Adventures Of Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

CCL Podcast #383 – Interviews with Don Rosa and Gerry Conway from Motor City Comic Con 2014

Adventures Of Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Adventures Of Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Collected Comics Library Podcast #383
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This past weekend was the 25th Annual Motor City Comic Con. Every year I set low expectations and I’m glad to report that the show appears to be on the right track after some lackluster years. It’s not surprising that several thousand people came out for the media and celebrities like William Shatner, Karl Urban.John Barrowman and Lee Majors just to name a few. But Artists Alley is as strong as ever that included Lee Weeks, Ryan Stegman, Mark Waid, Bill Sienkiewicz, Chris Claremont and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (of whom I got my Adventures of Superman book signed).

I did attend Saturday for a few short hours, but the real day for me was on Sunday when I bought my two kids and two of their friends. I shuffled them off with $20 each and went on my way to get the two interview I have for you today. First up is Don Rosa, who you know from his Disney work particularly Scrooge and Donald Duck. Don talks about his 20+ year history of the Duck Universe and the upcoming Don Rosa Library from Fantagraphics.

Sitting right next to Don was the great Gerry Conway who is responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy story line. We get into that with the advent of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie as well as reminiscing about the old Marvel days with his introductions in the Marvel Masterworks.

Enjoy the interviews (which do have some background noise).



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