Marvel/DC Shipping changes

The X-Men Omnibus is not shipping this week, it should be released some time in May. But on the DC side, Flash Archives Volume 4 is shipping early! So run out and get it! Check out the entire Shipping Schedule. Chris

Site Update: Checklists!

I have updated all the Checklists and I have even added a Checklist for DC Showcases Presents and Chronicles trades. Please feel free to send me any updates or corrections. Chris

CCL Podcast #65 – Eye am back!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #65 50,686Kb; 43m 14s Hey everyone, I´m back and with a new cornea! To learn more about keratoconus you can visit The National Keratoconus Foundation. Thanks to all of you who sent in your kind e-mails, it really means a lot. On today´s long show, I go over the Graphic Novel…