CCL Podcast #356 – C2E2 Part 1: Comic Podcasters Roundtable

ff_5_c2e2Collected Comics Library Podcast #356
54.5 Mb; 59m 24s

I’m back from C2E2 and this is the first of three special podcasts!
Here in Part 1 is the unofficial comic book podcasters roundtable with me and my good friends: John Siuntres from Word BalloonPants (Brian Christman) from  Comic Geek SpeakMikelOD (Mike Pfeiffer) from Most People Are DJ’sStevie D. from Comic Book Queers, and Wendi Freeman from Double Page Spread.

There is so much to go over — and much more to come!
Enjoy Part 1 and I’ll talk to you again in a few days.



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