CCL Podcast #348 – When We Were MAD! with Alan Bernstein

The MAD Reader
The MAD Reader

Collected Comics Library Podcast #348
61.5Mb; 64m 06s

Today on the show I’m proud to talk with Alan Bernstein, director of When We Went Mad! A Documentary of Ecch-ic Proportions!

The movie is being funded through Kickstarter and is in need of more support. As you’ll hear in the interview, MAD is a true labor of love for Alan and he wanted to put together interviews of those who have given us the best and most successful satirical magazine of all time.

Alan and I go over just about every aspect of MAD Magazine including the early comics, the demise of EC Comics thanks to Frederic Wertham and the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings, the controversial MAD #166 aka “The Middle Finger” issue and Spy vs. Spy. We also go over several reprints including The MAD Archives from DC, the IDW MAD Artist’s Edition, the very first MAD reprint, “The MAD Reader“, The Completely MAD Don Martin, The MAD Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010, even the Absolutely MAD Magazine DVD!

It’s all MAD, all the time!


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