On the fasttrack: Absolute Long Halloween

Great news, everyone, Tim Sale, himself has, announced over on his Forum the Absolute Long Halloween!!!
Here is the direct quote :
Well folks, its official, there is going to be an official LONG HALLOWEEN, Absolute Edition.
It seems an incredibly long time ago that Jeph and I started work on that book, and it was many, many years before I thought to do preliminary sketches, save scraps of paper with LH scribbles on them, and certainly about a decade before there was any digital archiving of anything that we now consider “extras” when it comes to DVD or ABSOLUTE editions.
We have SOME stuff. Some FUN stuff. Don’t worry about that. But I am writing this to ask if anyone out there has Long Halloween era artwork that we might be able to use. I have much more of the Dark Victory stuff; it’s really the Long Halloween material that’s needed.
Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

He goes on to say…
And yes, of course, the best thing would have been for DC to put out an Absolute edition that included Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Catwoman When In Rome — there would be tons of extra material for that, and tons of fun besides — but that’s not what’s happening, and this is a good thing, so let’s move on.
In their infinite wisdom, DC has put this on the fast track, and we have a tight deadline…

I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about this when the CGS Forums getup and running again. Stay tuned.

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CCL interviewed for the fourth time!

A few weeks ago I was approached for an interview by a website called Bridges. It is a site designed to help students of all ages excel in education, business and life. I want to thank Greg Pratt for thinking so highly of my podcast and what I have to offer. The original interview page can only be accessed by members of the Bridges community, but I have taken liberty to convert the paper into .pdf form.
CCL interview with Bridges.com


Infinite Crisis HC changes

Newsarama has posted all the changes that have been made to the Infinite Crisis HC. Too bad the initial series was rushed. It would have been nice to have the complete story intact as it came out in monthly form.


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CCL Podcast #90 – …with Bruce, Derek and Peter!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #90
45,211Kb; 38m 34s

I put out the call late Tuesday morning that I would be recording a “live” Skype-in show later that afternoon. I have to say that my first attempt was a success!
My thanks go out to Bruce from KomicsKast, Derek from Comic Book Noise, and Peter from Comic Geek Speak. Right off the bat, we talk about the whole
Blankets issue that’s been all over the comics-blogosphere. Absolute Sandman is another topic, as well as Bruce and Derek’s favorite build-a-bookshelf-yourself-superstore: IKEA. Personally, I’d only shop there if the bikini team showed up.
Also, Aziz from Henderson, NV, is the winner of my copy of my Kingdom Come trade. Congratulations!
So if your of age, crack open an Old Milwaukee friends, it’s time for another CCL!

Links of note:
Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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CCL Podcast #89 – Essential Dracula edits and a Kingdom Come TPB giveaway

Collected Comics Library Podcast #89
23,901Kb; 20m 23s

I’m sure everyone will be very interested in what I have to say regarding the Essential Tomb of Dracula edits. Well, perhaps not. As I say in the podcast, I don’t have much to add that’s not already been said.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question of which version of the Universal Monsters DVD’s I should buy. Looks like the Legacy Collections are the ones to start off with first and save the 75th Anniversary ones for a major sale at Best Buy.
Be sure to check out the Forbidden Planet International Blog. Joe has posted some great articles that I go over in the show.
I’m also giving away my own personal and used copy of Kingdom Come. Please listen for details on how to enter and win.
Goodnight now!

Links of note:
The Groovy Age of Horror
Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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In the USA…
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