CCL Podcast #341 – Major Typos From DC and Marvel

Collected Comics Library Podcast #341
30.1Mb; 32m 47s

Today is one of those podcasts where I get things off my chest. Namely, mistakes made by the two biggest publishers in comics.

First up we have DC. I am really liking the Batman “Signature” editions. They are comparable to the Marvel hardcover Visionaries books. They showcase an artist’s (or writer’s) talent, however I have no idea why we have the exact same format and design but different titles: “Legends Of The Dark Knight” and “Tales Of The Batman”. I’ve asked DC, but they have not given me a satisfactory answer. But wait, there’s more. Looking at the spine of the books, you can plainly see that they are not uniform. You would think that DC would stick to a template, but that is clearly not the case.

Next we have Marvel. It was a sad day when I found out that the Marvel Premiere Classic line was being canceled, but I know that all good things must pass. Unfortunately, Marvel and the collected edition editors took a day off when designing the dustjacket for MPC: Hulk Abominable. The final volume in the series, Variant Volume 106, has the wrong number: Volume 103! There is no excuse for such a blatant mistake.

So yeah, this particular podcast may carry an edge.
Enjoy it at your own risk.


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3 thoughts on “CCL Podcast #341 – Major Typos From DC and Marvel”

  1. Scott, Thanks for this! I did see it on the Diamond Top 300 GN for October, but said it never shipped. Now I know what the discrepancy is. Cheers!

  2. Here’s the note from DC’s Direct Channel October 9th:


    Due to an error, the LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: ALAN DAVIS HC (JUN120241) was printed with two story pages missing. DC Entertainment announces that these copies will be corrected.

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