CCL Podcast #327 – The Many Deaths and Resurrections of Moon Knight

Collected Comics Library Podcast #327
27.6Mb; 30m 00s

Moon Knight is a very complex character. There are so many sides to him given his multiple personalities. Is he Marc Spector? Steven Grant? Jake Lockley? an incarnation of Khonshu The Egyptian God of the Moon? Or just a rip-off of Batman? Today I take a look at his publishing history, every collected edition and why the Moon Knight gets canceled, seemingly, all the time. I also talk about two of my all time favorite comic book covers and that Moon Knight dons both of them.

Also, IDW has announced the Frank Miller Daredevil: Born Again Artist’s Edition and I could be happier!

Links Of Note:
The Unofficial DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline Vol. 1
Moon Knight: Fist Of Khonshu #6
Punisher Annual #2

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