DGTL Comics is back (sort of)

Earlier today I received my normal Apple iTunes newsletter. In it contained a fascinating piece of information: Apple is now selling Marvel digital comics though its iBookstore.

Now I’ve been following the digital comics scene for a few years now (heck, it’s hard not too) and I even went to so far as to start my own blog titled DGTL Comics which was going to be the #1 resource for all things digital in the comic universe. Much like my Collected Comics Library is for collected editions and reprints. I was going to have a podcast, news, reviews and even the link dump that would help the user delineate between all the different portals and platforms.

Due to family, work, and my commitments to the CCL blog and podcast, it never really got off the ground, but now thanks to the big news of the day (perhaps the 2012 so far), I think I’m going to get back in the Digital Comics game.

Like I said, I’ve been aware of what’s been going on in digital and now I even own a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon¬†and I read my comics with a nifty little program called Perfect Viewer from RookieStudio. It does the job well and I also have an account with Comixology.

For now my DGTL Comics relaunch is still unknown to me, but I am going to start up my @DGTLComics twitter feed, which has been dormant since October 10, 2010 – yes 2010!!! the funny thing is I get a few new followers every week.

If anyone has any passion for digital comics and would like to help me out I would greatly welcome your time. I can’t promise a thing other then it will be a fun ride.

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