CCL Podcast #335 – Marvel NOW!…and LATER!

Last year at this time we were all talking about DC’s New52. This time all the rage is with Marvel and their “reboot” effort Marvel NOW! On today’s show I go over the titles that we know of so far and speculate just how Marvel may collect the monthly issues in either trade paperback or hardcover format. And just where does Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher fit into all of this?

I also go over the demise of the Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover line. I can tell you that I’m very disappointed, but I understand business is business and if you take a look at the sales figures for these books, you can understand why Marvel is doing this. I hope that part of the program will continue on in their trade paperback Classic series. Some titles do very well in that format. For example, Deadpool Volume 7 is being released this week!

All that and more including an email from Australia on Joe Kubert, a quick announcement and overview of The Complete Flash Gordon Library Volume 1 – On the Planet Mongo (Titan Books) and a fun jab – and an agreement – with Rob Liefeld!

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