November 2012 Collected Edition Sale Estimates

2012-11-TradesJohn Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 300 Graphic Novels and Collected Editions for November 2012.

Top 10
As you can see the latest Walking Dead trade paperback blew everyone else out of the water. Avengers vs. X-Men placed higher then I thought considering the $75 price tag. I’m sure this will turn into an evergreen book, much like Civil War has.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
1 Walking Dead v17: Something to Fear TP Image Comics $14.99 26,091
2 Fables Werewolves of the Heartland HC DC Comics $22.99 8,738
3 Adventure Time v1 TP Boom! Studios $14.99 7,273
4 Fairest v1: Wide Awake TP DC Comics $14.99 6,083
5 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo v1 TP DC Comics $19.99 5,809
6 Avengers vs X Men HC Marvel Comics $75.00 5,337
7 Boys v12: Bloody Doors Off TP Dynamite Entertainment $19.99 5,322
8 Walking Dead v1: Days Gone Bye TP Image Comics $9.99 5,168
9 Scalped v10: Trails End TP DC Comics $14.99 3,917
10 Red Hood and the Outlaws (2011) v1: Redemption TP DC Comics $14.99 3,762

Rest of the New 52
The trade paperbacks listed here did not sell well and John and I talk a lot about his appointment of the Deadman book.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
12 Flash (2011) v1: Move Forward HC $24.99 3,634
14 Superman (2011) v1: What Price Tomorrow HC $22.99 3,320
40 Blue Beetle (2011) v1: Metamorphosis TP $14.99 1,816
51 DC Universe Presents (2011) v1: Deadman Challengers TP $16.99 1,537
66 Captain Atom (2011) v1: Evolution TP $14.99 1,406
83 Blackhawks (2011) v1: The Great Leap Forward TP $16.99 1,211

Other DC Comics notables
The Sandman Slipcase set and the 52 Omnibus were the two most expensive things listed this month. These are such specialty items and sold as well as they could. I talk a bit about the MAD Archives Volume 4 and just how it took DC 10 years to get all four volumes published.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
36 Batman Judge Dredd Collection HC $29.99 2,014
78 DC Comics the Sequential Art of Amanda Conner HC $29.99 1,290
109 Annotated Sandman v2 HC $49.99 1,041
121 Wonder Woman Archives v7 HC $59.99 916
150 Sandman Slipcase TP Set $199.99 764
178 52 Omnibus HC $150.00 610
212 Mad Archives v4 HC $59.99 484

Other Marvel notables
I’m currently read all the FF Masterworks for the first time ever. So far I’m through Volume 3 and I’m loving every panel of it.  I’ve never read Ultimate Spidey, perhaps someday I will. Both of these books placed pretty much where all Masterworks and Omnibus’ do.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
74 Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four v14 $69.99 1,333
161 Ultimate Comics Spider Man Omnibus HC $75.00 698

Other notables
Doh! Silver Streak did not sell that many copies. I have to wonder if Dark Horse will do a Volume 3.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
39 Walt Disney Donald Duck v2: Xmas Shacktown HC Fantagraphics Books $28.99 1,855
44 BPRD Plague of Frogs v4 HC Dark Horse $34.99 1,646
134 Opus Complete Sunday Strips From 2003-2008 HC IDW Publishing $39.99 829
146 Disney Mickey Mouse v4: House of the Haunts HC Fantagraphics Books $29.99 787
164 Manara Erotica v2 HC Dark Horse $59.99 682
193 Crime Does Not Pay Archives v3 HC Dark Horse $49.99 558
220 Forbidden Worlds Archives v1 HC Dark Horse $49.99 456
267 Disney Mickey Mouse Box Set v3 and v4 HC Fantagraphics Books $49.99 360
262 Silver Streak Archives Original Daredevil v2 HC Dark Horse $59.99 365
265 Complete Calvin and Hobbes Slipcase Ed SC Touchstone $100.00 362
297 Shadow v1: Fire of Creation Ed HC Dynamite Entertainment $49.99 308

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Scalped TP Vol 10 Trails End (MR)
BPRD Plague Of Frogs HC Vol 4
Fables Werewolves Of The Heartland HC (MR)
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