CCL Podcast #329 – C2E2 Interview Jim Segulin and Pants with The Avengers

Collected Comics Library Podcast #329
55Mb; 60m 00s

Jam packed show today.
First off, I talk about Free Comic Book Day¬†and what I got with Patrick and Erin. There were lots of great books this year for kids – and really isn’t that what it’s all about? Getting new readers and kids interested in comics.

Patrick and I also hit up The Avengers Sunday afternoon and we both loved it. I don’t spoil it at all, but I do read the critical essay about The Avengers comic run from the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide. If you do not own it, please do so, it is worth a purchase.

Finally, I complete my C2E2 experience with interviews with Jim Segulin from Raging Bullets Podcast and Pants from Comic Geek Speak. I consider both to be good friends of mine and it was so good to catch up with them.


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