CCL Podcast #92 – Spooky Halloween – Zombies, Batman and The Great Pumpkin

Collected Comics Library Podcast #92
12,192Kb; 26m 00s

It’s that spooky time of year, especially if you live in Detroit! Come on in and grab a scary book!
Tonight, I go over a few of my favorites and a few that I have yet to get, but come highly recommended. I also go over the Universal Monster DVD’s one last time including the Abbott and Costello Monster movies.
There are a few sold out Masterworks to report and two e-mails to go over as well.
So turn down the lights and curl up with a good podcast!
Count Chris

Links of note:
DC Archives Survey Results
1001 graphic novels and comics
The Comic Book Attic podcast

Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades
In the UK and Europe…
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Black Panther Bride TPB
Blankets GN
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Legion of Super Heroes Vol 3 Supergirl
Liberty Meadows Cover Girl HC
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol 1 HC
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales of Suspense Vol 1
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales of Suspense Vol 1 HC (Variant 68)
Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger Vol 1 TPB
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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Battle Pope Vol 3 Pillow Talk
Spawn Vol 3
Chicanos Vol 2
Best of the Harveyville Fun Times!
EC Archives Two-Fisted Tales Vol 1 HC

Trade Secrest Podcast 1, 2, 3 and 4 !!!

Well, here it is! The Trade Secrets Podcast!
I hope it was worth the wait.
As I said on the Forum, three of the interviews you have heard before.

Trade Secrets 1
This is a talk with Eric who is the creator of Marvel Essentials and DC Showcases Yahoo! Group.
It was originally recorded for CCL #43 and uploaded on November 17, 2005.

Trade Secrets 2
This is a talk with former writer and production designer Bob Rozakis on one of the most misunderstood and legendary books: Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.
It was originally recorded for CCL #56 and uploaded on February 19, 2006.

Trade Secrets 3
This is a talk with regular Comic Geek Speak contributor John Mayo. John and I go over the Trade stats for August 2006.
It was originally uploaded, by Executive Producer Bryan Deemer, on October 13, 2006.

And the brand new Trade Secrets 4
This is a talk with Creator and Writer Ben Lichius. Ben’s four issue series The Black Coat, from Ape Entertainment, is being collected this December. It, along with Steve Bryant’s Athena Voltaire, has been Certified Cool in the October Diamond Previews.


CCL Podcast #91 – Baseball, Young Men, Long Halloween and Chevrolet!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #91
33,786Kb; 28m 49s

How’bout them Tigers! As I say on the podcast the whole city is going nuts. Let’s hope they can win the Series!
As you know by now Absolute Long Halloween is on the way, and I talk a bit more about that.
My second podcast, the Trade Secrets Podcast will be debuting this Sunday with episode #4, find out what’s up with that.
This week DC and Marvel released their schedules for January and February and a little bit in March. Some get books from both companies caught my eye, but I’m a bit perplexed as to the Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Volume 1 which collects among other characters, Stan Lee’s, 1950’s revival, of Captain America. I found this to be a really odd choice when Marvel has so much more to offer. To tell you the truth, my expectations are low with this book, but I hope to be proved wrong.
To help add another thread to the new Forum, The Question of the Week is back with a vengeance.
Aziz left me a voice mail regarding a Planet Hulk collected edition and Jasper helps us out with the whole Universal’s Classic Monster Legacy Collection and the 75th Anniversary Editions debate. I believe the jury has spoken. Case closed.

Links of note:
Wikipedia: Captain America IV/The Grand Director
The Plan 9 Rock Show

Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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In the USA…
Great books from In Stock Trades

In the UK and Europe…
Pre-orders from Forbidden Planet
DC February
Marvel January

Batman Gotham County Line TPB
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Exiles Vol 13 World Tour Book 2 TPB
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Infinite Crisis Novel TPB
Lost Girls Dlx Slipcased Ed
Magnus Robot Fighter Vol 3 4000 Ad HC
Marvel Adventures Avengers Vol 1 Heroes Assembled
New Teen Titans Archives Vol 3 HC
Sensational Spider-Man Feral Premiere HC
Showcase Challengers Of The Unknown Vol 1 TPB
Star Wars Empire Vol 6 Footsteps Of Their Fathers
Superman Returns The Prequel TPB
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 6 Frightful TPB
Wolverine Origins Vol 1 Born In Blood Premiere HC
Zombee Gn (MR)

American Way
Batman Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol 2
Birds of Prey Perfect Pitch
Superman Action Comics Archives Vol 5
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol 4
Punisher MAX: From First to Last HC
Runaways Vol 2 HC
Star Brand Classic Vol 1
Thor: Blood Oath
Criminal Macabre: Supernatural Freak Machine
Star Wars: Boba Fett Man With a Mission
Invincible Vol 8: My Favorite Martian
Walking Dead Vol 6: This Sorrowful Life
Modern Masters Vol 10: Kevin McGuire
Glacial Period

Forum is back up!!!

The CCL Forum is back up and better then ever! As always my thanks go out to Bryan, Peter and the whole CGS crew.

CGS update or lack-there-of

The CGS Forums are still down, thanks to a little thing called Friday the 13th – doubly worse since its October. You’ll be the first to know when it’s back up. Thanks for being so patient.