CCL Podcast #370 – How Big Can It Get?

Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition
Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition

Collected Comics Library Podcast #370
33.9Mb; 35m 19s

There’s been this trend over the past year or so: the big collected editions are getting even bigger. At one point Marvel maxed out at their Omnibus line but that has been given way to the Adamantium Collections (Wolverine and now X-Men) for $200. DC had their own super-sized books with the Absolute Editions but now even they are collecting those 4 volumes into 2 with their Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition Autographed by Neil Gaiman for $500. Sure they are special editions and they pack in a ton of extra material, but my question is how big can they get? I only touch on the subject it briefly, but I plan on exploring this topic at length in the near future.

There’s so much other collected edition news, here’s the rundown on books covered today:
47 Ronin GN, Black Widow back-ups included in Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Volume 8, 10 years between SA Teen Titans Archives Volumes 1 and 2, Top 20 for 2013, JSA Omnibus with updated contents, Batwoman TP 3 and 4 released on same day; Showcase Presents Jonah Hex 2, Annihilation Omnibus, Best Of trades for Winter Soldier and Falcon just in time for Captain America 2, Airboy Archives (Eclipse Comics), EC Archives – Weird Fantasy Volume 1 and the odd numbering, Infinity HC, strange news involving Lee Weeks on Golden Age Captain America Omnibus HC Volume 1 and Daredevil TP: Dark Nights, Katana Volume 1 (and done), Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere HC Volume 2: Angela, Spider-Man: Gathering of Five TP, Uncanny X-Force TP: Volume 2, Happy Deluxe HC from Image and Fever Ridge: MacArthur’s Jungle War TP Volume 1 from IDW.

Plus there’s bonus TV and movie coverage: Thor 2, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, and The Walking Dead

That’s a lot of show, so let’s get to it.


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