Collecting the Publishers: Antarctic Press

Founded in 1984 by Ben Dunn out of San Antonio, TX, Antarctic Press is best known for publishing “American Manga” style comic books. They have published over 850 titles with a total circulation of over 5 million. Antarctic Press is not only one of the largest comic book companies in the United States, but they also license products for development as comic books and toys.
Among their many titles Gold Digger written and drawn by Fred Perry is one of the most popular. Started in 1991, the comic tells the story of the extended Diggers family, who live in a fictional version of Atlanta, Georgia. The series recently passed the 100 issue milestone.
Let’s take a look at some Antarctic Press books:

  • Gold Digger II Pocket Manga TP Vol 6
  • Gold Digger Ultimate Collection Two Disc DVD-ROM Vol 1
  • How To Draw Shoujo Pocket Manga TP Vol 1
  • How To Draw Pirates Supersize TP Vol 1
  • How To Draw Manga Pocket Manga Volume 2 TP
  • How To Draw & Fight Zombies Supersize TP
  • Beowulf Color Vol 1 TP
  • Twilight X TP Vol 2 Before Peace
  • Rod Espinosa Prince Of Heroes Pocket Manga TP Vol 1
  • Sky Sharks Volume 1 TP
  • Oz the Manga Pocket Manga TP Vol 1
  • Pirates Vs Ninjas TP Vol 2 Up The Ante

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