DC To Publish Spirit World by Jack Kirby HC

It came across the Rich’s Bleeding Cool blog today (via Amazon.com listing) that DC will publish Spirit World by Jack Kirby HC in April 2012 and have a retail price of $39.99. It’s likely that this book will part of DC Comics Signature line.

Besides, his 1970’s DC work that includes, The Fourth World saga, The Demon, O.M.A.C. and The Losers, Kirby dabbled in horror: Spirit World #1 (Fall 1971), a magazine that was a mix of horror, mystery and a touch of fantasy. It didn’t catch on and the subsequent Kirby stories that were slated for issue #2 series were eventually rolled into Weird Mystery Tales #1-3 (1972). That series was more in tune with the established House of Mystery and The Witching Hour and ran for 24 issues.

Finally, there was another story that was slated for Spirit World #2 but found life in
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #6 (July-August 1972). Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion was first published as The Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love, a romance title but changed name and format with #5 and ran until #15.

FYI, Amazon.com also lists this book as 108 pages which is in tune for all the work on the titles Kirby worked on listed above. It is a bit lopsided at $39.99, but I expect an introduction by Mark Evanier (who else?) and a few pencil and/or sketch pages (from TwoMorrows) which have been commonplace in these nice collected editions.

For the Kirby enthusiast, and more importantly the completist, this Spirit World hardcover will be a welcome addition to the library.

For even more info on Jack Kirby’s horror work, check out Jack Kirby Collector 13, TwoMorrows Publishing

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