Collected Editions Release Schedule To Close

books_on_floorWith a new year comes new changes.

Last January I removed the Library portion of the CCL site. It was just too much trouble updating information that could be easily found on Wikipedia or

This year I have decided to stop the the Collected Editions Release Schedule. I know this will be a sore spot for many of you. Truth is that it’s a lot to upkeep (almost daily) and I would rather spend my time getting back to reading more collected editions (and periodical comics), writing reviews and podcasting – yes podcasting!

In the meantime you can always get updated lists from Charlie does a wonderful job updating his site at what seems to be an hourly rate.

Don’t fret too much, though. Besides spending more time here at the CCL, I’ll also be tweeting out the news and having discussions on the Facebook page.

As for the current 2014 list, I’ll keep that and the past lists up for a week or two, so download them if you want too.

As for other happenings, I just wrapped up an article for an upcoming Back Issue and I’ll be hosting the TwoMorrows Publishing booth at C2E2 2014 in April.

And who knows, there may be a few other surprises in store.

Happy New Year!


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