CCL Podcast #375 – The Opposite Of Miracleman

Miracleman Book 1: A Dream Of Flying Premiere HC
Miracleman Book 1: A Dream Of Flying Premiere HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #375
38.4Mb; 41m 52s

Milestone show? Not so much.
For episode #375 I go over news including Jimmy Palmiotti’s Complete Power Girl: Power Trip TPB and John Severin’s Bomb Run for the Fantagraphics EC Library.

Plus the Top 10 Collected Editions according to Diamond in January 2014 and my involvement with TwoMorrows Publishing at C2E2 and Back Issue #76 which features a rundown of every single DC Comics Digest by yours truly.

And if that’s not enough I answer questions in regards to the Miracleman reprint series and just what the hell it collects, the upcoming Don Rosa Library featuring Donald Duck, if we’ll ever see a classic Punisher Omnibus or a Mandrake The Magician book, and what the difference is between the USA and International versions of Watchmen TPB (I need help on this one).

Oh and lastly I’m giving away X-O Manowar Volume Four: Homecoming (Valiant), but you’ll have to listen to find out how to enter and win!


PS I’m saving the milestone for #376, my 9th Anniversary Show, which will be in two weeks. Stay tuned, Lois!

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