Collecting the Publishers: Acclaim Comics

In June 1994, Acclaim Entertainment (the video game company) bought Valiant Comics for $65 million and created Acclaim Comics. The purpose of this was so Acclaim could convert successful comic books properties into viable video game franchises. The most notable of this was Shadowman, created by Steve Englehart and David Lapham and Turok, Son of Stone which was first created in 1954. Acclaim would go in to cancel many of the Valiant line of comics, reboot old characters and in some cases create brand new ones. However, the Valiant Universe was separate from the Acclaim Universe, until 1999 when they merged with the planned six-issue, but only published three-issue, Unity 2002 by Jim Shooter, and Jim Starlin. Due to several lawsuits and a decline in their video game sales Acclaim auctioned off their comic book line in 2004. In 2008, Valiant Entertainment, Inc. was recreated (or reformed) but we’ll go over that in a future installment. For now let’s takes a look at the collected editions of the most famous original Acclaim Comics characters, Quantum & Woody, written by Christopher Priest and drawn by M. D. Bright and Greg Adams.

  • Quantum & Woody had a total of 23 issues (0, 1-17, 32 – a flash forward issue and 18-21). There have been four Quantum & Woody trade paperbacks:
    • Volume 1 The Director’s Cut collects #1-4
    • Volume 2 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye collects #5-8
    • Volume 3 Holy S-Word, We’re Cancelled?! #9-13
    • Volume 4 Magnum Force #14-17
  • More information on Acclaim can be found at the Valiant Entertainment site

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