CCL Podcast #83 – Civil War, 52, Jimmy Corrigan and more!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #83
51,328Kb; 43m 47s

I have to admit, after listening to the show while I was editing it; I realized that I did a lot of Marvel bashing. That was not my intent. I just simply wanted to point out some facts and if it came out the wrong way I apologize. Other then that, it’s a packed show.
I now have a deadline in the Ultimate Collected Editions contest – August 31st and I have also updated the Tables of Contents of the 1970’s “Decades” books to include front and back cover art.
The solicitations for DC (December) and Marvel (November) came out this week and I also go over a few Marvel books that can be found on that supposedly are due in January. I’m pessimistic when it comes to that sort of information, but I post it anyway. And what becomes of the Golden Age Dr. Fate Archives, anyway?
My thanks also go out to loyal listener Ric from Seattle for contributing his DC Direct Channel Newsletter. It contains a few cool tidbits of information you’ll want to know about.
As always I go over the New Releases of the Week and I have a few e-mails and an audio comment.
This week I review Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth and I comment on why I’m dropping Marvel’s Civil War and DC’s 52. Lastly you’ll want to listen for a new Civil War Question of the Week. Please use that link when responding.


Links of note:
Pop Syndicate
View From The Cheap Seats
Newsarama: Civil War Back to Press

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Forget Civil War, GA All-Winners Vol. 2 delayed, too!

It seems that Civil War isn’t the only thing from Marvel that is going to be late, thanks to ComicsList, it is being reported that Marvel Masterworks Golden Age All-Winners Comics Volume 2 is being delayed from September 27th to December 28th! Now if you’re a collector of the variant Masterworks this book is suppose to be the #67 in the series. It’s my guess that Marvel, now, will go back and renumber the series to reflect the change. But my question is, so what if the book is late? A year from now, I’m not exactly sure if anyone would care. Marvel shouldn’t have to switch up the system just because it’s delayed a bit. So far Marvel has done an excellent job in getting the Masterworks out in a timely manner (no pun intended), but chances are that this will happen again. Hell, it could happen a few weeks from now. Then they’ll have to go back and renumber everything again. This will just add more frustration and aggravation to a hard working Collected Editions department. Keep in mind that changing the numbering on this one book affects four others. Sure this may be Marvels fault, but what if there is a long delay that isn’t their fault. Anyone remember the shipping industry strike a few years ago that kept the Sgt. Rock Archives Volume 1 sitting on the dock for a few weeks?
Kudos for Marvel for doing what they think is the right thing, but I for one think it’s an extraordinary waste of time and effort. The new variant numbering now looks like this:

August 23 – Volume 65 – Iron Man Vol. 3 collects stories from:
Tales of Suspense #66-83 and Tales to Astonish #82

Sept. 20 – Volume 66 – Human Torch Vol. 1 collects stories from:
Strange Tales #101-107 and Annual #2

Oct. 11 – Volume 67 – Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 8 collects stories from:
The Amazing Spider-Man #68-77 and Marvel Super-Heroes #14

Oct. 25 – Volume 68 – Atlas Era: Tales of Suspense Vol. 1 collects stories from: Tales of Suspense #1-10 (Atlas Comics – 1959-60)

Nov. 15 – Volume 69 – Mighty Thor Vol. 5 collects stories from:
Mighty Thor #131-140 and Annual #2

Dec. 27 – Volume 70 – Golden Age All-Winners Vol. 2 collects stories from:
All-Winners Comics #5-8 (1942-1943)

Lastly, Daredevil: Father Premiere HC has also been delayed until December 13 and now that Civil War is delayed, don’t expect any chance of a trade or hardcover collected edition until mid–late summer 2007.

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CCL Podcast #82 – July Sales, UCE Update and too much Tony Sinclair

Collected Comics Library Podcast #82
24,769Kb; 21m 07s

Welcome to another jam-packed podcast of the CCL!
Today, tonight or whenever you are listening, I talk about a number of things, including the firing of two Wizard employees, but in all honesty I have to refer you to the Blogs, because Heidi and Matt know a whole lot more about what’s going on then I do.
I also answer a few questions in regards to the
Ultimate Collected Edition Contest and now I can tell you that the prize is going to be a DC Archive or Marvel Masterwork of your choice! A special thanks goes out to Scott Cederlund of Pop Syndicate for his help with the contest.
For the feature this week I go over the July Trade Paperback Sales Charts and lastly the Winner to the Superman Returns trade is Matthew Guy of Plaucheville, LA. Congratulations!


Links of note:
Pop Syndicate
View From The Cheap Seats
Sal Abbinanti
Newsarama: Wizard Fires Two Senior Wizard World Staffers
A little bit more WizWorld fallout
Diamond’s Top 300 Trade Paperbacks Ordered in July 2006

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Complete Dennis the Menace 1955-1956 (Vol. 3) HC
Boneyard Volume 2 Colour Ed.
EC Archives: Shock SuspenStories Vol. 1
Emo Boy Vol. 1: Nobody Cares About Anything Anyway…

CCL Podcast #81 – Nine Lives and Two Contests

Collected Comics Library Podcast #81
45,094Kb; 38m 28s

Remember the old HBO show Not Necessarily the News? That’s kind of what we have this week in regards to Sonic the Hedgehog and announcements, or lack-there-of, from DC Comics from both San Diego and Chicago.
But still, it’s a jammed packed, with more EC Archive Pros and Cons, an audio
comment, and a rundown of Catwoman: Nine Live of a Feline Fatale.
There is still time to enter in the Superman Returns Trade Paperback giveaway
and I go over a brand new contest: The Ultimate Collected Edition. But you’ll
have to listen for contest rules, details and just where to post your entry.

Links of note:
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives
Review of Picto-Fiction by Brian Bieniowski
Hot Club of Detroit

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CCL Podcast #80 – Time for Timely

Collected Comics Library Podcast #80
20,446Kb; 17m 26s

Hey gang; it’s a scorcher here in The Motor City! The heat index on Tuesday reached 111 degrees. I’ve been at my parents’ house the past few nights because, for no other reason, I don’t have air-conditioning. But I do have lots and lots of comics. I guess that’s a good trade off.
On this week’s show I get back to asking a Question of the Week, A Superman Returns trade paperback giveaway and I give a history lesson on Timely Comics or what you may know it better by as The Golden Age of Marvel Comics.
So sit back in your easy-chair, take a walk on that treadmill or just drive in your car and step back in time when comics were made of “gold”.

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Daredevil: The Devil, Inside and Out Volume 1
Dr. Strange vs. Dracula: The Montesi Formula
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Escape From Special
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