October 2012 Collected Edition Sale Estimates

John Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 300 Graphic Novels and Collected Editions for October 2012.

Top 10
John and get into a slight disagreement as to what was better Superman Earth One Volume 1 or Volume 2. In both cases we agree that a new reader could be confused if he/she were to be reading the current Action Comics at the same time. Still it’s no surprise that Walking Dead did very well…well enough to place Image Comics second place in the overall PercentĀ Of Top Trades By Units category.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
1 Superman Earth One v2 DC Comics $22.99 20,088
2 Saga v1 Image Comics $9.99 15,054
3 Walking Dead Compendium v2 Image Comics $59.99 10,332
4 Walking Dead v1: Days Gone Bye Image Comics $9.99 10,332
5 Walking Dead v2: Miles Behind Us Image Comics $14.99 6,211
6 Batman: the Dark Knight (2011) v1: Knight Terrors DC Comics $24.99 5,045
7 Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe Marvel Comics $14.99 5,004
8 Nightwing (2011) v1: Traps and Trapezes DC Comics $14.99 4,815
9 V for Vendetta Book and Mask Set DC Comics $24.99 4,366
10 Batman (2011) v1: The Court of Owls DC Comics $24.99 4,267

Rest of the New 52
Nightwing came in Top 10 (see above) so we’ll skip him here. What got lost in the lineup was Huntress Crossbow At the Crossroads and Legion Secret Origin. Yes they are in the New 52 universe but with out Dc did not a good job of conveying that to the public. Additionally, John and I both wonder how other mini series will fair including all of the Quality Comics characters like Human Bomb, The Ray and Phantom Lady.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
15 Justice League Dark (2011) v1: In the Dark TP $14.99 3,348
17 All Star Western (2011) v1: Guns and Gotham TP $16.99 2,994
20 Supergirl (2011) v1: Last Daughter of Krypton TP $14.99 2,924
21 Green Lantern: the New Guardians (2011) v1: Ring Bearer HC $22.99 2,882
24 I, Vampire (2011) v1: Tainted Love TP $14.99 2,586
54 Savage Hawkman (2011) v1: Darkness Rising TP $16.99 1,760
56 Huntress Crossbow At the Crossroads TP $14.99 1,748
104 Legion Secret Origin TP $14.99 1,193

Other DC Comics notables
We both passed on the V for Vendetta Book and Mask Set and lament a little on the Absolute Final Crisis.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
9 V for Vendetta Book and Mask Set $24.99 4,366
31 Death the Deluxe Edition HC $29.99 2,391
38 Batman Odyssey HC $29.99 2,134
66 Showcase Presents the Flash v4 $19.99 1,572
100 Legends of the Dark Knight Alan Davis HC $39.99 1,228
127 Absolute Final Crisis HC $99.99 1,011
143 Sgt Rock Archives v4 HC $59.99 906

Other Marvel notables
Castle Richard Castles Storm Season, the fictional comic by the fiction writer that takes place in a fiction universe comes in about where we expected it to. So does the Marvel Zomnibus.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
14 Castle Richard Castles Storm Season Prem HC $19.99 3,449
64 Criminal Deluxe Edition v2 HC $49.99 1,594
84 Essential Thor v6 $19.99 1,350
119 Marvel Masterworks Sgt Fury v4 HC $69.99 1,063
123 Man Thing Omnibus HC $125.00 1,041
157 X Men Bishops Crossing HC $49.99 842
188 Marvel Zomnibus HC $125.00 705

Other notables
John and I have no idea what Sky Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set HC is so if you happen to be one of the 456 people who ordered it and listen to this podcast please let us know. No, seriously, let us know.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
182 Creepy Archives v14 HC Dark Horse $49.99 734
209 GI Joe Complete Coll v1 HC IDW Publishing $49.99 634
279 Transformers (IDW) Collection v7 HC IDW Publishing $49.99 473
40 Chris Ware Building Stories HC Random House $50.00 2,087
249 Metabarons Ultimate Collection Ed HC Humanoids $59.95 535
292 Sky Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set HC Dark Horse $139.99 456

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