CCL Podcast #90 – …with Bruce, Derek and Peter!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #90
45,211Kb; 38m 34s

I put out the call late Tuesday morning that I would be recording a “live” Skype-in show later that afternoon. I have to say that my first attempt was a success!
My thanks go out to Bruce from KomicsKast, Derek from Comic Book Noise, and Peter from Comic Geek Speak. Right off the bat, we talk about the whole
Blankets issue that’s been all over the comics-blogosphere. Absolute Sandman is another topic, as well as Bruce and Derek’s favorite build-a-bookshelf-yourself-superstore: IKEA. Personally, I’d only shop there if the bikini team showed up.
Also, Aziz from Henderson, NV, is the winner of my copy of my Kingdom Come trade. Congratulations!
So if your of age, crack open an Old Milwaukee friends, it’s time for another CCL!

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet
Dark Horse March

Absolute Sandman Vol 1 HC (MR)
Ares God of War TPB
Black Harvest Vol 1 TPB
Captain America Winter Soldier Vol 2 TPB
Coffin Art of Vampire Hunter Dlx SC Slipcase Edition
Infinite Crisis Companion TPB
Invincible Vol 7 Threes Company TPB
Liberty Meadows Vol 3 Summer of Love TPB New Ptg
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol 8 HC Var (#67)
Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol 8 New Ed
Spider-Man The Other TPB
Tom Strong Book Six HC
Untouchables TPB
Who Fighter With Heart Of Darkness TPB
Wolverine Enemy of The State Complete Edition HC

JSA Classified: Honor Among Thieves
Justice League of America Hereby Elects…
Majestic Volume 3: The Final Cut
Showcase Presents: Justice League of America Vol 2
Ultimate X-Men Vol 15: Magical
Moon Knight Vol 1: The Bottom Premiere HC
New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 3
Powers: The Definitive Collection Vol 2 HC
Walking Dead Book 2 HC
Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle HC
Transformers: Evolutions – Hearts of Steel
Criminal Macabre: Supernatural Freak Machine
Heart of Empire: Legacy of Luther Arkwright 2nd Ed
Nikolai Dante: Tsar Wars Vol 2
Garth Ennis’ 303

CCL Podcast #89 – Essential Dracula edits and a Kingdom Come TPB giveaway

Collected Comics Library Podcast #89
23,901Kb; 20m 23s

I’m sure everyone will be very interested in what I have to say regarding the Essential Tomb of Dracula edits. Well, perhaps not. As I say in the podcast, I don’t have much to add that’s not already been said.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question of which version of the Universal Monsters DVD’s I should buy. Looks like the Legacy Collections are the ones to start off with first and save the 75th Anniversary ones for a major sale at Best Buy.
Be sure to check out the Forbidden Planet International Blog. Joe has posted some great articles that I go over in the show.
I’m also giving away my own personal and used copy of Kingdom Come. Please listen for details on how to enter and win.
Goodnight now!

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Great books from Forbidden Planet

Art of Vampire Hunter D HC
Complete Popbot Collection TPB (MR)
D3 Gi Joe Sigma 6 Vol 1 TPB
Dr Strange Vs Dracula Montesi Formula TPB
Elfquest The Discovery TPB
Essential X-Men Vol 1 TPB New Ptg
Infinite Crisis HC
Last Planet Standing TPB
Realm of the Claw GN
Rising Stars Vol 3 Fire & Ash TPB (New Ptg)
Spike Vs Dracula TPB
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 7 HC
Ultimate X-Men Vol 14 Phoenix? TPB
Wolverine Origin Premiere HC
Wolverine Origin Premiere HC Var Ed

Batman: Secrets
Fallen Angel Vol 2: Down to Earth
Ion Vol 1: The Torchbearer
JSA Vol 12: Ghost Stories
Heroes Reborn: The Avengers
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol 4
Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol 6
Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema
Living and the Dead
The End #1
Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol 1
World Below
Occult Crimes Taskforce Vol 1
Because I’m the Goddess Vol 2
Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon Vol 6

Marvel speaks!

Marvel’s VP of sales, David Gabriel is interviewed today at Newsarama, by Matt Brady. Many questions are just the basics, Marvel isn’t giving up too much. However, we can expect more Iron Man Masterworks and Essentials in the future. On the other side of the Civil War, Captain America won’t be getting and Premiere Hardcovers anytime soon.
Read the interview

CCL Podcast #88 – Warm & Fuzzy with a cold

Collected Comics Library Podcast #88
36,880Kb; 31m 28s

My apologies right off the bat for the show being a few days late this week. As some of you know, I’ve been a bit under the weather and I also had obligation, which you will hear about, that kept me form recording the past few nights.
In any event it’s done and as Leo would say, “it’s in the can.”
On this week’s show I go over Image and Marvel collected editions for December as well as a full rundown of the upcoming Marvel Essentials. All of these books can be found on the Release Schedule page. Also on the page you will find that all four Checklists have been fully updated. Please feel free download a new copy for your enjoyment. As always please send me any errata.
I do have a new Question of the Week, please use the forum or email for your answers.
For the Feature this week I have finally gotten down to producing my Warm and Fuzzy show with much of your participation. Thank you to everyone who posted or e-mailed me. As for my book it is the JLA/Avengers Slipcase Edition, but I’m sure you’ll be very surprised just what is contained in the book that had me praising both DC and Marvel!
Enjoy, cough, cough,

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Great books from Forbidden Planet

Daredevil Vol 6 HC
Daughters Of The Dragon Samurai Bullets TPB
Deadworld Dead Killer TPB
Enemy Ace Archives Vol 2 HC
Essential Tales Of Zombie TPB (MR)
Essential Thor Vol 3 TPB
Haunt Of Horror Edgar Allan Poe HC (MR)
Jsa Vol 11 Mixed Signals TPB
Justice Vol 1 HC
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 1 TPB (MR)
Losers Endgame TPB (MR)
Otherworld Vol 1 Book One TPB (MR)
Superman Up Up And Away TPB
Thor Eternals Saga Vol 1 TPB
Ultimate Iron Man Vol 1 TPB
Walking Dead Vol 5 Best Defense TPB (MR)

Justice Volume 2
Superman: Camelot Falls HC
Crisis Aftermath: the Battle for Blüdhaven
Doom Patrol Volume 5: Magic Bus
Avengers Disassembled HC
Captain America and the Falcon: Nomad
Essential Defenders Volume 2
Hedge Knight Premiere HC
Dominion: Conflict 1 No More Noise
Nexus Archives Volume 5
Complete Invincible Library Volume 1 HC
Curiously Sinister Art of Jim Flora
Bad Company: Goodbye, Krool World (new edition)
Regards From Serbia
Fathom: the Definitive Edition

CCL Podcast #87 – Upcoming Books, August Market Report, and a little more Meltzer

Collected Comics Library Podcast #87
33,028Kb; 28m 10s

First off my apology to David Stepp, who is hosting the 2007 DC Archive Survey, the audio gave out as I was promoting his survey. It also gave out during my announcements of the December Marvel Solicitations. I I did not catch either glitch until I was done editing this show. I’ll be sure to go over them in the next podcast.
In this week’s installment, I cover two great announcements; the first is Dick Tracy, which you can read the entire Press Release below and the second is Fathom: The Definitive Edition Trade Paperback.
Also, since every podcast on the planet seems to be announcing what they will be watching on TV this year, I decided to join up.
I mentioned on last weeks show that I was going to meet Brad Meltzer at a book signing. I did, and I have some great news for the Collected Comics Library! One thing that Brad mentioned is that he is all done writing the first six issues of Justice League of America and now he enjoying his time on the road with his book tour.
Be sure to post your Warm and Fuzzy feelings about your Collected Editions and any Novels that you recommend by Comic Book Writers, I’ll be mentioning both topics in next week’s podcast.

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Marvel December
Image December
DC Comics January
DC Comics February

Batgirl Destructions Daughter TPB
Batman Chronicles Vol 2 TPB
Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne Vol 6 TPB
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Vol 2 Exile HC
Ghost In The Shell Vol 2 Stand Alone Complex Novel
Gi Joe Vs Transformers Vol 3 Art of War TPB
Godland Vol 2 Another Sunny Delight TPB
Marvel Masterworks Human Torch Vol 1 HC Var Ed 66
Marvel Masterworks Human Torch Vol 1 New Ed HC
Ms Marvel Vol 1 Best of The Best Premiere HC
Perhapanauts TPB
Quitter SC (MR)
Uncanny X-Men New Age Vol 5 First Foursaken TPB
Vampire Hunter D Vol 5 Stuff of Dreams Novel (MR)
X-Men Apocalypse Dracula TPB

Batman: Year One Deluxe
Batman: Year One Hundred
Lucifer Volume 11: Evensong
Manhunter Volume 2: Trial by Fire
Kamandi Archives Volume 2 HC
Avengers: Galactic Storm Volume 2
Punisher Max Volume 6: Barracuda
Punisher: Very Special Holidays
Secret War
Path of the Assassin Volume 5
Heartbreak Soup: The First Volume of “Palomar” Stories
Maggie the Mechanic: The First Volume of “Locas” Stories
Angel: Spotlight
Star Trek Comic Classics; Return of the Worthy
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped