freelance Vol 5
Spawn Manga Collection
Tramps Like Us Vol 10
Great British Comics

Three new DC Showcases?

News from the DC Comics panel at Heroes Con 2006, straight from Dan Didio (Vice President – Executive Editor, DC Universe):
DC may collect the original Captain Carrot series as a Showcase collection of there’s enough demand, Didio said, noting that he wanted to collect DC’s old humor title Plop! in the same fashion, if possible.
And continures:
Suicide Squad will be showing up in Checkmate, and plans are being looked at for possible trade collections, as well as the Showcase treatment.

Read the article 1 and article 2 from Newsarama.
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