PR: Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy

San Diego, CA (September 18, 2006)— Finally, the story that changed how readers perceived the “funny pages” is brought together in a manner worthy of the deep admiration felt by fans the world over. IDW Publishing is proud to present a deluxe hardcover series collectiing Chester Gould’s timeless comic strip, Dick Tracy.

When Gould began Tracy, he saw his strip as a place where morality, headlines and the family could come together for the sake of entertainment. And now, 75 years after the first Tracy strips, IDW re-presents Gould’s massive body of work in its entirety.
The first volume of this multi-year project, due in stores on October 25, 2006, will include the five sample strips that Gould used to sell his groundbreaking strip, as well as over 500 comic strips, encompassing the series’ beginning, from October 1931-May 1933. Among these strips are the first appearance of many long-time Dick Tracy characters, such as Tess Trueheart, Junior, and Chief Brandon. This special first volume features an overview and introduction from Consulting Editor and longtime Tracy writer Max Allan Collins, as well as an interview between Collins and creator Chester Gould. Each volume will feature book design from award-winning designer/artist Ashley Wood.
“The Dick Tracy strip was one of the most popular, influential comics of the 20th Century. Young boys in particular were attracted to Chester Gould’s crafty mix of violence, humor and melodrama. I know, because I was one of them,” said Max Allan Collins, Tracy strip writer from 1977 to 1993, and author of Road to Perdition. “Chester Gould—unaware that he was changing America’s popular culture forever—was simply doing his best to make Mom, Dad and the kids fight over who got to see the paper first… and to make sure that whoever did turned to Tracy first.”
About the new collection, award-winning creator art spiegelman (In The Shadow Of No Towers) provided a cover blurb, an excerpt of which states that “a complete reprinting of all five decades of Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy is a project as mad and quirky as the strip itself! This black and white morality play of Good vs. Evil was famously haunted by its gallery of grotesque and aptly named villains like Mumbles, the Brow and Flattop. Each of their faces was literally a “map,” a map of hell, indicated by the most peculiar configuration of lines the artist could manage. What great cartooning… it’s time to build new bookshelves to welcome one of America’s singular artistic achievements.”
The Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, Vol. 1 (Diamond Order Code AUG063354), the first issue of a bi-annual, 352-page collection, premieres in October 2006 in a 9-1/2” x 7” hardcover-with-dustjacket format with a retail price of $29.99.
About IDW Publishing:
IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients. Among their best-selling titles are Hasbro’s THE TRANSFORMERS; Fox’s ANGEL, Konami’s METAL GEAR SOLID, and FALLEN ANGEL. IDW’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT film is in development and will be released by Sony Pictures in October 2007. IDW has films in development at Dimension Films and Paramount Pictures, as well.

9th Annual DC Archive Survey

Hey CCLers The 9th Annual DC Archive Survey is up and running.
This reader participation analysis of your buying habits and needs and wants has a direct effect on what DC decides to publish the upcoming years.
Organizer David Stepp consistently puts together the most comprehensive survey when it comes to collected editions on the internet.
Results will be available in a few weeks.

DC Comics 2007

The January/February 2007 solicitations for DC Comics came out today. Some of the notables are:
SHOWCASE PRESENTS: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD — THE BATMAN TEAM-UPS VOL. 1 TP collecting The Brave and The Bold #59, #64, #67, #69-71 and #74-87
See the full list of Trades, Hardcovers and Graphic Novels on the FORUM and feel free to discuss. I’ll speak more on this in the next podcast.

CCL Podcast #86 – Brad Meltzer, DC 2007 and X-Men at the Opera

Collected Comics Library Podcast #86
32,638Kb; 27m 50s

The finalists for the Ultimate Collected Editions Contest have been chosen, and they are:
The Complete Rocketeer by Atomic99
Showcase Presents Wonder Woman by Jack Hardin
Superman Illustrated by Neal Adams HC by Master Villain
If you are a registered user of the Forum you may now go and vote for the favorite to win. Deadline to cast your vote is Wednesday, September 20 at 11:59pm (Detroit Time). Please listen to the show for more details. My thanks goes out to all who entered and a special thank you to Scott from Pop Syndicate.

Some major news came down this week from DC regarding a few new books: Absolute WildC.A.T.S., the two volume set of Showcase Presents Who’s Who which will collect the original 26 issues as well as the five issue Who’s Who Update ’87 and the four issue Who’s Who Update ’88. Also announced will be a four volume set of New Gods Omnibus by Jack Kirby. I read the entire article on the podcast, and you can also read along if you wish.
The winners of the 2006 Harvey Awards were also announced this week and I go over a few books that are pertinent to this podcast.
For the feature this week I talk about the life of Identity Crisis writer, Brad Meltzer and his new novel The Book of Fate.
As always I go over the New Releases of the Week.

Links of note:
X-Men Meet the Symphony
Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet

Batman Gotham by Gaslight New Ptg
Doom Patrol Vol 4 Musclebound TPB (MR)
Essential Hulk Vol 4 TPB
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 Derailed TPB
How to Self Publish Comics TPB
Jonah Hex Face Full of Violence TPB
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol 4 Concrete Jungle
New Avengers Vol 4 Collective Premiere HC
Pride of Baghdad HC (MR)
Shazam Family Archives Vol 1 HC
Superman Infinite City SC
Top Cows Best of David Finch TPB
Transformers Infiltration TPB
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Ultimate Collection TPB
Wildcats Nemesis TPB
Wolverine Classic Vol 4 TPB

Stardust Hardcover (new edition)
Green Lantern Archives Volume 6
Superman For Tomorrow Volume 2
Absolute Sandman Volume 1
Heroes Reborn: Captain America
Heroes Reborn: Iron Man
Marvel Westerns HC
Powers Volume 10: Cosmic
Alan Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures
Winsor McCay: The Editorial Works Vol. 1 HC
Chronicles of Conan Volume 11: The Dance of The Skull
Grendel: Devil by The Deed HC
Magdalena Volume 1
Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment Hardcover
Almost Highly Classified Volume 1

CCL Podcast #85 – CCL In The Negative Zone

Collected Comics Library Podcast #85
48,859Kb; 41m 41s

Last week’s Question of the Week prompted me to do a show all about things that are wrong with collected editions and what you would like to see corrected. Thanks to all who wrote in and posted on the forum. I was surprised by many of the inconsistencies and errors that have recently been made in many modern books. Hello? Calling Greg Rucka.
There is also a substantial amount of Press Releases this week and my thanks goes out to Newsarama.
Finally, I do a pseudo-review of Matt Wanger’s Batman and the Monster Men, a reinterpretation of the classic Golden Age Batman vs. Dr. Hugo Strange from Detective Comics #36 (1940), and yes I even have a gripe with it.
As always I go over the New Releases of the Week.


Links of note:
Piracy at Motor City: Dealers Charged Comic Podcast Directory
Daredevil By Frank Miller Omnibus Volume 1 HC
The Legacy Age Podcast
Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet

Batman Face The Face TPB
Essential Incredible Hulk Vol 1 TPB New Ptg
Fantastic Four The Life Fantastic TPB
Gen 13 Who They Are And How They Came To Be TPB
Lions Tigers & Bears Vol 1 New Printing TPB
Museum Of Terror Vol 2 TPB (Mr)
New Avengers Vol 3 Secrets And Lies TPB
New Mangaverse Rings Of Fate Digest TPB
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol 5
Playboy Interviews They Played The Game HC (MR)
Spider-Girl Presents Fantastic Five In Search Doom
Strange Girl Vol 2 Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now TPB
Surrogates Vol 1 TPB
X-Men The End Book 3 Men & X-Men TPB

New Teen Titans: Terra Incognita
The Spirit Archives Volume 20
Superman: Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Essential Man-Thing Volume 1
Fantastic Four: First Family
Fury: Peacemaker
New X-Men Omnibus Hardcover
Art of Making 300
Hellboy Animated Vol. 1 Black Wedding Dress
Transformers: Infiltration Manga
Renfield: A Tale of Madness
The Grave Robber’s Daughter
Blank Volume 1
Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files 01