Dectective Comics #590 Art by Norm Breyfogle (1988)

CCL Podcast #379 – The Top Batman Covers Of All Time with Andy Tom

Dectective Comics #590 Art by Norm Breyfogle (1988)
Dectective Comics #590 Art by Norm Breyfogle (1988)

Collected Comics Library Podcast #379
69.5Mb; 75m 49s
My good friend, Andy Tom, is back on the show to discuss a whole host of topics including Captain America: The Winter Soldier (with a bit of spoilers), a new blog for the Omnibus Collector, THUNDER Agents news (or lack thereof) from IDW, Marvel’s New Masterworks Slipcase and why the Not Brand Echh book has an “s” on the spine, Alex Ross’s Marvels and if it still holds up, and a rundown of CBR’s recent list of the top 10 (of 75) Greatest Batman Covers of all time and where you can find these stories in collected edition form.


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