July 2012 Collected Edition Sale Estimates

John Mayo from Comic Book Page and CBR and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comics Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the Top 300 Graphic Novels and Collected Editions for July 2012.

As you can see this blog post has been expanded to include my comments. I think this will be a regular feature in addition to the podcast with John.

Top 10
As you can see Batman Earth One blew away every other book. I have read it and it’s an excellent take on the modern Batman. I enjoyed it much more then Superman: Earth One. The Score is another great adaptation by Darwyn Cooke. If you like Noir Crime be sure to pick this up.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
1 Batman Earth One HC DC $22.99 32,913
2 Fables Vol. 17 Inherit The Wind TP DC $14.99 10,740
3 Richard Starks Parker The Score HC IDW $24.99 5,861
4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall TP Dark Horse $17.99 5,071
5 Invincible Vol. 16 Family Ties TP Image $16.99 4,827
6 Batman & Robin Vol. 1 Born To Kill HC DC $24.99 4,542
7 Locke & Key Vol. 5 Clockworks HC IDW $24.99 4,042
8 Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Kicked In The Teeth TP DC $14.99 3,862
9 Scalped Vol. 9 Knuckle Up TP DC $14.99 3,809
10 Wild Children One Shot TP Image $7.99 3,786

Rest of the New 52
I wanted to see just how well the New 52 books were fairing because a few of the titles are starting to be canceled by DC. Could Demon Knights have been priced a little higher? Could it be that Men of War was priced too high at $19.99? After all that book is now d-o-n-e.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
12 Batgirl (2011) v1: The Darkest Reflection HC $22.99 3,557
20 Demon Knights (2011) v1: Seven Against the Dark TP $14.99 2,585
25 Batwing (2011) v1: The Lost Kingdom TP $14.99 2,295
42 Grifter (2011) v1: Most Wanted TP $16.99 1,776
59 Men of War (2011) v1: Uneasy Company TP $19.99 1,476

Other DC Comics noteables
Kudos to the Showcase line and the people who order them. I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw the Showcase Presents: Showcase. It collects a wealth of material, but it’s an odd title and nearly impossible find this book on on In-Stock Trades –  but it’s not their fault. If you have never read Rip Hunter: Time Master now is a great time.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
37 Showcase Presents Showcase v1 TP $19.99 1,877
48 Showcase Presents Hunter Time Master v1 TP $19.99 1,654
54 Neil Gaimans Midnight Days Dlx Ed HC $24.99 1,581

Other Marvel notables
Punisher by Rick Remender Omnibus was a low order. I bet it’ll become a collectors item (if it hasn’t already).

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
56 Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider Man v14 HC $69.99 1,521
85 Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics v7 HC $74.99 1,207
106 Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four v8 TP $24.99 1,008
144 Secret Warriors Omnibus HC $99.99 752
234 Punisher By Rick Remender Omnibus HC $99.99 445

Other notables
The Hellboy Library did extremely well and at $50.00, it’s a steal. Dark Horse really knows how to put these books together – with excellent reproduction, insightful introductions and loads of extras. Price-Per-Page, these books are affordable and are a great way to get into the world of Hellboy.

Rank Title Publisher Price Estimated Sales
41 Hellboy Library v5: Darkness Calls Wild Hunt HC Dark Horse $49.99 1,804
123 Aragones Groo the Wanderer Artist Edition HC IDW $75.00 890
125 Big John Buscema Comics and Drawings HC IDW $59.99 874
128 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing v1: Deluxe Ed HC IDW $49.99 844
164 Vampirella Archives v5 HC Dynamite $49.99 647
197 Phantom Comp Sundays v1: 1939 1942 HC Heroic $60.00 549
245 Tarzan the Jesse Marsh Years v11 HC Dark Horse $49.99 417

Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcovers
With Marvel shutting down this program, I decided to take a look and see just how well the latest MPC’s faired. As you can see, they did just OK. It could be that they are priced too high for what they collect. And even though they are “Classics” it just seems that the mainstream audience just doesn’t care. I think Marvel would be wise to continue to collect these types of story lines as trade paperbacks like they do with The New Mutants or Cable and Deadpool.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales
136 Spider Man Return of Burglar HC $29.99 773
165 Avengers West Coast Zodiac Attack HC $34.99 644
185 X Men Beauty and Beast HC $29.99 581

DC New 52 – Reorders
For fun I also took a look at the number of New 52 reorders. This activity is expected, especially evergreen titles like Batman and Justice League. But look at Catwoman! This is the third month in a row that her book shows up. It may be a smart move on DC’s part to quickly take advantage of the fan base and issue a hardcover of this material and continue to release it as such instead of a Trade Paperback. The same can be said for Animal Man which is a top seller in both the monthly and collected editions.

Rank Title Price Estimated Sales Number of Reorders Total Estimated Sales
30 Batman (2011) v1: The Court of Owls HC $24.99 2,134 2 12,872
65 Green Arrow (2011) v1: Into the Woods TP $14.99 1,412 2 4,189
98 Justice League (2011) v1: Origin HC $24.99 1,057 2 11,396
148 Batman Detective Comics v1: Faces of Death HC $22.99 734 1 6,153
218 Animal Man (2011) v1: The Hunt TP $14.99 473 2 7,237
273 Catwoman (2011) v1: The Game TP $14.99 377 3 6,896
298 Batwoman (2011) v1: Hydrology HC $22.99 350 1 4,531

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Flash Archives HC Vol 6
Blacksad Silent Hell HC
Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol 1 (Of 6)
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