CCL Podcast #352 – How To Spoil A Collected Edition

Batman Inc. #8 aka Robin R.I.P.
Batman Inc. #8 aka Robin R.I.P.

Collected Comics Library Podcast #352
37.2Mb; 40m 34s

In the wake of the Robin/Damian Wayne “news” from last week, I take a hard look at spoilers and the responsibility of the publisher, in this case DC Comics. Should they be more conscious of their actions when “leaking” information or releasing PR’s. And what, if any, does the publisher owe the local comic book store owner as it pertains to releasing collected edition solicitations to before Diamond? As always, it comes down to money.

Speaking of these advance notices, the DC One Million Omnibus will be coming out and I hope that it will include the Booster Gold #1,000,000 as well as some other One MillionĀ comics. Interestingly, there was a trade paperback of the main series and a few tie-in issues that was released in 1999. It was released as JLA One Million in 2004.

Lastly, I talk about two comic book shows from this past weekend: the first is Emerald City Comic Con and news of a new X-Files series from IDW. Of course we talk trades here at the CCL and how could I pass up the opportunity to unofficially announce some new X-Files collected editions. The other show is the Michigan State University Comics Forum. It was a nice, small show that starred my good friend Zack Kruse.



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