Dark Horse Collected Editions February 2013 Solicitations

Dark Horse has released their February 2013 solicitations. The very first thing that I notice here is that there are no classic, hardcover reprints (IE Creepy, Eerie, Crime Does Not Pay, etc.) this month. About the only thing that comes close is the latest Savage Sword Of Conan trade paperback.

I hope you all are picking up the Fear Agent Library Editions! You really can’t go wrong with those.

What are you getting?

John Layman (W), Sam Kieth (A/C/Cover), and John Kalisz (C)
On sale Apr 10
FC, 56 pages
HC, 7″ x 10″
On a distant, frozen world, “artificial persons” are manufactured in discreet seclusion. With formidable new security synthetics coming online, how better to test their mettle than against a hive of deadly xenomorphs? But as Socialization Specialist Jean DuPaul sees her ever-more-human android charges sent to their destruction, she learns that the most savage species in the universe is man. Collects stories from DHP #12-#17.
• Deluxe graphic novella format.
• Written by Eisner and Harvey Award-winner John Layman (Chew, Detective Comics)!
• Sam Kieth’s Arkham Asylum: Madness was a New York Times bestseller!
• Aliens returns to Dark Horse!

Christos Gage (W), Rebekah Isaacs (A), David Lapham (A), Lee Garbett (P), Derek Fridolfs (I), Dan Jackson (C), and Steve Morris (Cover)
On sale Apr 17
FC, 136 pages
TP, 7″ x 10″
Angel’s quest to resurrect Giles has brought an old friend to London—Willow! Tensions run high as these two confront the loss of Giles, but before blood can be shed, Willow has a proposition. She’ll help Angel on his quest if he’ll help her find magic. To do that, she’ll need Connor to get them into Quor’toth, a hell dimension where magic runs deep. Collects issues #11–#15.
• Ties into the events in Buffy Season 9!
• Christos Gage takes Willow to other worlds!

Mi-Kyung Yun (W/A)
On sale Apr 24
b&w, 164 pages
TP, 5 7/8″ x 8 1/4″
Mura—the goddess who’s been trying to separate Habaek and his human bride Soah—forces Habaek into a showdown on Cheong-Yo Mountain, where she’s most powerful. As a civil war erupts in the realms of the gods, the Emperor puts his own devious plan in motion to hurt Habaek and those he loves.
• Each volume of includes four pages of lavish color artwork!
“Dark Horse’s production is as visually beautiful as Yun’s art.” —SchoolLibraryJournal.com

John Arcudi (W), Jonathan Case (A), and Tonci Zonjic (Cover)
On sale Apr 24
FC, 136 pages
HC, 6″ x 9″
A young boy puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The police don’t care—not about his death or the death of his best friend two months earlier. The dead boy’s mom seeks help from an old flame that’s employed as a detective. Will the detective’s freakish appearance get in the way of uncovering the terrible secrets of these two teenagers? Collects issues #0-#4.
• From the writer of B.P.R.D. and the artist of Green River Killer.
• Additional art by Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, and Ryan Sook.

Steve Niles (W), Ben Templesmith (A), Kelley Jones (A), Casey Jones (A), Michelle Madsen (C), and Fiona Staples (Cover)
On sale Apr 10
FC, 560 pages
HC, 6 1/2″ x 9″
In the dark and gritty town of Los Angeles, one man stands between humans and . . . everything else. Cal McDonald, private detective with scotch for blood, investigates the cases that no one else will. Mummies—she-demons, frankenstein creations, and possessed cars. Collects Criminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald Mystery #1-#5, “A Letter from B.S.” from the Dark Horse comic Drawing on Your Nightmares, Love Me Tenderloin, Last Train to Deadsville #1-#4, Criminal Macabre: Supernatural Freak Machine #1-#5, Hairball, and the prose Savage Membrane.
• From the creator of 30 Days of Night.
• Over 500 pages of prose and comics!

The definitive guide!
Ben Gelinas (W), Mike Laidlaw (W), David Gaider (W), various (W), and various (A)
On sale Apr 3
FC, 224 pages
HC, 9″ x 12″
For Dragon Age newcomers, this comprehensive volume brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about the regions, religions, monsters, magic, and more! For dedicated fans, never before have the secrets of BioWare’s epic fantasy been revealed so completely and so compellingly!
• Filled with never-before-seen art by the creators of the games!
• New Dragon Age game coming in 2013!
• From the writers and artists of the Dragon Age games.

Rick Remender (W), Tony Moore (A/Cover), Jerome Opeña (A), Kieron Dwyer (P), John Lucas (I), Lee Loughridge (C), and Michelle Madsen (C)
On sale Apr 27
FC, 480 pages
HC, 8″ x 12 3/16″
The outlook isn’t sunny for Heath Huston or his ensemble of Fear Agents—planet Earth is infested by Feeder aliens, robotic conquerors are manipulating the universe through time travel, and Heath discovers a traitor in their midst! This second volume of the deluxe Fear Agent Library Edition collects issues #17-#32 of the popular series, and also includes Tales of the Fear Agent bonus stories and a massive gallery of covers, sketches, and pin-ups!
• From the writer of Uncanny X-Force, Marvel’s smash hit!
“If there were more comics out there like Fear Agent, I’d buy more comics.” – Eric Powell, The Goon
“Fear Agent is absolutely everything I love about comics in one fantastic package.” – Matt Fraction, Casanova, The Punisher

Hiroya Oku (W/A)
On sale Apr 17
b&w, 232 pages
TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/16”
A massive unknown flying craft lays waste to the planet’s leading military superpower. Choas reigns. Gantz teams from all over the world gather in Italy only to be overwhelmed and ripped to pieces by endless foes. And just as their destruction seems assured, the Gantz warriors are transferred home and released without explanation from their duty by the Gantz orb. Is this a reward for courageous service or simply an admission that Armageddon is now inevitable?
• Gantz has sold over fifteen million copies in Japan!
• Popular anime series, live-action feature
“Drawn with eye-popping realism, Oku’s scenes range from infanticide to bestiality to painful adolescent awkwardness, raising standard geek fare to a new level of sophistication.” —Entertainment Weekly

Matt Kindt (W/A)
On sale Apr 3
FC, 200 pages
HC, 7” x 10”
Reporting on a commercial flight where everyone aboard lost their memories, a young journalist stumbles onto a much bigger story, the top-secret Mind Management program. Her ensuing journey involves weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers, as she attempts to find the flight’s missing passenger, the man who was MIND MGMT’s greatest success—and its most devastating failure. But in a world where people can rewrite reality itself, can she trust anything she sees? Collects MIND MGMT #1-#6.
“Matt Kindt is the man. Superb series.” —Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

New standalone adventure!
J. P. Kalonji (W/A) and Dan Jackson (C)
On sale Apr 17
b&w, 120 pages
TP, 5″ x 7″
In ancient Japan, a witch named Hannya seeks to use the warrior-monk Ningen’s enlightened body and spirit to resurrect the demon-samurai Atsumori and unleash an era of chaos! After leaving the safety of his temple to protect defenseless commoners, Ningen soon finds that several colorful bounty hunters are on his trail!
• Revisiting the world of 365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice!
• His last book was nominated for a teens wward by YALSA.

Kosuke Fujishima (W/A)
On sale Apr 10
b&w, 168 pages
TP, 5 1/8” x 7 3/16”
As Urd summons her demonic potential to defeat the machine menacing her sister, Skuld stands by with a holdout bomb should things go out of control . . . but they may already be out of control, as Belldandy is forced to play her own last, unexpected card . . . offering Keiichi the chance to cancel their contract!
• Inspired the Ah! My Goddess anime TV series, available from Funimation.
• Each volume of contains fan art, letters, and commentary from the creator.
• Award winning series!

Charles Dixon (W), Larry Yakata (W), Don Kraar (W), Gary Kwapisz (P), Dave Simons (P/I), Andy Kubert (P/I), Ernie Chan (I), and Doug Beekman (Cover)
On sale Apr 3
b&w, 528 pages
TP, 7″ x 10″
As the barbarian mercenary Conan roams the lands of Hyboria, selling his sword to the highest bidder, the siren lure of wine, women, and treasure is often more dangerous than any armed adversary. While Conan’s skills are more than a match for any warrior, avarice is an enemy against which a blade is of little use! Collects Marvel’s Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian #131–#140.
• Over 500 story pages, value priced.
• Features early work of artist Andy Kubert.

John Jackson Miller (W), Marco Castiello (P), Andrea Chella (P), Vincenzo Acunzo (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)
On sale Apr 10
FC, 120 pages
TP, 7″ x 10″
Joining a team hunting for a relic of extraordinary evil, Kerra hopes their search will reveal the truth about her missing parents—before it leads the Sith to a tool of ultimate destruction! But Kerra’s desire to find her lost family is clouding her judgment. If the relic falls into Sith hands, the galaxy is doomed! Collects the five-issue miniseries.
• The sequel to the novel from Del Rey, a New York Times bestseller!
“Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of Kerra Holt, as there is a ton of potential for her character, and Escape has shown there is plenty more to be seen.” —Roqoo Depot

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