CCL Podcast #340 – When Trades Collide! Conan Essential and Archives

Collected Comics Library Podcast #340
25.9Mb; 28m 11s

Every once and a while a set of collected editions get published that makes you scratch your head. Usually it’s because the editor left a comic or two out or there is a blatant misprint. That’s not the case with the Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives Volume 1 and 2 from Dark Horse, but there is something amiss. The interiors of these books are just fine. In fact they both contain a comprehensive Foreword from Roy Thomas and there is also a cover gallery of The Conan Saga from the 1980’s. No, here it’s all about the presentation of the outside of the books. You see, one book has a dust jacket, the other does not; one has a bookmark ribbon, the other does not and one book is a tan color while the other is a brownish-red. The foil stamping is all a mis-match, too! Today I go over the problems with these books and how it compares to the more complete Essential Conan Volume 1 from Marvel.

Also on the show I talk about this Superman comic book themed political ad I received in the mail this week. I’m interested in your take on it.

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